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  GDPR: Technologies & Solutions

In this issue’s special feature, we introduce you to seven EU-funded projects that have been working at the heart of Europe’s drive for better data protection standards, working with enterprises to help them ensure they understand and are able to comply with the new regime, as well as look ahead to how rapidly developing digital technologies can remain faithful to the GDPR.

Eu research and innovation (op.europa)


  Switching to renouvelable energy

The NLCS ( National Low-Carbon Strategy) relies on three pillars: energy efficiency (reducing final consumption by almost half, from 1 600 TWh to 900 TWh), a stronger use of biomass (from 200 TWh to 430 TWh by 2050), and a more significant role for (decarbonised) electricity as a final fuel, which must go from 25% to 50% of final energy needs by 2050.

Report_French assessement towards 2050 (assets.rte-france)


  The European space sector

While the EU continues to promote the safe, secure and sustainable use of space, it is also true that space is rapidly becoming a political arena that hangs over geopolitical competition on earth. Space is crucial for EU security and defence. The EU is at a cross-roads and it needs to develop ways to ensure that it maintains its strategic autonomy in space.

EU strategic autonomy (europarl.europa)


  EC Waste Shipment Regulation

Following international law, the (Waste Shipment Regulation) WSR prohibits certain transboundary shipments of waste and provides a procedural framework with two applicable types of procedures, which are to be used depending on the waste concerned, the planned method of waste management and the states involved.

Implementing the WSR (umweltbundesamt)


  Africa: The dynamic of development

The 2021 edition, now published at the start of the year, explores the potential of digital transformation to create quality jobs and achieve Agenda 2063, with a view to strengthening the resilience of African economies in the face of the global recession triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. The report targets four types of public action to support Africa's digital transformation.

The resilience of African economies (oecd)


  2021: The tween transformation

European companies' early lead in sustainability should make them a natural to be Twin Transformers, yet few are pursuing this path. This, as many express concerns about the pace of their recovery from pandemic effects. This report examines the context, the opportunity and Twin Transformers’ salient actions.

Digital technologies and sustainability (accenture)


  Ambient air pollution & ARMD

The British Journal of Ophthalmology, found that air pollutants were linked to a heightened risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). A progressive form of sight loss is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the over-50s in wealthy countries, with known risk factors including older age, smoking and genetic predisposition.

Incrising risk factors (bmj)


  The transformative five

In October 2020, ECFR commissioned Datapraxis and Dynata to carry out a survey exploring whether voters in the five frugal states feel that, after the deal on the recovery fund, they could still buy into and identify with the European project. The survey also covered France, Germany, and Poland, for the sake of comparison.

The EU recovery deal (ecfr)


  Economic complexity

Complex products are products that require more knowhow. Two core quantities developed at the Growth Lab are the Product Space (a network that links products or industries with similar capabilities requirements) and the Economic Complexity Index (ECI, a measure of how much knowhow an economy can mobilize).

The foundations of economic growth (growthlab.cid.harvard)


  Better Surfing the Wind

New satellites will soon allow transatlantic flights to be tracked more accurately while remaining a safe distance apart. This opportunity could allow aircraft to be more flexible in their flight paths, in order to more accurately follow favorable tailwinds and avoid headwinds, offering the aviation sector a cheaper and more immediate way of cutting emissions than through advances in technology.

How to save fuel, time & emissions? (scitechdaily)


  Climate transparency report

In the 2020 edition of the annual Climate Transparency Report, the existential question of this moment is confronted – what choices need to be made today, in the context of an ongoing global pandemic and economic recession, to ensure that the world does not exceed the 1.5-2°C temperature limit and instead delivers on commitments for a better future for all.

Progress on Paris Agreement goals (climate-transparency)


  The early female hunters

Excavations at the Andean highland site of Wilamaya Patjxa reveal a 9000-year-old human burial (WMP6) associated with a hunting toolkit of stone projectile points and animal processing tools. Osteological, proteomic, and isotopic analyses indicate that this early hunter was a young adult female who subsisted on terrestrial plants and animals.

Sexual division of labor (advances.sciencemag)


  How biodiversity can enhance immune system ?

As the incidence of immune-mediated diseases has increased rapidly in developed societies, there is an unmet need for novel prophylactic practices to fight against these maladies. This study is the first human intervention trial in which urban environmental biodiversity was manipulated to examine its effects on the commensal microbiome and immunoregulation in children.

Microbial imbalance or dysbiosis (advances.sciencemag)


  India Pollution: Before & After Cov.19

In this study, we characterize the impacts of COVID-19 on air pollution using NO2 and Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) from TROPOMI and MODIS satellite datasets for 41 cities in India. Specifically, our results suggested a 13% NO2 reduction during the lockdown (March 25–May 3rd, 2020) compared to the pre-lockdown (January 1st–March 24th, 2020) period.

Spatial and temporal variations of air pollution over 41 cities (nature)


  New crew reaches ISS in 3 hours

The mission of the Soyuz space craft carrying two Russian cosmonauts and one NASA astronaut was of immense importance to Russia's space agency Roscosmos, coming as the SpaceX programme relaunches manned spaceflight from the United States and ignites fresh talk of a space race between the two countries.


A vast improvement since 2013 (phys)


  Meet Google Analytics 4

The latest iteration of Google’s web analytics platform, dubbed Google Analytics 4, is now available. The new property type includes expanded predictive insights, deeper integration with Google Ads, cross-device measurement capabilities and more granular data controls.

Vision for the future of analytics (searchengineland)


  Opinion survey on EU food & farming

Nearly all respondents (95%) think that agriculture and rural areas are important for ‘our future’ in the European Union. Moreover, the survey shows that more EU citizens are aware of the CAP (73% today, 6 percentage points (p.p.) more than in 2017) and believe that the CAP benefits all citizens, not only farmers (76% today, 15 p. p. more than in 2017).

From sustainability to rural areas & food security (ec.europa)


  Blue ammonia shipment

Aramco and the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ), in partnership with SABIC, have successfully demonstrated the production and shipment of blue ammonia from Saudi Arabia to Japan with support from the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

To a sustainable future (ieej)


  Covid-19 & Sustainability policy

The pandemic has significantly intensified the crisis phenomena in the Global South, while countries of the Global North have often been able to withstand the impacts of the crisis through government interventions. The gap between the countries of the Global North and the Global South threatens to widen even further.

The international environmental (umweltbundesamt)


  The Multilateralism at stake

We still need international cooperation because global challenges and problems cannot be solved nationally or regionally. Admit-tedly, issues such as security, finance architecture, free trade, health, and migration must be worked out at the local and national levels, and in the case of climate change also largely implemented at such levels.

Is the international order hanging by a thread? (kas)


  Are you reframing your future ?

A key part of your approach in this new environment should be future-back planning, as explained in the first chapter of this report. The megatrends are a valuable basis to generate new planning scenarios, define a relevant purpose for the future and execute with urgency — all with the goal of becoming a more resilient and transformative company.

How to see opportunities where others don’t ? (ey)


  Ending hunger sustainably

The global COVID-19 pandemic and the economic consequences of measures to contain the disease have raised new and urgent hunger challenges. To address these negative consequences, many countries have implemented social protection measures to help the affected populations. In this brief, the Ceres2030 project team discusses the crucial role social protection plays in addressing poverty and vulnerability,

The role of social protection (ceres2030)


  Trickbot pre-emptive strikes

Microsoft and a team of companies and law enforcement groups have disabled — at least temporarily — one of the world’s largest hacking operations, an effort run by Russian-speaking cybercriminals that officials feared could disrupt the presidential election in three weeks. According to Intel 471, a security firm, there were two attacks on the TrickBot infrastructure before Microsoft received court authorization.

Microsoft takes down a risk to the election (nytimes)


  Assessing wildlife destruction

Over half (55%) of global GDP, equal to USD 41.7 trillion1, is dependent on high-functioning biodiversity and ecosystem services. However, a staggering fifth of countries globally(20%) are at risk of their ecosystems collapsing due to a decline in biodiversity and related beneficialservices, reveals a new study by Swiss Re Institute.

Ecosystem collapse as biodiversity declines (swiss re institut)


  Renewable energy and jobs

Renewable energy, now predominant in new electric power capacity, has proven especially flexible, cost-effective, and resilient in the face of the 2020 health and economic crisis. Even better, renewables create numerous and diverse jobs. ast year, jobs in the sector worldwide reached an estimated 11.5 million, continuing a long-term growth trend.

Why clean energy needed ?? (irena)


  OECD: The tax challenges

A consensus-based multilateral solution involving PillarOne and PillarTwo would lead to a more favourable environment for investment and growth than would likely be the case in absence of an agreement by the G20/OECDInclusiveFramework. The full impact of the COVID-19 crisis remains highly uncertain at this stage.

Supporting health systems & recovery above all (oecd)


  To embedding net zero aspirations

What we do know is that leading net zero commitments have certain attributes. They are science-based. They take responsibility for tackling value chain emissions including suppliers, products, services and investments. They also explicitly recognize that net zero requires a reshaping of corporate strategy and in turn a firm’s operating model.

The building blocks (pwc)


  USA: Competition in digital markets

The purpose of the investigation was to document competition problems in digital markets; examine whether dominant firms are engaging in anticompetitive conduct; and assess whether existing antitrust laws, competition policies, and current enforcement levels are adequate to address these issues.

Investigation report (


  What OS keep things running in space?

The ESA’s recently launched Solar Orbiter will spend years in one of the most unwelcoming places in the Solar System: the Sun. Solar Orbiter are almost always run by real-time operating systems that work in an entirely different way than the ones you and I know from the average laptop. Operating systems used in space needs to be done correctly within a strictly specified deadline.

RTEMS vs VxWorks (arstechnica)


  SARS-CoV2-mediated suppression of NRF2

Viral infections usually cause disease in humans through both direct cytopathogenic effects and excessive inflammatory responses of the infected host. This also seems to be the case with SARS-CoV2, as COVID-19 patients develop cytokine storms that are very likely to contribute to, if not drive, immunopathology, and disease severity.

How to suppress pathogenic inflammation ? (nature)


  UK' Huawei cyber security evaluation

This is the sixth annual report for the Cabinet Secretary from the Huawei Cyber Security Evaluation Centre (HCSEC) Oversight Board. It has now completed its sixth full year of work and has covered a number of areas of HCSEC’s work over the course of the year 2019 to 2020.

Annual report (assets.publishing.service)


  EU on alert for new outbreaks

EU Member States are being urged to step up surveillance and biosecurity measures to guard against possible new outbreaks of avian influenza this year. The warning follows outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) among wild and domestic birds in western Russia and Kazakhstan.

Avian influenza overview (efsa)


  To succeed in a negotiation

What do a human rights negotiation in Afghanistan, a crisis negotiation in Calgary, and a business dispute between a Brazilian and a Frenchman have in common? At first blush, nothing. However, when we dig deeper into these high-stakes negotiations, there is a common thread that connects them all.

How to help your counterpart save face? (hbr)


  The oral microbiome

The human oral cavity harbors a complex microbial community known as the oral microbiome. These organisms are regularly exposed to selective pressures, such as the usage of antibiotics, which drive evolution and acquisition of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs). Resistance among oral bacteria jeopardizes not only antibiotic therapy for oral infections, but also extra-oral infections caused by bacterial translocation.

Antibiotic resistance genes (plos)


  Cybersecurity awareness: 20+ Free resources

You can’t ensure privacy without first getting your cybersecurity ducks in a row. One of the reasons many publicized attacks involve government agencies and credit reporting agencies is because they are pillars of our very identities in the modern world. Cybersecurity professionals help ensure that those pillars remain firmly in place.

Why cybersecurity professionals are so important ? (comptia)


  Glycoalkaloids in potatoes

Experts identified a health concern for infants and toddlers, considering both mean and high consumers. Among adults, there is a health concern for high consumers only. Glycoalkaloids poisoning can cause acute gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Public health risks assessed (efsa)


  Phasing out plastics

By 2050, on current trends, greenhouse gas emissions from plastics will increase threefold and could account for as much as 20% of total oil consumption. To achieve net zero emissions globally by 2050, it is critical that the plastics sector reduce its emissions to zero by that date. This report explores the potential for extensive emission reductions in the plastics sector.

Climate impacts (odi)


  Transforming information into insight

As the coronavirus pandemic unfolded, one leading global engineering and technology services company found itself well positioned to meet unprecedented challenges. The firm had kicked off a digital transformation project the year before, including investing in a data and analytics program equipped with advanced tools.

Insights capability in the post–COVID-19 world (strategy-business)


  Identifying & Exposing IO

This paper seeks to answer that challenge by proposing “The Breakout Scale,” a comparative model for measuring IOs based on data that are observable, replicable, verifiable, and available from the moment they were posted. It is intended for use by the operational research community for real-time categorization of IOs as they are identified.

The impact of influence operations (brookings)


  The added value(s) of agroecology

This report is the culmination of a 3-year process of research and collaboration between IPES-Food and a wide range of local, regional and international partners to support the development of sustainable food systems in West Africa. This region is fast becoming a climate hotspot with a number of urgent and interconnected challenges.

Unlocking the potential for transition (ipes-food)


  Antimicrobial resistance report

We have reached a tipping point where large and prom-inent drugmakers have retreated from the antibiotics field and smaller innovative biotech companies have gone bank-rupt due to the poor financial rewards on offer. Antibiotics are taken for short courses and the most precious products are reserved for emergencies.

Benchmark 2020 (accesstomedicinefoundation)


  FastMRI scans with IA

New research finds that rapid MRI scans generated with artificial intelligence (AI) were just as effective as, and were diagnostically interchangeable with, traditional MRI. The results could significantly improve the patient experience, expand access to MRIs, and potentially enable new use cases for MRI.

Deep learning with 4 times less data (nyulangone)


  Google: How to solve streaming. ?

The average person subscribes to three streaming services. Keeping them straight is a mess. But a fix may be coming soon. Google has been working on a new platform called Kaleidoscope. It appears to be a website that combines all of your streaming services in one place, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus and many more.

Jumping between streaming services (fastcompany)


  Arm_ing Invidia ?

As the weeks pass by, the rumors keep spinning, the likelihood of an Nvidia Arm acquisition increases. On first glance, the two businesses look completely incompatible. A highly vertically integrated graphics and AI company with very high margins buying a low margin IP licensor doesn’t make sense.

The search for alternative supplies (semianalysis)


  EU' Transformation of the food system

In recent years, numerous niche innovations have emerged in the food systems of European countries, which have the potential to contribute to the necessary, more sustainable shaping of food systems. These niche innovations are presented in this publication as well as classified and evaluated with regard to their potential contribution to the transformation of the food system.

Niche innovations (umweltbundesamt)


  Dictation with voice commands

We’ve been adding voice commands to Dictate so that you can break away from the keyboard. Whether on desktop or mobile (or transitioning between devices), you can stay in the flow and focus on your message by using dictation with voice commands to add, format, edit, and organize your text.

How to break away from the keyboard? (microsoft)


  FDA Caught in political crossfire

With the national election taking place at a time of desperate hope for new vaccines and therapies to combat the lethal coronovirus, FDA officials are struggling to maintain the credibility and independence of its drug regulatory process amidst accusations of intentionally delaying clinical testing for political reasons.

COVID-19 convalescent plasma (fda)


  Preventing the next pandemic

The report—produced in partnership with universities, research institutions, UN agencies and the secretariats of several multilateral environmental agreements— identifies key anthropogenic drivers for the emergence of zoonoses, from agricultural intensification and increased demand for animal protein to the conversion of land and climate change.

How to break the chain of transmission (pnud,ilri, un)


  Health : Trends in consumer behavior

Consumers are increasingly willing to tell their doctors when they disagree with them, are using tools to get information on costs and health issues, are tracking their health conditions and using that data to make decisions, and accessing and using their medical record data.

The future of health (deloitte)


  If Business travel stopped?

Expenditures in business travel have been growing fast, much faster than global GDP. The Growth Lab had explored this question by looking at labor and entrepreneurial mobility between firms, regions, and countries. But it occurred to them that the importance of knowhow might explain why firms rely so heavily on business travel.

What would happen ? (growthlab)


  Venture pulse

Q2’20 saw regions across the globe continuing to grapple with the challenges associated with COVID-19, including economic turbulence, sudden spikes in unemployment rates, restrictions on travel and movement, and the ramifications of the continued shutdown or slowdown of many sectors and industries.

Global analysis (kpmg)


  Respirators or face masks?

This article’s purpose is to discuss what we know about respiratory protection, and also what can be done to make masks more effective by reducing air leakage. The effectiveness of a mask made from a particular material can vary enormously as a function of how well it seals against the wearer’s face.

Something is better than nothing (qualitydigest)


  Bridging AI’s trust gaps

AI-based solutions are playing a crucial role in the fight against the pandemic — from contact-tracing algorithms to drones that scan body temperatures and ensure compliance with social distancing directives. The primacy of tackling the crisis is reordering ethical considerations.

Aligning policymakers and companies (ey)


  Expectations: 5G in healthcare

his innovation hints at the ways 5G networks could transform and improve all of the critical components of healthcare, a subject especially meaningful today as the spread of the coronavirus has put unprecedented stress on healthcare systems around the world.

The privacy challenge (pwc)


  What’s your leadership origin story?

Origin stories come in many forms: tales of how we entered a profession, personal chronicles explaining how and when we became part of an organization, accounts of how we met our significant other, or even how we emerged as a new person after a crisis. Despite this natural inclination, we rarely examine what we include (and don’t include) in those accounts and how those choices shape our present reality.

About “becoming” leaders & leadership (hbr)


  Climate Performance of the G7

Which value(s) can help us to evaluate sustainable climate performance appropriately? At least since Agenda 2030, it has been clear that sustainability means more than just environmental and climate protection, and requires economic and social concerns to be taken into account, too.

CO2 productivity as a benchmark (kas)


  ML for modeling animal movement

Machine Learning and Deep learning algorithms are powerful and flexible predictive modeling tools but have rarely been applied to animal movement data. In this study we present a general framework for predicting animal movement that is a combination of two steps: first predicting movement behavioral states and second predicting the animal’s velocity.

Tracking data focus on parametric models (plos)


  Business experimentation

Opposition to progress is often “shaped, not so much by fundamental personality traits, but simply by the imperatives of argument, almost regardless of the desires, character, or conviction of the participants. Theses can help us understand why some executives aren’t going full throttle with business experimentation, a practice that is key to innovation, that drives profitable growth and creates shareholder value.

Seven myths (strategy-business)


  Nonhuman primates vaccination results

Vaccines to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) are urgently needed. The effect of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines on viral replication in both upper and lower airways is important to evaluate in nonhuman primates. The use of messenger RNA (mRNA) is a promising approach for Covid-19 vaccination.

Evaluation of the mRNA-1273 Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 (nejm)


  Lead pollution in shildren

One in three children around the world have concentrations of lead in their blood likely to cause long-term health damage, research has found. About 800 million children and young people under 19 are likely to have blood levels of 5 micrograms of lead per decilitre or above, according to the report.

Children’s exposure (unicef)


  The future model of grocery store

The future of grocery may come down to how we buy things like toilet paper and avocados—or the difference between transactional and experiential purchases. From the beginning, the supermarket’s appeal has been the convenience of everything under one roof. Looking ahead—and in light of COVID-19—that model is ripe for disruption.

Shaking the coconut tree (fastcompany)


  The consumer transformed

The COVID-19 situation has deeply affected urban consumers’ views on spending. Before the outbreak, consumer confidence was sky-high, with almost half (46%) of our survey respondents saying they expected to spend more in the next 12 months. When we reached back out to people after the outbreak had begun, 40% reported a decrease in income as a result of job loss or redundancy.

A customer purchase journey (pwc)


  The interferon beta breakthrough

The treatment from Southampton-based biotech Synairgen uses a protein called interferon beta which the body produces when it gets a viral infection. The protein is inhaled directly into the lungs of patients with coronavirus, using a nebuliser, in the hope that it will stimulate an immune response.

Promising coronavirus treatments (bbc)


  Engineered nanomaterial in food

Following a mandate from the European Commission, the European Food Safety Authority has developed a Guidance on Technical Requirements(Guidance on Particle-TR),setting out information requirements for applications in the regulated food and feed product areas, and establishing criteria forassessing the presence of a fraction of small particles.

Upgrading the conventional risk assessment (efsa)


  For affordable healthy diets

Current estimates are that nearly 690 million people are hungry, or 8.9 percent of the world population – up by 10 million people in one year and by nearly 60 million in five years. The number of people affected by severe food insecurity, which is another measure that approximates hunger, shows a similar upward trend.

Food security and nutrition (fao)


  7 debugging techniques in production

Providing production support to an application is one of the most challenging aspects of software development. Developers are assigned to the maintenance team and work on patching bugs on the application. They are, however, also available on-call in case a production outage happens, in which case they work to get the application back on track as quickly as possible.

Tech. to speed up troubleshooting (thenextweb)


  Removing CO2 from the atmosphere

Adding crushed rock dust to farmland could draw down up to two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air per year and help meet key global climate targets, according to a major new study led by the University of Sheffield. The technique, known as enhanced rock weathering.

Applying rock dust to croplands (newswise)


  OECD Employment

Given the exceptional uncertainties characterising the near-term outlook, the OECD considers two epidemiological scenarios for the coming 18months: one where the virus continues to recede and remains under control, and one where a second wave of rapid contagion erupts later in 2020.

Outlook2020 (oecd)


  Advanced materials

The report describes activities within the project “Advanced materials - Thematic conferences: Assessment of needs to act on chemical safety” to provide discussion input on approaches to describe, cluster and prioritize advanced materials. The report presents a structuring of the field of advanced materials by screening existing definitions and classifications as well scientific activities related...

Screening criteria for relevance assessment (umweltbundesamt)


  Global millennial survey 2020

While the pandemic did unexpectedly result in a dip in stress, there are still concerns that keep millennials and Gen Zs up at night. Three topics stood out for both millennials and Gen Zs in the pulse survey, both before the pandemic and after: family welfare, their longer-term financial futures, and their job/career prospects.

The resilient generations (deloitte)


  Trade and biodiversity

Protecting global biodiversity calls for a variety of instruments, at the EU border as well as in the provisions of preferential agreements. The EU already includes biodiversity-rel ated non-trade provisions in trade agreements, but these provisions are not legally binding and hardly effective.

International trade and environmental rules (europarl)


  Battery production

“Thelong-term outlook for EVs remains bright,as fundamental cost and technology improvements outweigh the short-term impacts of the pandemic,” Bloomberg NEF says in its latest Electric Vehicle Outlook.Its analysts predict that EVs willmake up 10% of global sales by 2025 and 28% by 2030.

In line with environmental policies (euractiv)


  Airborne Transmission of COVID-19

Experts agree that the novel coronavirus behind COVID-19 spreads through direct contact and large droplets that, once sneezed or coughed out, often fall harmlessly to the ground. But a recent letter signed by 239 scientists suggests that the virus may also spread by airborne transmission, lingering in the air for hours within lighter "microdroplets."

New studies (academic)


  RNA gene therapy development?

While messenger RNA (mRNA) is crucially important, it is just one of many types of RNA involved in a range of activities that affect the transmission of genetic information and the functioning—or dysfunctioning—of cells. Appropriately designed RNA-based therapies can thus modulate genetic information in a controlled and targeted manner, effectively acting as gene therapies.

How to to deliver to the right cells ? (pharmtech)


  How to save energy & reduce emissions ?

As the Covid-19 crisis spread around the world, large numbers of people started working from home, with immediate and varied impacts on energy use. Oil demand shrank but residential electricity use surged. Companies such as Google and Facebook announced they would allow staff members to work remotely until at least the beginning of next year, while Twitter said its employees could continue working from home indefinitely.

Working from home (iea)


  Top 15 certifications in demand for 2020

Certifications can validate your IT skills and experience to show employers you have the expertise to get the job done. You can get certified in skills you already have or skills you’d like to put to use in your career — whatever your reason, certifications are a great way to strengthen your resume and set yourself apart from other candidates in a job search.

IT Popular certifications (cio)


  International specialization across products

When analyzing causes and consequences of comparative advantage across products (or indus-tries), theories of international trade typically assume that countries compete within productsby producing the exact same (or perfectly symmetric) output. Yet this is not the case withquality differentiation. The choice of quality allows firms – for a given product – to tailor theiroutput to match the skills of workers in their country.

Quality differentiation & Comparative advantage (growthlab)


  US bank regulators: answer to Covid19

The pandemic and the resulting sudden stopinglobaleconomic activity has increased the riskthat banks will face large credit losses in the coming quarters.In this paper, we argue that policymakersshouldtake more aggressive actions to ensure that banks remain well-capitalized so that they can continue to play their critical roles as providers ofcredit to the economy.

Drawing on lessons from global financial crisis (brookings)


  Agroecological research for africa

Looking behind the money flows, this report found that the obstacles to agroecological research are deep-rooted — but not insurmountable. The majority of donors partially endorse some principles of agroecology while simultaneously supporting conventional approaches. Agroecology is often reduced to the biophysical dimension, and consequently donors like Switzerland pay less attention to concerns.

What is holding back investment ? (ipes)


  EU arms exports

The EU’s annual report on arms export control presently lags behind the national reports of many countries. The introduction of a searchable online database will be a substantial step in increasing the user-friendliness of the report. This paper makes recommendations with regard to readability, comprehensiveness and comparability.

Recommendations for transparency (europarl)


  EU digital transition in a post-covid world

This special report, produced in partnership with Vodafone, analyses the current state of play for Europe’s digital vision of the future in a radically transformed post-coronavirus world. It draws on the expertise of high-level politicians and policymakers, industry experts and business leaders, in order to chart the coming revolution in Europe’s technological landscape.

The coming revolution (euractiv)


  How to create intranet sites in multiple languages

Microsoft 365 now lets you create intranet sites in multiple languages. You can create pages and news in a user’s preferred language, and show site navigation, site title, and the site description in the preferred language, too. The process is relatively easy – but there are a few things to know before launching.

Tips and best practices (computerworld)


  The climate change issue

The evidence clearly shows that climate-related natural resource scarcity or extreme weather events are not the sole cause of violent conflict. Rather, for slow- and rapid-onset events, with short- to long-term effects, climate acts as a ‘threat multiplier’. In other words, climate factors compound existing stresses to increase the likelihood of violent conflict.

Conflict and fragility (odi)


  Use of race correction in clinical algorithms

When the Journal took up the topic in 2003 with a debate about the role of race in medicine, one side argued that racial and ethnic categories reflected underlying population genetics and could be clinically useful.1 Others held that any small benefit was outweighed by potential harms that arose from the long, rotten history of racism in medicine.

Hidden in plain sight (nejm)


  MS ' Project Bonsai & Moab

Project Bonsai is the first service component of Microsoft's vision to empower customers to build, operate, and manage autonomous system. Also announcing Project Moab, a new open-source balancing robot to help engineers and developers learn how to build real-world autonomous control systems with Project Bonsai.

How to incorporate knowledge from experts ? (


  Business success with QMS

During the last three decades, implementing the standard has typically been a significant overhead expense, a never-ending chore to remain compliant, and an added work burden to the staff of most organizations. We’ve developed tools for continual improvement and metrics to demonstrate how well they work, but they are seldom integrated into overall business performance indicators.

Part 1 to 5 (qualitydigest)


  Italians' extraordinary genetic diversity

In Europe, Italians have the highest genetic diversity. The gradient of their genetic variability, scattered all over the peninsula, encloses on a small scale the whole genetic variance between southern and continental Europeans. This amazing diversity started to accumulate soon after the Late Glacial Maximum, which ended approximately 19,000 years ago.

Earliest evidence (phys)


  ITIL certification guide

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) offers best practices for delivering IT services using a systematic approach to IT service management (ITSM). The ITIL 4 was updated by Axelos in February 2019 to include a stronger emphasis on maintaining agility, flexibility and innovation in ITSM, while still supporting legacy networks and systems.

Costs, requirements, levels and paths (cio)


  Biodiversity as a human right

The study starts with a brief overview of empirical data regarding the impacts of biodiversity loss on human rights, highlighting data gaps and limitations in currently available sources. The study will assess the status and content of existing international obligations on biodiversity and human rights.

Why is it linked to human rights? (europarl)


  Strengthening coordinated education planning

Education is a central need and priority for many affected by emergencies and protracted crises. Emergencies and protracted crises directly affect the education of more than 75 million of the world’s children, with more than half of the world’s children of primary age living in countries affected by crisis.

Global analysis framework (odi)


  Windows 10 May 2020 update

Despite calls for Microsoft to significantly delay its spring Windows release due to the pandemic, the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, version 2004, is expected to begin rolling out to users in the next few weeks. Industry watchers initially expected it on May 12, Patch Tuesday, but the public release now appears to be slated for the last week in May.

Review (computerworld)


  Future of the human climate niche

We show that for thousands of years, humans have concentrated in a surprisingly narrow subset of Earth’s available climates, characterized by mean annual temperatures around ∼13 °C. This distribution likely reflects a human temperature niche related to fundamental constraints. With population growth and warming, over the coming 50 y, 1 to 3 billion people are projected to be left outside the climate conditions that have served humanity well over the past 6,000 y.

The interplay of mechanisms driven by warming (pnas)


  Women academics & Covid-19

Six weeks into widespread self-quarantine, editors of academic journals have started noticing a trend: Women — who inevitably shoulder a greater share of family responsibilities — seem to be submitting fewer papers. This threatens to derail the careers of women in academia, says a professor of education administration at Michigan State University, who focuses on strategies for diversifying the academic field.

Does this look bad? (thelily)


  Arabian Sea fuelled by new species

Over the past four decades, the Arabian Sea has experienced a profound loss of inorganic nitrate. In all probability, this is due to increased denitrification caused by the expansion of the permanent oxygen minimum zone and consequent changes in nutrient stoichiometries. These exceptional changes appear to be creating a niche particularly favorable to Noctiluca scintillans which has recently replaced diatoms as the dominant winter, bloom forming organism.

Coast of Oman upheaval (nature report)


  UK' Class of 2020

This briefing note focuses specifically on the effects this economic crisis will have on education leavers. It estimates the level of employment and pay scarring that they could suffer, and also considers the unique effects that this particular crisis will have by putting at risk many of the roles that non-graduate education leavers first enter into.

Education leavers in the current crisis (resolutionfoundation)


  Antimicrobial resistance benchmark 2020

We see good practice in multiple areas in 2020. More com-panies are stepping up – with promising ideas for tackling the toughest pathogens, and improvements in tracking resistance and safeguarding the effectiveness of existing products. We can’t take their commitment for granted and wait for more companies to abandon this vital area of modern medicine.

30 companies evaluated (accesstomedicinefoundation)


  For more resource efficiency

Resource efficiency as an opportunity many countries have begun to develop policies for a more efficient and sustainable use of natural resources at the national level. A compilation of policies by European countries was published by the European Environment Agency. However, for non-European countries there is little information available.

Policies and trends (umweltbundesamt)


  Impact of COVID-19 on Security

COVID-19 threatens to erode trust in publicinstitutions, especially if citizens view their respective authorities as mishandlingthe responseto the crisis or lacking transparencyas tothe scope of thisresponse.29Nevertheless, some executives appear to be receivinga boost in popularity fortheir seemingly robust responses to the pandemic.

Sector governance (dcaf)


  Machine learning goes wild

Extrapolating behaviours from acceleration data of wild individuals is a challenge since it is often impossible to test whether the extrapolated behaviours are correct or not. However, the promising advance of behaviour classification through machine learning is the ability to study the behaviour of wild animals without observing (and possibly disturbing) them.

Using data from captive individuals (plos)


  Europeans’ attitudes towards vaccination

This survey found that the EU has among the lowest confidence in the safety and effectiveness of vaccinesworldwide, that levels of confidence vary by vaccine, and that there is a correlation between the confidence of general practitioners in vaccines and the confidence of the general public.

Special Eurobarometer (europa)


  Spatio-temporal distribution of COVID-19

People moved through Wuhan to 296 prefectures in 31 provinces and regions throughout the country. The researchers linked the population-flow data, which was provided by a major national wireless telecommunications carrier, to COVID-19 infection counts, provided by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Chinese CDC), by location and time at the prefecture level.

Real-time data about population flows (nature)


  Workers disproportionally affected

The researchers found that low income workers, such as farmers and construction or factory workers, tend to work in jobs that require less physical proximity to other people at work than high income workers, such as office workers or school teachers. However, as low income workers tend to be in occupations that are more machine-dependent and less ICT-enabled, this makes them less flexible to work remotely.

Covid economics (cepr)


  COVID-19 vaccine primer

Generally, vaccines must go through three progressively more stringent human trial phases before they are considered safe and effective. The phases assess the candidates’ safety profile, the strength of the immune responses they trigger, and how good they are at actually protecting people from infection and disease.

100-plus in the works (arstechnica)


  EU' audit reform

The content is provisional and will be updated on a regular basis, as needed. It has been prepared to provide general guidance on matters of interest only, and does not constitute professional advice. There may be local nuances which require specific consideration. You should not act upon the information contained herein without obtaining specific professional advice.

Audit legislation (kpmg)


  Social distancing vs physical distancing

Public health experts around the world have said that one of the most vital strategies for slowing the spread of COVID-19 was ‘social distancing’. UQ’s Professor Jolanda Jetten advocated renaming the term to ‘physical distancing’. “The idea of distancing clashes with the deep-seated human instinct to connect with others, especially during challenging times,” she said.

Socially connected while physically apart (nature)


  European CFO Survey

The spread of COVID-19 has compounded Europe’s weak growth and brought some economic activity to a halt. On average, 63 per cent of CFOs report in March 2020 that they are less optimistic about the financial prospects for their company, an increase of almost30 percentage points in six months. If we look at the data based on when CFOs responded throughout March it is apparent that optimism was dwindling fast as the month progressed.

A perspective on COVID-19 (deloitte)


  The Curve: How to break it ?

The phrase “flatten the curve” means to slow the transmission of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in order to spread the total number of cases out over a longer period of time. This will avoid overwhelming the healthcare system.1 The model is accurate as presented throughout the internet, but it also overlooks terrible dangers and enormous opportunities.

The SIR model & the Curve (qualitydigest)


  The sustainable future of humanity

“Agricultural economic water scarcity” is, here, defined as lack of irrigation due to limited institutional and economic capacity instead of hydrologic constraints. To date, the location and productivity potential of economically water scarce croplands remain unknown. We develop a monthly agrohydrological analysis to map agricultural regions affected by agricultural economic water scarcity.

Adaptation strategy to climate change (sciencemag)


  Listeria monocytogenes risks

Evidence of food-borne outbreaks shows that L. monocytogenes is the most relevant pathogen associated with bfV. The probability of illness per serving of uncooked bfV, for the elderly (65–74 years old) population, is up to 3,600 times greater than cooked bfV and very likely lower than any of the evaluated ready-to-eat food categories.

Frozen fruit and vegetables (efsa)


  Pursuing opportunities amid uncertainty

Businesses today are looking to acquire assets that reflect and cater to consumers’ strong environmental and ethical values and comply with increased regulations. Most of these targets are likely to be strategic deal opportunities that offer longer-term value. Consumers are voicing their preferences and businesses are responding.”

Consumers are driving the companies to change ethically (kpmg)


  Global call for stimulus

Governments around the world are acting decisively to protect their businesses and people from the economic disruption being caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Whether through tax cuts, investment incentives or changes to filing deadlines, tax systems will play a significant part in helping to alleviate the financial and economic turmoil that is now occurring.

How are governments responding ? (ey)


  EU' Seafood Industry Integration

This study researched the drivers and mechanisms of both structural and non-structural horizontal and vertical integration in the seafood industry in all Member States with a coastline. The objective of the study was to identify trends among the Member States. The observed trends generally fall into three broad, inter-linked categories: regulatory environment, natural resources and firm performance.

Study (europarl.europa)


  COVID-19 patients & Plasma therapy

The results from 10 severe adult cases showed that one dose (200 mL) of convalescent plasma was well tolerated and could significantly increase or maintain the neutralizing antibodies at a high level, leading to disappearance of viremia in 7 d. Meanwhile, clinical symptoms and paraclinical criteria rapidly improved within 3 d. Radiological examination showed varying degrees of absorption of lung lesions within 7 d.

Plasma therapy in severe COVID-19 patients (pnas)


  EU' pesticide residues in food

EFSA provides an annual report whichanalyses pesticide residue levels in foods on the European market. The analysis is based on data fromthe official national control activities carried out by EU Member States. For 2018, 95.5% of the overall 91,015 samples analysed fell below the maximumresidue level (MRL), 4.5% exceeded this level, of which 2.7% were non-compliant.

Report (efsa)


  Codiv19 Health metrics & evaluation

The IHME, which is responsible for the ongoing Global Burden of Disease study, calculated the likely need for hospital admissions and intensive care beds and projected deaths in European countries hit by Covid-19. Looking at measures taken by the UK to curb the spread of the disease, the institute says the peak is expected in 10 days’ time, on 17 April.

Codiv' assessments (healthdata)


  The crisis in crisis

There are some similarities to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014. The epidemic has disrupted market supply chains. Many farmers could not grow or sell their crops. This, coupled with shortages of agricultural labor, has had an impact on food production.

Sub-Saharan Africa (fao)


  Medical drone delivery

Zipline has expanded into Ghana, and has plans to start flying in India as well, but the COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything. Africa is preparing for the worst, while in the United States, Zipline is working with the Federal Aviation Administration to try and expedite safety and regulatory approvals for an emergency humanitarian mission.

Critical medical supplies distribution (spectrum)


  5 new human truths

We are witnessing massive behavior change at a scale and speed that we’ve never seen before, sparked by fear, proselytized by social media, encouraged by government. Such change includes frequent handwashing, working from home and discouraging bad behaviorsuch as toilet roll hoarding. The time to act is now. This document outlines the practical steps you should take to get started.

Now & Next since Covid-19 (accenture)


  Response to COVID-19 by country

COVID-19 presents significant challenges to people and organisations around the globe and the disruption continues to evolve. We know that your business is facing several potentially significant challenges to which you need to respond rapidly. To help you cut through the complexity, PwC's team of specialists collaborated to create a resource for you to stay abreast of the changes that impact your business.


Source (pwc)


  The future of AI

Reducing the data-dependency of deep learning is currently among the top priorities of AI researchers. computer scientist Yann LeCun discussed the limits of current deep learning techniques and presented the blueprint for “self-supervised learning,” his roadmap to solve deep learning’s data problem.

Self-supervised learning (thenextweb)


  Tech COVID-19 pandemic fight

As IT pros around the world go all-out to support a workforce that's suddenly fully remote, many technology workers and companies are also joining efforts to alleviate the COVID-19 crisis in various ways, including developing products to combat the virus, tracking and predicting its spread, and protecting hospitals from cyberattacks.

IT pros help (computerworld)


  The new Microsoft Edge

MS worked hard to address the evolving needs of today’s savvy web surfers. With the new Microsoft Edge, we hope you’ll see great performance, more control over your data and better ways to connect to and make sense of information. Because it’s time to expect more from the web.

The top 10 reasons to switch (windows)


  Managing supply shortages

This article, which draws from the best practices in supply chain and operations management, can help struggling hospitals and other care providers increase the odds they will have those resources. It is based on a central reality: Tackling shortages and supply constraints requires a comprehensive strategy aimed at both the demand- and supply-side roots of the problem.

Filling the gap (hbr)


  COV-19: Genome openly available

The first 21 SARS-CoV-2 genomes in Austria have now been completed and published within the scope of the “Mutational Dynamics of SARS-CoV-2” project recently launched by CeMM in close collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna. The project aims at sequencing 1,000 viral genomes obtained from Austrian patient-derived samples, in order to learn more about the molecular understanding.

Global map of SARS-CoV-2 (innovations-report)


  Face masks for COVID-19

With evidence of benefits in short supply, experts also raised concerns about potential harms. Mask wearing may give people a false sense of security, some experts said. This may lead some members of the public to be lax about other, far more critical precautions, such as staying two meters apart from others, limiting outings, and washing their hands frequently and thoroughly.

A deep dive into the data (arstechnica)


  Vaccine development

Traditional vaccines, like the seasonal flu vaccine, are made by growing up large quantities of the virus and in some way killing or inactivating it so that it can be used safely as a vaccine. This approach is an old technology from the middle of the past century, according to von Hofe. “The main problem here is the time it takes to produce the vaccine, which is at least a year and can be several.

Racing against time (pharmtech) (This server take time to download the article)


  Businesses tied to Silicon v. Tech

Some of these small businesses rely on corporate events for as much as 90% of their revenue. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the world and shelter-in-place and work-from-home orders remain intact throughout the Bay Area, many of these businesses find themselves with no source of income.

Blank calendars and layoffs (cnbc)


  Cancer methylation signatures

Early cancer detection could identify tumors when outcomes are superior at a time when outcomes aresuperior and treatment is less morbid. This prospective case-control sub-study assessed the performance of targeted methylation analysis of circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) to detect and localizemultiple cancer types across all stages at high specificity.

Sensitive and specific multi-cancer detection (annalsofoncology)


  How Codiv-19 will change aviation

How the current health crisis might spur investment in different segments of robotics and drone technology. These changes were all meant to happen even before the spread of the pandemic, but will now accelerate, forcing all industries to rethink their ecosystems and shift towards a stronger adoption of new technologies.

The fall of commercial travel (airport-technology)


  COVID-19 : Latest news

As the coronavirus spreads globally we track the confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries through this microsite, dedicated to Covid-19 updates. The microsite also provides insights into the international spread and social media reaction, alongside a coronavirus FAQ and all the latest news and information concerning the outbreak.

Side-by-side comparison (pharmaceutical-technology)


  Codiv-19 FAQ

Though the first cases of the new coronavirus seem to have spread from animals to people, the virus is now spreading from person to person. People who get COVID-19 appear to get sick in a time frame of a couple of days to two weeks after being exposed. At present, there’s no reason to think the pathogen could be transmitted through food or via consumer goods.

What You Need to Know (consumerreports)


  Machine learning & Medic.

In the February 20 issue of Cell, one team of scientists announced that they — and a powerful deep learning algorithm — had found a totally new antibiotic, one with an unconventional mechanism of action that allows it to fight infections that are resistant to multiple drugs. The compound was hiding in plain sight (as a possible diabetes treatment) because humans didn’t know what to look for. But the computer did.

An unconventional mechanism of action (quantamagazine)


  Building coastal protection for less

The Dutch government made this stretch of coast a magnet for kiteboarders and other beachgoers a few years ago when it dropped off an immense pile of sand. Called the Zandmotor, or Sand Motor in English, the project is the world’s largest experiment in coastal storm and flood defense at a time when climate change is causing seas to rise and storms to intensify.

With nature’s help (pulitzercenter)


  Fast vs. Formulated?

In an automobile race, a vehicle must be well designed, highly tuned, and have the proper fuel to outperform the other competitors. In the traditional drug development race to get a molecule to clinic, drug companies sometimes look for shortcuts. Questions about manufacturability and drug performance may not be answered until formulation steps are initiated after the filing of the investigational new drug application.

Postponing early stage formulation (pharmtech)


  How to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 ?

As the COVID-19 outbreak has worsened, the volume of calls fielded by our teams has noticeably increased. By the end of February, the phones were ringing off the hook. Business leaders are concerned, and rightly so, for the welfare of their people and their organizations.

Seven key actions (strategy-business)


  Learning mobility

Learning mobility barriers still exist and according to recent statistics from OECD and Eurostat the shares of mobile students vary widely across Member States. Eurostat has released this year information on the number of mobile graduates for the academic year 2012/2013.

Study (europa)


  ISS gets a new research platform

The International Space Station (ISS) will soon be receiving a new research platform, Bartolomeo, which will play host to both scientific and commercial projects. Created by Airbus and hosted by the European Space Agency (ESA), the platform is heading to the ISS aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft.

The versatile Bartolomeo service (digitaltrends)


  Agricultural applications

Remote sensing has the capacity to assist the adaptive evolution of agricultural practices in order to face this major challenge, by providing repetitive information on crop status throughout the season at different scales and for different actors. We start this review by making an overview of the current remote sensing techniques relevant for the agricultural context.

Estimation from remote sensing (sciencedirect)


  Health equity in england

We cannot say with certainty which of these adverse trends might be responsible for the worsening health picture in England. Some, such as the increase in child poverty, will mostly show their effects in the long term. We can say, though, that austerity has adversely affected the social determinants that impact on health in the short, medium and long term.

The Marmot review (instituteofhealthequity)


  Covid-19 & Global economic assessment

Global GDP growth is projected to slow from 2.9% in 2019 to 2.4% this year, before picking up to around 3¼ per cent in 2021 as the effects of the coronavirus fade and output gradually recovers (Figure 6). Announced and implemented policy actions incorporated in the projections will help to support incomes in the near term, particularly those well-targeted on affected firms and households.



  Building a balanced diet

As the food pyramid is one of the most common and hence most familiar graphic representations, it is used as an example throughout this article. To make it simpler, healthy food guides are used as an umbrella term for FBDGs ( food-based dietary guidelines). The original food pyramid was created in Sweden in 1974.

The universal message (eufic)


  Robots learning complex tasks

Roboticists are developing automated robots that can learn new tasks solely by observing humans. At home, you might someday show a domestic robot how to do routine chores. In the workplace, you could train robots like new employees, showing them how to perform many duties. One such task is setting a dinner table under certain conditions.

Training interactive robots (mit)


  10 breakthrough Tech. 2020

Many of the technologies that made the list seem to overlap and even amplify each other, like advances in personalized and anti-aging medicine. It’s also no coincidence that A.I. is involved in many of these spaces, as it’s allowed for many breakthroughs — something that will continue as it runs on more devices, like your phone.

Assessment (technologyreview)


  Brexit impact on trade and GDP

The paper explore quantitatively the role of non-tariff measures (NTMs), including regulatory measures such as sanitary and technical requirements, in shaping the United Kingdom’s future trade relations with the European Union and the impact on developing countries. We simulate the possible impacts of Brexit using a panel data gravity model and compare the European Union membership effect.

Future trade relations (unctad)


  Plastics in the environment

The establishment of harmonised or standardised investigation methods for the quantitative description of possible impact of plastics on the environment is urgently necessary. The UBA is actively participating in several research projects funded by the BMBF for the establishment of suitable sampling strategies and chemical investigation methods and is also sponsors research projects which are geared towards methodical issues.

From valuable materials to wast (umweltbundesamt)


  Data centers continue to evolve

While data center and information technology terminology acronyms can be complex, we often use metaphors to help bridge the communication gap between project stakeholders. For data centers, we frequently use cars as a comparison. Most people know how to drive a car, but not everyone knows how the various parts work together — and even fewer know how to fix them without assistance.

The great consolidation (areadevelopment)


  The mental health of workers

Thanks to these advances, new professional sectors have been developed under the general description of teleworking including tele-medicine, tele-education, tele-consultancy. However, this growth, based on the associated technological achievements, has not been without a dark side.

Working with technology (europa)


  African' youth unemployment challenge?

Structural change is taking place in Africa, but with a pattern that is distinct from the historical experience of industrialized countries and contemporary East Asia. Export-led manufacturing is playing a much smaller role in the structural transformation of Africa’s economies. Manufacturing in Africa’s GDP has fallensince 1980. Instead, services—some with quite low productivity—absorb the bulk of African workers leaving agriculture and moving to cities.

Industries without smokestacks (rookings)


  Geneva Barometer

The turn of the year was marked in Ge-neva by a contradictory dynamic: On the one hand, several international organisa-tions were con-fronted with severe cri-ses, while on the other hand, ambitious promises for the future were made in many places. At the WHO, the handling of the Corona virus (COVID-19) has domi-nated the agenda since January.

Geneva’s International Organisations (kas)


  2020 Tech Trends

As a variety of technology models hit their breaking point, they herald a bigger shift that enterprises in every industry must note: people will no longer be bystanders when it comes to technology. Whether it’s security standards misaligned with today’s interconnected ecosystems, bad actors leveraging the content neutrality of social platforms to amplify misinformation, or government regulations that are years behind the technology itself, expectations are not being met—and the resulting tech-clash demands action.

Opportunities are knocking (accenture)


  Mathemtical modelling of infectious disease

In recent months, the words “infection” and “outbreak” have not been far from anyone’s mind as we’ve faced the emergence of a new coronavirus, COVID-19. Mathematics may sound like an unlikely hero to help us overcome a global epidemic; however, the insights we gain from studying the dynamics of infectious diseases by using equations describing fundamental variables are not to be underestimated.

Modelling of Infectious Disease Dynamics (plos)


  Economic transformation in low-income countries

Policy-makers in low-income countries are increasingly aiming for a different and higher-quality type of growth. This growth should be more technology intensive, with a diversified production structure, be resilient to shocks, create jobs and be more inclusive. Crucial for this is enhancing economic transformation, defined as the movement of resources from low-productivity to high-productivity activities.

A new body of evidence (odi)


  Rapidly declining abundance of insects

There was a reduction by 47% in the abundance of insects. The difference in abundance in old compared to new samples declined with latitude, with a significant variance among taxa. This reduction in abundance of insects was of such a magnitude that it must have consequences for insectivores and the role that insects play in ecosystems.

Proof of insect apocalypse (Ecology & evolution)


  COVID-19: Vulnerability of African countries

The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic has spread from China to 25 countries. Local cycles of transmission have already occurred in 12 countries after case importation. In Africa, Egypt has so far confirmed one case. Here we evaluate the preparedness and vulnerability of African countries against their risk of importation of COVID-19.

Countries with the highest importation risk (lancet)


  Global powers of retailing 2020

The report identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for FY2018 (fiscal years ended through 30 June 2019), and analyzes their performance across geographies and product sectors. It also provides a global economic outlook, looks at the 50 fastest-growing retailers, and highlights new entrants to the Top 250.

Uncertainty surrounding the global economy (deloitte)


  Global information security survey

New EY research suggests that outside of the need for compliance, a gulf separates cybersecurity from the business. To bridge the chasm, CISOs need to prove their value in a language boards and C-suites can understand; and the business needs to embrace cybersecurity from the onset and through the lifecycle of every initiative.

Driving a culture of Security by Design (ey)


  Update of ASF situation in the EU

During the last 12 months, Slovakia was added to the list of affected countries, whereas Czechia was recognised as officially ASF(African swine fever) free in March 2019. ASF is present in each of the non-membercountries on the eastern border of the EU, except Turkey. New introductions from these non-MSs canbe suspected.

Epidemiological analyses of ASF (efsa)


  5G: The EU' "Toolbox"

The European Commission has published the common "toolbox" to guarantee the security of 5G. It leaves the door ajar for Huawei by recommending that member states just limit their involvement to non-sensitive parts of the networks; it thus asserts its autonomy from the pressures of the US administration.

5G' security (europa)


  Annual global CEO survey

The general theme of uncertainty hindering progress moved to the fore in our survey’s ranking of threats to organisations’ growth prospects. Although over-regulation remained the top threat cited globally, CEO concern over uncertain economic growth surged from number 12 to number three. Climate change is increasingly prominent on CEO agendas, as we discuss later in this report.

The rising tide of uncertainty (pwc)


  The value of complementary co-workers

As individuals specialize in specific knowledge areas, a society’s know-how becomes distributed across different workers. This paper studies the interdependencies among co-workers that result from this process in a population-wide dataset covering educational specializations of millions of workers and their co-workers in Sweden over a 10-year period.

Distributed knowledge (advances.sciencemag)


  Time to care

Current World Bank poverty estimates show that almost half the world's population lives on less than $ 5.50 a day, and the pace of poverty reduction has halved since 2013. At the top of the world economy will find a minority of incredibly wealthy people. Their fortune grows exponentially over time, without much effort.

Story of two extremes (oxfamilibrary)


  The best Python IDEs

Where would we be without IDEs and code editors? If you’re a practicing Pythonista, you’re probably well aware of this fact. But as Python’s popularity is constantly growing, so is the selection of Python-related tools. Therefore, the question arises: “Which IDE or code editor should I choose for the most optimal results?”

The very best of them (stxnext)


  Securing climate finance

11,000 scientists from around the world stated clearly and unequivocally that the world was now facing a climate emergency . The task of financing infrastructure of any type, but especially LCCR (low-carbon, climate-resilient) infrastructure in developing countries, is particularly challenging.

Through national development banks (odi)


  World employment 2020

An overview of global and regional trends in employment, unemployment, labour force participation and productivity, as well as dimensions of job quality such as employment status, informal employment and working poverty. It also examines income and social developments, and provides an indicator of social unrest.

An overview of global and regional trends (ilo)


  Governing innovation

What’s the ideal way to approach and allocate resources to innovation? Disruption can happen in any industry, at any time. Whether it’s responding to a new technology, competitor or market – from autonomous vehicles to meatless meats. companies are well aware of the need to innovate to succeed.

The recipe for portfolio growth (accenture)


  Antimicrobial Resistance

Only a handful of large research-based companies remain broadly engaged in developing new antibiotics, down from more than 20 in the 1980s. Losing any more big suppliers and innovators will make it extremely hard to ramp up effective drug discovery and development oper-ations, while the tough economics of the market discourage investment in new manufacturing capacity.

Benchmark 2020 (accesstomedicinefoundation)


  Free software is never free!

If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. Facebook made a gesture toward transparency this week with the launch of its Off-Facebook Activity tool. This offers users a glimpse into the many ways details of real-world transactions get shared with Facebook, regardless of what you’re doing on the Facebook platform.

Free software vs Data mining (vox)


  Governance through Facebook lenses

This study aims to investigate how Facebook can help hold government officials to account, and to examine what government officials do to solicit comments through Facebook. The motivations of users posting concerns in relation to public service delivery will also be surveyed in this research. The paper consists of a literature review, a discussion of the methodology, the data collection and its limitations.

A Pilot study and analysis (kas)


  Foresight Africa

Africa’s population continues to grow at an exponential rate, with the U.N. projecting that 40 percent of the world’s population will live on the continent by the end of the century. Here, AGI’s role as a leading source for policy solutions—and for opportunity—for this increasingly youthful continent shines through.

Top priorities for the continent 2020-2030 (brookings)


  USA' opioid prescribing patterns

Opioids remain an essential tool for medical providers. Inappropriate opioid prescribing can lead to diversion of, addiction to, and overdose from prescription opioids,56789 contributing to an epidemic of opioid related deaths in recent years.10 Promoting cautious, scientifically justified, opioid prescribing has become a leading goal of policy makers in both government and healthcare.

The prescribing of opioids (bmj)


  Youth stocktaking report

Youth are exposed to the increasingly complex globalchallenges of our times including climate change, rising inequality and high levels of public debts. In a context in which political positions are dominated by older age cohorts and existing channels for youth to shape policy outcomes perceived by many asoutdated or inefficient.

Youth needs and aspirations (oecd)


  2020: The emerging trend

New definitions of growth will lead naturally to new thinking in meaning and metrics, which might include personal growth performance measures like learning, happiness, communal longevity or good health. in the future, financial institutions might stop evaluating their loans on categories of firms or countries. Instead, they might look at applicants’ activities that help fulfil specific missions – such as removing plastic from the ocean.

Time to reset capitalism (accenture)


  Investment in fintec

While payments continued to draw the most significant attention from fintechinvestors across most jurisdictions, H1’19 also saw the continued maturation of the fintechindustry as a whole and the broadening of its definition. Areas like wealthtech, proptechand regtechalso grew on the radar of investors.

Trends to watch (kpmg)


  Biopharma Indus vs semiconductor Indus

Two of the world’s most complex manufacturing industries—semiconductor fabrication and biopharmaceutical production—share a common fundamental objective: to maximize process yields through rigorous control of production equipment and process variables. Biopharma manufacturers seek to correlate raw material data with variations in their bioreactor and process chromatography yields, with a goal of achieving greater predictability and control of process results.

Cross-collaboration (pharmtech)


  Corrupt Judges & Corruption

Opaque and unregulated deci-sion-making processes are, the greater the risk of abusing power for self-enrichment. Arbitrary and unclear decisions, whether that be in dispensing justice, granting governmental contracts, or filling public offices, undermine the rule of law and swallow up additional resources. Corruption is a global phenomenon. But a panacea has yet to be found. Instead, various approaches have been tried world-wide.

Threat to the Constitutional State (kas)


  The roots of contemporary populism

There is a nascent but growingbody of research which suggests that vulnerability to unfair economic outcomes is a morecompelling root cause of the current wave of populism.Whatexactlyis meant by economic fairness in this context? Most broadly, as put by Aristotle in Nicomachean Ethics, it means that “awards should be according to merit.

Working paper (growthlab.cid.harvard)


  About: Healthy lifestyle

Modifiable lifestyle factors including smoking, physical activity, alcohol intake, body weight, and diet quality affect both total life expectancy and incidence of chronic diseases.6789 Studies have shown that smoking, inactivity, poor diet quality, and heavy alcohol consumption contribute up to 60% of premature deaths and 7.4-17.9 years’ loss in life expectancy.

How to be free from major diseases ? (bmj)


  Tech Exec. about privacy

A panel of tech executives discussed privacy, encryption, and digital advertising this week at CES 2020 Apple’s senior director of global privacy Jane Horvath came out in strong favor of privacy protection, commissioner Rebecca Slaughter of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission came out even stronger.

Privacy, encryption, and digital advertising (iee)


  The new wave of finance

A comprehensive set of International Standards for the financial sector has the capacity not only to help us achieve several of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, but to strengthen our global financial system. In a nutshell, ISO standards attempt to tackle two main issues. First, because they are international, the standards facilitate global comparisons, and hence avoid the negative externalities created by confusing and incomplete information. Second, when ISO standards are used, they can facilitate people’s access to mainstream financial services.

Bespoke standards at sight (iso)


  EU towards Air Quality

While the quality of air has deteriorated since the industrial revolution, the situationhasimproved in the EU since 2000 as emissions of the main air pollutants have decreased by between 10% and70%,depending on the pollutant. Despite these improvements, air quality is still a majorissue in the European Union.

Special Eurobarometer survey (panoramasanita)


  IT industry ourlook 2020

Automation has always been one goal of enterprise technology, but today’s capabilities open new doors. Just by using cloud systems, companies can take advantage of tools from their cloud provider. Internet of things implementations expand the ability to gather inputs from a variety of sources, and artificial intelligence can help drive actions based on those inputs.

Promising future (comptia)


  Australia' wildfires

Since fires flared up in the states of New South Wales and Queensland in September 2019, parts of Australia have continued to battle unprecedented levels of wildfire activity, even though the annual fire season in the south-east of the country doesn’t typically peak until January–February. CAMS has been closely monitoring the intensity of the fires and forecasting the resulting transport of the pollutants they release.

The most extreme fires (atmosphere.copernicus)


  Pharma' regulatory sourcebook

In Pharmaceutical Technology's ongoing Pharmacopoeia Compliance Series, experts explain the revision process for global and national pharmacopoeias, best practices for monitoring changes, and how to participate in revisions. Other features include FDA warning letters, building a quality culture, and essentials for DOE and QRM.

Best practices (pharmtech)


  EU' waste incineration tech.

BAT is a dynamic concept and so the review of BREFs is a continuing process. For example, new measures and techniques may emerge, science and technologies are continuously developing and new or emerging processes are being successfully introduced into the industries. This document will be periodically reviewed and, if necessary, updated accordingly.

Best available techniques (


  Finance: high-performing organizations

Factors such as rapid technological advancements, relentless regulatory changes, the rise of agile enterprise models, an explosion of data, and a heightened need for analytics have combined to place an abundance of new demands on the Finance function. While these demands can seem daunting, with the right operating model, tools and talent—Finance can rise to a strategic leadership role.

Survey 2019 (kpmg)


  2020 Global health care

Patients are no longer passive participants in their health care, they are demanding transparency, convenience, access, and personalized products and services. Which elements of consumers’ experiences with today’s health care ecosystem matter the most to them? Care model innovation is expected to manifest itself in numerous ways during 2020.

Individual & group health needs (deloitte)


  Battery with less invasive sourcing tech.

Many battery materials, including heavy metals such as nickel and cobalt, pose tremendous environmental and humanitarian risks. Cobalt in particular, which is largely available in central Africa, has come under fire for careless and exploitative extraction practices. IBM Research has discovered a chemistry for a new battery which does not use heavy metals or other substances with sourcing concerns.

For smart power grid applications (ibm)


  Financial pressure on shale producers

The heat is greatest for small and midsize shale producers, including many whose wells aren't producing as much oil and gas as they had projected to lenders and investors. Some of those companies may be forced out of business, said Clark Sackschewsky, the managing principal of accounting firm BDO's Houston tax practice. Large companies are likely to weather the blow because of their size and global asset diversity.

Fracking forecasts in doubt (marketscreener)


  Digital transformation in healthcare

The development of pioneering new digital treatments and technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence and data networks, is set to transform our healthcare systems over the coming years, optimising our healthcare system and offering numerous benefits for patients and healthcare providers alike.

Ethical and environmental ramifications (euractiv)


  IT industry outlook2020

The tech industry is faced with a tricky balancing act: continuing to drive innovative solutions while grappling with the side effects of those solutions in the global economy. The challenge itself is not unique—every industry deals with this tension as it becomes more mature—but the new variables here are the scale that tech is able to achieve and the evolutionary aspect of mixing digital and physical worlds.

The trends shaping the industry (comptia)


  Sustainable development goals

Work is becoming more automated. As new, technology-driven models transform industries, capital replaces people and we estimate 30% of UK jobs, 38% of US jobs, 35% of German jobs and 21% of Japanese jobs could be at risk of automation by the early 2030. Add to this the 53% of workers who believe automation will significantly change or make their job obsolete within the next ten years.

Strategy for a better world (pwc)


  Moving away from aid

This report looks at what we can learn from the experience of Chile – a country that has already experienced the full transition from aid, de facto completing this process with the formal graduation from the list of ODA-eligible countries in January 2018. The Chilean government and its development partners have already explored options to collaborate beyond ODA-financed programmes.

The experience of Chile (odi)


  How women undersell their work?

Articles written by female first and last authors were up to 21% less likely to use positive terms to frame their research findings than comparable articles published in the most prestigious journals with at least one man in a lead author position. Additional analyses confirmed that these positive words typically qualified the findings: we would frequently see word combinations such as “novel approach,” “unique mechanism,” or “promising result.”.

The gender gap in self-promotion (hbr)


  The newest shopping trend

In recent years, there’s been a shift in how people are considering what they wear for special (and even not so special) occasions. No longer do fashionistas want — or need — to pay high prices for things that might end up gathering dust in the closet after that one special night. They instead want a more convenient shopping experience, a more affordable lifestyle, greater variety, and the option to consume more conscientiously.

Isn’t new at all (strategy-business)


  Giant surveillance balloons

This alien-looking contraption is referred to as a “stratollite,” a portmanteau of “stratos pheric satellite,” operated by a company called World View Enterprises. It’s a finely honed surveillance device outfitted with a suite of sensors and a camera sensitive enough to detect people standing on the ground from the edge of space.

Lurking at the edge of space (arstechnica)


  Surgical antimicrobial prophylaxis (SAP)

SAP prescribing is a complex process that involves multiple professions across the pre-, intra- and post-operative surgical settings. The utilisation of behaviour change frameworks to identify barriers and enablers to optimal SAP prescribing supports future development of theory-informed antimicrobial stewardship interventions.

In public and private hospitals (journals.plos)


  Tax gap of silicon six

The Fair Tax Mark will later this week release a new report, The Silicon Six and their $100 billion global tax gap, which examines the tax conduct of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft over the last decade. The report questions whether the companies, collectively referred to as the ‘Silicon Six’, are paying their way on tax.

Over $100 billion at stake (fairtaxmark)


  Turning theory Into reality

When looking at glorious images of cosmic phenomena, like black holes and supernovae, with striking colors set against the stark, dark backdrop of the universe, it’s important to remember that before that picture could be made, it started as a researcher’s hypothesis. Ideas of these brilliant, stunning celestial forces start as data points on a page before scientists can even develop a sense of what they might look like.

Chandra Telescope (smithsonianmag)


  Streaming media

As incumbents scramble to respond to technical, business, and regulatory challenges posed by innovative disruptors, investors and consumers alike are wondering who will win the fight for new media supremacy. The answer, it turns out, may depend on how old you are, the age of your customers, and how each of you define “video content.”

A radical reinvention (hbr)


  Paying Taxes 2020

The reasons for economies falling behind, whether a lack of investment or a lack of political will, are increasingly well understood. Informed individuals may well ask, “If other governments can progress, why can’t ours?” This research, which is part of the World Bank’s Doing Business study, aims to look at the challenges governments face when they implement new tech.

The changing landscape of tax policy (pwc)


  The ends of arms control

It is a symptom of a new great-power politics that is increasingly shaping the international system. Rus-sia, with its construction of intermediate-range missiles, and China, which increases its military spending each year and has reached parity with the US in some areas already, are contributing to this trend.

A new arms race (kas)


  The production gap

This report aims to expand that discourse and provide a metric for assessing how far the world is from production levels that are consistent with global climate goals.Moving away from fossil fuel production poses both economic and political challenges, but doing so is possible and increasingly necessary to avoid dangerous climate change.

2019 report (productiongap)


  Deadly tick-borne parasite

Babesiosis, an economically consequential animal disease caused by a wide range of tick-transmitted Babesia spp. parasites, is recognized as an emerging infection in humans . Babesia venatorum (formerly Babesia sp. EU1) is notable in that it appears able to infect humans without immune suppression or splenectomy and can present with more severe symptoms.

Tick-transmitted Babesia spp. parasites (wwwnc)


  How to scale innovation ?

We collected data on companies’ IT systems strategies—specifically, about 1) the adoption of key technologies, 2) the penetration of technologies adopted and 3) organization and culture. Then we scored them on these dimensions, calling companies in the top 10% Leaders, and those in the bottom 25%, Laggards.

The game-changing innovation (accenture)


  Anticipating the consumer’s changing needs

In an age when consumer habits and expectations are changing so rapidly, being the biggest player is no longer the aim of the game. To stay in front and win the future consumer, organizations must do more than deploy the right mix of scope, efficiency and scale. The ability to act at scale will remain a critical part of value creation.

The dynamic scale (ey)


  QC unit independence

An effective QC unit must be independent of the manufacturing unit,and the QC unit’s final decision on the release of product must be respected. “It is never appropriate to pressure the quality unit to release product to meet business needs if the product is not acceptable for release,” says Oates. “The quality unit must have a single, final decision-maker who is ultimately responsible for quality decisions.”

The right pieces for a Quality Program (pharmtech)


  A gut fermentation syndrome

Early symptoms of auto-brewery syndrome may be mood changes, brain fog and delirium, instead of signs of intoxication, according to the Richmond study. Some symptoms of auto-brewery syndrome can mimic other conditions or medical events, such as hypoglycemia or a stroke.People who suspect they have auto-brewery syndrome get a breathalyzer so they can test their blood alcohol levels when symptoms manifest.

Underdiagnosed medical condition (bmjopengastro)


  Blockchain adoption

Blockchain is going through a similar path of diffusion across industries far beyond its initial fintech applications.4 More organizations in more sectors—such as technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences and health care, and government—are expanding and diversifying their blockchain initiatives. Bockchain appears to be entering a new era of wider, more practical adoption.

2019 Global Blockchain survey (deloitte)


  Embracing the power of technology

Just how worried should we be about killer robots? Amidst all the talk about how artificial intelligence (AI) is threatening society, some experts believe AI shouldn’t be feared. Here’s why we can embrace the power of technology. ISO – in conjunction with its sister organization, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) – has identified the need to develop standards for AI that can benefit all societies.

Setting boundaries (iso)


  Social determinants of health

Modern medicine, a marvel of technology and ingenuity, ushers in waves of progress that can add length and quality to human life. And yet certain powerful countervailing forces work against the efficacy of new treatments. The social determinants of health — often-ignored social factors such as employment; housing; income inequality; and can swamp the health systems that ignore them.

Expanding the health ecosystem (pwc)


  What's populism nowadays ?

This paperexploits geographic variation in the incidence of populism to apply cross-sectional regression analysis to these arguments, and concludes that they are highly unconvincing. Instead, the thus-largely overlooked factor of social mobility is found to have far greater explanatory power. Four settings are analyzed: the 2016 US Presidential Election, the 2017 French Presidential Election, the 2019 European Parliament Elections, and the political stability of developed countries in 2017.

Social mobility & Populism (growthlab.cid.harvard)


  Best tools for DA in your box

With the plethora of new kit that seems to come out every year (or even month), it’s easy to get lost in the depths of debates about R vs. Python and Azure vs. AWS. When asked about my favorite tools, I was reminded that I don’t have the pleasure of being “hands-on” for a living anymore. How to The ideal toolbox we think needs to enable an analyst to do three main things with data: prep, unearth sight and drive action ?

Hands-on tools (qualitydigest)


  Brown to greenBrown to green

According to the IPCC Special Report on 1 .5°C, global CO2 emissions need to decrease to net zero by 2050 in order to keep global temperature rise below 1 .5°C . If we continue at current emissions levels, the remaining carbon budget to stay below 1 .5°C, namely 420 GtCO2, will be expended in just over nine years .1Current NDCs would lead to about 3°C of global temperatures above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century and global GHG emissions continue to climb.

A net-zero emissions economy (climate-transparency)


  Niche work if you can get it

What causes companies to stay true to their calling? What countervailing forces can leaders call on that will keep them where they need to be to stay competitive? Our work in service design and customer experience tells us that the answer can be found in the principles of design thinking. For niche players, the problem of focus is, literally, a question of identity itself.

How to win by being narrow? (strategy-business)


  Facial recognition regulation

Today, nearly half of American adults are in facial recognition databases. Russell Brandom, policy editor at The Verge, explains that the government first started with DMVs running facial recognition on all the photos in their system to see if any of them were the same person, “usually because it was Social Security fraud”. Big tech companies like Amazon and Microsoft have been selling facial recognition tech to various companies for business purposes.

The ACLU is suing the FBI (recode/vox)


  The path of biomolecular mass spectrometry

Originally designed for measuring isotope abundances and elemental masses, mass spectrometry is becoming a mainstay across life sciences. As electrospray ionization of biomolecules turns 30 and the Orbitrap mass analyzer 20, we take this opportunity to highlight the role of both inventions in stirring mass spectrometry from physics into biology and discuss the advances and challenges that may impact the future applications of biomolecular mass spectrometry.

New methodological approaches or instruments (nature)


  Miniature fanged ‘Deer’ rediscovered

In an age of mass extinctions, confirming the survival of lost species provides rare second chances for biodiversity conservation. Global Wildlife Conservation and partners Southern Institute of Ecology and Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research have rediscovered a wildlife species lost to science since 1990 called a silver-backed chevrotain—a deer-like species that is the size of a rabbit, has a silver sheen, and has been hanging on in a region of Vietnam ravaged by poaching by snares.

Most wanted’ list (globalwildlife)


  How operators can make 5G pay ?

The next generation of cellular mobile communications technology has arrived: Major U.S., European, and Asian operators have launched commercial 5G networks. 5G, which is set to succeed the current standard over the next few years, offers an exponential improvement in functionality over 4G.

Expanding services with mobile broadband (strategy-business)


  Smart manufacturing; Where to start for?

Recent efforts in Smart Manufacturing (SM) have proven quite effective at elucidating system behavior using sensing systems, communications and computational platforms, along with statistical methods to collect and analyze real-time performance data. However, how do you effectively select where and when to implement these technology solutions within manufacturing operations?

Few insight for technology implementation (qualitydigest)


  Molecular ‘prime editing’ tool

For all the ease with which the wildly popular CRISPR–Cas9 gene-editing tool alters genomes, it’s still somewhat clunky and prone to errors and unintended effects. Now, a recently developed alternative offers greater control over genome edits — an advance that could be particularly important for developing gene therapies.

Super-precise new CRISPR tool (nature)


  South Africa & Gender equality

Findings suggest that amajority of both men and womenthink equality is already a reality when it comes to education, earning a living, and owning or inheriting land. But fewer than half think equal opportunities and treatment for women have improved in recent years.

Experiences of gender (in)equality (afrobarometer)


  Clinical decision & machine learning as a service

The tremendous increase in computing power and parallelization of processes in the last decades have led to an increase in clinical decision support models, patient-level predictions and other machine learning applications. Their widespread utilization also increased the diversity. Computations now can range from simple statistics and reference interval calculations to complex neural networks.

A training and deployment platform (plos)


  Global economic activity

The likelihood of a recession in the near term is not considered a significant threat by respondents. While there has been more speculation about the potential of a global correction, executives do not see this on the immediate horizon. A majority does not expect a severe downturn, and of the minority that do, say it is not likely until 2021 or 2022.

Global economy is showing resilience (ey)


  Update of emission factors

Diesel passenger cars with Euro 3 to 6a/b/c emission standards continue to have elevated levels of nitrogen oxide emissions in real-world driving conditions. Their emissions greatly exceed the limit values set in the laboratory measuring cycle. Diesel passenger cars with Euro 6d-TEMP, however, comply with the limits specified by the EU.

Newest generation of diesel passenger cars (6d-TEMP) (hbefa)


  Warehousing industry paradox

While it’s unclear how many jobs automation will eventually replace and when it might happen, a new study looks at something more measurable: how new technologies are changing workers’ day-to-day jobs right now. Emerging technologies aren’t actually going to replace the over 1 million warehouse workers in the US anytime soon. But over the next 10 years, the technology may make their lives harder.

Frustrated workers (vox)


  Snow removal tech. is ready

Many airports have gone above and beyond to ensure smooth operations in extreme conditions. For instance, Stockholm Arlanda Airport uses more than 100 pieces of equipment to get rid of snow with a combination of snow blowers, ploughs, loaders, brooms, sprayer trucks and de-icing chemicals and agents.

Five innovative tech (airport-technology)


  WTO' report 2019

The globalization of services has the potential to scale up growth, deepen integration, and level the economic playing field in ways that go beyond the changes wrought by the globalization of manufacturing in recent decades. It holds out the promise of a major expansion not just of trade, but of the essential enablers of trade, development, and economic growth.

Services highlighted (wto)


  Business taxation & Unified approache

OECD Secretariat published a proposal to advance international negotiations to ensure large and highly profitable Multinational Enterprises, including digital companies, pay tax wherever they have significant consumer-facing activities and generate their profits. The new OECD proposal brings together common elements of three competing proposals from member countries.

OECD' proposal


  Foreign business in China

Foreign companies that wish to succeed in China must find a way to fit into one of its major business ecosystems. These are composed of networks of suppliers, banks, distributors, retailers, and trading companies centered around one or several mega firms.

Who gets in and who doesn’t (qualitydigest)


  We face a crisis

The world’s readiness for the inevitable impacts of the climate crisis is “gravely insufficient”, according to a major report from global leaders. Today’s lack of preparedness would cause poverty, water shortages and migration to soar, with an “irrefutable toll on human life”, the report warned. The study identified the greatest obstacle as a lack of political leadership.

A wake up call (cdn.gca)


  Olive tree ‘leprosy’

A deadly disease estimated to have killed 1m olive trees in Italy has spread to France. The French agriculture ministry announced the discovery of the bacterium Xylella fastidiosa, known as olive tree leprosy, on two trees in the south of the country and said the infected trees would be destroyed to stop it from spreading.

The eradication of Xylella fastidiosa (fao)


  The empty rethoric from BRT

The U.S. tried to buy Greenland (what?), the Amazon is burning, billionaire David Koch died, and CEOs from 181 of the world’s largest companies — as part of the lobbying group The Business Roundtable (BRT) — declared that the purpose of a corporation is not just to serve shareholders (their official position since 1997), but “to create value for all our stakeholders.”

How to follow these principles? (hbr)


  How to scale innovation?

What’s so special about those in the top 10%? Their mindset, for starters: Crucially, Leaders think in terms of systems and not individual technologies. With a clear vision, they are evolving to what we call Future Systems, or boundaryless, adaptable and radically human enterprise systems capable of scaling innovations repeatedly and making organizations strategically agile.

Between potential and realized value (accenture)


  Retaining consumer trust

In emerging markets, digital banks have the ability to reach previously unbanked consumers without having to establish a major physical presence, thereby eliminating significant capital investment requirements. Enabling this, however, requires a high level of trust from the consumer.

The economics of trust (kpmg)


  Environmental rule of law in Asia

The publication covers a variety of topics ranging from land use regulation, smart cities, energy and indigenous people’s rights. All of these topics are relevant to the work of KAS given that we are committed to the cause of sustainable development that takes into account environmental protection.

New features and new problems (kas)


  Adaptation to climate change

The guide addresses planner and project managers involved in designing and implementing an adaptation project in fragile or conflict affected contexts. This includes donors, practitioners from central and local governments, non governmental organisations and other implementing agencies. The guide seeks to sensitise planners and project managers how their interventions could be or have been interacting with conflict.

Guidelines (umweltbundesamt)


  African migrations

Migration has become a staple of the news in many countries, filled with images of desperate Africans fleeing an impoverished continent, poised to descend on the West. These reports are not necessarily false, and they can be valuable in highlighting the human stories of migration but they are not a good basis for helpful action.

Far from mass exodus picture (afrobarometer)


  Restoration of visual function

Here, for an RPE-independent treatment approach, we introduce a hyperpolarizing microbial opsin into photoreceptor precursors from newborn mice, and transplant them into blind mice lacking the photoreceptor layer. These optogenetically-transformed photoreceptors are light responsive and their transplantation leads to the recovery of visual function, as shown by ganglion cell recordings and behavioral tests.

Optogenetically engineered photoreceptors (nature)


  Sit less & move more & more often

This study used a harmonised meta-analysis to examine the association between accelerometer measured physical activity and sedentary time and all cause mortality. Specifically, we examined the dose-response relations of total physical activity, different intensities of physical activity (light, low light, high light, moderate to vigorous, and vigorous) and sedentary time and all cause mortality.

Physical activity vs Sedentary time (bmj)


  Neural signature of brain concussion

The objective of this study was to test the hypotheses that repetitive head hits in the absence of clinically defined concussion, as well as head hits associated with a clinically defined concussion, will both be associated with a decrease in white matter integrity in the midbrain, and in the setting of repetitive head hits in the absence of clinically defined concussion, the amount of disruption to white matter integrity in the midbrain will be related to the number of hits with high rotational acceleration.

Repetitive of subconcussive head impacts (sciencemag)


  IPCC Report 2019

Land degradation and climate change, both individually and in combination, have profound 35 implications for natural resource-based livelihood systems and societal groups (high 36 confidence). The number of people whose livelihood depends on degraded lands has been estimated 37 to ~1.5 billion worldwide (very low confidence).

In the context of climate change (ipcc)


  Health assessment for chlorpyrifos

The present statement contains a summary of the main findings of the assessment related to mammalian toxicology and human health following the Pesticides Peer Review Expert discussions in mammalian toxicology held between 1 and 5 April 2019. It also comprises EFSA’s additional considerations, including whether the active substance can be expected to meet the approval criteria which are applicable to human health as laid down in Article 4 of Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009.

The epidemiological evidence (efsa)


  The state of Tor’s bridges

As the Tor network has grown in popularity and importanceas a tool for privacy-preserving online communication, it hasincreasingly become a target for disruption, censorship, andattack. A large body of existing work examines Tor’s sus-ceptibility to attacks that attempt to block Tor users’ accessto information (e.g., via traffic filtering), identify Tor users’communication content (e.g., via traffic fingerprinting), andde-anonymize Tor users (e.g., via traffic correlation).

Bandwidth denial-of-service (usenix)


  The key to private business growth

Some owners and managers may not fully understand the scale of change required and how to fund and staff for digital transformation. Only 22% of European companies overall say their companies allocate more than 5% of their investments to digitalisation, compared to 35% in more technologically advanced parts of Europe such as Scandinavia.

Time to act in EU   &  Time to act in AFRICA  (pwc)


  Global health issue

Governmental and civil society actors must work together with representatives of business to guarantee that devel-oping and emerging countries in particular enjoy basic medical services. Peter Hefele says that the people in these countries are most sensitive to the relationship between climate change and health. Climatic changes have both a direct and indirect impact on human health. Thus, it is important to focus more sharply on a Global Health policy that is resilient in the face of climate change.

Expanding global health infrastructure (kas)


  Organic solvents on surface treatment

BAT is a dynamic concept and so the review of BREFs is a continuing process. For example, new measures and techniques may emerge, science and technologies are continuously developing and new or emerging processes are being successfully introduced into the industries.

Best Available Techniques report (jrc)


  The retailvalue chain with Blockchain

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is expected to become a vital part of the infrastructure that will help to digitise and improve efficiency in global supply chains. But where is DLT being adopted and what is the current adoption in industry? This report aims to shed light on these questions, focussing on the functional usage areas of DLT in Product Tracing, Logistics, Financial Transactions, Retail Operations and CircularEconomy.

Global DLT adoption in supply chain (


  How to embrace transformation ?

In recent years, the average lifespan of the largest US public companies has been declining as a result of economic or technological disruption and in some cases, this is because they have missed opportunities to adapt and innovate.1 Similarly, a significant percentage of companies that made up the UK’s list of largest public companies in the 1980s have either been bought, declined or disappeared.

Boards who are future-fit (ey)


  AMD vs Intel

At the heart of your quest for a new or upgraded PC lies an important decision: AMD or Intel? Like Apple versus Microsoft or Fortnite versus Apex Legends, the AMD versus Intel rivalry is one of the great debates for PC enthusiasts. One of these two purveyors of finely wafered silicon will produce the beating heart of your new PC. AMD and Intel are just as different from one another as the products they produce.

Find out the best choice (digitaltrends)


  The new age of tourism

Today, tourism standards have evolved into real tools that help organizations better posi-tion themselves on the market (ISO 20488, online consumer reviews), increasing their competitiveness (future ISO 22525, medical tourism) and contributing to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the United Nations blueprint for a more sustainable world.

Travel in depth (iso)


  Eu' agriculture & GMOs regulation

On July 25th, the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) ruled that organisms obtained by modern forms of mutagenesis such as CRISPR are not exempt from the EU GMO legislation. Consequently, genome edited organisms must comply with the strict conditions of the EU GMOlegislation. This is in stark contrast with the opinion of the Advocate-General of the Court who advised rulingotherwise.

EU GMO legislation (mpg)


  Guide for securable IoT devices

This publication is intended to help Internet of Things (IoT) device manufacturers understand the cybersecurity risks their customers face so IoT devices can provide cybersecurity features that make them at least minimally securable by the individuals and organizations who acquire and use them. The publication defines a core baseline of cybersecurity features that manufacturers may voluntarily adopt for IoT devices they produce.

Core cybersecurity feature baseline (nist)


  REACH : Improvement action plan

In June 2019 the European chemical industry launched an unprecedented action to help its members proactively and systematically review and update data in previously submitted REACH registration dossiers. This initiative comes in response to the recent conclusion by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) that many REACH registration dossiers require additional information.

How to review chemical safety data ? (cefic)


  Today’s C-suite on Industry 4.0

This report examines what some firms are doing right and what others must do better to manage the most complex business challenge to emerge in generations. Few organizations are achieving transformation at the scale and integration needed for new levels of value to emerge. Instead, ‘pain point’ technology solutions and siloed piloting programs proliferate. Businesses meander along the i4.0 road with no clear view of the future.

Racing ahead with i4.0 initiatives (kpmg)


  Entertainment & Media outlook

Consumers are embracing the expanding opportunities to enjoy media experiences uniquely tailored to their own personal preferences, contexts and schedules. Increasingly mobile and never idle, empowered consumers around the world want to exert greater control over how and when they experience media. They do so by managing their media consumption via smartphones and an expanding range of devices, by curating their personal selection of channels via over-the-top (OTT) services.

Five-year projection (pwc)


  Germany's environmental key fields

Environmental protection in Germany is marked by a strong recourse on the regulatory approach. Envi-ronmental protection through regulation means that the government prescribes rules of behaviour, either orders or prohibitions. Compliance with these rules is monitored. In the case of violations, enforcement measures are taken and the responsible person or company will be penalised.

Environmental protection & Sustainability (umweltbundesamt)


  Physical activity & Metabolic syndrom

Little is known on how the domain and intensity of physical activity (PA) associates with metabolic syndrome (MetS). The aim of this study was to examine associations between PA domains (leisure-time, domestic, active transport, total walking and total PA), PA intensities (light, moderate and vigorous) and PA levels with MetS in the general adult population.

A population-based study (plos)


  Hiring vs Ageism

A bias for younger employees is seen not only in the tech sector, with seven out of 18 top Silicon Valley companies having a median age of 30 or younger, but also in non-tech sectors. A study conducted by the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank showed that callback rates about jobs were lower for older applicants, with women having lower callback rates than men.

From older stereotypes to ageisme (hbr)


  China’s herd of unicorns

Only the U.S. has as many as China. According to the May 2019 Greater China Unicorn Index from Shanghai-based research firm Hurun, there are currently more than 200 such companies in China, 21 of them having entered the ranks in the first quarter of 2019 — almost one per week. Hurun estimates that one-fifth of today’s Chinese unicorns will fail, one-tenth will be acquired, and most of the rest will go public successfully.

Demand that fuels new business opportunities (strategy-business)


  Best workplaces for innovators

The need to develop a culture that fosters inventive thinking has never been more urgent, says Paul Daugherty, chief technology and innovation officer at Accenture, and one of the experts we tapped to help judge the entries. (Accenture served as Fast Company‘s research partner for the list.) Many companies tout their creative chops as a way to attract scarce talent, but not all deliver.

Where innovators can thrive (fastcompany)


  Drug manufacturing quality

Before the MRA was implemented, the EU and the FDA sometimes would inspect the same facilities in the same year, even if the facility had a strong record of compliance. We expect the MRA will reduce this duplication, allowing the FDA and the EU to reallocate their resources towards inspection of drug manufacturing facilities that have potentially higher public health risks.

EUR & FDA partnership (fda)


  Chlorpyrifos residues in fruits

Chlorpyrifos is one of the most widely used pesticides in Europe. Exposure to this pesticide, even in small doses, can harm children’s brain development and function of theirhormonal system.. As European regulators are deciding whether or not to re-approve the use of this harmful pesticide, this briefing brings together the data available on the contamination of fruit with chlorpyrifos.

Europe-wide ban to protect consumers (env-health)


  Meteorological tsunamis

On 19 March 2017, destructive tsunami-like waves impacted the northeast shore of the Persian Gulf (PG). The maximum surveyed runup of about 3 m was observed at Dayyer in southern Iran, where damaging waves inundated the land for a distance of~1 km and resulted in the deaths of five people. Because the PG has always been considered safe from extreme oceanic waves, the event was totally unexpected.

Atmospheric processes (Pure and Applied Geophysics)


  Sustainable urban mobility plans

The main aim of this work is to evaluate how mobility measures can impact air quality at city scale, focusing on NO2 and PM2.5 yearly average improvement. In particular, in this paper we followed a similar approach to Bigazzi et al., 2017, starting from a possible list of interventions that cities can implement from the mobility point of view.

Air quality in urban background (sciencedirect)


  Ultrasound in an Ebola Treatment Unit

Layers of impermeable and stifling personal protective equipment (PPE) constitute an enormous physical barrier to patient care, complicating management of Ebola virus disease (EVD). After a decade of honing our ability to quickly determine “sick or not sick” and allocating time and resources accordingly, we learned that when managing a ward of patients with Ebola, clinical appearance did not always predict survival.

Imaging an outbreak (nejm)


  Buzz Aldrin is looking forward

NASA has been spending billions of dollars each year to build a big, heavy spacecraft and a bigger, much heavier rocket as the foundation for such a return. Along the way, NASA has enriched a half-dozen large aerospace contractors and kept Congress happy. But the space agency still can’t even launch its own astronauts into low-Earth orbit, let alone deep space or the Moon.

Setting the 2024 landing goal (arstechnica)


  Corals shifting from tropical to subtropical waters

"Climate change seems to be redistributing coral reefs, the same way it is shifting many other marine species," said Nichole Price, a senior research scientist at Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences and lead author of the paper. "The clarity in this trend is stunning, but we don't yet know whether the new reefs can support the incredible diversity of tropical systems".

New blends of species (innovations-report)


  Crisis management

By delving deep into the real-world experiences of organisations like yours, we uncovered some surprising findings, many of which turn the basic notion of crisis management – in fact, how we even think of crisis – on its head. Instead of “admiring the problem,” we’ve used this data as a springboard to reverse-engineer a successful crisis response.

Learning from 4,500 crises (pwc)


  Breaking through disruption

Disruption is an inescapable challenge for all industries. And when companies face it, they typically make cautious moves. They raise barriers to entry instead of extending themselves outward. They rely on what’s worked for them in the past, in lieu of seeking deep change on the inside. They double down on efficiency, rather than committing to real innovation.

How to embrace the power of the wise pivot ? (accenture)


  Shaping the process of digitisation in EU

European answers and visions regarding the digital future are all the more important today as, beyond the economic dimension, digitisation has already become an object of competition between the different systems. While the USA and China are increasingly setting the tone with their own regulatory concepts, it is important to further develop and strengthen the European approach to shaping the process of digitisation.

Europe’s next steps (kas)


  Cellular life, death & everything in between

The barrier between life and death is porous even at the level of cells, the fundamental units of life. Researchers are learning that cells once thought terminal or dead can resurrect themselves, or be partially resurrected, under the right conditions. By studying the processes that allow cells in limbo to inch back toward life, scientists ultimately hope to restore diseased cells to health, limit overactive cell division, resuscitate expired organs and even pave the way for long-extinct creatures to roam again.

From brink of extinction to a shrewd awakening (quantamagazine)


  Improving re-source efficiency

Information about the opportunities to be found in various areas in municipalities and outlines specific examples from practice in five case studies where material flows and cycles have been optimised. Different areas of action have been investigated, with examples also taken from outside Germany – from Switzerland and Sweden.

Optimising regional and local material cycles and flows (umweltbundesamt)


  Antimicrobial resistant bacteria

Just how dangerous antimicrobially resistant pathogens are can be seen from a glance at the statistics: according to the Robert Koch Institute, every year roughly 54,500 people in Germany become infected with pathogens that are resistant to several antibiotics, i.e. multi-resistant. Almost two thirds of them take ill in hospital. Approximately 2,400 people die every year after becoming infected with multiresistant bacteria.

Knowing and fighting the enemy (bfr)

  Achievement in geometry education

The dynamic model of educational effectiveness argues that effectiveness studies conducted in several countries have shown that the influences on student achievement are multilevel in nature; educational outcomes are influenced by variables at the student level, the classroom level, the school level and national/regional level. In the dynamic model, OTL is seen as part of “management of time” at the teacher/classroom level and is considered a significant factor of effectiveness.

A Multilevel Comparison of Six Countries (frontiersin)



The US set the tone with SOX on a global scale. Now the balance of power has shifted, and these same powers will apply to GDPR, giving France and Germany, the leaders of a post-Brexit EU, regulatory authority that will span most of the western world. With an $18.8 trillion GDP, the EU is the largest economic zone on the planet, leaving businesses with few options.

Regulators without borders (thenextweb)


  Comparison of men’s & women’s soccer

In the present paper, we argue that most differences between men’s and women’s soccer can be explained by women having to adapt to rules and regulations that are suited for men and their physical attributes. Thus, games are much more demanding for women. Furthermore, we argue that if men had to play with a degree of adaptation similar to that which women do today, they would have to alter their style of play radically.

Relevant anthropometric & physiological differences (frontiersin)


  A hidden structure of the chemical elements

The representation of the periodic table of chemical bonds also has nothing to do with the familiar matrix-like arrangement of the classical periodic tables of the elements. Instead, the 94 covalent bonds are represented in a network of differently coloured circles. Each circle represents a chemical bond, and the colour symbolizes belonging to one of the 44 groups.

Network instead of a matrix (mpg)


  Made in space

Autonomous in-space manufacturing could make it faster and less expensive to build space infrastructure and reduce the amount of mass needed deploy critical capabilities to space. But how do we reach this goal? As CEO of Made in Space, Inc., a company working in this area, I can see a path forward, though it’s not without hurdles.

Autonomous 3D printing & robotics (ieee)


  Global growth

Countries that have diversified their production into more complex sectors, like Vietnam and China, are those who will experience the fastest growth in the coming decade. That is the conclusion of the researchers at the Growth Lab at Harvard’s Center for International Development (CID) who presented new growth projections using the latest 2017 trade data.

2019 - 2027 forecast (cid.harvard)


  Public financial management

A growing body of data and experience shows that shifting from cash to electronic payments provides more security for recipients, especially women, greater efficiency and accuracy in reaching the financially excluded, and a broader range of financial services. It can also save very significant time and human resources that can be then used for more productive purposes, supporting overall economic productivity.

The Digitalization of Payments (cgdev)


  Global millennial survey 2019

The impact of myriad, radical changes to our daily lives has hit younger generations hard—economically, socially, and perhaps psychologically. Through this survey, this “generation disrupted” is telling us that continuous change and upheaval have created a population that is different at its core. But, they’re also providing valuable clues about how society’s institutions can respond to those differences.

Doubt in traditional pillars of trust (deloitte)


  About Hadoop

Dealing with tons of data requires some special arrangement. Common computational techniques are insufficient to handle a floodgate of data;, more so, when they are coming from multiple sources. In Big Data, the magnitude we are talking about is massive—measured in zettabytes, exabytes, or millions of petabytes or billions of terabytes.

The origin and evolution (developer)


  Solving complex business problems

Long steady states of market growth and performance are interrupted by significant, disruptive ones that fundamentally reset “business as usual.” Think steam engine. Or mass production techniques. And more recently, AI and machine learning. Today, we’re in one of those periods of frame-breaking change. Leaders across all industries and geographies are being challenged to solve complex business problems in new ways.

It’s business as unusual (accenture)


  The multidimensional customer

In an era defined by uncertainty, the companies that get closest to their customers will emerge ahead of the pack. This begins with an “outside-in” view, building new ways of understanding how and why people make decisions. The underlying drivers of human decision making have become exponentially more complex in recent years.

The Genesis of these findings (kpmg)


  2019 Global wealth management

An increasing number of clients are willing to pay for financial advice, but what they value is evolving rapidly. To help providers understand how best to deliver value, we surveyed 2,000 wealth management clients across 26 countries to understand what matters most to them. We believe the following five areas are the most important for firms to address.

Redefining the value of wealth management (ey)


  Global entertainment & Media outlook

The move to personalised, active E&M experiences has profound implications for how companies go about framing and developing offerings. At the same time, it will impose new responsibilities and, occasionally, limitations, on how they market and present their products and services. These new dynamics apply across different platforms, content types, and digital and physical experiences.

2019 - 2023 Vision (pwc)


  Plastic biofilms & Bacterial communities

Once in the ocean, plastics are rapidly colonized by complex microbial communities. Factors affecting the development and composition of these communities are still poorly understood. Additionally, whether there are plastic-type specific communities developing on different plastics remains enigmatic.

The plastic-specific microbial community (plos)


  Statistics: Dertecting NC fraction with reduced simple size?

How narrow-limit gauging (NLG, aka compressed limit plans) can reduce enormously the required sample size, and therefore the inspection cost, of a traditional attribute sampling plan. The procedure consists of moving acceptance limits t standard deviations inside the engineering specifications, which increases the acceptable quality level (AQL) and therefore reduces the sample size necessary to detect an increase in the nonconforming fraction.

Supporting innovative application (qualitydigest)


  Windows into the future

A breakthrough by the University of California San Francisco using NVIDIA’s AI architecture to create an electrocardiographic link to your brain has resulted in voice-free vocal communication. This could enable the future of head-mounted wearable computers, provide for cell phone use in crowded spaces and make voice communication possible both in high-noise areas and for those that can’t speak and/or type.

Eliminating voice sound at scale (computerworld)


  Gender & the effect of temperature

The increase in female performance in response to higher temperature is significantly larger and more precisely estimated than the corresponding decrease in male performance. In contrast to math and verbal tasks, temperature has no impact on a measure of cognitive reflection for either gender. Gender mixed workplaces may be able to increase productivity by setting the thermostat higher than current standards.

Battle for the thermostat: on cognitive performance (plos)


  Emission of ozone-depleting chemicals

Monitoring the expected decline in the atmospheric concentrations of banned compounds might seem like an unexciting research task. But on page 413, Montzka et al.1 report an unexpected finding in the long-term measurements of CFC-11, one of the most potent ozone-deplet-ing compounds: its atmospheric con-centration is decreasing much more slowly than would be expected on the basis of its known sources and sinks.

Infringement to Montreal protocol (nature)


  The kenyan digital economy

As innovation is one of the goals of every ICT framework, Kenya’s good performance on the Global Innovation Index [94] indicates that the framework is not only factually up to modern standards as certified by the ITU Regulatory Tracker, but also effective in delivering its goals.

Which framework does it need ? (kas)


  Special Eurobarometer

The very strong calls for more action by the EU in 15 key policy areas bear witness to this. And, in comparison with last year’s results, it is interesting to note that the proportion of those believing that EU action is adequate has risen markedly in most of the fields surveyed, possibly demonstrating that respondents are becoming increasingly aware that the EU is acting on their behalf.

2019 European Elections at sight (europarl.europa)


  Reinventing the product

The nature of product innovation is fundamentally changing. Reinventing the Product shows how to combine hardware, software and business model innovation in an agile manner to meet fast-changing needs in a world of smart connected devices. And it provides compelling and inspiring case studies and examples that help to understand how your company can find its way that fits best.

How to create value in the digital age ? (accenture)


  Africa: Governing for growth

Alongside conventional drivers of growth, such as high net FDI inflows and strong commodity prices, political stability and perceived levels of corruption have also been influential. To demonstrate this, we modelled the performance of each country across six of the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators (2013-17).

Economic projection (pwc)


  How fruits and veggies can live longer ?

Apeel Sciences is in the final administrative stages of regulatory authorisation with the European Union (EU) to apply its plant-derived food waste prevention technology to a number of fruits, including avocados and citrus. Already available in the USA, the breakthrough product has the ability to reduce food waste.

Shelf-life solution (producebusinessuk)


  EU' benefits of the single market

This study provides insights into the economic benefits of the European Single Market (SM) for countries and regions across Europe. Specifically, we evaluate the impact of the trade boosting effects of the SM on productivity, markups, product variety, welfare and the distribution of population across European countries and regions.

Estimating economic benefits (bertelsmann-stiftung)


  Osaka: G20 summit low expectation

The informal group of the world’s twenty leading industrialised and developing economies celebrated its tenth anniversary at the end of 2018. It undoubtedly plays a key role in steer-ing the world economy, particularly in light of the fact that there is little likelihood of a “world government” in the foreseeable future and that the United Nations, which is underfunded and in dire need of reform, is not in a position to fully assume this task.

Selfich growth vs free trad & innovation (kas)


  South Africans & climate change

water-stressed country,South Africa is considered highly vulnerableto the extreme weather patterns of intensified drought, flooding, and storms that characterize climate change(Institute for Security Studies, 2018).Since 2013,nearly every province in the country has experienced some form of drought and water shortagesresulting in water restrictions in urban areas and in the agriculture sector (Climate Analysis Group, 2018).

Raising awareness across the region (afrobarometer)


  Urban safety security concept

Urban populations are often rapidly changing and are composed of diverse social groups that live closely together in densely populated areas. Security sector governance and reform (SSG/R) provides a useful framework for effectively governing these complex social relationships through people-centred approaches to urban safety and security.

For inclusive, safe & resilient cities (dcaf)


  Driving into a cleaner future

The idea of electrical cars has been mooted for years, but it is only now, with the proven effects of climate change, that enough is being done to make them a viable commercial prospect. Indeed, change is already upon us. Monthly figures published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders suggest that electric car sales in the United Kingdom have risen significantly over the past few years.

Green tech (iso)


  Human well-being at risk

Biodiversity – the essential variety of life forms on Earth – continues to decline in every region of the world, significantly reducing nature’s capacity to contribute to people’s well-being. This alarming trend endangers economies, livelihoods, food security and the quality of life of people everywhere.

Biodiversity dangerous decline (ipbes)


  Best practices in operational development

The technology transfer network should continuously evaluate the project management toolkit, helping optimize and enable successful technology transfers. This evaluation can be facilitated through a monthly forum and face-to-face workshops with the global technology transfer team. The team can pilot new initiatives and tools at their site before finalizing and standardizing across the network.

On technology transfer (pharmtech)


  Why are we entering the danger zone?

The UN Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) is the flagship report of the United Nations on worldwide efforts to reduce disaster risk. The GAR is published biennially by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), and is the product of the contributions of nations, public and private disaster risk-related science and research, amongst others.

Global assessment report (Disaster Risk Reduction 2019)


  The search of CRISPR kryptonite

The first anti-CRISPRs were discovered in 2013 by a student at the University of Toronto named Joseph Bondy-Denomy. “It was serendipity. We stumbled onto the fact that some phages seemed to be resistant to CRISPR. When we put the phage into a cell, the bacteria couldn’t protect itself.” The number of labs studying such defenses is smaller than the number working with CRISPR.

The antidote for CRISPR (technologyreview)


  SAP's security assessments

Based on observations from security assessments performed for large organizations over the years, Onapsis estimates that the issues affect nine out of every ten SAP systems deployed by more than 50,000 SAP users worldwide -- around 900 million systems in total. Over 400,000 organizations from around the world use SAP software products, including some of the largest multinational corporations.

Configuration vulnerability (csoonline)


  Creating a sustainable food future

As the global population grows from 7 billion in 2010 to a projected 9.8 billion in 2050, and incomes grow across the developing world, overall food demand is on course to increase by more than 50 percent, and demand for animal-based foods by nearly 70 percent. This synthesis report proposes a menu of options that could allow the world to achieve a sustainable food future.

Balancing many competing needs (wri)


  Newly defined Alzheimer's-like

A recently recognized brain disorder that mimics clinical features of Alzheimer's disease has for the first time been defined with recommended diagnostic criteria and other guidelines for advancing and catalyzing future research. Scientists from several National Institutes of Health-funded institutions, described the newly-named pathway to dementia, Limbic-predominant Age-related TDP-43 Encephalopathy, or LATE.

Guidelines proposed (nih)


  Privacy and data governance for AI

Companies have amassed lots of data, and they have to balance two opposing forces, which are data use and data protection. If the people in the organization who want to use data aren't talking to the people whose job it is to protect the data, there may not be appropriate guardrails in place to manage data-related risks effectively.

Balancing data use & protection (informationweek)


  Laser Scans reveal Maya "Megalopolis"

In what’s being hailed as a “major breakthrough” in Maya archaeology, researchers have identified the ruins of more than 60,000 houses, palaces, elevated highways, and other human-made features that have been hidden for centuries under the jungles of northern Guatemala. Using a revolutionary technology known as LiDAR, scholars digitally removed the tree canopy from aerial images of the now-unpopulated landscape, revealing the ruins of a sprawling pre-Columbian civilization.

The largest LiDAR data (nationalgeographic)


  Japan's geothermal energy

Renewable energy sources such as geothermal have been getting more attention since the 2011 Fukushima disaster exposed the risk — or folly — of nuclear power. The Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp. estimates the country’s geothermal potential at 23,400 megawatts, putting it at No. 3 in the world behind the United States and Indonesia.

Geothermal development (japantimes)


  Who are the BATs?

With the rise of a group of powerful internet companies – especially the BATs – the Chinese internet has become the centre of global attention. Referring to Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, the BATs are the three most powerful companies providing web applications in China. they each occupy a dominant position and enjoy a near monopoly in their respective areas.

China's Tech-Giants (kas)


  Is digital health in a bubble?

With a record $8.1B in funding and the absence of an equally robust exit market, there is more scrutiny on digital health than ever before. Will value creation track with recent investment trends? To provide some structure around this question, we validated a simple framework with fellow investors to assess the current “bubbliness” of digital health. Our verdict: digital health is not in a bubble.

The market opportunities (rockhealth)


  From automated to autonomous systems

Microsoft has been working hard on artificial intelligence for many years, but it has not been very active in the robot market so far. This will change with the latest announcement , at the Build 2019 conference, of a new Azure platform designed to help developers drive models for stand-alone physical systems.

Microsoft Build Live (ms)


  Arctic land & permafrost nonlinear decline

Arctic feedbacks accelerate climate change through carbon releases from thawing permafrost and higher solar absorption from reductions in the surface albedo, following loss of sea ice and land snow. Here, we include dynamic emulators of complex physical models in the integrated assessment model PAGE-ICE to explore nonlinear transitions in the Arctic feedbacks.

The real economic consequences of a melting Arctic (nature)


  How to scale digital innovation to drive growth ?

Companies that derive the most from their digital investments handle the challenges associated with innovation differently from others. For them, it’s not about making one-off decisions for an individual proof of concept. Instead, their success comes from positioning themselves to make the right calls out of habit.

Managing a digital transformation (accenture)


  FDA' drug review process

Under a new “knowledge management” approach for the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), manufacturers will submit applications that present data on drug safety and efficacy in a structured format. The data then can be transmitted to teams of FDA experts from multiple disciplines for timely and efficient assessment.

Modernizing the CDER (pharmtech)

Related:FDA' regulatory framework for AI in medical care


  The squeezed middle class

The cost of a middle class lifestyle has increased faster than inflation. Housing, for example, makes up the largest single spending item for middle-income households, at around one third of disposable income, up from a quarter in the 1990s. House prices have been growing three times faster than household median income over the last two decades.

The trends of middle-income households (oecd)


  M&A strategy beyond tomorrow

Slowing economic activity is viewed as the greatest external risk to the growth plans of many companies. Respondents believe the most likely cause of a slowdown in growth is from tariff and trade disputes undermining carefully calibrated supply chains that have been built up over many years.These trade disputes are often grounded in wider geopolitical tensions that have built up over the past decade.

Confidence barometer (ey)


  Linking emissions to trading

The objective of this paper is to review existing economic models regarding their potential application for a quantitative assessment of the economic effects of linking Emission Trading Systems (ETS). As a matter of fact, most of the economic assessment criteria to evaluate the effects of a bilateral linking of ETS cannot be measured empirically, but need to be modelled by aid of economic modelling.

German's economic models assessment (umweltbundesamt)


  Capital markets in 2030

Technology companies have featured strongly in initial public offering (IPO) activity in recent years. This is set to last, as the sector continues to generate significant demand for equity in public markets, and the competition between exchanges to attract ‘unicorns’ and ‘new economy’ companies intensifies, particularly between the US and China (mainland China and Hong Kong).

Are public markets under threat? (pwc)


  Ready for 6G?

Artificial intelligence will be the main driver of mobile technology and that 6G will be the enabling force behind an entirely new generation of applications for machine intelligence. By any criteria, 5G is a significant advance on the previous 4G standards. The first 5G networks already offer download speeds of up to 600 megabits per second and have the potential to get significantly faster. By contrast, 4G generally operates at up to 28.

Are we in the next generation of tech.? (technologyreview)  


   Chemical industry contributions

The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) commissioned Oxford Economics to provide a detailed assessment of the chemical industry’s activities across the globe, and to quantify their total economic impact. The findings outlined in this report paint an important picture of the industry’s contribution to the global economy, and in so many aspects of people’s daily lives.

The economic impact (icca)


  Education assessement analysis

Children with DLD and those with ASD raise particular levels of concern, albeit for different reasons. For children with DLD there have been concerns about identification and provision of additional speech and language therapy, while for those with ASD concerns have been raised about managing behavior.

Needs, or diagnostic category in neurodevelopmental disorders (frontiersin)


  Why solar power’s future looks cloudy ?

Lower costs and higher efficiencies aren’t the only advantages. Because they’re flexible and lightweight, perovskites and other emerging technologies could extend solar into new applications. Perovskites, for example, could be quickly sprayed and rolled onto flexible substrates, much as newspapers are spooled through high-volume printing presses.


How to win the support they deserve? (iee)


  Subnational investment in human capital

Much more can be done to transform the prospects of those most at risk of being left behind by better targeting investment in human capital that both builds peoples’ wellbeing and boosts their economic potential. The fact that some donors and countries are already much better at targeting than others points to what is possible to achieve at the global and national level.

For Sustainable development (odi)


  EU' Ethical AI is here

These rules aren’t like Isaac Asimov’s “Three Laws of Robotics.” They don’t offer a snappy, moral framework that will help us control murderous robots. Instead, they address the murky and diffuse problems that will affect society as we integrate AI into sectors like health care, education, and consumer technology. The EU convened a group of 52 experts who came up with seven requirements they think future AI systems should meet.

New guidelines for trustworthy AI (theverge)


  A new strategy on China

China is investing heavily in emerging technology sectors—such as artificial intelligence and next-generation mobile communication—to successfully chip away at U.S. technology leadership and global market share. However, in the United States, many U.S. workers are unable to find good jobs in the information economy.

Crafting a new approach (americanprogress)


  Cryptography that can’t be hacked

Programmers are human, but mathematics is immortal. By making programming more mathematical, a community of computer scientists is hoping to eliminate the coding bugs that can open doors to hackers, spill digital secrets and generally plague modern society. Now a set of computer scientists has taken a major step toward this goal with the release today of EverCrypt, a set of digital cryptography tools.

Against known hacking attacks (quantamagazine)


  What Is cloud computing?

The cloud usually means the Internet or the network and computing refers to the virtual resource provided as a service by the remote provider. The services through resources can be software, infrastructure, platform, devices, and other resources. This article delves into the subject, giving a quick idea of the basics of cloud computing.

The infinite scalability (developer)


  Reddit community launches its own website

A community with over 700,000 subscribers, many of whom regard it as an online oasis. Any topic is open for debate: All drugs should be legal, voter ID laws are a good idea, flour tortillas are superior to bread. CMV has captured the attention of journalists, who have called it “our best hope for civil discourse,” and researchers, who have used it to study the effective online rhetoric.

‘Change my view’ (wired)


  Improving rapid data transfer

Engineers at Ruhr-Universität Bochum have developed a novel concept for rapid data transfer via optical fibre cables. In current systems, a laser transmits light signals through the cables and information is coded in the modulation of light intensity. The new system, a semiconductor spin laser, is based on a modulation of light polarisation instead.

Capacity of spin lasers (innovations-report)


  The equivalence of measurement systems

In order to evaluate a measurement system, we will need some sort of study where multiple determinations are made of the same thing or the same group of things. Perhaps the simplest form for studies of this sort is to measure the same thing repeatedly. When these values are placed on an XmR chart we end up with a test for the consistency of the measurement system.

Practical answers (qualitydigest)


  DNA mixtures

DNA profiling can be so powerful and has been used successfully in so many cases that some people think it is nearly infallible. But the reliability of DNA profiling varies, and other things being equal, it is most reliable when the evidence contains plenty of DNA from just one or two people. That’s why homicides and sexual assaults—crimes that tend to produce a lot of this type of DNA evidence—made up the bulk of DNA casework for many years.

A Forensic science (nist)


  Globalization and protectionism

While the decision to liberalize bilateral or multilateral trading relationships is usually made at thenational level, the degree to which trade restrictions bind economic outcomes is likely to vary geo-graphically. Cities in which economic activity is concentrated in industries facing high tariffs or otherbarriers to exports or protections from potential import competition are likely to be disproportion-ately affected by trade integration.

Working papers (havard)


  The future of Sub-Saharan Africa

In 2018, at least the cinema allowed us to experience what Sub-­Saharan Africa could possibly look like: paradisiacal conditions and a highly developed civilisation that uses its immense resource wealth to provide its own population with a life in freedom and prosperity and to defend this achievement from the outside world.

International report (kas)


  Consumer-centred metric

In addition to the traditional return on investment (ROI) metrics used to determine a company’s success, it’s time to introduce another metric, one with a focus on customer experience. Because consumers today are so discerning and powerful, it’s our perspective that most organisations need to invest far more in customer experience (CX).

Introducing ‘return onexperience’ (pwc)


  Spreading diseases by moskitoes expected

Half a billion more people could be at risk from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes within 30 years as a result of the warming climate, a study warns. People in Canada and part of northern Europe could come into contact with yellow fever, Zika, dengue and chikungunya, as well as other emerging diseases. Over 6 billion people live in climates where the two mosquitoes studied can live for a month or more each year.

Action to combat global warming (plos)

  Conflict and security scan

The UN Security Council is set to hold further discussions on the security implications of climate change; the new Climate Security Mechanism within the UN system will come into effect; and many countries will continue to see discussions on the impacts of climate-related disaster risks, with consequences for conflict dynamics and security.

Climate change (odi)


  The data mining of failure

Thomas Edison is often described as America’s greatest inventor. His successes include electric power generation, sound recording, and the electric lightbulb. But Edison was no stranger to failure. He famously tested 1,000 different designs before settling on the carbon filament that became the first commercially successful lightbulb.

Behind the secrets of success (technologyreview)


  Global environment outlook

The Paris climate agreement was established in 2015 as a strategy to address climate change, with nations committing to cut their carbon emissions and hold back soaring global temperatures. But while awareness of climate change’s catastrophic impacts grows, there is no equivalent agreement by nations to deal with the other environmental challenges facing the planet.

Turning the tide to environmental damage (unenvironment)


  Sandwich generation in sight

The “sandwich generation” are adults who both have children who live at home and seniors, usually parents or in-laws, in whose care those adults are involved, so they’re sandwiched between their own children and their parents or their in-laws or other senior relatives that they have to help care for. The growth of that sandwich generation reflects lots of different thing.

Managing the future of work (hbs)


  EBA report on high earners

More than 3,500 bankers in the UK are paid more than €1m (£860,000) a year, according to new pay and bonus details published by the European Banking Authority (EBA). The UK was home to 73% of all millionaire bankers across Europe, according to the pay data, which the European parliament forced banks to make public following the financial crisis.

Data analysis-2016/2017 (eba)


  Africa : Fast Internet & Employment

To show how fast Internet affects employment in Africa, we exploit the gradual arrival of submarine Inter-net cables on the coast and maps of the terrestrial cable network. Robust difference-in-differences estimatesfrom three datasets covering 12 countries show large positive effects on employment rates—also for less ed-ucated worker groups—with little or no job displacement across space.

The higher net job-creation (ibread)


  Understanding mathematics anxiety

Maths anxiety has been seen in young school children from around the age of 6. However, negative attitudes towards mathematicsand maths anxiety appear to increase when children reach secondary school age, persisting into post-secondary education and throughout adulthood. Many potential causes have been identified for maths anxiety. These include some environmental factors.

The study (U.Cambridge)


  Global economy watch

The Japanese labour market is pulling off a neat trick. Although both the whole population and the working-age population are declining every year, the number of Japanese in the workforce is growing, and expanding at a rate that outperforms many other younger and more vibrant advanced economies. We explain how this is happening and assess whether it is sustainable in our feature article.

Economic projections (pwc)


  Ambient air pollution & Cardiovascular disease

Ambient air pollution is a major health risk, leading to respiratory and cardiovascular mortality. A recent Global Exposure Mortality Model, based on an unmatched number of cohort studies in many countries, provides new hazard ratio functions, calling for re-evaluation of the disease burden. Accordingly, we estimated excess cardiovascular mortality attributed to air pollution in Europe.

Novel hazard ratio functions (European heart journal)


  A culture that drives innovation

The power of a workplace culture of equality to drive employees’ innovation mindset—or their willingness and ability to innovate—is strong. It has more impact than age or gender and leads to an increase in innovation mindset in all industries and all countries. In fact, employees’ innovation mindset is six times higher in the most-equal cultures than in the least-equal ones.

Workplace environment (accenture)


  660 BC :Solar storm discovered

Our Sun sometimes produces highly energetic particles, which are accelerated either by magnetic reconnection in solar flares. Such events represent a threat to modern society in terms of communication and navigation systems, space technologies, and commercial aircraft operations.Traces of an enormous solar storm that battered the atmosphere and showered Earth in radioactive particles more than 2,500 years ago have been discovered under the Greenland ice sheet.

Multiradionuclide evidence of Solar storm (pnas)


  Autonomous Vehicles Readiness

The Netherlands and Singapore again claim first and second place, respectively; the former benefiting from its European leadership in transport public policy, the latter from its brilliance in attracting investment from global technology leaders.But many of the overall scores are very close and there are numerous opportunities, identified in this report, for countries to make significant progress.

Assessing countries’ preparedness (kpmg)


  Democracy related to improving health

Democracy is good for your heart, health and longevity, a study of 170 countries has concluded, in a boost to a form of government that has recently faced significant setbacks globally. Life expectancy has improved more quickly in countries that have switched to democracy in the past 50 years, the researchers discovered, and there have been fewer deaths from cardiovascular disease, cancer, cirrhosis and even road traffic accidents.

Impact of democracy on adult health (Lancet)


  30 years of the Web

The open web has accomplished so much in just thirty years. But today, it faces real challenges. Half the world cannot get online. The other half face threats to their privacy, security and fundamental rights. Web Foundation has always been concerned about: the Internet' balkanisation, that’s a pretty darn effective way of doing. There will be a massive loss of richness to the web.

Three sources of disfunction on the web (medianama)


  Activities of nuclei in extinct animal species

Cells from a woolly mammoth that died more than 28,000 years ago have been partially reactivated inside of mouse egg cells, according to one study. The achievement shows that biological activity can be induced in the cells of long-dead creatures, but that does not mean that scientists will be resurrecting extinct animals like mammoths any time soon.

Extracted genomic DNA from mammoth remains (nature)


  Innovation in Europe

Growth is recovering in Europe and there is an optimistic, vibrant air in the region that is fostering a renewed sense of ambition. This report investigates how companies in Europe are developing digital, data-driven technologies to augment human physical and mental abilities. Specifically, the report examines the triggers of innovation and its implementation in relation to three critical enabling factors.

Survey on European companies (deloitte)


  The divestment equation

The intent to divest remains at record levels — 84% of companies plan to divest within the next two years, consistent with last year’s record of 87%. Despite uncertainty from tariffs, a trade war, desynchronized growth and geopolitical concerns, the market offers sellers a resilient yet competitive environment.

Shareholder activism (ey)


  How to merge Iot+AI+5G+BD?

With 5G, digital entertainment is set become both richer and more social. High-speed wireless connectivity will deliver 4K and 8K video, holograms, augmented reality and virtual reality applications for gaming and immersive TV, while bringing people together to enjoy live events, such as sports and concerts. 5G could enable spectators to enjoy a 360-degree view from anywhere in the venue.

The rollout of intelligent connectivity (gsma)


  EU' Chemical industry

The recently launched EU Research & Innovation Framework programme, Horizon Europe has the ambition to make Europe an unparalleled global innovation hub. As the chemical industry is a significant contributor to solving global challenges through innovative solutions and products, we support the new framework. REACH, the EU’s pioneering chemicals legislation, is designed to ensure the safety of chemicals throughout Europe.

Facts & figures (cefic)


  AI in supply chain management

AI is now being used in every aspect of managing supply chain and manufacturing operations, says Chris Noyes, a senior manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP. Product development is using natural language processing on social media data to understand customer feedback. Logistics managers are using advanced optimization algorithms to find better network configurations.

Robotic process automation (RPA) (areadevelopment)


  Macedonia`s accession to EU

The publicity surrounding the EU accession prospects stemming from the Prespa agreement and the support that it has received from both the EU and EU member state officials has had only a marginal impact on the popular perceptions on the progress made in the EU integration process in 2018. Domestic factors and veto-power of neighbouring EU member states are seen as the two biggest obstacles to Macedonia’s prospects of EU membership.

Members' opinion (kas)


  Modernizing your company’s Tech.

The systems modernization you need today is more than an upgrade; you’re playing a new game with new rules, in which you modernize not just the tools and functions, but the way you do IT. The vendors are largely the same, but the options and principles of the past no longer apply. Hardware no longer stands alone.

10 Principles (strategy-business)


  Research: Small team vs big one

The “discovery of the 21st century” was awarded the Nobel prize two years after it was made. In 2015, the Laser Interferometre Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) project finally detected what it was built to: gravitational waves—ripples in the fabric of space and time—caused by the collision of two black holes. one of the most universal shifts in the innovation sector in recent years has been the growth of large teams.

When it comes to teaming ? (hbr)


  New organic luminescent tags

Researcher have demonstrated the possibility of repeatable noncontact labeling and reading with resolution beyond common printer quality. Because of the small amount of highly available material required, the expense for a film of 1m2 is below $1.50. The presented label concept can be fabricated using highly scalable processes that are available today.

Programmable & transparent (advances.sciencemag)


  Food loss and waste

Approximately one-third of all food produced in the world intended for human consumption is lost or wasted (FAO 2011). This level of inefficiency in the global food system has significant economic, social, and environmental impacts. It amounts to economic losses of $940 billion per year (FAO 2015). It means that more than a billion tons of food never get consumed each year, while one in nine people remain undernourished (WFP 2018).

Quantifying benefit-cost ratios (wrap)


  State of latino entrepreneurship

This report provides academic researchers, policymakers, and business leaders with insights into Latino-owned businesses as a group and as a number of subgroups and profiles. It includes differences in growth and funding experiences by gender, nativity, region, industry, size, and other personal and business characteristics. The 2018 SLEI Survey of U.S.

Trends (gsb.stanford)


  State of windpower in EU

In 2018 wind energy generated enough electricity to meet 14% of the EU’s electricity demand. This is a 2% share higher than in 2017 levels, in part due to the lower elec-tricity demand registered7. Denmark had the highest share of wind (41%) in Europe, followed by Ireland (28%) and Portugal (24%). Germany, Spain and the UK follow with 21%, 19% and 18% respec-tively. 9 Member States had a wind share of 10% or more.

WindEurope report 2019


  Denmark' waste-to-energy plant

The plant, Copenhill / Amager Bakke, is being constructed by Amager Ressourcecenter (ARC), owned by five Danish municipalities. Copenhill / Amager Bakke will be equipped with two furnace lines and a joint turbine- and generator system. The plant replaces a 45-year-old plant with four furnace lines. By 2017 Amager Ressourcecenter will run a plant that burns 2 x 35 tonnes of waste per hour.

Architecture dedicated local community (volund)


  The global risks report 2019

Climate Assessment warned in November that without significant reductions in emissions, average global temperatures could rise by 5ºC by the end of the century.20GRPS respondents seem increasingly worried about environmental policy failure: having fallen in the rankings after Paris, “failure of climate-change mitigation and adaptation” jumped back to number two in terms of impact this year.

Three of the top five risks (weforum)


  Brain' timeline of the past

Temporal context refers to the features of an experience that occur around the time it is first experienced, and is shaped by both external inputs and a continuously changing internal state1,2,5. Recent evidence has demonstrated the presence of signals in the brain that may serve as an internal representation of temporal context.

Memory of past and future (quantamagazine)


  Accenture tech. vision

Companies have used the power of digital transformation to shape themselves, to shape customers and employees, and then to shape people’s expectations. What’s left is using their ongoing digital efforts to shape the market. Companies face a world of renewed expectations and core digital technologies are more critical than ever.

What’s next? (accenture)


  Tourist spending insights

Tourism is an important sector in the global economy. Today, 10.4% of the world’s GDP and 7% of the world’s total exports come from tourism. The industry is worth over US$ 1.1 trillion. The money earned from expenditures by foreigners are crucial drivers of economic development and can be an important source of foreign exchange.

View of global tourism (hks.harvard)


  Reinventing the way we invent

Until recently, Barzilay, one of the world’s leading researchers in artificial intelligence, hadn’t given much thought to these nearby buildings full of chemists and biologists. But as AI and machine learning began to perform ever more impressive feats in image recognition and language comprehension, she began to wonder: could it also transform the task of finding new drugs?

The unlimited possibilities (technologyreview)


  The European Union’s climate policy

According to SR1.5, limiting warming to 1.5°C requires drastic emission reductions globally by 2030 (40–60%, compared to 2010). This necessary increase in the level of ambition in the near-term would have major implications for European climate policy. Apart from committing to achieving green-house gas-neutrality by 2050, the EU would have to rapidly accelerate emission reductions by 2030.

Realignment to Paris agreement (umweltbundesamt)


  IT industry outlook 2019

The Next Big Thing is dead. Long live the Next Big Thing. Few phrases better capture the anticipation, intrigue, and magic of tech innovation. The phrase has been an apt descriptor for such standouts as the market-ready product that quickly revolutionizes the tech landscape. Increasingly, though, that phenomena is less relevant in a world defined not by ‘one big thing,’ but rather, the iterative fusion of technology building blocks coupled with a generous helping of people and process.

Trends to watch (comptia)


  Trends in smoking cessation in Europe

European countries have introduced various tobacco control policies (e.g. increased taxation of tobacco products, no-smoking areas, advertising bans, graphic pack warnings, and smoking cessation programs) over recent decades. Despite a general decrease in tobacco consumption and the prevalence of smoking, still more than one in four of the European population over the age of 14 years is an active smoker.

Related to Time & age (plos)


  Dead bacteria can soak up antibiotics

A new class of bacterial tolerance against antibiotics that could have wide implications for the future of antibiotics in medicine. In the battle with antimicrobial peptides, it was found that some E. coli cells essentially act as cannon fodder — sacrificing themselves to antibiotic assault while other cells continued to grow and replicate.

On how to enhance population survivability (elifesciences)


  Vicarious surgical' devlopment

The mission of Vicarious Surgical’s founders and its investors is to drive down both the cost of higher impact surgeries and access to the best surgeons through remote technologies. The market for medical robots is highly lucrative. Earlier today, Johnson & Johnson announced the $3.4 billion acquisition of Auris Health — a maker of robotic diagnostics and surgical tools.

From big to tiny devices (techcrunch)


  Growth: Reality check

what are CEOs saying about the year ahead? PwC’s 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey of 1,378 chief executives in more than 90 territories explores that question and many others regarding the global business climate in 2019. Conducted in September and October of 2018, this year’s survey drills down on CEO insights in top-of-mind areas such as: Growth, Data and Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence.

CEOs’ expectation (pwc)


  Urban environmental protection

With steadily growing demands on housing, mobility, and consumption, the densely populated urban settlements offer considerable potential for reducing environmental impacts. In order to allow healthy urban surroundings and a high quality of life in vibrant green quarters for the residents, urban development must be closely linked with environmental quality targets.

Numerous pressing research questions (umweltbundesamt)


  Vaccines & health effects

It is time to change our perception of vaccines: vaccines are not merely a protective tool against a specific disease, they affect the immune system broadly. In the case of live vaccines, the immune system is strengthened. In contrast, non-live vaccines seem to have a negative effect on the immune system in females.

Live-vaccine vs non-live vaccine (theconversation)


  The tax challenges of digitalisation

The international community has made important progress toward addressing the tax challenges arising from digitalisation of the economy and has agreed to continue working multilaterally towards achievement of a new consensus-based long-term solution in 2020, the OECD announced.

Important progress at sight (oecd-ilibrary)


  Health care outlook

The adage, “What goes up, must come down,” isn’t likely to apply to the global health care sector in 2019. Aging and growing populations, greater prevalence of chronic diseases, exponential advances in innovative, but costly, digital technologies—these and other developments continue to increase health care demand and expenditures.

Age of smart health (deloitte)


  Software recognizes images

In recent years, researchers have found that the accuracy of the software gets better and better as they build deeper networks and amass larger data sets to train them. That has created an almost insatiable appetite for computing power, boosting the fortunes of GPU makers like Nvidia and AMD. Google developed its own custom neural networking chip several years ago, and other companies have scrambled to follow Google's lead.

The process (arstechnica)


  China's commitment to taxpayer certainty

The progress made in the last year with the APA program, documented in the 2017 APA Annual Report, is in line with the SAT’s commitment to preventing double taxation and providing certainty to taxpayers. While the number of APAs signed in 2017 was somewhat lower than in 2016, there was a significant increase in SAT resources for APA and MAP work in 2017 and 2018.

APA report (kpmg)


  Climate change: Opprtunity & Risks

The sectors with the most significant exposure to transition risk (i.e., sectors with direct exposure to fossil fuel supply chains or with readily accessible low carbon substitutes), namely mining, manufacturing, transport and energy, generally scored higher. These sectors have faced the bulk of stakeholder activism around improved climate disclosures.

Business disclosures (ey)


  What Is wind chill ?

The actual air temperature, which is unchanged by the wind, is not the only way to determine if your body is at risk in the cold. A wind chill index accounts for a combination of air temperature and how fast the wind is blowing. Higher winds strip heat away from the body more quickly. In the United States, wind chill is calculated with a formula using degrees Fahrenheit and wind speeds in miles per hour, but wind chill values can also be calculated using degrees Celsius and meters per second.

How does it work? (smithsonianmag)


  How gut cells slow down metabolism ?

Researchers have discovered how specific cells in the guts of mice slow down metabolism and eventually contribute to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis.The findings, scientists say, could have important implications for the prevention and treatment of these kinds of metabolic diseases in humans. The study was funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), part of the National Institutes of Health and appears in the journal Nature.

Treating metabolic diseases in humans (nih)


  New AI ‘shapeshift’ test

Scientists have developed a new test that scans the shapes of tumour cells to pick out women with especially aggressive ovarian cancer, so treatment can be tailored to their needs. The researchers found that having misshapen nuclei was an indication that the DNA of cancer cells had become unstable – and believe it could in future help doctors to select the best treatment for each patient.

‘Very high risk’ ovarian cancer (


  The new industrial revolution

Industry 4.0 is opening the door to innovative and economic strength. It allows products to be tailored precisely to customers’ needs at low cost, high quality, and with a high level of efficiency. One example of this is DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH, a medium-sized company headquartered in Germany, which is using Industry 4.0 methodology to produce individualized footwear in lot size 1 at mass production cost based on digital models.

From robotics to machine learning (iso)


  Survival to extreme ages

Human lifespan has a low heritability (12–25%), whereas survival into extreme ages (longevity) clusters within families. Studies showed that parents, siblings and children of longevous persons lived longer than first-degree relatives of non-longevous persons or population controls. In addition, members of these longevous families seem to delay or even escape age-related diseases and in fact, healthy ageing in such families is marked by well attuned immune systems and good metabolic health.

Datasets analysis (nature)


  How to improve hypothesis quality?

Active forms of learning are seen as key to acquiring deep conceptual knowledge, especially in science domains. One of the active forms of learning is inquiry learning. Inquiry learning has been defined in many different ways with as its kernel that the method starts from questions for which students need to find answers. In this study, we focus on the practice of the scientific method, and in particular on the creation of hypotheses.

Automated feedback could be the answer (frontiersin)


  For a higher lithium-ion battery capacity

Battery developers have been trying for years to figure out how to use silicon instead of carbon in anodes, because lithium ions combine with silicon to form Li15Si4. The 15-to-4 ratio means a smaller amount of anode material can store a lot more lithium. Silicon anodes could thus provide much larger capacities.

Boost expectation: 70% (


  Banks: startup mind-set

While big banks in the U.S. and Europe have been grappling for almost a decade with how best to go digital, a modest-sized bank in Asia, DBS Bank Ltd., with assets of SGD 541.5 billion (US$394.7 billion) as of September 2018, has come from nowhere with a solution: Don’t try to figure out how to acquire digital capabilities. Instead, think like a fintech company and transform your business completely.

How to rethink your transaction model? (strategy-business)


  Multiculturalism in Asia

The globalising age accompanied by the challenge of multiculturalism is an age of crisis of identity which is posing the challenge of accepting global diversity, it also raises critical questions concerning what is primary identity and what is the link between religious, national and regional identity. Increasing incidences of xenophobia, ethnoreligious exclusivism, conflicts and wars pose a tremendous challenge for building of a new multicultural world.

Peace and harmony (kas)


  The Success of dental veneers

Researchers and dental material manufacturers have aimed to develop new materials with better aesthetic characteristics through the years. In 1975 laminate veneers were introduced as a better material of choice to mask the dentition, the restorations were 1 mm in thickness and were made from a cross-linked polymeric veneer.

Preparation design and material type (ncbi)


  The human gut microbiota

Recent years have seen a fast increase in the analytical capacity to read genetic information and in the ability to understand the link between the genetic information and the functioning of organisms. This has increased the scientific knowledge in previously underexploited fields. One example is the human microbiota and the understanding of the vital role that the microbiota plays in the physiological and psychological human health status and well-being.

The current scientific knowledge (jrc)


  NSA' free reverse engineering tool

The software's name is GHIDRA and in technical terms, is a disassembler, a piece of software that breaks down executable files into assembly code that can then be analyzed by humans. The NSA developed GHIDRA at the start of the 2000s, and for the past few years, it's been sharing it with other US government agencies that have cyber teams who need to look at the inner workings of malware strains or suspicious software.

And all the features expected (znet)


  How to standardize real-world data?

Within healthcare circles, the hype around the potential of real-world evidence to transform health outcomes through new patient insights has been considerable. But as the pool of RWD swells daily – driven by growing demand from drug development, regulatory decision-making and patient care and enhanced by advances in technology, study design and data collection methods – there is one very large stumbling block on the horizon.

Data standardization (eyeforpharma)


  How does gravity affect science?

When Isaac Newton came up with his universal theory of gravity in 1687, it’s unlikely he could have imagined that almost 330 years later, British astronaut Piers Sellers would be floating on the International Space Station with a chip from his apple tree. In the modern era of space exploration we have all become familiar with weightless astronauts floating around or doing acrobatics, but there are many effects of microgravity still unknown.

From chemistry to biology (chemistryworld)


  US' privacy legislation at sight

The global conversation around data privacy changed dramatically in March of 2018. That’s when Cambridge Analytica made international headlines. It was the story of a shadowy political firm misappropriating the data of tens of millions of Facebook users without their knowledge. But really, the story was how Facebook, keeper of 2 billion users' private messages, photos, and social connections, let it happen.

Get ready for (wired)


  Eurobarometer: Member's opinion

This First results report provides a selection of data on topics such as the European political situation, the economy and European citizenship. It focuses on the results obtained in the 28 EU Member States and is published together with the results of the Standard Eurobarometer questions, which are set out in an annex. The results of the Standard Eurobarometer of autumn 2018 will be analysed in the full report.

Latest survey (ec.europa)


  Mosquito: Insight into genome of disease

Analysis of the Ae. aegypti mosquito genome could help scientists combat the pest and the infectious diseases it spreads, including Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever. Generation of a high-quality reference genome for this species is critically important for exploring the genomic basis of insecticide resistance, disease transmission, blood-feeding host preference, and development of novel repellents.

Public health threats (nature)


  ISO 9001: It’s about the records

Every document should have a purpose, every training, audit, and data collection initiative should have a purpose. A company should never write a document, conduct an audit or training, or collect data unless there is a clear objective. Audits should be done only on processes that are not performing, have new people, or are high risk. Don’t audit for the sake of auditing.

Implementing a management system (qualitydigest)


  How much is social media worth?

A series of auctions revealed that Facebook users value the company's service so highly that it would take on average more than $1,000 to convince them to deactivate their accounts for a year, according to a recent paper published in PLOS One. This doesn't mean much for the company's stock market valuation, but it's a good indicator that people find value in Facebook regardless of the many concerns raised recently.

Solow-Swan growth model (plos)


  World’s first “no-kill” eggs

The world’s first “no-kill” eggs are now on sale in Berlin after German scientists found an easy way to determine a chick’s gender before it hatched, in a breakthrough that could put an end to the annual shredding of billions of live male chicks worldwide. The patented Seleggt process can determine the sex of a chick just nine days after an egg has been fertilised.

Seleggt' process


  Will 5G remake the world ?

While the impact of the 5G wireless network still remains to be seen, it has the potential to drive numerous advancements, including digital transformation across industries, providing a platform for end-to-end IoT connectivity, enabling faster connections for consumers, and even providing a more cost-effective platform for carriers.

The newest generation of wireless (deloitte)


  Self-propelled, chemically active sheets

The first study of the response of a flexible, catalyst-coated sheet to self-generated flow fields, which arise from the catalytic reaction in the host solution. The findings from our computational models reveal how the coupling between these deformable, active sheets and the reactant-containing fluids leads to rich dynamic behavior, which extends the functionality and utility of active materials.

Designing active sheets (sciencemag)


  Significant changes to advertising

The sentiment that Big Brother is watching us has become more acute and real than ever. With the proliferation of cameras and improvement of artificial intelligence, we can expect that soon computers will have even more eyes and make sense of what they are seeing. This is similar to what Natural Language Processing (NLP) has done for written text.

Customized advertising (informationweek)


  The year in biology

Metcalfe’s law, which states that the value of a network grows with the square of its number of nodes, is a mainstay of telecommunications theory. But it also relates to biology because the web of life is a network, too. Each passing year brings to light new varieties of interconnections and relationships among the ever-widening diversity of organisms, cells, genes and biomolecules known to science.

Some meaningful progress (quantamagazine)


  Improving production

Ongoing pressures in the life-sciences industry require pharma and biotech manufacturers to fundamentally transform how they operate. For example, an annual decrease in operating budgets is now an established expectation in some companies, driven by reduced revenues and the need to prioritize investment in new product development. Previously, managers could cut costs to achieve these goals.

IT, OT & Quality collaboration (pharmtech)


  Top retractions of 2018

Santa makes lists and so do we, only ours usually is just of those who have been naughty. And the Retraction Watch leaderboard includes some pretty dodgy characters. The top spot in the lineup still belongs (and perhaps always will) to Yoshitaka Fujii with 183 retractions, and it now takes at least 21 retractions to crack the Top 30, with a tie at that slot. For those who won’t settle for anything less than the Top 10, 41 papers is the minimum.

The naughty list (the-scientist)


  Microsoft Edge + OSS

Microsoft Edge will now be delivered and updated for all supported versions of Windows and on a more frequent cadence. We also expect this work to enable us to bring Microsoft Edge to other platforms like macOS. Improving the web-platform experience for both end users and developers requires that the web platform and the browser be consistently available to as many devices as possible.

A new emphasis for Microsoft (windows)


  Future systems

Technology is changing faster than ever. Applications are merging with data and infra structure, moving outside the enterprise and evolving into systems, embedding themselves deeply into our daily lives. These blurring boundaries are transforming the very nature of human-machine relationships and fundamentally changing our understanding of enterprise IT.

The world of constant change (accenture)


  Green economy in the Alps

The Alpine area wants to turn into a green economy model region. The background paper describes important aspects for a development of a green economy in the Alps in four topic areas: Low-carbon economy and adaptation to climate change, resource-efficient economy, ecosystem services and natural capital, quality of life and well-being.

Example of adaptation to climate change (umweltbundesamt)


  Jobs that are safe from robots

For most of us, though, the robot invasion will simply change the tasks we do, not destroy our jobs altogether. That’s according to researchers who study the impact of automation on jobs. They also note that, as the spread of artificial intelligence automates the rote parts of our jobs, it will not only force us to upgrade our skills but also free us up to take on more sophisticated tasks.

Robots-skills may never be able to master (qualitydigest)


  Making finance consistent with climate goals

This paper develops a three-part framework to support governments and non-state actors to identify opportunities to: (1) drive action to mobilise and shift finance; (2) track progress against Article 2.1c; and (3) increase ambition. As part of highlighting the approaches that can be taken both inside and outside of the UNFCCC, the authors also outline the four key sets of tools that primarily governments can employ to shift finance.

The transition to a low-greenhouse gas emission (odi)


  How to boost microscope resolution?

With mathematical methods, the resolution can still be drastically improved. One method would calculate its exact center from the brightness distribution of the blurry spot. With the dSTORM (Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy) technique, the resolution of a conventional light microscope can be increased by a factor of 10. It allows user to visualise the architecture of a cell down to its molecular level, for example.

Direct stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy technique (nature)


  Hermosillo: How to learn from its mistakes ?

What happened in Hermosillo? Can the current economic structure sustain the municipality’s high wages and guarantee future growth? What policy interventions are needed? Seeking answers to these questions, the Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University joined forces with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

Economic growth analysis (cid.harvard)


  Top tools antivirus software

The AV-TEST Institute recently tested the most popular Windows 10 client antivirus products on three primary criteria: protection, performance, and usability. Only six of the 18 products tested earned a perfect rating of 6 for each of those criteria: Bitdefender Endpoint Security 6.6, Kaspersky Lab Endpoint Security 11, Kaspersky Small Office Security 6, Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus 4.18.

Windows 10 client antivirus products (csoonline)


  US costs of War: $5.9 Billions

The United States has appropriated and is obligated to spend an estimated $5.9 trillion (in current $) on the war on terror through Fiscal Year 2019, including direct war and war-related spending and obligations for future spending on post-9/11 war veterans (see Table 1). This number differs substantially from the Pentagon’s estimates of the costs of the post-9/11 wars because it includes not only war appropriations made to the Department of Defense – spending in the war zones.

The post-9/11 wars (watson.institut)


  The state of broadband 2018

According to recent statistics, the milestone of half the world’s population online will soon be reached, representing a momentous achievement. The importance of broadband Internet for sustainable development is clear, as our societies continue to grow and develop. Broadband infrastructure is now vital infrastructure, as essential as water and electricity networks, but it is also becoming more invisible and integrated in utility networks in ‘smart’ infrastructure.

Catalyzing sustainable development (itu)


  Family Business Survey

Digital technology is disrupting whole industries; sustainability is becoming central to the conduct of business; in the corporate and financial worlds, winning trust is more important than it’s ever been; and millennials represent an enduring demographic change. After surveying nearly 3,000 family businesses across 53 territories, we were able to prove that family businesses pay off in real terms.

A competitive advantage in disruptive times (pwc)


  Predictive protein modelling

DeepMind, has claimed a “significant milestone” in being able to demonstrate the usefulness of artificial intelligence to help with the complex task of predicting 3D structures of proteins based solely on their genetic sequence. Understanding protein structures is important in disease diagnosis and treatment, and could improve scientists’ understanding of the human body.

DeepMind at work (techcrunch)


  Beside Crispr baby in pipeline

At the school’s Stem Cell Institute, IVF doctor and scientist Werner Neuhausser says he plans to begin using CRISPR, the gene-editing tool, to change the DNA code inside sperm cells. The objective: to show whether it is possible to create IVF babies with a greatly reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease later in life. The researchers are practicing how to change the DNA in sperm collected from Boston IVF.

White collar without border (technologyreview)


  Paying taxes 2019

Paying Taxes continues to be a unique study from PwC and the World Bank Group, which investigates and compares tax regimes across 190 economies worldwide using a medium-sized domestic case study company. This year, we look at how new tax software, real time reporting systems and data analytics are changing the way companies meet their tax compliance obligations and how tax authorities monitor and enforce those obligations.

The impact of the changes (pwc)


  The assessment of envirometal costs

New scientific findings on climate damage costs have been published since the publication of Methodological Convention 2.0. An overview of these findings shows that the damage costs estimates are becoming more robust overall. We therefore consider it appropriate to use a pure damage cost approach to derive our recommended cost rate.

Cost rates (umweltbundesamt)


  Bayer's R&D shift

In a statement announcing the changes, Bayer said it intends to “allocate the investment resources necessary to support Animal Health to Bayer’s core businesses of Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health, and Crop Science.” The restructuring includes the loss of approximately 12,000 out of 118,200 jobs worldwide, “a significant number of them in Germany,” the statement reported. Details are expected in coming months.

Enhancing productivity & profitability (bayer)


  Kenya' digital economy

While Kenya has emerged as the leader of digitalisation in the African context there is still a significant digital divide within the country, when compared with developed countries and Asian economies, in terms of access to and use of technology. At the same time, there are growing fears that rapid digitalisation might hamper job creation efforts, particularly in the manufacturing sector.

10 policy priorities (odi)


  Climate change signals

The long-term warming trend has continued in 2018, with the average global temperature set to be the fourth highest on record. The 20 warmest years on record have been in the past 22 years, with the top four in the past four years, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The report shows that the global average temperature for the first ten months of the year was nearly 1°C above the pre-industrial baseline (1850-1900).

The long-term warming (amazonaws)


  WHO' on diet

he study found 30% of schoolaged children eat no fruit daily, yet 44% consume fizzy drinks every day. Hawkes said no income group in any part of the world was eating enough vegetables, whole grains or legumes. The WHO says 59 countries now have sugar taxes in place, with many more requiring clear food labelling. Unless governments take action, global targets on nutrition are unlikely to be reached.

Policy action areas (globalnutritionreport)


  How to ?: Decide to relocate for a Job

Whether or not to relocate for a new role is a big decision both professionally and personally. “There are so many factors to consider, says Jennifer Petriglieri, an assistant professor at INSEAD and the author of “Talent Management and the Two Career Couple.” “What’s the opportunity? What’s the longevity [of the job]? And what’s the family situation?” Indeed, the decision is especially complicated if you have a partner and children.

What’s next ? (hbr)


  Alliances & joint ventures on the rise

When Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase announced a new alliance in early 2018, the partnership turned heads. Three companies, giants in their respective industries, were going to pool their resources and work together. The new venture’s goal: targeting waste in the current healthcare system and improving patient service, initially for those covered by the three companies’ health insurance policies, but with the potential to expand.

Why partnership as your next deal ? (strategy-business)


  A view to a kill?

Surfaces with regular contact with the human body are typically contaminated with microorganisms and might be considered as fomites. Despite spectacles being widespread across populations, little is known about their microbial contamination. Therefore, we swab-sampled 11 worn spectacles within a university setting as well as 10 worn spectacles in a nursing home setting.

Frames and lenses of spectacles contamination (plos)


  G20 Investment measures

Global FDI flows decreased by more than 40 percent to around USD 450 billion in the first half of 2018 compared to the same period of 2017. This decrease was largely due to large repatriations of earnings by US parent companies from their foreign affiliates as a result of the corporate tax reform in the Unites States. In the first half of 2018 compared to first half of 2017, FDI inflows to developed economies fell by more than 50%.

Turning the tide (wto)


Look closely enough at any plant or animal and you will discover a riot of bacteria, fungi and viruses forming a complex and interconnected ecosystem. A recent explosion of research reveals how deeply we rely on our microbial patterns to keep our bodies functioning, raising profound questions about what it means to be an individual. Some biologists are calling for a radical upgrade of evolutionary theory.

Who precisely could be? (quantamagazine)


  EU fertiliser

The aim of the survey and the interviews was to obtain a picture of the needs of European society in general, and the EU agri-food sector in particular, and to inform the 2030 study’s contents, notably on the challenges the industry faces and the main driving forces shaping the future. The following chapters set out Fertilizers Europe’s Vision, and illustrate how the Vision reflects the views of all actors within and outside the fertilizers industry.

Between nutrition and energy (fertilizerseurope)


  From village community to megacity

According to United Nations estimates, two thirds of humanity will live in cities in 2050. In 1950, it was only one third. During the same period, the number of metropolises could rise from 28 to more than 40 (and by “metropolis”, we mean a settlement area of more than ten million inhabitants). While the number of people who live in urban areas is continuously rising, the rural population is noticeably shrinking.

An urban world (kas)


  US' climate worst impacts at sight

The impacts of climate change are already being felt in communities across the country. More frequent and intense extreme weather and climate-related events, as well as changes in average climate conditions, are expected to continue to damage infrastructure, ecosystems, and social systems that provide essential benefits to communities.

The quadrennial report (nca2018.globalchange)


  Report on froreign trade barriers

Groundbreaking research that could result from a reduction in key trade barriers. Unfortunately, foreign government pricing and reimbursement policies around the globe over the last year have continued to have a deleterious impact on both U.S. innovators and patient access to innovative medicines. PhRMA believes it is now critical for the U.S.

US' pharmaceutical research and manufacturers (phrma)


  Stemming the superbug tide

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a large and growing problem with the potential for enormous health and economic consequences, globally. As such, AMR has become a central issue at the top of the public health agenda of OECD countries and beyond. In this report, OECD used advanced techniques, including machine learning, ensemble modelling and a microsimulation model, to provide support for policy action in the human health sector.

Antimicrobial resistance (oecd-ilibrary)


  UK: Hydrogen in a low carbon economy

The UK‘s commitments under the Paris Agreement further emphasise the imperative for zero-carbon energy. This will require government to make strategic decisions on energy infrastructure and the use of available energy resources. The Committee has undertaken this Hydrogen Review in parallel with reports on Biomass in a low-carbon economy and on land use.

Zero-carbon electricity (theccc)


  NIST’s cybersecurity framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework consists of standards, guidelines, and best practices to manage cybersecurity-related risk. The framework’s prioritized, flexible, and cost-effective approach helps to promote the protection and resilience of critical infrastructure and other sectors important to the economy and national security.

The five functions (qualitydigest)


  Productive contributions of older women

The paper explores current opportunities and challenges to the economic empowerment of older women in the global South, based on a firm understanding of the interrelationship between empowerment, women’s rights and gender equality across the life course. It brings together an extensive literature review, analysis of quantitative data and primary qualitative research in Ethiopia to shed light on older women’s experiences.

Women's economic empowerment (odi)


  Beneath Hiawatha Glacier

Beginning in the mid-1990s, extensive airborne radar sounding has revealed a hitherto hidden landscape beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet and elucidated the processes and events that have led to its present bed topography (3). Through internal stratigraphy detected by this radar sounding, these data also reveal the late Pleistocene and Holocene history of the ice sheet itself (4).

A large impact crater (advances.sciencemag)


  Food hazard analysis approaches

Food safety management system (FSMS) for certain small retail establishments (butcher, grocer, baker, fish and ice cream shop) based on the application of prerequisite programme (PRP) criteria. The aim of this opinion was to develop similar FSMSs for other small retail enterprises including retail distribution centres, supermarkets, restaurants (including pubs and other catering activities) and food donation.

For small retail establishments and food donations (efsa.onlinelibrary.wiley)


  How to raise healthy children ?

With new evidence, researchers link corporal punishment to an increased risk of negative behavioral, cognitive, psychosocial, and emotional outcomes for children. In this Policy Statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics provides guidance for pediatricians and other child health care providers on educating parents about positive and effective parenting strategies of discipline for children at each stage of development as well as references to educational materials.

Effective discipline (pediatrics.aappublications)


  MHI’s aerospace business

Quietly, Japan has established itself as a power in the aerospace industry, with a long history and considerable ambition. Only three countries reached orbit before Japan did nearly half a century ago. Today, with questions about the reliability of relations with the United States (which some here view as a fading force) and worries about North Korea, the country is taking steps to bolster its presence in space with key military assets.

The H-2A vehicle in sight (arstechnica)


  Trends in real estate

State as has been the case over several years, the primary concern for the industry is the availability of suitable assets - cited by over two thirds of respondents. This serves to underline the enduring appeal of European real estate on the global stage, and with the search for yield and income, this is now edging the industry out of its core comfort zone.

From across 22 European countries (pwc)


  DARPA-developed grid recovery tools

Over the past few years, the threat of grid hacking has morphed from a distant possibility to a stark reality. The most chilling incidents to date are two cyberattack-induced blackouts in Ukraine—one in December 2015 and the next a year later in December 2016—that caused power outages for hundreds of thousands of residents in Kiev for a few hours each time.

Bringing the power back up (wired)


  Chlorpyrifos & chlorpyrifos-methyl toxicity

For the commonly used pesticide chlorpyrifos, an industry-funded toxicity study concludes that no selective effects on neurodevelopment occur even at high exposures. In contrast, the evidence from independent studies points to adverse effects of current exposures on cognitive development in children. We reviewed the industry-funded developmental neurotoxicity test data on chlorpyrifos and the related substance chlorpyrifos-methyl.

Safety of Safety Evaluation of Pesticides (ehjournal.biomedcentra)


  MS data telemetry breaches GDPR

Microsoft is facing a huge fine this morning after Dutch investigators concluded that the company's data collection in its Office suite breaks European rules. The report cites issues with the ProPlus subscription for the desktop suite and the web-based version of Office 365, which could mean the mega-corp is in breach of the EU's GDPR legislation which came into force in May.

On how to meet criteria without leaving a mess (rijksoverheid)


  Brown to green

Developed by experts from 14 research organisations and NGOs from the majority of the G20 countries, the report covers 80 indicators. It informs policy makers and stimulates national debates. The Summary Report 2018 provides a comprehensive overview of all G20 countries, whether – and how well – they are doing on the journey to transition to a low-carbon economy.

Transition towards a low-carbon economy (climate-transparency)


  The transition to cloud computing

When Eric Schmidt popularised the term ‘cloud computing’ at a conference in 2006, few could have known the extensive impact the “emergent new model” would have. Not only has it transformed the way in which data services are conducted, it’s now reshaping the very fabric of business across manifold industries. Over a decade later, and the tech powerhouses of this world – Google, Amazon, IBM – have taken the concept and run with it.

How businesses are guided by IBM (theneweconomy)


  Why AI can make us more human

Spot is just one tool in an emerging market for machine learning–assisted apps that are tackling the juggernaut of human emotions. The National Bureau of Economic Research reports that the number of U.S. patent filings mentioning machine learning rose from 145 in 2010 to 594 in 2016; near the end of 2018, there are already 14 times the number of active AI startups that there were in 2000.

From what we’re saying to how we say it ? (strategy-business)


  New varius Meltdown & Spectre attacks

Researchers say they've discovered the seven new CPU attacks while performing "a sound and extensible systematization of transient execution attacks"- a catch-all term the research team used to describe attacks on the various internal mechanisms that a CPU uses to process data, such as the speculative execution process, the CPU's internal caches, and other internal execution stages.

AMD, ARM, and Intel are affected (zdnet)


  Gene therapy's promises

Adeno-associated virus (AAV) vectors mediate safe and long-term gene transfer to the brains of rodents, monkeys, and humans (1–3). AAV-based gene therapies have substantial promise for treatment of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD), Lewy body dementia, frontotemporal dementia, Huntington’s disease, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.

Intrathecal AAV9 infusion (advances.sciencemag)


  Waste treatment

Water consumption is one of the key environmental issues for the Food, Drink and Milk Industries sector. Water, which is not used as an ingredient, ultimately appears in the waste water stream or is transformed into steam and emitted to air. Typically, untreated FDM waste water is high in both COD and BOD content. Emission levels can be 10–500 times higher than in domestic waste water.

Working draft (jrc)


  The breakthrough prizes

Starting in 2012, these very rich people have made a bet that adding a red carpet to the largest scientific monetary prize in the world will inspire more people to go into basic research. At $3 million, each award is worth more than double the amount that accompanies a Nobel Prize. The prizes come at a time when research budgets, especially those for basic science questions, are increasingly squeezed.

Seeking diversity (wired)


  Working capital 2018/19

when we look at how the performance of different sectors has evolved over the last year, some have fared significantly better than others. In fact the overall balance is positive, with 11 sectors out of 17 having achieved an improvement in 2017. while sector-level trends give us an indication of the challenges facing certain industries, there are wide variations in performance between different companies within each sector.

Unlocking cash to shore up your business (pcw)


  Antibiotic resistances in the environment

Environmental aspects have so far only partially been addressed in the discussion of antimicrobial resistance. To bring this issue into focus, UBA compiled background information and data on the topic 'Antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance in the environment'. The results show that previously considered requirements for reduction, from the perspective of UBA, are insufficient to adequately protect health and the environment.

Options for action (umweltbundesamt)


  US' Governement functional structures

Governments in modern societies undertake an array of complex functions that shape politics and economics, individual and group behavior, and the natural, social, and built environment. How are governments structured to execute these diverse responsibilities? To examine these longstanding questions, we develop a technique for mapping Internet “footprint” of government with network science methods.

110 million hyperlinks among 47,631 agencies (harvard)


  The growing American health penalty

Many countries have reduced the generosity of disability benefits while making them more activating – yet few studies have examined how employment rates have subsequently changed. We present estimates of how the employment rates of older workers with poor health in 13 high-income countries changed between 2004-7 and 2012-15 using HRS/ SHARE/ELSA data.

Trends in the employment of older workers (iza)


  Living planet

Since 1998 the Living Planet Report, a science-based assessment of the health of our planet, has been tracking the state of global biodiversity. In this landmark anniversary edition, 20 years after its original publication, the Living Planet Report 2018 provides a platform for the best science.More than 50 experts from academia, policy, international development and conservation organizations have contributed to this edition.

The “Great acceleration” (rackcdn)


  Science works of Hahn, Meitner

The combination of Hahn’s expertise in chemistry with Meitner’s in physics opened the door to artificially induced nuclear fission. And when Meitner fled from Nazi persecution in 1938, Hahn gave her his mother’s diamond ring to bribe a border guard with. They both died in 1968, honoured as major contributors to science – though some argue that Meitner did not receive all the recognition she deserved.


The artificially induced nuclear fission


  The Most Reliable Cars?

17 trouble areas study, from nuisances—such as squeaky brakes and broken interior trim—to major bummers, like out-of-warranty transmission repairs or trouble with four-wheel-drive systems. We weight the severity of each type of problem to create a Predicted Reliability Score for each vehicle. (That score is then combined with data collected from our track testing, as well as our owner-satisfaction survey results and safety data, to calculate each test vehicle’s Overall Score).

Annual survey (consumerreports)


  Hope for climate action

“Scientific Assessment of Ozone Depletion: 2018”, is the latest in a series of reports, released every four years, which monitor the recovery of ozone in the stratosphere, a layer that protects life on Earth from harmful layers of ultraviolet rays from the sun. It shows that the concentration of ozone-depleting substances continues to decrease, leading to an improvement in the layer.

Healing from damage (montreal-protocol)


  Redefine the kilogram using science

The kilogram is one of the most important and widely used units of measure in the world — unless you live in the US. For everyone else, having an accurate reading on what a kilogram is can be vitally important in fields like manufacturing, engineering, and transportation. Of course, a kilogram is 1,000 grams or 2.2 pounds if you want to get imperial.

The new definition outcome (extremetech)


  Becoming a living business

All the companies in our study are feeling intense pressure to become relevant. But, the difference between the high performers and the other companies is telling: 95% of respondents representing the highest performing organizations agree that “customer expectations are increasingly shaped by the most relevant, real time and dynamic experiences” that they encounter across all industries.

Living proof (accenture)


  The high-growth companies

Opportunities created by technological advances are more abundant than ever. And with the performance of advanced technologies vastly improving, the potential for innovation feels limitless. This is enticing many companies to focus on innovation more extensively. That’s good news for executives.

The seven characteristics (accenture)


  Increasing morbidity, declining fertility

Having babies less than a year apart poses risks for both mother and child, whatever the woman’s age, according to new research. The authors of a study of nearly 150,000 pregnancies in Canada say the safest interval between births is 12 to 18 months. Waiting at least 12 months between two prgnancy is safest for both them and their baby.

Interpregnancy interval at risk (jamanetwork)


  Material resources outlook to 2060

Future materials use follows the aforementioned economic trends and is projected to double as a result of opposing economic forces. This will result in a relative decoupling of economic growth and materials use for all major materials groups (biomass, fossil fuels, metals and non-metallic minerals), and for primary and secondary materials.

Decoupling from econonmic growth (oecd)


  Syntiant' chip backed by hight VC

Syntiant is currently sampling its first product, a microwatt level chip that the company refers to as a neural decision processor (NPD). Syntiant says it delivers about 50 times improvement in efficiency versus traditional digital stored-program architectures.

20 tera-operations/watt NPD (eetimes)


  Enterprise risk management (ESG)

ESG-related risks are the environmental, social and governance-related risks and/or opportunities that may impact an entity. There is no universal or agreed-upon definition of ESG-related risks, which may also be referred to as sustainability, non-financial or extra-financi al risks. a Each entity will have its own definition.

For guidance on managing (wbcsd)


  Air pollution & child health

Air pollution is a major environmental health threat. Exposure to fine particles in both the ambient environment and in the household causes about seven million premature deaths each year (1,2). Ambient air pollution alone imposes enormous costs on the global economy, amounting to more than US$ 5 trillion in total welfare losses in 2013.

Prescribing a clean air (who)


  IBM to acquire Red Hat

Most companies today are only 20 percent along their cloud journey, renting compute power to cut costs," she said. "The next 80 percent is about unlocking real business value and driving growth. This is the next chapter of the cloud. It requires shifting business applications to hybrid cloud.

Changing The Cloud Landscape (ibm)


  Multi-country outbreak of Listeria

In August 2017, Denmark identified the first cluster of cases, which was investigated and linked to the consumption of ready-to- eat cold-smoked salmon produced in Poland. Control measures were implemented and the Member States and competent authorities were informed.

Consumption of salmon products (efsa.europa)


  Equity in Education

Giving early access to education is key, says the report, so that children can acquire essential social and emotional skills, particularly those from disadvantaged families. Countries should also target additional resources towards disadvantaged students and schools, and reduce the concentration of disadvantaged students in schools.

Between advantaged and disadvantaged children (oecd-ilibrary)


  Cells senescence & aging breakthrough

The correct way to think about senescence is that it’s an evolutionary balancing act. It was selected for the good purpose of preventing cancer—if [cells] don’t divide, [they] can’t form a tumor. It also optimizes tissue repair. But the downside is if these cells persist,they can now become deleterious.

The drug that keeps you young ? (technologyreview)


  Moore’s Law

Continuing to scale down the size of transistor features has become costlier and trickier in recent years. So much so that only four manufacturers of logic chips—GlobalFoundries, Intel, Samsung, and TSMC—were even planning to continue the multibillion-dollar effort. Those ranks have now thinned, and schedules for the remaining companies are slipping.

The good, the bad, & the weird (


  The spread of cancerous cells

For the past 10 years we've been able to calculate from tumor sequencing which mutated genes are winners and losers—which mutated genes help the cancer survive and reproduce, and which do nothing,” Townsend said. “But we haven't been able to compute their cancer effect size—how important one mutation is compared to another. Now we can.

New model developed at YSPH (academic.oup)


  Harnessing educational research

Researchers, teachers and policymakers have different priorities and constraints that affect how they produce and use evidence. But, the report argues, these stakeholders must better work together to identify and tackle the big strategic questions in education. More must be done to generate and use the best available evidence to help children reach their full potential.

The challenges of the future (thebritishacademy)


  Sustainable development in sight

A sustainable future means balancing the needs of the environmental, social and economic systems, and organizations are increasingly expected to play a significant role in achieving this. With over 450 recommendations that directly impact the SDG goals, ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organiza- tions can operate in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to sustainable development.

ISO contribution to UN actions (iso)


  FAANGs v BATs Tech dominance

One area in which this conflict is manifesting itself is the world of technology. Although the casual consumer in the West may not have heard much about Chinese businesses Baidu, Alibaba or Tencent (BATs), the Silicon Valley heavyweights of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (FAANGs) are certainly aware of them.

US & China battle (theneweconomy)


  Disruption in the automotive industry

The industry is in a state of flux, the likes of which have not been seen since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Every aspect of our mobility experience is undergoing disruption, from driverless vehicles to the application of blockchain and the Internet of Things. Customer expectations in the industry are also increasing thanks in part to innovation in consumer electronics and smartphones.

The "connected" opportunity (deloitte)


  Microsoft' buggy updates

The new development model was branded "Windows as a Service." And after some initial fumbling, Microsoft settled on a cadence of two feature updates a year; one in April, one in October. This effort has not been without its successes. Microsoft has used the new model to deliver useful new features without forcing users to wait three years for a new major version upgrade.

It's not how often, it's how? (arstechnica)


  Advanced triple-negative breast cancer

Chemotherapy may enhance tumor-antigen release and antitumor responses to immune checkpoint inhibition. Taxanes in particular may additionally activate toll-like receptor activity and promote dendritic-cell activity.16 Nanoparticle albumin-bound (nab)–paclitaxel was selected as a partner because, at the time that the trial was designed, the glucocorticoid premedication that is required with solvent-based paclitaxel (per the label) had been hypothesized to affect immunotherapy activity.

Immunotherapy drug makes strides (nejm)


  How healthy will we be in 2040?

A new scientific study of forecasts and alternative scenarios for life expectancy and major causes of death in 2040 shows all countries are likely to experience at least a slight increase in lifespans. In contrast, one scenario finds nearly half of all nations could face lower life expectancies. Large shift expected in premature death from communicable to non-communicable diseases and injuries.

Forecasting life expectancy (healthdata)


  Cybersecurity: More than protection?

More than three-quarters (87%) of organizations do not yet have a sufficient budget to provide the levels of cybersecurity and resilience they want. Protections are patchy, relatively few organizations are prioritizing advanced capabilities, and cybersecurity too often remains siloed or isolated while it needs to be a key enabler of growth.

What is at stake? (ey)


  Assessment of modified mycotoxins

ZEN is a resorcyclic acid lactone mycotoxin primarily produced by several Fusarium species that grow on cereal host plants primarily in the field but to a minor extent also during poor grain storage conditions. Whereas ZEN exhibits low acute toxicity, long-term exposure to ZEN is considered to pose a health risk due to its potent estrogenic activity.

A critical evaluation of health risk assessment (springer)


  Facial recognition

As AI comes under increased scrutiny in many countries, we are sure to see calls for tighter regulation of the technology’s use in facial recognition. Some of the new regulations may apply across the board to all applications of facial regulation. Some may be incrementally applied within the context of existing regulations governing law enforcement, healthcare, e-commerce, social media, autonomous vehicles, and other domains.

The futur wave of regultation (informationweek)


  The business of death prediction

As we age, the cytosine at hundreds of thousand of spots in our DNA either gains or loses methyl chemical groups (CH3). Horvath’s insight was to measure these increases and decreases in methylation, find the 300 to 500 changes that matter most, and use those to make his clocks. His findings suggest that the speed of the clock is strongly influenced by underlying genes.

Your life span is written in your DNA (technologyreview)


  Funding US' biotech.

It’s been a record year for US medical investing, but investors in Beijing and Shanghai are now increasingly leading the largest deals for US life science and biotech companies. In fact, Chinese venture firms have invested more this year into life science and biotech in the US than they have back home, providing financing for over 300 US-based companies, per Pitchbook.

Chinese VCs seek healthy returns (techcrunch)


  New rapide detection of pathogens

With the increase of carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE), the treatment of severe bacterial infections has become more difficult, especially in high prevalence regions. Bloodstream infections caused by CPE often delay appropriate antimicrobial therapy and are associated with an increased mortality. The rapid detection of CPE has the potential to improve patient management and outcome.


New multiplex immunochromatographic assay (plos)


  Global strategic trends

Published in the sixth edition of the Global Strategic Trends report, the document has been developed by the MoD’s think tank the Development Concepts and Doctrine Centre, along with partners in Sweden, Australia, Finland, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Conflicts fought increasingly by robots or autonomous systems could change the very nature of warfare, as there will be less emphasis on emotions, passion and chance.

Out to 2045 (assets.publishing.service)


  Flash update vs cryptojacking

Crooks are attempting to spread their cryptojacking malware to unsuspecting victims by disguising it as an update for Flash. This particular mining operation is thought to have been operating since August this year with a big spike in activity in September and looks to trick potential victims into downloading an XMRig cryptocurrency miner - the malicious software runs in the background.

Cryptocurrency-mining malware (znet)


  5 CRM trends for 2018

Some organizations have started expanding the scope of their CRM systems beyond sales, to include support for marketing and even niches like configure-price-quote for complex B2B sales. However, the next CRM integration trend will come from an entirely different area: operations and customer service.

The 360-degree customer view (cio)


  Auditors could face tough rules

Tough rules could ban the ‘Big Four’ accountants from doing lucrative consultancy work for the companies they audit, a watchdog warned. After several scandals, the Financial Reporting Council said the change was being looked at to help restore trust in the industry and the ‘Big Four’ – PwC, KPMG, Ernst & Young and Deloitte.

How to to prevent conflicts of interest ? (researchbriefings)


  EU' 2018 Ageing report

This report is structured in two parts. The first part describes the underlying assumptions: the population projection, the labour force projection and the macroeconomic assumptions used. The second part presents the long-term budgetary projections on pensions, health care, long-term care, education and unemployment benefits.

2070 Projection (europa)


  Fourth industrial revolution

There is a unique opportunity to harness the Fourth Industrial Revolution – and the societal changes it triggers – to help address environmental issues and transform how we manage our shared global environment. Left unchecked, however, the Fourth Industrial Revolution could have further unintended negative consequences for our global commons.

Building block(chain)s (pwc)


  Breaches of REACH compliances

Companies are breaking Europe’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations by failing to report to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) whether their substances are cancer causing, neurotoxic, mutagenic, bioaccumulative and/or harmful to developing children or human fertility.

High Tonnage Chemicals under REACH (eeb)


  World Bank: Human capital index

The HCI combines indica - tors of health and education into a measure of the human capital that a child born today can expect to obtain by her 18th birthday, given the risks of poor education and health that prevail in the country where she lives. The HCI is measured in units of productivity relative to a benchmark of complete education and full health, and ranges from 0 to 1.

Methodology (worldbank)


  Geoingeneering: known unknowns

Geoengineering technologies have the potential to disrupt the global ecological status quo and mount a potentially coercive threat with implications as serious as those in wartime. Several of these technologies can be deployed from the global commons, but international law provides no more than indirect guidance as to how they should be governed as a matter of international security.

Food for thought (airuniversity)


  Mergers & Acquisitions performance

Some companies also need some respite to fully integrate the deals they have undertaken in the past three years. A lot of deals have been done and — as our survey shows — a number of companies have a renewed focus on ensuring deal integration delivers the right synergies and value (see “Spotlight” on pages 10 and 11). Sometimes a break between courses is needed to make a meal more enjoyable.

Pause or proceed? (ey)


  UK' living standard at stake

The youngest worker today might be almost 100 years old before the average wage in Britain has doubled from its current levels, according to a study that highlights the UK’s struggle to boost wages since the credit crunch. Failure to improve on recent levels of pay growth would condemn Britain to a wait until 2099 before the current average pay packet had doubled after inflation.

Report (resolutionfoundation)


  Beware: Windows 10 october update flaw !

Microsoft has halted the rollout of Windows 10 version 1809, the October 2018 Update. The company released its latest feature update to the general public on Tuesday, October 2nd, and had planned to begin delivering it automatically through Windows Update roughly a week later. Those plans are on hold while the company investigates reports of data loss associated with this upgrade.

Public delivery suspended (zdnet)


  US' GMO as a new bioweapon system

Agricultural genetic technologies typically achieve their agronomic aims by introducing laboratory-generated modifications into target species' chromosomes. However, the speed and flexibility of this approach are limited.In an effort to remove this limitation, an ongoing research program funded by the U.S. DARPA aims to disperse infectious genetically modified viruses that have been engineered to edit crop chromosomes directly in fields.

Agricultural research (sciencemag)


  Stop thinking about consent!

You might think that consumers and machines (in this case, the device or app) mean the same thing by location — namely, GPS coordinates, which are so precise. Not the case. In a research project, we discovered that people are far less bothered about sharing latitude and longitude than about sharing location data such as “at the hospital” or “in X store” that has semantic content.

It isn’t possible and it isn’t right (hbr)


  Micro-platforms vs Macro-impact

The real transformative potential of the Internet is not to port offline commerce to online platforms, but rather to enable the creation of entirely new commerce that doesn’t or can’t exist in the offline world. As the Internet evolves from advertising platforms to commercial platforms, we’re now entering the coming-of-age for multi-sided marketplaces that facilitate transactions between third-party buyers and sellers.

The driving force in growth of the Internet economy (informationweek)


  Alcohol and health 2018

WHO’s Global status report on alcohol and health 2018 presents a comprehensive picture of alcohol consumption and the disease burden attributable to alcohol worldwide by WHO regions and World Bank income groups. It also describes what countries are doing to reduce this burden. The report provides an overview of alcohol consumption and harms in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

WHO-led initiative (who)


  Steve Jobs' human legacy

To commemorate the day, Apple CEO Tim Cook posted a picture of Jobs in his prime with the simple message: "Steve showed me – and all of us – what it means to serve humanity. We miss him, today and every day, and we’ll never forget the example he set for us." We couldn’t agree more.

S.J Le Saint (theregister)


  Handheld soil sample analysis

Small-holding farmers in the developing world suffer from sub-optimal crop yields because they lack a soil diagnostic system that is affordable, usable, and actionable. This paper details the fabrication and characterization of an integrated point-of-use soil-testing system, comprised of disposable ion-selective electrode strips and a handheld electrochemical reader.

In-field determination of soil ion content (plos)


  Trump’s international ratings

America’s global image plummeted following the election of President Donald Trump, amid widespread opposition to his administration’s policies and a widely shared lack of confidence in his leadership. Now, as the second anniversary of Trump’s election approaches, a new 25-nation Pew Research Center survey finds that Trump’s international image remains poor, while ratings for the US are much lower than during Barack Obama’s presidency.

The most negative ratings in UE (pewglobal)


  Best Available Tech. (BAT) for food, drink and milk Indus.

The UN predicts that the world population will reach 9 billion in 2050 and will require 70% more food production. This will necessarily lead to an increased demand for food, drink and milk products and production. The European food and drink industry is faced with the twin challenges of ensuring access to raw materials at competitive prices and the sustainable supply of nutritious food against the backdrop of global food security.

Reference Document (jrc)


  Liver regeneration & blood flow

The liver is one of the most important human organs. It is essential for metabolism, blood detoxification and the functioning of the immune system. Moreover, the liver is the only organ which can fully regenerate its cell mass within a few weeks after more than half of the organ has been removed. The researchers have discovered that it is due to increased blood flow and subsequent dilation of the liver vasculature that the liver receives signals for growth.

Growth factors' activation (ddz.uni-duesseldorf)


  Next-generation energy storage systems

High-energy lithium metal batteries (LMBs) are expected to play important roles in the next-generation energy storage systems. However, the uncontrolled Li dendrite growth in liquid electrolytes still impedes LMBs from authentic commercialization. Upgrading the traditional electrolyte system from liquid to solid and quasi-solid has therefore become a key issue for prospective LMBs.

Lithium metal batteries (sciencemag)


  Seafloor mouvement & Turbidity currents

Turbidity currents have historically been described as fast-moving currents that sweep down submarine canyons, carrying sand and mud into the deep sea. But a new paper in Nature Communications shows that, rather than just consisting of sediment-laden seawater flowing over the seafloor, turbidity currents also involve large-scale movements of the seafloor itself.

The large underwater experiment (mbari)


  The cost of Brexit to June 2018

The UK economy is 2.5 per cent smaller than it would be if the UK had voted to remain in the European Union. The latest update of the Centre for European Reform’s calculation of the cost of Brexit in the second quarter of 2018 shows the damage is growing even though the UK has yet to leave the bloc. The knock-on hit to the public finances is now £26 billion per annum – or £500 million a week.

Insight (cer)


  Women in Africa entrepreneurship

Africa appears to be the continent with one of the highest women entrepreneurship rates globally. The Total Entrepreneurial Activity rate (TEA) of women, measuring the rate of the working age feminine population actively involved in business startups from the starting phase up to 42 months seniority, is estimated at 24% , much higher than in most world regions.

A path to women empowerment? (wia-initiative)


  Tech., Educ. & skills intertwined

For this report, we look through the lens of the future worker – from the shop floor to the boardroom, from the shop front to the back office – and we identify their evolving skills demand. We analyze the changing importance of skills to different roles and the impact of intelligent technologies.

Intelligent tech. are subverting the skills mix (accenture)


  How infectious diseases spread ?

Focusing on confirmed case-data for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis from 2007 to 2011, we previously performed a cross-sectional analysis of disease incidence in Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) of the U.S.The result, suggested that the per-capita incidence of these STDs increases systematically with the population size of MSAs.

Urban populations (harvard)


  The oil cartel’s 2018 report

112m Global oil production in barrels per day that Opec expects by 2040, up from the present 100m bpd 20% Estimated increase in developing countries’ coal usage by 2040, to five times volumes burnt in the west it had significantly revised upwards estimates from last year for how much crude will be pumped by countries outside the group.

Medium & Long-term prospects (opec)


  Asia’s future from a different vantage point

The resilience of developing Asia since the global financial crisis, on top of its historic economic success, has sparked interest in understanding the future. The region is diverse, with sub-regions and countries of varying population size, geography and economic dynamism as well as different vulnerabilities.

Asia in 2025 (odi)


  Coal transitions in Australia

Australia’s coal sector faces major change over coming decades. Preparations should be made to enable an economically successful and socially acceptable transition away from coal.While export volumes have grown, the future holds rising cost competitiveness of renewables compared to coal, efforts to limit and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in most countries, and rising concern about local air pollution.

Domestic coal phase-out & falling export demand (iddri)


  China launches a space station

A Long March 2F rocket launched Tiangong-2 from China’s Gobi Desert at 22:04 local time, coinciding with the lunar Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese officials announced. It will manoeuvre itself into orbit about 380 kilometres above Earth, then raise its orbit to 393 kilometres when a Shenzhou-11 capsule arrives in October carrying two astronauts, who will live on the station for 30 days.

Precursor to China’s larger space station (newscientist)


  10 highest-paying IT job skills

Cybersecurity continues to be a highly in-demand field as enterprises struggle to stay ahead of cybercriminals' ever-changing strategies and tactics. Today's organizations often have deployed a complex array of defensive measures, and as in the data management field, they need professionals who can understand the bigger picture and the way these disparate tools work together.

IT environments become increasingly complex (informationweek)


  The global climate action summit

Climate leaders across business, policy and civil society gathered to “take ambition to the next level” at the first-ever Global Climate Action Summit. The hallmark summit was designed to showcase the work of local governments and non-state actors in pursuing the fight against climate change.

Implement solutions now (wbcsd)


  Diesel cars exceed by far lab's tests

A new MIT study reports that Volkswagen is not the only auto manufacturer to make diesel cars that produce vastly more emissions on the road than in laboratory tests. The study, published this month in Atmospheric Environment, finds that in Europe, 10 major auto manufacturers produced diesel cars, sold between 2000 and 2015, that generate up to 16 times more emissions on the road than in regulatory tests.

Life exposure (phys)

  The rise of offensive C#

Owing to its popularity in fileless attacks, PowerShell has gained additional security features in recent years and a focus on improved logging has made it easier to discover PowerShell based intrusions. As a result, we are at a point where PowerShell attacks often do not work in high security environments, and many organizations with a lower degree of security have at least come to recognize the risks associated with PowerShell.

Using C# for post-PowerShell attacks (forcepoint)


  Ideas through collaboration

The companies most likely to thrive in the complexity, speed and uncertainty of today’s global business environment are those who are able to innovate effectively. This increasingly calls for firms to be ready to collaborate beyond their own walls. Companies cannot afford to rely entirely on their own research or assume that all the best ideas can be generated internally.

An alternative model to the conventional funnel (themanufacturer)


  The latest nuclear security index

The best way to avoid nuclear materials falling into the wrong hands is for nations to not keep them around. The most promising finding in the study is that the number of countries with more than one kilogram of highly enriched uranium, the fuel for a nuclear bomb, has dropped from 32 to 22 in six years, with Argentina and Poland removing or disposing of those materials most recently.

Some real progress (ntiindex)


  DMLA: Lucentis Vs. Avastin

Some eye doctors argue that a drug closely related to Lucentis, known as Avastin (bevacizumab), also has been shown to be a highly effective and far cheaper alternative for lower-income individuals with advanced AMD. The problem is that Avastin is FDA-approved only for treatment of colon and other cancers, but not for macular degeneration.

Macular degeneration treatment controversy (allaboutvision)


  MS' Data cloud transparency

Microsoft is resisting the Truth's Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of the Data Act signed in March 2018 to seize emails and data stored abroad. If the publisher has, at first (last March), described as a good compromise this American federal law supposed to "clarify" how the US government accesses private data outside its territory, the firm of Redmond had not said his last word.

Cloud provider & The right to notice (microsoft)


  On how stave off from dementia ?

Cellular senescence, which is characterized by an irreversible cell-cycle arrest1 accompanied by a distinctive secretory phenotype2, can be induced through various intracellular and extracellular factors. Senescent cells that express the cell cycle inhibitory protein p16(INK4A) have been found to actively drive naturally occurring age-related tissue deterioration and contribute to several diseases associated with ageing, including atherosclerosis and osteoarthritis.

Removing faulty brain cells (theguardian)


  HP' ink: unofficial cartridges – lawsuit

Back in 2016, the print and PC business released an update that was programmed to disable cartridges made by third-party suppliers – after 13 September that year, unlucky customers were unable to use their devices. The “Dynamic Security Feature” rolled out to the machines led to error messages – which HP later admitted were wrong – that popped up to say that ink cartridges were “damaged or missing”.

Printer bricking update (theregister)


  From ‘abaca’ to ‘kilig’

Kilig and abaca are both words of non-British origin whose dates of publication in the OED are separated by 132 years, and as such are perfect illustrations of how the dictionary’s policy towards and coverage of such words have evolved throughout its history, largely as a response to the remarkable rise of English to its current role as a global lingua franca.

Oxford reshape its English' Dic. (oed)


  Microplastics spread between species

Scientists fed microplastics to mosquito larvae, which live in water, but found that the particles remained inside the insects as they transformed into flying adults. Other recent research found that half of the mayfly and caddisfly larvae in rivers in Wales contained microplastics. the larvae readily consumed fluorescent microplastic particles that were 0.0002cm in size.

From larvae to adults (royalsocietypublishing)


  Nutritional quality of food in EU

Helping consumers make healthier food choices is a key issue for the prevention of cancer and other diseases. In many countries, political authorities are considering the implementation of a simplified labelling system to reflect the nutritional quality of food products. The Nutri-Score, a five-colour nutrition label, is derived from the Nutrient Profiling System of the British Food Standards Agency (modified version) (FSAm-NPS).

Avoiding "junk food" (plos medecine)


  Tomorrow’s experience, today

The very best brands for customer experience excellence are now starting to think of their customers as assets that should be protected, nurtured and invested in. They view their customers’ loyalty as a form of equity in the company. And they are thinking about how they might start to move their customers onto their balance sheets vs a simple transactional relationship.

Harnessing a customer first approach (kpmg)


TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke to Garmon to discuss how companies must use generative adversarial networks (GANs) if they want to succeed using artificial intelligence (AI).The most practical application of GANs can be seen in astronomy. Researchers use this network to improve their radio astronomy images, or videos, since they only have a limited number of images and videos to choose from.

How GANs pit two AIs against each other (techrepublic)


  The healthy pregnancy research program

The overall purpose of this Program is to develop an ever-improving, user-centric platform that will serve as a global resource for the collection of a wide range of valuable longitudinal health data throughout pregnancy, and then use that data to increase the knowledge of the individual user as well as the research community to help identify the characteristics that create the healthiest pregnancy for an individual.

Goals of the research program (nature)


  Worries about job automation

In some countries and economic sectors, of course, the transformation of the workplace has already begun. In South Korea, there are more than 600 installed industrial robots for every 10,000 workers in manufacturing facilities. In Japan there are more than 300 and in the United States nearly 200. Profit maximization, and the relatively high cost of human labor, helps drive automation.

The effects of automation (pewglobal)


  CIO skills and capabilities

Many CIOs rose to the position of IT leader based more on technology know-how than on vision, communication, or relationship skills. To become organization leaders, however, CIOs will likely need to develop the business and soft skills necessary to translate technology expertise into business solutions that drive revenue and efficiencies.

From digital execution to digital strategy (deloitte)


  Elderly' healthy & Aspirin

The daily use of aspirin did not provide a benefit with regard to the primary end point of disability-free survival among older adults. A numerically higher rate of the secondary end point of death from any cause was observed with aspirin than with placebo.

The effect of aspirin on mortality (nejm)


  CFO as the right hand of the CEO

CFOs who have embraced the opportunities that have come with their unique bird’s-eye view of their organization are collaborating with CEOs to drive strategy. The power and depth of insight that comes with data is not only expanding the role of the CFO—it is offering companies the chance to remake themselves and thrive in the new economy.

From accountant to analyzer to strategic advisor (accenture)


  Seeing around corners

Research on seeing around corners and inferring information that’s not directly visible, called “non-line-of-sight imaging,” took off in 2012 with Torralba and Freeman’s accidental-camera paper and another watershed paper by a separate group at MIT led by Ramesh Raskar.

The new science of interpreting shadows (quantamagazine)


  UN' Inclusive growth story of the 21st century

A major report released by the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate finds that we are significantly under-estimating the benefits of cleaner, climate-smart growth. Bold climate action could deliver at least US$26 trillion in economic benefits through to 2030, compared with business-as-usual.

Use it or Lose it ! (newclimateeconomy)


  Probiotics: From resistance to permissiveness

A pair of studies published in the journal Cell examines probiotic dietary supplements to determine if the supposed wonder bacteria actually provide the kind of benefits that have been claimed. The results paint a more complicated picture, and they are likely to rankle many among the millions who swear by probiotic supplements.

Dietary supplements (smithsonianmag)


  Samsung adds 8nm process

Samsung will first roll out an 8nm node based on its 10nm technology, Anandtech reports. This node, dubbed 8LPU (Low Power Ultimate) will focus on chips that require both a high clock and high transistor density. The tweaked node can deliver 10 percent improved die area (at the same complexity) or 10 percent lower power consumption (at the same frequency and complexity).

The EUV lithography (anandtech)


  Bugs at airport security trays

We investigated the presence of respiratory viruses in the passenger environment of a major airport in order to identify risk points and guide measures to minimize transmission. Detection of pathogen viral nucleic acids indicates respiratory viral surface contamination at multiple sites associated with high touch rates, and suggests a potential risk in the identified airport sites.

Deposition of respiratory virus pathogens (bmcinfectdis)


  Quantum Cloud Services are here

What a quantum data center looks like ? Next to each of several fat white cylinders holding the super-cooled quantum computers are racks of traditional servers–constituting the quantum-classical hybrid systems that are bringing this bizarre physics to market. The users are alredy here, like chemistry companies and biotech.

From bits to Qubits (fastcompany)


  Automakers: From vertical to circular process

While automakers have historically resisted utilizing recycled parts, the practice is catching on. For several years a wide host of car manufacturers like Subaru, Volvo, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Nissan, Cadillac, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors have been running sustainability programs to find ways to be more earth-friendly.

Building and interconnecting business relationships (areadevelopment)


  Targetable biomarkers for CAR T cell therapy

The first biomarker target used for CAR T cell therapy was CD19, a B cell marker expressed highly on malignant B cells. With the success of CD19, the last decade has shown an explosion of new targetable biomarkers on a range of human malignancies. These surface targets have made it possible to provide directed, specific therapy.

New way the cancer is treated (biomedcentral)


  EU' flight safety regulations

With hundreds of commercial airlines operating around the world, and an inevitable spectrum of safety performance across operators, many countries and regions have exercised their right to issue blanket bans against airlines that are deemed to fall short of minimum standards in air safety. The European Union (EU), meanwhile, operates the EU Air Safety List.

How does it work? (airport-technology)


  Financial' AI: Ecosystem' upheaval

Financial institutions around the world are making large-scale investments in AI, while governments and regulators seek to grapple with the significant uncertainties and growing public trepidation as AI becomes central to the fabric of institutions and markets.

Trade-off between cost & customization (weforum)


  How to make feedback work and feel better?

Simple as it may seem, feedback — that ubiquitous necessity of organizational life — has proven to be an axis on which organizational culture turns. Research is suggesting that by switching from giving feedback to asking for it, organizations can tilt their culture toward continuous improvement; smarter decision making; and stronger.

How to improve behavior and performance en masse ? (strategy-busines)


  The EU' copyright vote at stake

Critics of the proposal argue that shifting the burden of rights liability onto platforms will flip them from champions to chillers of free speech, making them reconfigure their systems to accommodate the new level of business risk. More specifically they suggest it will encourage platforms into algorithmically pre-filtering all user uploads — aka #censorshipmachines.

What you need to know (techcrunch)


  Setting the Paris agreement in action

Parties to the Paris Agreement are under pressure to meet the December 2018 deadline to operationalize the climate accord. Building on prior analysis and the firsthand experience of negotiators and other key stakeholders, this working paper by the Project for Advancing Climate Transparency provides both an overarching vision and practical suggestions for the foundational elements of the Paris Agreement’s implementing guidelines.

Key requirements for the implementation (world ressources institut)


  Future mobility : How the automotive will evolve ?

The hype around electric vehicles and self-driving cars seems to grow louder by the day. The potential environmental and social benefits are trumpeted generally without reservation. But not as often discussed, at least in the consumer world, are the potential costs of the manufacturing upheaval likely to accompany mass replacement of internal combustion vehicles with electric should those projections come to pass.

Demand for electric vehicles (advancedmanufacturing)


  How to curb "essay mills" at university ?

Collected evidence from surveys taken among students in higher education, and calculated that as many as one in seven recent students internationally have paid for someone to produce their assignments, potentially representing 31 million students.

Contract cheating survey' analysis (frontiersin)


  More finance to curb migrant then devloppement

The European Commission’s proposal to bolster Europe’s borders would mean that for the first time the EU will spend more on migration control than on developing Africa, as the determination to ‘fortify’ the Continent prevails among national governments and institutions.

Africa-EU' relation: From Trump' wall to human shild (euractiv)


  How big tech swallowed Seattle ?

In late September a group of businessmen and economic development officials from Michigan made a sort of urban pilgrimage to downtown Seattle. They walked the streets, starting at the three spherical glass buildings that recently opened as part of the headquarters of Inc. Their goal: to learn how the company had transformed the city.

Neighborhood in the middle of a city (bloomberg)


  Preparing for Japan's next Tsunami

The Pacific plate is one of many possible tsunamigenic quake sources, and scientists believe the Nankai Trough, another subduction zone much closer to the Japanese coast than the source of 3/11, will produce a similar megaquake and tsunami within the next 30 years. JMA’s standard was, and remains, three minutes from quake to tsunami warning.

A means of mass communication (pulitzercenter)


  Encoding canonical DNA quadruplex structure

In the design of objects composed of nucleic acids, it is crucial to avoid the presence of alternative molecular recognition motifs, since these may result in nontargeted architectures. At the same time, quadruplex DNA is characterized by the presence of repetitive segments of guanines, which have the potential for a great variety of alternative hydrogen bond alignments.

Biotechnological, and therapeutic applications (sciencemag)


  How to bring data to managing ?

Most executives copy-paste what another company’s proven ideas than do the hard work of assessing evidence relevant to their own circumstances. Managers falter, victims of inertia (“but we’ve always done things this way!”) confusion (“industrial-organizational what?”), even downright hostility to expertise.

Applying evidence-based management (qualitydigest)


  Sleep well, lead better

How much sleep do you get each night? Most of us know that eight hours is the recommended amount, but with work, family, and social commitments often consuming more than 16 hours of the day, it can seem impossible to make the math work. Perhaps you feel that you operate just fine on four or five hours a night.

Overlooked solutions (hbr)


  How to prevent cargo' liquefaction ?

Solid bulk cargoes—defined as granular materials loaded directly into a ship’s hold—can suddenly turn from a solid state into a liquid state, a process known as liquefaction. And this can be disastrous for any ship carrying them—and its crew.

Cargo that can suddenly liquefies & sink (arstechnica)


  Linux-Windows developper' collaboration

An interesting side effect of the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities is that Linux and Windows developers are now working together, since both operating systems face similar risks from the CPU vulnerabilities. Windows and Linux kernel developers now have this wonderful back channel. They're talking to each other and they're fixing bugs for each other.

Fixing Intel's flaws (eweek)       Related: About spectre & meltdown  (anandtech)


  Tokyo Olympics 2020

With some $18 billion bringing all the fictions to reality when every cook is done, it’s absolutely safe to imagine that all speculations would rarely divulge every piece of surprise the tech nation is holding for the world. In a similar event – the 1964 Tokyo summer games, Japan debuted shinkansen, the world’s first ‘bullet’ high-speed train and it has plenty rooms to stun us again.

10 Technologies in spotlight (industryleadersmagazine)


  Healthcare business adaptation

Organizations that can closely monitor shifts in profit pools and market dynamics will be better positioned to achieve the strategic agility required in the current healthcare market. As market dynamics shift, proactively adjusting strategy and reassessing investments using real-time data and insight will be a more effective approach than reacting to market shifts and assessing investments solely through an annual strategic planning process.

Managing cost and quality (strategy-business)


  Heavy metals on childhood development

Children’s food manufacturers don’t have to wait for the FDA before they reduce the heavy metal content of their products. One step they can take is to source their ingredients from areas that are less likely to be contaminated. there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of heavy metals you and your children are exposed to, and to minimize some of the effects of heavy metals.

Where we found heavy metals? (consumerreports)


  Workaround strategy for managing complex information

Since the late 1990s, computer scientists have come up with LSH algorithms that give approximate solutions to the nearest neighbor problem for specific distance metrics. These algorithms have tended to be very specialized, meaning an algorithm developed for one distance metric couldn’t be applied to another.

The nearest neighbor problem (quantamagazine)


  Software takes control of server cooling

DeepMind's machine-learning code has helped its Alphabet stablemate cut its cooling power bills since 2016, by providing an AI system that recommends settings to administrators. Back then, it achieved a 15 per cent drop when its suggestions were followed. Now, it's mostly all automatic. Instead of human-implemented recommendations, Google's AI system is directly controlling data centre cooling, while remaining under the expert supervision of their data centre operators

Increasing energy savings over time (deepmind)


  Achieving sustainable growth

Businesses have long depended on the loyalty of their customer base to support growth. Today, many are experiencing a different reality. Consumers are shopping around—more than ever before. Research confirms it: The traditional concept of customer loyalty has shifted, with the onus on the company to constantly adapt and cater products, services and experiences to the customer.

Through hyper-relevance (accenture)


  Human Capital vs Technological Change

The degree to which modern technologies are able to substitute for groups of job tasks has renewed fears of near-future technological unemployment. We argue that our knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) go beyond the specific tasks we do at the job, making us potentially more adaptable to technological change than feared.

How to withstand the current wave ? (harvard)


  Private military and security companies

Security for States and their citizens has traditionally been provided by national law enforcement and armed forces; today this phenomenon is constantly challenged around the world. Private military and security companies (PMSCs) play an increasingly important role within the security sector overall and have significant potential to impact human rights, and the rule of law.

Rule of law & Human right at stake (dcaf)


  First generic version of EpiPen

Life-threatening allergies can include reactions to insect bites or stings, foods, medications, latex or other causes. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency that affects the whole body and, in some cases, leads to death. Anaphylaxis occurs in approximately one in 50 Americans. People who have had an anaphylaxis episode always face the risk of another one.

FDA's approval (fda)


  Breakthrough in sight losses diagnosis

The technology can be easily applied to different types of eye scanners, and not just the specific type of device it was trained on at Moorfields. This might seem inconsequential, but it means that the technology could be applied across the world with relative ease, massively increasing the number of patients who could potentially benefit.

DeepMind as a doctor (deepmind)


  Nutrition labelling

Labelling the nutritional content of food has become important not simply because the consumer has the right to know what is in food products, but also to help us make proper dietary choices so we can follow a healthy, well-balanced diet. In some countries, government regulations for nutrition labelling have been in place for many years.

Global update (eufic)


  How to 'fingerprint' programmers ?

The statistical analysis of linguistic style—have long known that writing is a unique, individualistic process. The vocabulary you select, your syntax, and your grammatical decisions leave behind a signature. Automated tools can now accurately identify the author of a forum post for example, as long as they have adequate training data to work with.

Anonymous coders leave fingerprints (wired)


  Detecting one molecule in a million

After further improvements and tests, new substrates, with ISO standards, are becoming available to all interested parties thanks to the SERSitive initiative operating within the IPC PAS, financed by the Polish National Centre for Research and Development.

Qualitative leap in SERSitive tech. (innovations-report)


  Public-Private partnerships

According to Texas Central Partners, the total cost of construction and acquisition of train sets would be roughly $16 billion.3 TCP intends to privately finance the project through a combination of debt and equity.4 Once TCP has cleared all regulatory, environmental review, and permitting hurdles, the firm will close on project financing.

Purchasing public (americanprogress)


  Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Assistant

Smart assistants might be the tip of the iceberg in taking away our jobs in the future, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make use of them in the meantime. Virtual assistants like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant, and many others, are now a major feature of smartphones and tablets, so knowing which one is best could have a major impact on what your next hardware purchase might be.

Features and capabilities (digitaltrends)


  About survey data

For many people, “majority” is a word so common that they rarely have to think twice about what it means. But it’s a different matter for polling organizations like Pew Research Center. By their nature, polls provide an estimate of what a large group of people say, since they’re based on a sample rather than the entire population.

51% might not mean a "majority" (pewresearch)


  How to curb runaway IT spending ?

Global spending on enterprise IT could reach US$3.7 trillion in 2018, according to Gartner. The scale of this investment is surprising, given the evolution of the IT sector. Basic computing, storage, and networking have become commodities, and ostensibly cheaper cloud offerings such as infrastructure-as-a-service and software-as-a-service are increasingly well established.

Why do IT costs continue to rise? (strategy-business)


  Used vehicles in Africa and South Asia

Global motorization is rapid and explosive. As many as 2 billion vehicle tailpipes spew noxious pollutants and heat-trapping gases across the world. But as newer vehicles are inflating the global rolling stock every year, huge numbers are also becoming old and obsolete. In 2013, about 40 million vehicles a year were estimated to be approaching their end-of-life.

Combating Dumping (cseindia)


  US-China rift over IP theft

Increased diplomatic tension between the US and China is threatening academic collaboration between the two countries. The White House is concerned that America’s scientific pre-eminence is endangered by foreigners trying to steal valuable technology and intellectual property, and this is has translated into new visa restrictions.

Profiling or protecting ? (chemistryworld)


  Union Activity: Recent Spikes

Forty years ago, more than one third of manufacturing workers were represented by unions. Now, that figure is closer to 10 percent. Even in the formerly union-dominated auto industry, union membership has dropped from more than 60 percent in the early ’80s, to 20 percent or less.

The Front Line (areadevelopment)


  The epigenetic in red fox genome

How domestication, based purely on behavioral traits, can result in other changes — like curlier tails and changes to fur color. In a new study, scientists used genome sequencing to identify 103 stretches of the fox genome that appear to have been changed by breeding.

Genomic regions differentiating fox populations (nature)


  Building pervasive cyber resilience

The connected, intelligent and autonomous enterprise comes with additional cyber risk. All that sensitive data, connectivity and automation multiplies the opportunities for hackers by expanding the “surface area” exposed to cyber attack. And, because digital systems are so embedded in daily operations, the potential damage from even a single security incident is magnified.

Five ways (accenture)


  Decentralising the web

Simply put, the internet's reliance on centralised hubs of servers and data centres means that the more servers you control the more power you have, with all the negative consequences that follow from the creation of data-haves and data-have-nots. To redress the balance, data needs to be freed from silos with control handed back to users, but how to do that while retaining the convenience and ease-of-use of the current web?

Why is it so hard to achieve? (computing)


  Alcohol consumption & risk of dementia

Several issues remain unresolved that might explain why alcohol consumption is not listed in the most recent guideline on modifiable risk factors for the prevention of dementia.8 Firstly, as most studies rely on face-to-face assessment for dementia diagnosis, people who drop out of the study or die during follow-up are not included in the analyses, resulting in potential bias due to selection in results.

The present converging evidence (bmj)


  What the future holds ?

What does daily work, or a lifelong career, look like a decade from now, or two decades? What roles will automation and artificial intelligence play? Are robots really coming to take our jobs? Will machine learning eventually outpace—and displace—human learning? And what does this huge, impending shift mean for companies and the economy? These are all valid concerns, and the social and economic challenges are real.

Deloitte insights (deloitte)


  How quantum computers could save cryptography ?

Modern day secure communications rely on the fact that traditional digital computers cannot easily factor multi-factor equations involving large prime numbers. If a computer could do that, and quantum computers can, then it would be game over for any secrets encrypted by that protection. Now we have many quantum computers, devices and software with enough sophistication to be useful without something called “error correction.”

What’s changed ? (csoonline)


  What a customer should never hear ?

Here’s what customer service managers, from healthcare to telecommunications, from utilities to gyms, should have tattooed on the inside of their eyelids: Because employees feel powerless to deal with customer problems, they default to the most brain-dead, frustrating response a customer can hear: “Well, I’m sorry, but there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s out of our hands.”

Customer care (qualitydigest)


  How chemistry can improve the future?

Europe is a hub for leading chemical companies, and a front-runner in chemistry research and development. And across industries – from health, hygiene, construction and mobility to agriculture and energy supply – chemicals are an essential ingredient, vital to a competitive business landscape, and an important part of the transition to a sustainable society.

Towards a sustainable future (chemistrycan)

  Exploring & Exploiting the AI revolution

45% of total economic gains by 2030 will come from product enhancements, stimulating consumer demand. This is because AI will drive greater product variety, with increased personalisation, attractiveness and affordability over time. The greatest economic gains from AI will be in China (26% boost to GDP in 2030) and North America (14.5% boost).

Sizing the prize (pwc)


  Canada' economic survey

The greatest uncertainty weighing on the growth outlook stems from the possibility of new trade restrictions, principally in relation to the ongoing renegotiation of the North America Free Trade Agreement. The Survey points out that outcomes will depend on political decisions, notably in the United States, while showing that business investment is already being negatively affected.


Solid growth but trade tensions ahead (oecd)



Analysis of the mean distance traveled by the industrial fleets of the world’s 20 largest fishing countries between their home countries and the locations where catches were taken illustrates three distinct patterns: rapid and largely continuous expansion, early expansion followed by stabilization or retrenchment, and limited or no expansion.

Far from home (advances.sciencemag)


  How to reduce micropollutants in waters ?

This paper focuses on organic micropollutants of anthropogenic origin, and specifically on the sub - stance groups of medicinal products, plant protection products, biocides, chemicals (under REACH), washing detergents and cleaning agents. Inorganic chemicals, microplastics and nutrients are not dealt with in this paper, given that they can have greatly varying char - acteristics and behaviours, or that other reduction measures may apply.

Precautionary approach & legal framework (umweltbundesamt)


  What’s new in iso 22000:2018 ?

One significant change to the standard was the introduction of the High-Level Structure (HLS) common to all the ISO management systems standards. As Faergemand explains, “ this will benefit the organizations using more than one management system ”. It also benefits organizations to take a different approach to understanding risk.

Building & renewing trust (iso)


  Aerospace sector performance

The study was conducted by assessing performance based on calculating 19 key financial metrics. These include metrics such as revenue, operating earnings, operating margin, return on assets (ROA), free cash flow (FCF), free cash margin (FCM), book-to-bill (BTB) ratio, and employee productivity. All financial metrics in the study are based on a constant currency conversion (using US$) method.

2018 Global aerospace and defense industry (deloitte)


  Increase code quality with SonarLint

SonarQube (formerly known as Sonar) is an open source tool developed by SonarSource for continuous inspection of code quality on over twenty programming languages. SonarQube offers reports on duplicated code, coding standards, unit tests, code coverage and complexity, comments, bugs, and security vulnerabilities. It's available in an Eclipse plug-in called SonarLint.

How to bind your project to SonarCloud? (developer)


  China & the international order

The question of how China’s rise will affect the international order carries considerable significance for the future of global politics. A wellestablished literature illustrates the perils of transitions between rising and established great powers, but it remains unclear whether China and the United States will also clash.3 Some observers have suggested that China seeks to “overturn” the international order.

The fundamental uncertainty (rand)


  The transformational CIO

IT leaders are not only helping transform organisations, but the leaders themselves are being transformed, and for many there is a real opportunity to grow and extend their influence. From helping ‘shadow IT’ step out of the shadows, to handling data privacy and security, to getting the balance right between governance and driving innovation - the CIO has a unique perspective on it all.

Trust - The New Battleground (kpmg)


  The global Top 100 companies

“The most striking feature of this year’s figures is the strong increases in the value of the leading Chinese companies. For many years, US companies have used their global reach, financial strength and ability to innovate to pull away from the rest of the world. Now China is drawing on equivalent attributes, founded on the huge scale of the Chinese market, to make inroads into the US’s lead.

Highlights and trends (pwc)


  The monitoring of emissions to air and water

This JRC Reference Report on Monitoring (ROM) summarises information on the monitoring of emissions to air and water from IED installations, thereby providing practical guidance for the application of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) conclusions on monitoring in order to help competent authorities to define monitoring requirements in the permits of IED installations.

JRC Reference Report (jrc)


  NIKON's rely on quality 4

The challenge with Quality 4.0 technology is to collect measured results in as near real-time as possible; hence, the desirability of automation to speed up the rate at which data are recorded. Additionally, automated evaluation minimizes the risk of human error when interpreting the results. Automating noncontact inspection also allows the collection of much larger amounts of data for more meaningful analysis, including trend analysis.

A policy of zero-defect production (qualitydigest)


  Clinical trial transparency in the Americas


Three selected countries, representing the four major language groups in the Americas, have strong pharmaceutical industries at different stages of development: mature market (Canada), emerging market (Brazil), and second tier emerging market (Argentina). Most Latin American countries are in the last category. Argentina and Brazil represent countries with a growing number of clinical trials.

Implementation challenges and regional strategies (bmj)


  12 IT management certifications for 2018

Behind every successful IT project, you'll find a highly skilled project manager. From hardware and software upgrades to ongoing security patches, to application development and the rollout of software itself, project managers keep your teams on task and productive. Almost any IT pro can benefit from adding a project management certification to their list of IT credentials.

Requirements & Cost (cio)


  The world income distribution

In 2013 Christoph Lakner and Branko Milanovic published a chart that was quickly dubbed the "elephant chart". It depicts changes in the income distribution of the world's population between 1988 and 2008 and is used to illustrate growing levels of inequality resulting from globalisation. Now, ten years after its first publication, Brookings examines how this particular model holds up against new data and methods.

The elephant chart revisited (brookings)


  EU' digital services tax

World digital trade in goods and services, conducted via the internet, continues to expand at a rapid rate. Global e-commerce increased from $19.3 trillion in 2012 to $27.7 trillion in 2016 (USITC 2017), and about 12 percent of global goods trade are handled on the internet (McKinsey Global Institute 2016). New technology drives this growth, and the relative absence of government barriers has enabled technology to thrive.

Mesures & countermeasures (piie)


  CIO Survey 2018

Last year more organisations than ever put in place a digital strategy. This year, we see that growth falter. Making a success of digital is proving complex: almost eight in ten CIOs feel their digital strategy as only moderately effective, or worse. And digital strategies are still in their infancy, with most investment focused on the ‘front end’, rather than deeper operational activities.

Driving Digital (kpmg)


  EMA slowing down its GMP inspection

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), the EU organization responsible for the centralized authorization of medicines and a major driving force behind international collaboration in GMP, has also warned it is having to slow down its activities in this area because of its need to concentrate resources on relocating its headquarters from London to Amsterdam due to Brexit.

The MRA on GMP inspection (pharmtech)


  The impact of data analytics on manufacturing

Integrating business decisions and information technology has long been rated as extremely important by CEOs in various surveys. That importance has grown with today’s evolving landscape of internet and cloud- based technologies. Many major players have started providing machine learning and analytics services through the cloud, such as Microsoft Azure, Google cloud machine learning engine, and machine learning on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Integrating manufacturing design and analysis (nits)


  Disruptive change in the transport sector

There are many technological pathways currently being explored with the aim of minimising carbon emissions in transport, although electrification is the one attracting the greatest attention at present. While vehicle electrification is being driven primarily by government policy around the world, many other technologies are being developed through private investment, including the use of venture capital.

More than battery power (oxfordenergy)


  AI: The Global Race

In July 2017, the Chinese government presented its latest AI development plan. The goal is for China to become the global centre for AI innovation and the world's leading provider of AI technology and applications by 2030. That's going too far as far as neighbouring India is concerned. In February 2018, the Indian Ministry of Defence adopted the development and use of AI for military applications and technology-driven economic growth as a fundamental principle.

Weighing benefits and risks (idsa)


  European private business survey

Private businesses are more optimistic than they have been for some time. They are particularly confident they can grow their companies in their domestic markets by focusing on their customers and embracing digital technologies. Mid-sized companies (defined as those with annual revenues of €50 million to €100 million) are the most positive of those we surveyed.

EU bureaucracy and regulation (pwc)


  UK: How to own a national investment bank ?

The British government predicts a lack of investment opportunities for the country’s businesses in the future – and not just on account of Brexit. In order to reduce the potentially negative effects of this situation, it has ordered a "review of what actions could be most effective” to help safeguard the productivity and growth of highly innovative SMEs.

How to mimic the kfw model (civitas)


  Focus on the future: 3D printing

The future environmental impacts of 3D printing will depend on many different factors. These include, among others: 3D printer type and the printing material; type of use, e.g. industrial or private applications; and sup - porting services required for 3D printing, e.g. transport of printing materials. This trend report takes into account these different elements of 3D printing and analyses to what extent they could lead to environmental burdens or benefits.

Assessing the environmental impacts (umweltbundesamt)


  US & China: Quality & World trade

The Sino-U.S. Quality Summit was a meeting of about 100 senior executives and staff from American and Chinese organizations to present and discuss ideas on quality. It was an impressive list of attendees, as the Chinese were represented by the chairmen, presidents, and vice presidents of prominent organizations. A couple dozen American and multinational companies were represented, including Boeing, BMW...

Why now? (qualitydigest)


  2018 European CFO Survey

European CFO Survey presenting the opinions of 1,652 CFOs across 20 European countries. The survey is the ideal barometer of the European corporate sector, providing an overview of CFOs’ hiring and investment intentions, views on critical business risks, current strategic priorities and what factors they consider critical for success. Download the report and get in touch with your local CFO programme contact at the bottom of the page to discuss the findings further.

Undeterred by uncertainty (Deloitte)


  The German Greenhouse Gas Inventory

As a Party to the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC), since 1994 Germany has been obliged to prepare, publish and regularly update national emission inventories of greenhouse gases. The purpose of such reports is to ensure the transparency, consistency and comparability of inventories and support the independent review process.

A comprehensive study on Germany's vulnerability (umweltbundesamt)


  The 12th annual Agile report

It was interesting to note the way in which agile project success had changed in the past year. While business value still ranked highly, the top measure of success for agile initiatives (57%) and agile projects (46%) was "customer/user satisfaction." s. Despite the growing adoption of agile, the vast majority of respondents (84%) said their organization was at or below a "still maturing" level when it came to agile competency.

Beyond a good idea (versionone)


  Privacy as a way of life

In order to help build and cement trust, your business should make customers aware of what kinds of personal information you hold and how you use it, with transparency and accountability as your guiding principles. Customers are entitled to know what is being done with their personal information — and expect you to tell them.

GDPR: What's about ? (kpmg)


  Policing in a networked world

Interviews with police leaders across six countries revealed a complex set of challenges facing today’s law enforcement agencies operating at the local, national and international level. Many interviewees cited the challenges of managing short budget cycles and shortages in funding, which make it difficult to map out and pursue effective policing strategies over the medium and long term.

Proactive strategy (pwc)


  When philanthropy meets advocacy

Politically active philanthropists remain the exception, not the rule. Many we meet with still wish to stay above the political fray, even on issues they care about passionately. To them, the nation’s tectonic shifts feel enormously threatening. Many still stick to scripts from a bygone time. “We don’t do advocacy” is a common refrain. “The family members on our board don’t want us to ‘get political.’”

Five Questions to answer ! (ssir)


  Uniformity of dosage units

Art one of this article introduced the concept of sampling distribution of acceptance value (AV) in uniformity of dosage units (UDU). Part two of this article described how to establish the corresponding acceptance limits for AV data for process validation batches as well as the typical characteristics of AV distributions. The present par 3 will introduce the establishing acceptance limits for uniformity of dosage units.

Establishing acceptance limits  (pharmtech)  Part1   Part2   Part3


  New DNA structure inside human cells

For the first time ever, scientists have identified the existence of a new DNA structure that looks more like a twisted, four-stranded knot than the double helix we all know from high school biology. Some research had previously suggested the existence of DNA in this tangled form, dubbed an i-motif, but it had never before been detected in living cells outside of the test tube.

Forget the Double Helix (gizmodo)


  Tackling income inequality

Taxes and transfers reduce inequality in disposable income relative to market income. The effect varies, however, across OECD countries. The redistributive impact of taxes and transfers depends on the size, mix and the progressivity of each component. Some countries with a relatively small tax and welfare system ( e.g. Australia) achieve the same redistributive impact as countries characterised by much higher taxes and transfers ( e.g. Germany).

The role of taxes & transfers (oecd)


  Transmission of Mycobacterium ulcerans

Mycobacterium ulcerans causes an infectious disease known internationally as Buruli ulcer, and also as Bairnsdale ulcer or Daintree ulcer in Australia. It causes severe destructive lesions of skin and soft tissue, resulting in significant morbidity, in attributable mortality and often in long term disability and cosmetic deformity.1 All age groups, including young children, are affected, and the emotional and psychological impact on patients and their carers is substantial.

Understanding risk factors (mja)


  Global digital operations study

we surveyed more than 1,100 executives at global manufacturing companies about their views on digital operations and Industry 4.0. Our goal was to explore the role of Digital Champions and the practices that allow them to outpace competitors. We found that they excel at managing and integrating four critical ecosystems — Customer Solutions, Operations, Technology, and People.

How to deliver end-to-end customer solutions (


  CDER' drug safety report

On April 20, 2018, FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) released its second annual Drug Safety Priorities report, which details drug safety initiatives carried out by CDER and FDA. The report highlights drug safety program milestones and gives an update on goals achieved in 2017. Efforts by FDA to ensure drug safety science, surveillance, and oversight are discussed.

Monitoring the safety profiles of drugs (fda)


  42y : a successful business founders

Forget what you’ve heard about 22-year-old wunderkinds, sitting in the corner offices of their wildly popular Silicon Valley startups — if you want to find the most successful entrepreneurs, you have to go back a few decades. According to a working paper from MIT Sloan professor Pierre Azoulay and PhD student Daniel Kim, the average age of entrepreneurs who’ve started companies and gone on to hire at least one employee, is 42 years old.

Betting on a middle-aged person (mit)


  Will humanity replace itself?

When it comes to the larger considerations of life, valuable insight may be gained from the key questions posed by the great philosopher from Königsberg, Immanuel Kant: What can I know? What should I do? What may I hope? What is man? These questions take us to the borders between and of knowledge, ethics, religion and ultimately the question of being.

A wave of expectations (kas)


  Neurogenesis persists throughout Aging

Adult hippocampal neurogenesis declines in aging rodents and primates. Aging humans are thought to exhibit waning neurogenesis and exercise-induced angiogenesis, with a resulting volumetric decrease in the neurogenic hippocampal dentate gyrus (DG) region, although concurrent changes in these parameters are not well studied. Here we assessed whole autopsy hippocampi from healthy human ranging from 14 to 79 years of age.

Study: angiogenesis sustainment & cellular plasticity (cell)


  EU' agricultural policy on developing countries

Identifying the causal links between CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) instruments and their impact on developing countries is a complex task. The main difficulty consists of isolating CAP’s effects from those of other drivers (local institutional framework, socioeconomic developments, other external and internal policies, etc.), that is, establishing a counterfactual scenario mirroring what would have happened without the CAP.

How to enhance coherence across EU policies ? (europarl.europa)


  How Palantir tools work ?

Founded in 2004 by Peter Thiel and some fellow PayPal alumni, Palantir cut its teeth working for the Pentagon and the CIA in Afghanistan and Iraq. The company’s engineers and products don’t do any spying themselves; they’re more like a spy’s brain, collecting and analyzing information that’s fed in from the hands, eyes, nose, and ears.

A private eye firm (bloomberg)


  Inside the unnerving supply chain attack

"When companies do mergers and acquisitions, most of the due diligence is around financials, maybe legal risks, or intellectual property. But I don’t see companies focusing too much on cybersecurity in terms of digging deeper into whether the company has a breach. This certainly changed our process. If we had focused on it during due diligence I’m sure we would have been able to find at least some indication."

Learning from "due diligence" (wired)


  Flagellar motor & molecular machines

The bacterial flagellar motor, which drives a rotary propeller for motility, offers a fascinating case study to explore this further, and is now revealing recurring themes in molecular evolution. This article describes recent discoveries about how flagellar motors have diversified since the first flagellar motor evolved, and what this diversity tells us about molecular evolution.

As a case study in molecular evolution (biochemist)


  Automation, skills use and training

The risk of automation is estimated for the 32 OECD countries that have participated in the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) so far. Beyond the share of jobs likely to be significantly disrupted by automation of production and services, the accent is put on characteristics of these jobs and the characteristics of the workers who hold them.

Who is at risk of job automation? (oecd-ilibrary)


  Why bird eggs are so strong?

How chicken eggs are strong enough to resist being fractured from the outside, but weak enough to be broken from the inside when the chick hatches.About 10-20 per cent of chicken eggs break or crack, which increases the risk of Salmonella poisoning. “Understanding how mineral nanostructure contributes to shell strength will allow for selection of genetic traits in laying hens to produce consistently stronger eggs for enhanced food safety."

Shell’s nanostructure (advances.sciencemag)


  Extending lifespan & Caloric restriction

A variety of mechanisms have been proposed as mediators of the effects of CR on lifespan. An old but arguably a prevailing theory supporting lifespan extension with CR is a hybrid between two long-standing hypotheses of aging: the ‘‘rate of living’’ and the ‘‘oxidative damage’’ theories of aging. Pearl (1928 ) proposed the idea that mammalian longevity is inversely related to their metabolic rate per unit of tissue mass; hence, rate of living.

Rate of living and oxidative damage theories of aging (cell)


  AI: As a new tool

A large group on internationally renowned AI academics have signed an open letter threatening to boycott collaborations with a top South Korean University working to create autonomous weapons. The letter comes just before the United Nations is set to discuss killer robots in a meeting next week. It has led by Toby Walsh, a professor of AI at the University of South Wales and lists more than 50 names.

How to improve & not harm human lives (theregister)


  Certifcates of analysis

CoAs summarize key information on product quality testing, including test conditions and parameters, specifications and requirements, results of tests (both qualitative and quantitative), and approval signature and date. They also provide information on the chain of custody including such basics as the manufacturer’s name, address and other identifiers.

Don’t trust, verify (pharmtech)


  The rise of the social enterprise

In many ways, social capital is achieving a new-found status next to financial and physical capital in value. In a recent survey, for instance, 65 percent of CEOs rated “inclusive growth” as a top-three strategic concern, more than three times greater than the proportion citing “shareholder value.” Today, successful businesses must incorporate external trends, perspectives, and voices.

Global human capital trends (deloitte)


  EU' drinking water directive

The EU has provided a legislative framework for the monitoring of its drinking-water quality since 1980 and, in the current Drinking Water Directive 98/83/EC of 1998 (DWD), it sets minimum quality standards for 48 parameters to be monitored regularly. Control and enforcement of these standards are left to the Member States, as is appropriately informing consumers.

Revision (europa)


  Texas with massive sinkholes

Two giant sinkholes near the Texan town of Wink have previously been linked with such operations, but they may just be the tip of the iceberg. The geophysicists who first alerted the world to the threat posed by the expansion of Wink’s sinkholes undertook further research and found unusual land movement throughout the wider west Texas region.

Human activities & localized geohazards (natures)


  VW: In the here and now

While every automaker is pushing into EVs, levels of ambition vary widely. The Asian giants—Toyota and Hyundai Motor Co.—are betting on exotic technologies such as fuel cells while also investing in hybrids. U.S. automakers, on the whole, are moving slowly because of their home market’s reluctance to reckon with climate change. None is committing nearly as much capital as Müller’s Volkswagen.

The company’s 12 brands (bloomberg)


  Health and safety at work

Whether you are an employee, a manager or a business owner, you share a common goal – you don’t want anyone to get hurt on the job. his issue provides in-depth coverage of the new ISO 45001, the world’s first International Standard for occupational health and safety (OH&S). You will find all kinds of interesting information and expert advice on ISO 45001, from theory to practice.

Are you ready for ISO 45001? (iso)


  Net retreat of Antarctic Glacier

Antarctica’s great ice sheet is losing ground as it is eroded by warm ocean water circulating beneath its floating edge, a new study has found. Most Antarctic glaciers flow straight into the ocean in deep submarine troughs, the grounding line is the place where their base leaves the sea floor and begins to float. Their study, shows that the Southern Ocean melted an area the size of Greater London.

The pace of deglaciation (scitechdaily)


  Social networks & migration

In order to better understand the role and the different channels through which social networks matter we further differentiate between close social networks abroad and at home based on whether the network provides financial support. Distinguishing social networks with and without financial aid allows us to better understand the channels through which social networks might influence migration intentions.

International migration intention (growthlab.cid.havard)


  IEEJ outlook 2018

The gap between realities and ideals is becoming wider and wider. Climate change influences a wide range of areas and is a long-term challenge covering many generations. The realities of emission cuts, adaptation and residual damage must be carefully balanced within a pluralistic interpretation of sustainability. The IEEJ Outlook 2018 tackles this difficult challenge with more fine-tuned methods.

Energy, environment and economy (ieej)


  Tropospheric ozone assessment report

The goal of TOAR-Health is to present, for the first time, the global distribution and trends of ozone using all available surface ozone observations. The analysis relies on a variety of ozone metrics that are either used by air quality managers to inform and evaluate strategies to protect human health from the adverse effects of ozone, or are useful for epidemiologists to quantify the impact of ozone on human health.

Distribution and trends relevant to human health (elementascience)


  A Way to unlock phones

Justice Department officials are convinced that mechanisms allowing access to the data can be engineered without intolerably weakening the devices’ security against hacking. Against that backdrop, law enforcement officials have revived talks inside the executive branch over whether to ask Congress to enact legislation mandating the access mechanisms.

Dangerous weaknesses into product security (nytimes)


  Africa democracy: Perceived vs Real

How do ordinary Africans view accountability? Whom do they see as responsible for monitoring those in power? Findings from Afrobarometer surveys in 36 African countries show that most Africans support checks on executive power by lawmakers, the courts, and the news media. But when it comes to holding elected officials accountable, that responsibility is most often assigned to the voters.

Who’s watching? (afrobarometer)


  State of the global climate

Because the societal and economic impacts of climate change have become so severe, WMO has partnered with other United Nations organizations to include information in the Statement on how climate has affected migration patterns, food security, health and other sectors. Such impacts disproportionately affect vulnerable nations.

Extreme events (wmo)


  Safeguards in electronic surveillance

Electronic surveillance is used across Europe an countries to fight serious crime, terrorism, and avert dangers to state security. Therefore, electronic surveillance is a field where abuse is potentially easy in individual cases, but can inflict harmful consequences for the democratic society as a whole, undermining public trust in the state.

Blurred ligne (dcaf)


  Programming language rankings

While the means of collection has changed, the basic process remains the same: we extract language rankings from GitHub and Stack Overflow, and combine them for a ranking that attempts to reflect both code (GitHub) and discussion (Stack Overflow) traction. The idea is to correlate language discussion and usage in an effort to extract insights into potential future adoption trends.

How to correlate language discussion and usage ? (redmonk)


  US' infrastructure investment gap

In the lead-up to the most recent surface transportation authorization bill, the FAST Act, Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx frequently invoked an infrastructure deficit, or sizable gap between what the United States is spending and what we should be spending on surface transportation and water, aviation, and broadband investments.

Costs and benefits into life-cycle cost analysis (urban)


  Why are indian children so short?

Child stunting in India exceeds that in poorer regions like sub-saharan Africa. Data on over 168 , 000 children show that , relative to Africa , India’s height disadvantage increases sharply with birth order. We posit that India’s steep birth order gradient is due to favoritism toward eldest sons , which affects parents ’ fertility decisions and resource allocation across children.

Birth Order and son preference (aeaweb)


  Intro. to smart quality management

For quality management systems and professionals to succeed and contribute bottom-line benefits to the organization, quality processes and data need to be embedded, integral parts of the ecosystem. Under Industry 4.0, massive amounts of data will be available to quality personnel in real-time, and from multiple sources simultaneously, and those data must be used to enable quick, situational decision making.

QMS for the fourth industrial revolution (qualitydigest)


  Landing page optimization

We created this list to help you fight the “optimizer’s block,” that moment when your brain feels like a dried up half of a lemon that’s been left out on the kitchen counter-top for a few days. No matter how much you squeeze it, there’s nothing left. When you’re completely drained and the deadline is approaching fast, consider these 45 testing ideas to try on your PPC, SEO, or email marketing campaign landing pages today!

45 tips (thenextweb)


  The internal audit profession study

As Internal Audit moves up the technology scale, optical character recognition tools/tools that can handle unstructured or semi structured data are other notable ways to apply technology and increase efficiencies. Repetitive testing efforts in, for example, the areas of invoices, inventory, and contract review can be reduced by using optical recognition tools and intelligent bots to populate testing worksheets.

Data analytics and monitoring (pwc)


  Assessing the energiewende

Before renewables proliferated and wholesale electricity prices plummeted in Germany, before the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan, and before addressing climate change became a global policy imperative, Germany was committed to using clean energy to improve energy security, environmental sustainability, and industrial competitiveness.

Implementation exceeds expectations (kas)


  Happiness-report 2018

Finland has vaulted from fifth place to the top of the rankings this year,” said the report’s authors, though they noted that the other three Nordic countries (plus Switzerland) have almost interchangeable scores. The report, an annual publication from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, said that all Nordic countries scored highly on income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.

Converting wealth into wellbeing (amazonaws)


  #ce : Traditional vs hosted VPNs?

A VPN should be used, as it is one of the key elements to a defense-in-depth strategy. However, implementing a secure IIoT connection to automation system components via a VPN often presents cost, technical, and resource allocation issues. The two solutions presented in this article address these challenges, but in different ways.

The needed level of protection (machinedesign)


  Lead Toxicity recognised


Research into lead poisoning has shown that toxic effects arise in multiple organ systems at relatively low levels of exposure that were previously considered safe. Needleman7 showed that lead could reduce children's cognitive function and disrupt behaviour at levels too low to produce symptoms—so-called subclinical lead poisoning. Subsequent investigation of the toxic effects of lead, has shown that lead has toxic effects down to the lowest measurable levels.

Global assessments of cardiovascular disease mortality (thelancet)

  Humans' evolutionary past

More than 320,000 years ago in the Rift Valley of Africa, some early innovators adopted a new technology: They eschewed the clunky, palm-size stone hand axes that their ancestors had used for more than a million years in favor of a sleek new toolkit. Like new generations of cellphones today, their Middle Stone Age (MSA) blades and points were smaller and more precise than the old so-called Acheulean hand axes and scrapers.

The early sign of symbolic behavior (sciencemag)


  AMD security vulnerabilities

Over the past year AMD has introduced an array of new technologies targeting critical applications in the enterprise, industrial, and aeros pace sectors. As the company expands from the consumer market into these new areas , security is fast becoming a key component of its offering. CTS has been researching the security of AMD’s latest Zen processors for the past six months.

AMD’s secure processor & chipset (safefirmware)


  OCR: Image to text conversion tools

A huge amount of paper is found all around us in the form of books, newspapers, print-outs, invoices and bills, etc. So the question arises that in the age where the paperless culture is rapidly being adopted, how are hand-written and hard copy based documents going to keep up? The bridge for this little gap between them and the digital world is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

Why OCR? (classicpdf)


  Forcasting hasard

The field of early action is rapidly advancing and its proponents are identifying similar sets of challenges and modifying the mechanisms to deal with many of these. Although limitations persist in the forecasting skill and capacities needed to generate and interpret data, establish triggers and target vulnerable populations, the evidence seems clear that early action can reduce disaster losses.

How early is early? (odi)


  Life Sciences 4.0

The rise of super consumers and technologies that deliver data-fueled insights to other health stakeholders (e.g., artificial intelligence and internet of everything) disrupt entrenched relationships and shift power away from life sciences companies. To regain positional power, life sciences companies must invest strategically and differentially in the capabilities that create future value and that can be shared broadly by all stakeholders.

The biggest data platform (ey)


  Cartilage-mediated bone regeneration

Bone regeneration through endochondral ossification is an intricate process that consists of precise spatial and temporal coordination of many different elements, such as cells, growth factors, and extracellular matrix (ECM). ECM, in particular, is an important element as it provides the natural microenvironment necessary for cell attachment, proliferation, and differentiation.

Hybrid extracellular matrix design (wiley)


  Manufactured nanomaterials analysis

This paper investigates various physico-chemical endpoints and available test methods that could be used to produce such a decision framework for nanomaterials. It presents an overview of regulatory relevance and methods used for testing fifteen proposed physico-chemical properties of eleven nanomaterials in the OECD Working Party on Manufactured Nanomaterials' Testing Programme, complemented with methods from literature, and assesses the methods' adequacy and applications limits.

Characterisation and relevant methods (elsevier)


  Company’s future growth

New expectations are creating a strain on businesses that have introduced innovative platforms and services.Years ago, Uber pioneered a new model for working with drivers, upending transit and transportation models. Now, as it has evolved its business model and relationships with local communities, the company is working to address corporate responsibility in its interactions with drivers, customers, and regulatory organizations.

Shaping the future of business (accenture)


  Q11 Development: FDA guidance

Since the ICH guidance Q11 Development and Manufacture of Drug Substances (ICH Q11) was finalized, worldwide experience with implementation of the recommendations on the development and manufacture of drug substances has given rise to requests for clarification relating to the selection and justification of starting materials.

Development and Manufacture of Drug Substances (fda)


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