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  Current & ahead challenges for 5G

The EU’s struggle with legal roadblocks and its crippling level of investment will be the elephant in the room during discussions on the bloc’s bid to introduce 5G that will take place at this year’s Mobile World Congress. European legislators and telecoms industry analysts described a new sense of urgency this year, as companies from other parts of the world get ready to debut their 5G services in Barcelona.

Insight: business deals (euractiv)


  Decarbonizing the world economy

The global chemicals industry can achieve a substantial reduction in its emissions by 2030 through concerted abatement efforts. While some of the measures identified will be net-profit-positive (and will at least partially occur as part of the BAU case), other steps will require a considerable financial and technological effort, especially when one takes a business view (10% interest rate, depreciation over 10 years), rather than a societal view (4% interest rate, depreciation over lifetime).

The chemical industry’s contribution (icca-chem)


  How to make CRISPR more versatile ?

Since its introduction about five years ago, CRISPR–Cas9 gene editing has become a key tool in many biology laboratories around the world. The technique allows researchers to make changes to the genome at specific sites with much greater ease than previous methods, but it still has some frustrating limitations. Revamping Cas9 protein could work on more sites in the genome, and with fewer unwanted effects.

Revamping Cas9 protein (nature)


  Will robots steal your job ?

Artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and other forms of ‘smart automation’ are advancing at a rapid pace and have the potential to bring great benefits to the economy, by boosting productivity and creating new and better products and services. For advanced economies like the US, the EU and Japan, these technologies coul d hold the key to reversing the slump in productivity growth seen since the global financial crisis. But they could also produce a lot of disruption.

Key impacts in the three waves of automation (pwc)


  How to reinvent sanitation ?

Water is one of the basic necessities of our life. We always hear about how much water we should drink daily, but we don’t hear much about the amount of water we are wasting, water scarcity, or how we can reduce usage. Only 1 % of the world’s freshwater is easily accessible. To make matters worse, it is not evenly distributed around the globe and is vulnerable to contamination from human activities.

ISO is helping to reinvent sanitation (iso)


  2018 - business distruption: 12 tech. trends

In 2018, disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and computer vision are maturing, going from game-changing ideas to foundational tools for business. This year, we’ll see these and other technologies drive how business gets done and what new products will launch in the near future. To get a sense of what’s ahead for this year, we looked at the technologies experts say are most likely to affect a wide variety of organizations as they undergo digital transformations.

What’s ahead for this year? (cio)


  Thirteen lessons of innovation

This year’s Most Innovative Companies coverage is filled with inspiring examples of creativity, discipline, and positive change. It is our most robust edition ever, including top 10 lists in 36 categories, drawn from a research pool of thousands of companies all across the globe. (Many organizations nominated themselves through a new submission process this year.).

How to guide you through 2018 ? (fastcompany)


  Battle: Foreign server data & MS

During oral arguments, the Department of Justice, by contrast, urged the court to compel Microsoft to hand over the data. The DOJ said that allowing Microsoft to refuse the order is tantamount to encouraging companies to keep particularly sensitive data overseas as a way to evade authorities. Two liberal justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who have recently ruled on the side of privacy in the past, questioned whether the court should be stepping in.

Fears inside Silicon Valley (arstechnica)


  New set: Waste & recycling laws

The EU is losing 95% of the value of the plastics it produces. But the European Commission has a strategy to make plastic packaging more sustainable, both environmentally and economically. Now the Commission is ready to push ahead with the full plan, with a headline goal of making all plastics produced in the EU reusable or recyclable by 2030.

EU' Plastics strategy unveiled (euractiv)


  US farms vs UK/EU farms

Livestock raised for food in the US are dosed with five times as much antibiotic medicine as farm animals in the UK, new data has shown, raising questions about rules on meat imports under post-Brexit trade deals. The difference in rates of dosage rises to at least nine times as much in the case of beef cattle, and may be as high as 16 times the rate of dosage per cow in the UK.

Behind free trade deal (saveour)    UK-US antibiotic comparison  (saveour)


  Off Earth, on budget

Aerospace engineers and futurists have been aware of the advantages of space manufacturing for some time. The ultra-clean vacuum out there could enable the manufacture of very pure pharmaceutical products, crystals, and alloys. Zero gravity and the absence of air turbulence lend themselves to the handling of large components and their assembly into giant structures.

Manufacturing in space (qualitydigest)


  See, Do, Be / More

Companies will need to make fundamental changes and transform their operations to be the intelligence engine of the business and build the capabilities they need to succeed. What sort of changes? HfS researched 460 enterprise customers across the globe to find out what senior operations executives think and how businesses are preparing themselves to succeed in the future.

The future belongs to intelligent operations (accenture)


  China' health care a priority

The companies’ technological push is encouraged by the government. Beijing has said it wants to be a leader in A.I. by 2030 and pledged to take on the United States in the field. While officials have emphasized the use of artificial intelligence in areas like defense and self-driving cars, they have also aggressively promoted its use in health care.

Alibaba & Tencent collaboration (nytimes)


  The multidimensional customer

The underlying drivers of human decision making have become exponentially more complex in recent years. Yet transactional data, traditional market research and demographic profiles alone are proving inadequate to explain not just what customers are doing, but why. And our research has led us to focus on five key dimensions of customer behavior — motivation, attention, connection, watch and wallet.

How & why people make decisions (kpmg)


  What happens to betting with A.I.

What happens when artificial intelligence algorithms are used to do what they do best — pick out patterns in data that human eyes typically can’t catch? Could these algorithms undermine the “house” and turn sports betting on its head? But not all sports are created equal when it comes to quantity and quality of data. Some, like baseball, readily release their players’ stats.

The business of betting (digitaltrends)


  Pwc's 21st CEO survey


“Three factors make the United States favourable to business now,” notes CEO advisor and author Ram Charan. “First, no country has better mechanisms for funding risks or for raising capital. Second, robotic technology is advancing rapidly, and thus labour cost arbitrage – less expensive labour in other countries – is no longer a restricting factor.

The Anxious Optimist in the Corner Office


  Quantum computing is here

In the past few months, IBM and Intel have announced that they have made quantum computers with 50 and 49 qubits, respectively, and Google is thought to have one waiting in the wings. “There is a lot of energy in the community, and the recent progress is immense,” said physicist Jens Eisert of the Free University of Berlin. There is now talk of impending “quantum supremacy”.

The tremendous speedup of calculation (wired)


  How to reinvigorate your business ?

Someone in the firm invents the wheel. “This is the way to solve it,” they say, and then the organization passes this on to the next generation in the organization. That’s one reason organizations exist, you know? So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel all the time. But we think this process works, and we just pass it on, not being aware of when circumstances change, especially when they change gradually.

How to instill good practice ? (strategy-business)

  Algorithm guilty of bias?

The credibility of a computer program used for bail and sentencing decisions has been called into question after it was found to be no more accurate at predicting the risk of reoffending than people with no criminal justice experience who were provided with only the defendant’s age, gender and criminal history.

Study queries program’s use in courts (advances.sciencemag)


  Most common cancers: Early way of detection

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers developed a single blood test that screens for eight common cancer types and helps identify the location of the cancer. The test, called CancerSEEK, is a unique noninvasive, multianalyte test that simultaneously evaluates levels of eight cancer proteins and the presence of cancer gene mutations from circulating DNA in the blood.

Test Screens for Eight Cancer Types (hopkinsmedicine)


  The global risks report 2018

This year’s report covers more risks than ever, but focuses in particular on four key areas: environmental degradation, cybersecurity breaches, economic strains and geopolitical tensions. And in a new series called “Future Shocks” the report cautions against complacency and highlights the need to prepare for sudden and dramatic disruptions. Over this medium-term period, environmental and cyber risks predominate.

The growing strain on the global systems (docdroid pub)


  Production of large volume organic chemicals

This BAT reference document for the Production of Large Volume Organic Chemicals forms part of a series presenting the results of an exchange of information between EU Member States, the industries concerned, non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection and the Commission, to draw up, review, and where necessary, update BAT reference documents as required by Article 13 of the Directive.


Best evailable tech. (


  UK: foreign student & Higher education

The total benefit to the UK economy associated with a typical EU-domiciled student was approximately £87,000, with the comparable estimate for non-EU-domiciled students standing at approximately £102,000. The difference between the two estimates is primarily driven by the relatively higher tuition fees charged to non-EU-domiciled students.

Contribution to UK' economy (


  Will China build its own Alexa ?

Last week, Baidu set up a booth at the CES trade show in Las Vegas for the first time. Nestled within a section for robotics, far away from the mega-spaces of tech behemoths like Samsung and Sony, Baidu’s presence wasn’t the splashiest. But by showing up, Baidu was hoping to leave an impression on current and potential partners that operate outside of China.

The openness is critical for success (fastcompany)


  Windows-10: 7 Best free antivirus

Windows OS users are targetted by viruses, malware, ransomware, and hackers more than any other operating systems. To safeguard the data, users must install a good antivirus software on their computer. There are a plethora of free antivirus software available for download. Unfortunately, not all programs are good. Windows OS also has a built-in antivirus utility called Windows Defender.

Security software from renowned company (techwayz)


  Tax policy in the 21st century

What to tax? Where to tax it? How to tax it? These are three big questions facing tax authorities and the governments which supervise them in the 21st Century. The opening up of the world economy through the expansion of trade and investment since the 1990s has enabled major new players to emerge on the world stage.

Paying taxes 2018 (pwc)


  Fungicides linked to steep decline in bumblebees

The decline in bees and other pollinators is worrying because they fertilise about 75% of all food crops, with half of pollination being done by wild species. Pesticides, habitat destruction, disease and climate change have all been implicated, but little research has been done on which factors cause the most damage.

The missing target (blogs.cornell)


  Millennials & Money

Wealth managers are next up to feel the Millennial headwind. Born 1982 through 1995, this group is entering the investment scene in earnest. The good news is: This scenario brings opportunity for investment firms who can master the hybrid advice mix. Despite their love of all things digital, this tech-savvy group will still require the human touch and nuanced advice a human advisor can give— particularly in more complex investing situations.

Millennials related to the digit. mix (accenture)


  Reciprocity in cooperative international relations

Detecting reciprocity in the international system has at least two additional challenges. First, reciprocity requires cooperation between states to be coupled, such that cooperation by state A toward state B influences cooperation by state B toward state A and vice versa. A second challenge is that many models for detecting reciprocity can reach the wrong conclusion.

Detecting reciprocity: empirical & evolutionary (advances.sciencemag)


  Gene therapy comes of age

Over the past 10 years, further maturation of the “science” of gene therapy, safety modifications, and improvements in gene transfer efficiency and delivery have finally resulted in substantial clinical progress. Several gene and gene-modified cell- based therapies are already approved drugs, and over a dozen others have earned “ breakthrough therapy ” designation by regulators in the United States and around the world.

The present-day of clinical treatment (sciencemag)


  The renewable energy sector

The renewables revolution offers technology-driven energy generation and distribution, consistently and at an increasingly reasonable price. Innovative technology, designed to increase and maintain security of supply and meet growing consumer demand, is being introduced with impressive speed. The energy sector itself is undergoing consolidation in some countries while in others, new, smaller and more agile providers are stepping onto the stage at a steady pace.

Great expectations (kpmg)


  Life without water

In biomes where water availability is generally good,seasonal, daily and sporadic conditions can mean that life has to be able to survive its absence. Surprisingly, some organisms are able to survive complete loss of all their body water, to undergo anhydrobiosis. The biochemistry of anhydrobiosis challenges ideas of what ‘being alive’ really means and promises exciting biotechnological applications.

A third state of possibility (biochemist)


  Brexit decision & implications

This in-depth analysis examines the issue of the possible revocation of a withdrawal notification under article 50 TEU. In light of the ongoing negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, the possibility for the UK to revoke its withdrawal notification has become a significant political and legal/institutional issue. The analysis examines the case of revocation of a withdrawal notification under international law and under the EU law.

Legal/institutional issue (europa)


  Anyone can take control of many PCs

Researchers at F-Secure have revealed another weakness in Intel's management firmware that could allow an attacker with brief physical access to PCs to gain persistent remote access to the system, thanks to weak security in Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) firmware—remote "out of band" device management technology installed on 100 million systems over the last decade, according to Intel.

Another security flaw (arstechnica)


  A new future for R&D?

Despite many challenges with biopharma R&D, there are numerous examples of innovation that demonstrate pharma’s resilience and optimism about the future – from the approval of numerous immunotherapies to the first ever approvals of chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapies this year. Furthermore, there are a range of advanced technologies that have the potential to transform R&D across the entire value chain.

Key findings for top 12 biopharma (deloitte)


  Pharma production: between batch & flow

Flow chemistry is no longer a novel technology largely relegated to drug discovery labo ratories. Most pharmaceutical companies and some contract manufacturers have embraced continuous manufacturing to some degree for both drug substance and drug product manufacturing. Several factors are considered when determining whether batch or flow production methods are warranted.

How to perform hazardous reactions ? (pharmtech)


  Slaves to the algorithm

Algorithms don’t notice (nor do they care about) branding efforts, celebrity endorsements, or publicity campaigns — and there’s a very real possibility they’ll soon sit squarely between an organization and its customers. This poses a potential problem for consumer packaged goods and retailers. If there is no longer a physical place where a brand might exist and come to life for consumers, how will brands connect with shoppers?

Fjord trends (fjordnet)


  EFAS' Guidance on dermal absorption

The guidance refers to the EFSA PPR opinion in many instances. In addition, the first version of this guidance, issued in 2012 by the EFSA PPR Panel, has been revised in 2017 on the basis of new available data on human in vitro dermal absorption for PPPs and wherever clari fi cations were needed. Basic details of experimental design, available in the respective test guidelines and accompanying guidance for the conduct of studies, have not been addressed.

Human in vitro dermal absorption (wiley/j.efsa)


  Insight on longterm storage

To keep the evolutionary pace of the technology, NAND Flash must scale aggressively in terms of bit cost. When approaching ultra-scaled technologies, planar NAND is hitting a wall: both academia researchers and industry worked to cope with this issue for several decades. Then, the 3D integration approach turned out to be the definitive alternative by eventually reaching mass production. This review paper exposes several 3D NAND Flash memory technologies.

The 3D NAND Flash Memories (mdpi)


  2018 latest predictions report

The technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications ecosystem remains as fascinating as ever in 2018. Will augmented reality become mainstream? How will machine learning affect the enterprise? What's the future of the smartphone? Deloitte Global invites you to read the latest Predictions report, designed to provide insight into transformation and growth opportunities over the next one to five years.

Global Predictions (deloitte)


  How bacteria manipulate blood pressure ?

Recent studies have highlighted a myriad of ways in which the activity and composition of the gut microbiota can affect the host organism. A primary way in which the gut microbiota affect host physiology is by the production of metabolites, such as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), which are subsequently absorbed into the bloodstream of the host.

How symbiotic microbes affect health ? (quantamagazine)


  Germany' climate action

This paper is investigati ng whether the climate policy targets for 2050 and 2030 respectively are achievable and what conditions must be met. The evaluation is based on the Paris Agreement, the climate protection targets of the EU and insights from the UBA- study Klimaschutzbeitrag des Verkehrs bis 2050 [UBA, 2016a].

Climate protection in transport (umweltbundesamt)


  Samsung: 2nd-generation 10nm-class 8Gb DDR4

Its features an approximate 30 percent productivity gain over the company’s 1st–generation 10nm-class 8Gb DDR4. In addition, the new 8Gb DDR4’s performance levels and energy efficiency have been improved about 10 and 15 percent respectively, thanks to the use of an advanced, proprietary circuit design technology. The new 8Gb DDR4 can operate at 3,600 megabits per second (Mbps) per pin.

A newly devised data sensing system (samsung)


  Data science with zero-math

For many of us, Bayesian statistics is voodoo magic at best, or completely subjective nonsense at worst. Among the trademarks of the Bayesian approach, Markov chain Monte Carlo methods are especially mysterious. They’re math-heavy and computationally expensive procedures for sure, but the basic reasoning behind them, like so much else in data science, can be made intuitive.

Introduction to Monte Carlo methods (towardsdatascience)


  From silicon Valley to Tech-Utopia

In the Middle East, burdened by systems of governance that are far less future-friendly, and under threats from extremists that would drag them even further into the past, they dream of the desert: wide open empty spaces where the future can be constructed anew. At least, that’s the vision Saudi Arabia has invoked with its recently announced plans for $500 billion techutopia mega-city Neom.

How to reinvent the rules ? (techcrunch)


  FDA' guidance for evaluating biosimilarity

On Dec. 4, 2017, a final round of comments from industry stakeholders who raised questions over FDA’s draft guidance, “Statistical Approaches to Evaluate Analytical Similarity,” about how to conduct analytical evaluation of similarity in biosimilars, was published on the website Several biopharma majors were among the commenters and Other industry stakeholders include the Association for Accessible Medicines (AAM).

The risk of restricting approvals (pharmtech)


  2017 OECD' pensions at a glance

From a government perspective, flexible retirement is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it can increase people’s well-being by allowing them to combine work and a partial pension if they wish and it may entice some people to work longer. This, in turn, can help increase workers’ future pensions. Working longer will also contribute to greater economic growth and higher tax revenues.

Pension policy vs wider labour market policies (oecd)


  IBM’s new Power9 chip

The company intends to sell the chips to third-party manufacturers and to cloud vendors including Google. Meanwhile, it’s releasing a new computer powered by the Power9 chip, the AC922 and it intends to offer the chips in a service on the IBM cloud. “We generally take our technology to market as a complete solution,” Brad McCredie, IBM fellow and vice president of cognitive systems explained.

The Swiss Army knife (techcrunch)


  Asthma: Gender differences

To look into possible mechanisms behind the gender differences, a team of researchers from the US focused on a type of white blood cell, known as ILC2 cells, that originate in the bone marrow and become “seeded” in particular tissues of the body, including the lungs, early in life. When an allergen enters the lungs, the cells lining the airways secrete proteins that in turn trigger ILC2 to expand and produce yet more proteins, which kick off a cascading inflammatory response.

Sex hormones could be behind the trend (cell)


  UK' industrial strategy

If we are to have a serious discussion of the possibilities of a new industrial strategy we need a clear grasp of the history of industrial change. Deindustrialisation measured as a falling share of industrial in total employment is now almost universal (including highly successful industrial countries such as Germany and also China), and understanding why this has happened should help make us realistic about what any future industrial strategy can deliver.

What works best four UK ? (


  In vivo endogenous target genes activation

CRISPR/Cas9 system has recently been repurposed to enable target gene activation, allowing regulation of endogenous gene expression without creating DSBs. However, in vivo implementation of this gain-of-function system has proven difficult. Here, we report a robust system for in vivo activation of endogenous target genes through trans-epigenetic remodeling.

A CRISPR/Cas9 system involvement (cell)


  10 Useful Windows-10 features

Windows has been knocking around in some form or another for a grand total of 32 years now, and in that time it’s amassed a lot of features—not just the newest bells and whistles but long-standing features you might have forgotten about or never even discovered in the first place. Here are 10 really useful tricks that Windows 10 is capable of that you might not know about, but should definitely know about.Here the 10 really useful tricks.

10 Features you probably never use (gizmodo)


  History by reconstruction of our species

In the past decade, studies in this area have been revolutionized by the plunge in gene sequencing costs. The human genome project began in 1990 and cost about $2.7 billion — roughly $100 million per sequenced genome. Today, a genome can be sequenced for approximately $1,000 to $2,000, and we’re nearing a longstanding goal of the $100 genome.

What bacteria can tell us? (quantamagazine)


  2017 Global gender gap report

The Index was developed in part to address the need for a consistent and comprehensive measure for gender equality that can track a country’s progress over time. The Index does not seek to set priorities for countries but, rather, to provide a comprehensive set of data and a clear method for tracking gaps on critical indicators so that countries may set priorities within their own economic, political and cultural contexts.

The state of the world (weforum)


  Success in protecting children's health

Estimates of US attributable burden and economic costs from 2003 through 2014. In utero exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) has been associated with decreases in birth weight. We aimed to estimate the proportion of PFOA-attributable low birth weight (LBW) births and associated costs in the US from 2003 to 2014, a period during which there were industry-initiated and regulatory activities aimed at reducing exposure.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) & low birth weight (medicalxpress)


  Tech diversions & side effects

Technology could be used to wipe out malaria carrying mosquitos or other pests but UN experts say fears over possible military uses and unintended consequences strengthen case for a ban.A US military agency is investing $100m in genetic extinction technologies that could wipe out malarial mosquitoes, invasive rodents or other species, emails released under freedom of information rules show.

$100m in genetic extinction technologies (theguardian)


  Balancing hard work vs Far-niente

Many of us, though, tend to think of our brains not as muscles, but as a computer: a machine capable of constant work. Not only is that untrue, but pushing ourselves to work for hours without a break can be harmful, some experts say. “The idea that you can indefinitely stretch out your deep focus and productivity time to these arbitrary limits is really wrong.

"karoshi" or death by overwork (bbc)


  Genetically modified skin transplants

Genetically modified skin transplants from its own stem cells saved the child’s life.A medical team at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum’s burn unit and the Center for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Modena (Italy) were the first ever to successfully treat a child suffering from extensive skin damage using transplants derived from genetically modified stem cells.

Genetically modified skin (rub)


  The European CFO survey

CFOs also remain optimistic about revenue prospects for their companies, with more than two-thirds of CFOs expecting their companies’ revenues to grow. Expectations for revenue growth are generally greater than for improving profit margins; the net balance of CFOs who expect revenues to increase is more than twice as high as for those expecting margins to increase.

Revenues and margins expectations (deloitte)


  Genome sequencing of biofilm

Bacteria are well known for being able to form biofilms on inert surfaces such as plastic and glass, and hence on medical devices including catheters, ventilator tubes, and enteral feeding tubes3. Biofilms form when bacteria attach to a surface and then continue to grow forming a layer composed of extracellular materials, such as polysaccharides. Such biofilms are recalcitrant to antibiotics, and are hard to physically remove4.

A clinical proof of concept (nature)


  Doing business in Asia Pacific

In fact, 63% of regional business leaders surveyed by PwC expect their global footprint to expand over the next three years. A net 50% plan to increase investments globally, up from 43% at the same time last year. Executives are forging ahead despite tremendous uncertainty over trade policy directions. They will balance an array of incentives — both economic and market-driven — to do more internationally against threats of rising barriers to foreign trade and investment.

Perspectives from CEOs (pwc)


  Say Hello to the flexible MBA

Business schools are in an enrollment slump. Applications for full-time, two-year Master of Business Administration programs in the U.S. have declined since 2015. Last year 64 percent of U.S. full-time MBA programs received fewer applications, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2017 Application Trends Survey Report.

How to adjust to fit market pressures ? (bloomberg)


  Why good governance matter ?

In family businesses, governments and industry, the aftermath of the global financial crisis is still being felt. Since then, the spotlight has been turned on risk and exposure to risk – how to manage it ; how to pre - pare for it ; how to benefit from it ; how to learn from it. In our increasingly complex and interconnected world, these questions are more pertinent than ever and the need for best practice even more compelling.

How international organisation can contribute ? (iso)


  Still employed: 10 tips for job hunting

For whatever psychological or analytic reason, employers prefer to hire someone who is currently working. You are perceived as more desirable by potential employers and you are in a stronger negotiating position. In fact, some employers harbor a 'secret' bias against hiring unemployed people. So, if you're currently working but thinking about moving on, make sure you've done all your homework and are putting yourself in the best position to get the job you want before leaving.

How to get you a new job ? (cio)


  What tech. can do for Africa ?

Much of the money going into African technology comes not from philanthropists but from hard-nosed investors looking for attractive returns. In 2016 African tech firms raised a record $367m. Although paltry by the standards of Silicon Valley, this is helping to stimulate the setting up of firms such as Flutterwave, a Nigerian payments company, and Zipline, which uses drones to deliver blood to clinics in Rwanda.

The leapfrog model (economist)


  How to improve Coffee-Lake shipments ?

Intel’s Coffee Lake launched six weeks ago, but finding the chips online has sometimes been challenging. In order to ensure a continuous supply of the Intel Core i5-8400 Processor, Intel Core i5-8600K Processor, Intel Core i7-8700 Processor, and Intel Core i7-8700K Processor listed in the ‘Products Affected’ Table below, Intel will be adding an additional manufacturing site for Assembly/Test.

Ensuring a continuous supply (extremetech)


  The latest assessments on climate change

This assessment concludes, based on extensive evidence, that it is extremely likely that human activities, especially emissions of greenhouse gases, are the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century. For the warming over the last century, there is no convincing alternative explanation supported by the extent of the observational evidence.

Authoritative assessment (globalchange)


  The Giant Magellan Telescope

When it turns on in full force in 2025, at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile's Atacama Desert, the GMT will be the largest optical observatory in the world. Its mirrors, each of which weighs roughly 17 tons, will be arranged in a flower-petal configuration, with six asymmetrical mirrors surrounding a central, symmetrical segment. Together, they will span some 80 feet (twice the diameter of existing optical telescopes) and possess a total area of 4,000 square feet (about the area of two singles tennis courts).

The astounding engineering behind GMT (wired)


  First official IoT Internet standard

Security experts have filed a proposal with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) that defines a secure framework for delivering firmware updates to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Filed on Monday by three ARM employees, their submission has entered the first phase of a three-stage process for becoming an official Internet standard.

The proposed IETF draft (bleepingcomputer)


  The state of food security & nutrition

This year’s edition of The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World marks the beginning of a new era in monitoring the progress made towards achieving a world without hunger and malnutrition, within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, the report will henceforth monitor progress towards both the targets of ending hunger (SDG Target 2.1) and all forms of malnutrition (SDG Target 2.2).

Report 2017 (fao)


  Tech. challenges in entry-level jobs

Across the entire US-based workforce, increasingly sophisticated value chains have caused the nature of work to shift away from relatively routine work environments to ones filled with growing diversity and complexity. In particular, there has been growth in highly cognitive non-routine work (including professional or managerial work). From 1970 to 2009, highly cognitive non-routine work grew by 60%, while repetitive work declined by 12%.

Z Generation' workforce (deloitte)


  Information security® survey 2018

Across the globe, businesses are racing to implement new technologies, using data to innovate and grow in an increasingly interconnected world. But as companies become more reliant on cyber capabilities, they must also recognize and manage the associated risks. To compete in the emerging digital world, companies must protect themselves from cyber risks, and become more resilient to cyber shocks – large scale events with cascading disruptive consequences.

Strengthening digital society (pwc)


  Big Lake, big Problems

Lake Victoria is essential to the lives of over 30 million people. Water pollution, resource exploitation and a lack of regional cooperation are threatening its ecological balance. The situation is exacerbated by the high population growth rate. There are justifiable doubts as to whether the future of the essential water resource provided by Africa’s largest lake is secure.

Victoria' Lake (kas)


  UK' industrial digitalisation

A sector deal between government and industry could put Britain at the forefront of new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, and augmented and virtual reality, giving a much-needed productivity boost and a net gain of 175,000 highly skilled jobs. The review also recommends the creation of 12 digital innovation hubs, where start-ups would work with universities and established firms such as Siemens.

The fourth industrial revolution (industrialdigitalisation)


  How Silicon Valley planning to conquer the classroom ?

Silicon Valley is going all out to own America’s school computer-and-software market, projected to reach $21 billion in sales by 2020. An industry has grown up around courting public-school decision makers, and tech companies are using a sophisticated playbook to reach them, The New York Times has found in a review of thousands of pages of Baltimore County school documents.

Preparing students for the new economy (nytimes)


  Four-in-one flu shot vaccine

A vaccine combining centralized ancestral genes from four major influenza strains appears to provide broad protection against the dangerous ailment, according to new research by a team from the Nebraska Center for Virology. Mice protected by the unconventional vaccine survived exposure to lethal doses of seven of nine widely divergent influenza viruses.

Promising avenue toward a universal flu shot (nature)


  Mastering the Game in a short time

Recently, AlphaGo became the first program to defeat a world champion in the game of Go. The tree search in AlphaGo evaluated positions and selected moves using deep neural networks. These neural networks were trained by supervised learning from human expert moves, and by reinforcement learning from selfplay.

Continuous improvement without human knowledge (deepmind)


  Sustainable Chemistry

For evaluating of the sustainability of different production pathways and feedstock, it is mandatory to carefully assess all sustainability indicators. Generally the biomass routes are advantageous in terms of GHG emissions but effects are often lower than usually expected, if a cradle to gate analysis is made and all effects including crop cultivation, fertilizers, harvesting, transport, land use etc. are taken into account.

Priority topics (umweltbundesamt)


  Digital economy outlook 2017

The biennial OECD Digital Economy Outlook examines and documents evolutions and emerging opportunities and challenges in the digital economy. It highlights how OECD countries and partner economies are taking advantage of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and the Internet to meet their public policy objectives.

OECD' analysis


  What can epigenetics do for you?

Much of what we now regard as epigenetics consists of processes by which genetic information encoded in DNA is converted into cellular and organismal phenotypes; and from the organism’s point of view, it’s phenotype that matters. These epigenetic processes are influenced by a variety of environmental factors, including some such as diet, lifestyle and medication that are in our own hands; and it’s still much easier to change your diet than your DNA.

The intimate link "DNA & Epigenetic" (biochemis)


  EU' best available techniques

As equired in Article 13(3) of the Directive, the Commission has established a forum to promote the exchange of information, which is composed of representatives from Member States, the industries concerned and non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection. The work of the TWG (technical working group) was led by the European IPPC Bureau (of the Commission's Joint Research Centre).

Surface treatment using Organic Solvents (


  How human brains learn ?

Like a brain, a deep neural network has layers of neurons artificial ones that are figments of computer memory. When a neuron fires, it sends signals to connected neurons in the layer above. During deep learning, connections in the network are strengthened or weakened as needed to make the system better at sending signals from input data — the pixels of a photo of a dog, for instance — up through the layers to neurons associated with the right high-level concepts, such as “dog".

The black box of deep learning (quantamagazine)


  Western Digital’s new approach

Western Digital announced a potential game changer that promises to expand the limits of traditional HDDs to up to 40TBs using a microwave-based write head, and the company says it will be available to the public in 2019. For the average consumer, the most important thing to understand is that the industry wanted to cram more information into the same disk space, it hit a wall, and microwaves appear to have opened up new possibilities.

MAMR drive in sight (gizmodo)


  UK' AI industry dev.

In April 2017, the Royal Society published a report on Machine Learning, the culmination of a major project to investigate the potential of Machine Learning over the next 5 - 10 years, and the barriers to realising that potential. 8 This Review builds on that work and complements it by focusing on conc rete actions that UK industry, academia and Government should take now.

How to grow Artificial Intelligence ? (gov)


  The ways of doing business

For firms and internationally active managers, this places a premium on knowing just how different markets abroad are. In addition, it is helpful to know what drives these differences so suitable adjustment strategies can be devised and implemented. In our paper, “Mapping the business systems of 61 major economies,” my five co-authors* and I provide the currently most comprehensive overview and categorization of differences in the ways of doing business.

The nine major ways (qualitydigest)


  UK’s withdrawal impact on EUCHA

The United Kingdom is withdrawing from the European Union. From 30 March 2019 onwards, the UK will be a “third country” outside the EU. This date can only be changed by mutual agreement between Brussels and London. The withdrawal process is unique and unprecedented. Learn how the UK’s withdrawal from the EU may affect your business related to EUCHA regulation.

Information as it is known (echa.europa)


  Video live-experiment in quantum-Crypto.

the President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, as well as Heinz W. Engl, the Rector of the University of Vienna, talked face to face in a secure videoconference call – which was encrypted with the help of quantum technology. This first ever quantum cryptographically secured video call on 29 September 2017 between Vienna and Beijing spanned two continents.

First field test for orbital quantum encryption (


  Risk management 2017

Today, we find a function that has made considerable progress since our initial examination back in 2009. Smart technologies— cloud enablement, machine learning, biometrics, big data and analytics—are gradually being embedded. More respondents are reporting the integration of risk analytics within planning and decision making.

The hidden value of risk (accenture)


  US' digital inequality

Americans with lower levels of income and education are acutely aware of a range of digital privacy related harms that could upend their financial, professional , or social well - being . And t hes e concerns are often accompanied by low levels of trust in the institutions and compani es that these Americans rel y on to be resp onsible stewards of their data.

Analysis by Socioeconomic status, race , & ethnicity (datasociety)


  Reverse innovation

This paper, written mainly for transport planners in European cities, intends to provide a glimpse beyond Europe’s borders to understand recent transport-related innovations in developing and emerging countries. Not only in mega cities worldwide, decision makers, entrepreneurs and planners are currently testing new approaches to urban mobility driven by enormous pressures on rapid economic development.

Rethinking urban transport through global learning (umweltbundesamt)


  GDPR compliance insight

The GDPR will supersede the 1995 EU Data Protection Directive (DPD) and all EU member states’ national laws based on it – including the UK Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) – in May 2018. All organisations of any size and anywhere in the world that process the personal data of EU residents must comply with the Regulation. Failure to do so could result in fines of up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnove whichever is greater.

Starting 25 may 2018 (itgovernance)


  Beyond fintech

Eight disruptive forces that have the potential to shift the competitive landscape of the financial ecosystem impacting the financial services industry, including insights from seven industry segments: payments, digital banking, lending, insurance, market infrastructure, investment management, and equity crowdfunding. Learn what these findings mean for your business.

The financial ecosystem & competitive landscape (deloitte)


  Switching from Edge

Only 20% of all Windows 10 users ran Edge as their main browser as of August 2017, down from 24% a year earlier. Still, that’s a lot of people running the browser, and many of them might run it only because Microsoft has made it the Windows 10 default. You might be one of them. There’s no doubt Edge has been an improvement over Internet Explorer. But it may not be improvement enough.

To others browsers (computerworld)


  Overview of taxes' impact

Constantly changing tax policies are an unwelcome distraction, delaying investment and eating into profits. Double taxation is another source of contention that causes significant concern, both in terms of money as well as time that it takes to resolve any tax authority concerns. It is a major barrier to cross-border trade and investment.

How to marry profitability with sustainability ? (ey-vx)


  Drug stability studies

The question of how much degradation is sufficient has been the topic of much discussion among pharmaceutical scientists. Degradation of drug substances between 5% and 20% has been accepted as reasonable for validation of chromatographic assays; however, some pharmaceutical scientists believe that 10% degradation is optimal for use in analytical validation for small pharmaceutical molecules, for which acceptable stability limits of 90% of label claim is common.

FDrug substance & drug products (pharmtech)


  Copyrights' hidden report

The extent to which digital consumption of pirated materials displaces legitimate purchases is of fundamental importance for EU copyright policy design. The European Commission has commissioned Ecorys to carry out a study on the relation between online copyright infringement (digital piracy) and sales of copyrighted content.

EU' copyright debate (netzpolitik)


  US-Nestlé' water business

Mineral water consumption in America cratered in the early 20th century in part because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration made it harder to tout medicinal benefits without expensive testing. Today, Americans often drink bottled water for what they hope is not in it. Fears about what comes out of the tap aren’t completely unfounded; 77 million Americans are served by water systems that violate testing requirements.

Nestlé' water tested hourly (bloomberg)


  Java SE 9 & EE 8 are here

Oracle has just announced the general availability of Java SE 9, Java EE 8 and the Java EE 8 Software Development Kit (SDK). From now on, it’s all about faster releases and more open source engagement. Oracle recently announced that they are planning to move to a 6-month release cadence using a time driven release model and a long-term support release every three years.”

More open source engagement (jaxenter)


  Doing more with less ?

ARS’ products were designed in Norway and not originally expected to sell in great numbers. When the company landed a contract for 15,000 pieces, they found that their processes weren’t suitable for that kind of quantity. As they tried to scale up to handle that kind of volume, they naturally did things like building huge batches and sub-assemblies, carrying a lot of work-in-process inventory and sharing tools...

How Lean helps small company ? (qualitydigest)


  8 hot IT hiring trends

One thing hasn’t changed this year: Recruiting top talent is still difficult for most firms, and demand greatly outstrips supply. That’s influencing many of the areas we looked at, including compensation and retention. Whether you’re looking to expand your team or job searching yourself, read on to see which IT hiring practices are trending and which ones are falling out of favor.

8 going cold (cio)


  Bee’s body and their importance

Bees, the most important group of pollinators, visit flowers for nectar, but also collect large amounts of pollen mainly to feed their offspring. Contrastingly, pollen is essential for the plants’ reproduction, serving as a vehicle for gametes. Pollen is expensive, and, unlike nectar, pollen supply is strictly limited. As soon as pollen is collected and groomed into the bees’ transport organs, it is mostly lost for the flowers’ pollination.

To be on the safe site (plos)


  Shanghai: The next Silicon Valley

When we think of a technologically advanced society, we think of Silicon Valley, home to Facebook, Google, and so many amazing Internet companies. Ironically, China has blocked usage of these companies, developing their own, copied versions of Google or Facebook. However, these imitated versions are beginning to outdo their predecessors. To get a better understanding of what I am talking about, check out the New York Times video.

Don’t judge a book by its cover (thenextweb)


  Climate change & modelisation

A new study published in Nature Geoscience by a group of well-known climate scientists, led to a different news outlets baked very different breads with it. That happens pretty frequently these days, but, in this case, the new study was especially complex and more easily misunderstood—even by those without a Breitbartian aggressive ideological bias against climate science.

Is there any right answer ? (arstechnica)


  Strategic foresight in EU R&I policy

Our world has been shifting from a 'flat' to a much more complex landscape, with unexpected developments arising that escape our established ways of thinking and decision-making. The phenomena include globally as well as locally inter-connected challenges such as climate change and migration, but also transformative changes of our social and technological lives, such as those triggered by digitisation.

Proactive, informed & collective action (publications.europa)


  EU' Low carbon energy

The impact of CO2 emissions is one of the most difficult challenges to be addressed. Virtually all human activities require energy and products that currently rely heavily on cheap and abundant fossil resources. The chemical industry is no exception. It requires energy for running its processes, and feedstock most often carbon feedstock, eventually embedded in most chemical products and materials resulting in CO2 emissions.

Achieving a carbon neutral chemical sector by 2050 (cefic)


  Energy regulatory compliance

Now, at a time of heightened regulatory uncertainty, there’s increased potential for changes in direction and disruption of ongoing trends. In this dynamic environment, it’s important for companies to concentrate on the regulatory areas that they believe represent the highest risk to their organization, doing their best to create a resilient business while focusing on things that are within their control.

Survey report 2017 (deloitte)


  Microsoft's Bid to Save PowerShell

Long a point of interest for security researchers, PowerShell techniques increasingly pop up in real-world attacks. Last year, well over a third of the incidents assessed by security firm Carbon Black and its partners involved some sort of PowerShell component. But as network defenders catch on to Microsoft's recent release of additional PowerShell protections, the attack sequences that exploit PowerShell are finding some long-overdue resistance.

Shell Game (wired)


  Graphene' clean manufacturing

As graphene's popularity grows as an advanced "wonder" material, the speed and quality at which it can be manufactured will be paramount. With that in mind, the research group of SungWoo Nam, assistant professor of mechanical science and engineering at Illinois, has developed a cleaner and more environmentally friendly method to isolate graphene using carbon dioxide (CO2) in the form of carbonic acid as the electrolyte solution.

More environmentally friendly (innovations-report)


  Where to adopt Agile tools ?

Many companies are attempting a radical — and often rapid — shift from hierarchical structures to more agile environments, in order to operate at the speed required by today’s competitive marketplace. Companies like ANZ, the Australian-based banking giant, have made explicit commitments to adopt agile principles, while others like Zappos, are on the bleeding edge of organizational transformation.

Moving toward a continuous planning process (hbr)


  2015–40:Spending on health

In 2014, spending per capita in low-income countries varied from US$33 to $347, and per capita spending in high-income countries varied from $853 to $9237. The health financing transition is not guaranteed to continue as new countries progress through various stages of development. Prospective health spending estimates show what past trends and relationships suggest regarding future spending and sources of those funds.

Level of development & financing environment (lancet)


  US' mistake on Kapersky Lab

By nature of the job, security professionals tend to be skeptical and overly suspicious, but the good ones are also good at weighing the evidence before making their decisions. Which is why it’s so perplexing that rumors about Moscow-based security company Kaspersky Lab being in bed with the Russian government keeps swirling, absent any proof.

Geopolitic retaliatory actions (csoonline)


  Therapeutic approaches for IBD

While the long-standing clinical efficacy of antibiotics or surgery for Crohn’s disease highlights the potential contribution of the so-called ‘IBD microbiome’ to inflammation, recent seminal studies revealed the impact of IBD-derived gut microbiota on host mucosal and systemic inflammation. This mechanistic understanding of how our ‘microbial organ’ functionally impacts both mucosal and systemic inflammatory pathways will help drive novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for IBD.

From the inside out (biochemist)


  Strategic BMD systems report

Understanding the nuclear dynamics of a world in which more than one nation is developing and deploying ballistic missile defense systems for strategic purpos - es. Strategic purposes could mean for defense of a national territory, defending command and control centers, protecting nuclear-armed ballistic missiles to help ensure retaliatory forces, or providing political cover for development of anti-satellite weapons that could target strategic military communications as well as command and control satellites.

Nuclear-armed states defences (fas)


  EMA: What's at stake ?

The European Commission has announced six criteria the candidates need to fulfil in order to become the drug agency’s new home. Member states have until the end of July to submit their bids to host EMA and the European Banking Agency but the political discussion has already heated up. The Commission has tried to downplay the political angle of the talks.

Special report (euractiv)


  The Digital platforms

Platforms are no longer restricted to retail or high-tech, but are visible across multiple industries — and the trend is accelerating. in 2007, the five major mobile-phone manufacturers — Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, and LG — collectively controlled 90% of the industry’s global profits. That year, Apple’s iPhone was launched and started taking market share.


Creating a $5 trillion market (


  The automaker’s dilemma

New technologies such as 3D laminated glass, haptic sensors (which pick up touch pressure and motion), and augmented reality heads-up displays — which offer drivers alerts, safety aids, and warnings on readouts embedded in the windshield — have entered the vocabulary of traditional suppliers. Large navigation and entertainment display screens in the dashboard offer Web-based information and media as well as the promise of data arrays picked up from networked roads and other cars.

How much innovation is too much ? (strategy-business)


  Workforce of the future

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. Automation and 'thinking machines' are replacing human tasks, changing the skills that organisations are looking for in their people. But what will the future look like? This isn’t a time to sit back and wait for events to unfold. To be prepared for the future, you have to understand it.

The competing forces shaping 2030 (pwc)


  What Went Wrong With the F-35?

The F-35 was billed as a fighter jet that could do almost everything the U.S. military desired, serving the Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy—and even Britain’s Royal Air Force and Royal Navy—all in one aircraft design. It’s supposed to replace and improve upon several current—and aging—aircraft types with widely different missions.

How did we get here? (qualitydigest)


  IoT: Who pays whom for what ?

Even if an organisation works through one ‘umbrella’ company (a system integrator), it’s sometimes useful to understand how the cost roll-up works so that it can consider buying some or all the pieces separately – in the same way that an airline can decide the paint scheme and which engines are to be fitted on the aircraft they choose.

Understanding the market (themanufacturer)


  7 hot IT outsourcing trends

As IT organizations become more strategic, so too do their partnerships with IT outsourcing providers. Digital transformation, automation, and the data revolution are not just shaking up how IT operates, they are greatly impacting the kind — and quality — of services under contract with IT outsourcing firms.As IT organizations become more strategic, so too do their partnerships with IT outsourcing providers.

& 7 going cold (cio)


  HEV: as a food-borne pathogen


Experts from EFSA’s Panel on Biological Hazards recommend that Member States increase awareness of public health risks associated with raw and undercooked pork meat and advise consumers to cook pork meat thoroughly. They also recommend the development of suitable methods for detecting hepatitis E in food. ECDC report: 10-fold increase of hepatitis E cases in the EU/EEA between 2005 and 2015.

Report (efsa)


  How to Stay Anonymous?

The privacy of average internet denizens has never been in greater peril. ISPs, advertisers, and government agencies from around the world are increasingly interested in tracking every single movement you make online. Whether you’re a whistle blower, a political dissident, or simply someone who hates the idea of third-parties scrutinizing your surfing habits, there are plenty of tools available to keep prying eyes off of your traffic.

20 best tips (extremetech)


  The future of mobility

Frictionless, automated, personalized travel on demand—that’s the dream of the future of mobility. And the extended auto ecosystem's various elements are coalescing to realize that dream sooner than expected, which means that incumbents and disruptors need to move at top speed to get on board. The speed at which this transformation will take place, and how corporate leaders believe their enterprises’ business models need to adapt.

How to succeed in it ? (deloitte)


  Disrupt and grow

This year’s Outlook emphasizes that disruption has become a fact of life for CEOs and their businesses as they respond to heightened uncertainty. But importantly, most see disruption as an opportunity to transform their business model, develop new products and services and reshape their business so it is even more successful than it has been in the past.

Global CEO Outlook (kpmg)


  The real value of AI

The analysis carried out for this report gauges the economic potential for AI between now and 2030, including for regional economies and eight commercial sectors worldwide. Through our AI Impact Index, we also look at how improvements to personalisation/customisation, quality and functionality could boost value, choice and demand across nearly 300 use cases of AI, along with how quickly transformation and disruption are likely to take hold.

Sizing the prize (pwc)


  How to make cryptocurrency safer?

Satoshi Nakamoto had accounted for a lot, but Ukrainian botnets of involuntarily mining computers probably weren’t on his radar when he wrote his manifesto in 2008. Even though cryptocurrencies have lost some of their innocence, there is still a lot to love. Altcoins like Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Zcash and Monero each have their own special character and strength.

Trading in cryptocurrencies (thenextweb)


  Why we need AI regulation ?

There is something that really scares Musk: Artificial Intelligence, and the idea of software and machines taking over their human creators. He’s been warning people about AI for years, and today called it the “biggest risk we face as a civilization” when he spoke at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting in Rhode Island.

How to be proactive in regulation ? (recode)


  BAT of non-ferrous metals industries

The BAT reference document (BREF) entitled 'Non-Ferrous Metals Industries' forms part of a series presenting the results of an exchange of information between EU Member States, the industries concerned, non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection, and the Commission, to draw up, review and, where necessary, update BAT reference documents as required by the Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions.

The result of a review (


  The ongoing sixth mass extinction

The population extinction pulse we describe here shows, from a quantitative viewpoint, that Earth’s sixth mass extinction is more severe than perceived when looking exclusively at species extinctions. Therefore, humanity needs to address anthropogenic population extirpation and decimation immediately. That conclusion is based on analyses of the numbers and degrees of range contraction using a sample of 27,600 vertebrate species.

The biological annihilation (pnas)


  AI’s ‘black box’

Most software developed today that automates business processes is codified with programmable logic. If it works as intended it does things that its programmers told it to do. But in this second wave of automation, software capable of teaching itself is king. Without a clear understanding of how this software detects patterns and observes outcomes, companies with risk and regulations on the line are left to wonder how strongly they can trust the machines.

The hidden risk of blind trust (cio)


  Thinking Machines

The quality and quantity of this data is increasing exponentially – it is expected to grow more than 50-fold this decade alone, reaching 25,000 petabytes (25bn gigabytes) worldwide by 2020. To put that into some perspective, 2 petabytes is the equivalent of all US academic research libraries put together. No wonder that AI is needed to work through this rising flood of data, and help us avoid a digital version of IBM’s dystopian future.

From Magic to Normal (eyeforpharma)


  The benefits of digitization

Looking to the future, if the pace of change is sustained, we can, if nothing else, expect to be surprised, whether by the speed with which automated devices take over our jobs and lives, or by the emotional intelligence of robots, or by the dangers of new generations of virus, trolls or cyberattacks. Making the best of this revolution has now become one of the greatest challenges for any society.

Growing the best, not the worst (kas)


  Coronary artery disease

One of the most common causes of death and disability. Although pharmacological advances and revascularization techniques have decreased mortality, many survivors will eventually succumb to heart failure secondary to the residual microvascular perfusion deficit that remains after revascularization. We present a novel system that rescues the myocardium from acute ischemia, using photosynthesis through intramyocardial delivery of the cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus.

Photon-powered myocardium (sciencemag)


  UK' Teaching excellence framework

The TEF is a government-backed assessment of undergraduate teaching quality across all higher education institutions in England, which also includes some institutions in Scotland and Wales (with others opting not to take part). The results in full are published below, along with each institution’s position in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016-2017 and its research excellence framework grade point average.

TEF results 2017 (timeshighereducation)


  Disruption as a future problem

Only 25 percent of Latin American CEOs say they expect major disruption in their sector in the next 3 years — indeed, that’s half the proportion of global CEOs who expect their business models will face disruption in the next 3 years. Online services will come to pose a greater threat to traditional businesses, but only when financial inclusion increases significantly — perhaps when cellphone providers encourage more people to exchange value and currency by phone, as they are in Africa.

Latin American CEOs (kpmg)


  Biotechnology Report 2017

In the current climate, even smaller biotechs must be willing to engage to shape the policies that will impact the industry in the long run. They must also understand when staying the course requires the adoption of emerging technologies or business- model innovations. R&D productivity remains an ongoing concern. Artificial intelligence and the accompanying analytics are now so advanced that these tools promise to improve the traditional drug target selection and R&D process.

When uncertainty is the only certainty (ey)


  Claoud's education & training

Today, the cloud is a ubiquity we take for granted. We expect every file, every service and digital asset we have to be available across all our devices everywhere we go, at any time of the day. Today, thanks to cloud computing, education and training has become more affordable, flexible and accessible to millions of people and thousands of businesses. Here’s a look at how cloud-based education has changed things for the better.

Changing things for the better (thenextweb)


  Working alongside the coders

Most of Starsky’s AI rivals are focusing exclusively on research, logging as many miles and as much performance data as possible. Seltz-Axmacher’s trucks are still in beta, too—but they’re already earning revenue, carrying containers full of goods along U.S. highways. While the remote-control system develops, two Starsky employees ride in each cab: a software engineer in the passenger seat, keeping an eye on the algorithms, and a truck driver behind the wheel.

At the autonomous driving startup (bloomberg)


  The golden age index

We have developed our Golden Age index to quantify how far different economies are harnessing the power of their older workers. The index captures a broad range of indicators relating to the participation of older people in employment and training. Iceland, New Zealand and Sweden lead the OECD on this index, with large potential economic gains if employment rates for those over 55s could be raised to those of the top performers.

From silver hair (pwc)


  BP's review of world energy

Global demand for coal has fallen for the second consecutive year, according to a BP study, helped by the US and China burning less of the dirtiest fossil fuel.The UK was described as the “most extreme example” of the trend away from coal, which has resulted in its use returning to levels not seen since the start of the industrial revolution.

The Paris deal’s goal (bp)


  Making health data useful

Right across healthcare, advanced analytical and cognitive technologies are sucking in data, aggregating, analyzing, then spitting out insights hidden in previously disconnected data. As they work tirelessly, we humans stand by salivating at the prospect of fast, high-quality and well-curated data to speed discovery and time to market, moving us closer to personalized, outcomes-based healthcare.

When the Machines Take Over (eyeforpharma)


  Chemicals in food 2016

Across Europe efforts are made to collect, monitor and analyse information on levels of chemicals in plants, animals, food and drinks. This work helps national and European authorities to be aware of the situation on the ground and to measure the impact of existing controls. It can also help to understand if new safety assessments or control measures are needed and to set priorities for future research funding and data collection activities.

Why are there chemicals in our food? (efsa)


  Human sleep loss in a changing climate

We conduct the inaugural investigation of the relationship between climatic anomalies, reports of insufficient sleep, and projected climate change. Using data from 765,000 U.S. survey respondents from 2002 to 2011, coupled with nighttime temperature data, we show that increases in nighttime temperatures amplify self-reported nights of insufficient sleep.

Nighttime temperature (sciencemag)


  A standardised photoreactor

Organic photoredox catalysis can enable bond-making that is difficult or impossible using other types of chemistry.A new photoreactor can increase the rate of light-mediated reactions up to 10 times compared with the same reactions run using standard setups. The benchtop device allows researchers to precisely use light as a reagent for the first time and promises to further the field of photoredox catalysis.

Light touch boosts reactions 10-fold (chemistryworld)


  216 Euro. Food Safety report

This annual report gives an overview of the activities undertaken in 2016 by EFSA, Member States and other parties with the aim to stimulate and optimise scientific cooperation. In addition, it highlights how EFSA supports the European Commission in its enlargement programmes and contributes to harmonisation efforts with international partners, EU institutions and agencie.

Scientific cooperation (efsa)


  Training a big data machine to defend

Cyberattacks are a constantly evolving menace that can’t be contained by humans alone. MIT research scientist has devoted much of his career to helping cybersecurity experts and artificial-intelligence systems work in tandem to stop hackers. Last year he launched Patternex, a security startup that uses artificial intelligence to detect potential threats, then turns those findings over to human analysts for verification.

Humans & AI as one team (mit)


  Moderate alcohol consumption as risk factor

Light-to-moderate drinking has been associated with a lower risk of dementia and a reduced incidence of myocardial infarction and stroke. Brain imaging studies, however, have thus far failed to provide a convincing neural correlate that could underpin any protective effect. Results of research into the effects of moderate alcohol on the brain are inconsistent.

Longitudinal cohort study (bmj)


  The first of our kind

Two views of a composite reconstruction of the earliest known Homo sapiens fossils from Jebel Irhoud (Morocco) based on micro computed tomographic scans of multiple original fossils. Dated to 300 thousand years ago these early Homo sapiens already have a modern-looking face that falls within the variation of humans living today.

New finds of fossils and stone tools (sciencemag)


  Strategies against obsolescence

Products that are replaced before reaching an optimum lifespan or service life require more resources and result in greater amounts of waste. For some years now this phenomenon has been discussed under the term of “obsolescence”. There are many reasons for premature new purchases. Especially in the area of consumer electronics and in information technology.

Improving product service life & information (umweltbundesamt)


  Just eat more fish?

Seafood is very healthy to eat – all things considered. Fish and shellfish are an important source of protein, vitamins and minerals, and they are low in saturated fat. But seafood’s claim to fame is its omega-3 fatty acids, docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), all of which are beneficial to health. The U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans strongly suggest that adults eat two servings of seafood, or a total of eight ounces, per week.

How can I make an informed decision ? (theconversation)


  Brexit: where to, Brefugees ?

A report this month by the UK’s Office of National Statistics found that “EU migrants” make up 11% of Britain’s manufacturing workers. EU workers from outside the UK tended to work longer hours than the workforce average, the report said. Non-UK workers were more likely to be overqualified for the jobs they were doing, it added. The British government has yet to explain how its post-Brexit immigration rules will work.

Special report (euractiv)


  NASA' spacesuits auditing

As different missions require different designs, the lack of a formal plan and specific destinations for future missions has complicated spacesuit development,” sniffed the OIG. It recommended that appropriate NASA officials “implement a formal plan for design, production, and testing of the next-generation extravehicular activity (EVA) spacesuits in accordance with the exploration goals of the Agency in 2024.

Advanced spacesuit project (nasa)


  Investing in climate

Climate change is clearly an urgent challenge. But meeting that challenge is an opportunity to create new sources of growth by placing the climate imperative at the core of national growth and development strategies. Adopting such an inclusive, low-emission and climate- resilient growth agenda would be an opportunity to reorient G20 growth objectives as the 2014 Brisbane commitment to “2% upside growth” in the G20 nears its end in 2018.

Investing in growth (oecd)


  How to build your own VPN?

With a Congress that has demonstrated its lack of interest in protecting you from your ISP, and ISPs that have repeatedly demonstrated a "whatever-we-can-get-away-with" attitude toward customers' data privacy and integrity, it may be time to look into how to get your data out from under your ISP's prying eyes and grubby fingers intact. To do that, you'll need a VPN.

The problem and the solution (arstechnica)


  Space r~evolution

The Electron’s engine, named for the New Zealand-born nuclear physicist Ernest Rutherford, is the first of its type to be primarily 3D-printed. Each Rutherford engine, including its engine chamber, injector, pumps and main propellant valves, can be printed in 24 hours.If successful, the Electron test launch will be the first commercial rocket to reach Earth orbit from a launch complex in the Southern Hemisphere.

Cubesats & 3D printing (spaceflightnow)


  Paternal behavior & Child gender

Multiple lines of research indicate that fathers often treat boys and girls differently in ways that impact child outcomes. The complex picture that has emerged, however, is obscured by methodological challenges inherent to the study of parental caregiving, and no studies to date have examined the possibility that gender differences in observed real-world paternal behavior are related to differential paternal brain responses to male and female children.

Assessing parenting behaviors (apa)


  Windows, spying, & a Twitter rant

If you have a volume license to buy Windows Enterprise (no, you can’t buy just one), apply the Windows Restricted Traffic Limited Functionality Baseline before bringing it online, don’t install anything, and don’t use your computer, the data sent to Microsoft is quite minimal. If you don’t have the Enterprise edition, the best you get is basic telemetry (see what they collect), that is if you know to change it from the default enhanced levels.

Win-10 Enterprise 'Tracks Too Much'  (xato)


  EU'  waste incineration tech.

This publication is a Science for Policy report by the Joint Research Centre, the European Commission’s in-house science service. It aims to provide evidence-based scientific support to the European policy-making process. The scientific output expressed does not imply a policy position of the European Commission. Neither the European Commission nor any person acting on behalf of the Commission is responsible for the use which might be made of this publication.

Best available techniques (


  Food choice behavior & Commensal bacteria

Despite the striking physiological and behavioral impact of nutritional proteins, how animals direct feeding decisions to ensure protein homeostasis is not understood. A major obstacle in identifying the rules governing food choice is the nutritional complexity of natural foods, which hinders the discovery of the nutritional variables controlling feeding decision.

Commensal bacteria direct feeding decisions  (journals.plos)


  Medical revolution with liquid biopsies

Characterizing and monitoring tumor genomes with blood samples could achieve significant improvements in precision medicine. As tumors shed parts of themselves into the circulation, analyses of circulating tumor cells, circulating tumor DNA, and tumor-derived exosomes, often referred to as “liquid biopsies”, may enable tumor genome characterization by minimally invasive means.

An imminent routine practice (biomedcentral)


  The fading American dream

Here, we developed a new method of estimating rates of absolute mobility that can be implemented with existing data sets covering the 1940 to 1984 birth cohorts. Our approach combines two inputs: marginal income distributions for parents and children, and the copula of the parent and child income distribution, defined as the joint distribution of parent and child income ranks.

Income mobility since 1940 (science.sciencemag)


  A niche for hair pigmentation

Hair differentiates from follicle stem cells through progenitor cells in the matrix. In contrast to stem cells in the bulge, the identities of the progenitors and the mechanisms by which they regulate hair shaft components are poorly understood. Hair is also pigmented by melanocytes in the follicle. However, the niche that regulates follicular melanocytes is not well characterized.

Identification of hair shaft progenitors (genesdev.cshlp)


  North Sea Wind Power Hub

While the forecast for offshore wind farms of the future is for ever-larger projects featuring ever-larger wind turbines, an unprecedented plan from electricity grid operators in the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark aims to rewrite the rulebook on offshore wind development. “Don’t be mistaken, this is really a very large, very ambitious project—there’s nothing like it anywhere in the world".

A giant wind farm (arstechnica)


  Health-care quality from 195 countries

National levels of personal health-care access and quality can be approximated by measuring mortality rates from causes that should not be fatal in the presence of effective medical care. Previous analyses of mortality amenable to health care only focused on high-income countries and faced several methodological challenges. In the present analysis, we use the highly standardised cause of death and risk factor.

A highly standardised analysis (thelancet)


  20 Facebookers you should know

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg celebrated his 33rd birthday on Sunday, and on Monday his executive team surprised him with a special birthday cake shaped like pieces of meat. That is kinda fun, and bizarre, but even more interesting is the fact that Zuckerberg shared to his Facebook page this photo that includes nearly all of Facebook’s highest-ranking executives in the same place at the same time.

Who gets to celebrate with the boss? (recode)


  Dairy doesn’t harm your health

Despite their fat content and composition, milk and dairy products are naturally rich in various minerals(ca++, K+..), protein and vitamins (vit A & B12). Nutrients including calcium, potassium and magnesium have been suggested to be associated with lower risk of stroke. Short-term human intervention studies, also indicated that subjects who have high-fat diets enriched with dairy minerals or calcium have significantly lower total cholesterol and LDL-cholesterol levels than those on a control diet.

A misconception & a “mistaken belief" (springer)


  The world’s most migratory scientists

Scientists are migratory beasts. It's just the nature of the job: You spend your days at the border of human knowledge. Depending on the topic, only a dozen people may deeply understand your research—let alone help you push it further—and they are scattered across the world. For many, completing a Ph.D., doing postdoctoral research, and landing a permanent job all in one country is impossible. And so you wander.

Vast set of public CVs (sciencemag)


  Artificial Photosynthesis

JCAP was founded in 2010 under an initial five-year U.S. Department of Energy contract with the broad aim of developing methods for producing hydrogen and carbon-based fuels using only sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide as inputs. That initial agreement was renewed in 2015 for another five years. JCAP research was able to demonstrate technologies that were at least 10-percent hydrogen efficient, which is a ratio of power from chemical energy to power from sunlight.

From Water Splitting to CO2 Reduction (ieee)


  Better energy, greater prosperity

Despite the scale of the challenge, the Energy Transitions Commission is confident that this transition is technically and economically possible, and that it would deliver important additional social benefits with, for instance, dramatically improved local air quality leading to longer and healthier lives and economic opportunities related to the development of new industries and business models.

Achievable pathways to low-carbon energy systems (energy-transitions)


  EU' Food

Overall, 97. 2 % of the 84,341 samples analysed in 2015 were free of quantifiable residues or contained residues within the legally permitted levels. Based on the analytical results provided by the reporting countries, a detailed data analysis was performed regarding pesticide occurrence in the most important food products consumed and the dietary risk related to the exposure of European consumers to pesticide residues.

Report on pesticide residues (onlinelibrary.wiley)


  The Migrant Boon

Many of the immigration debates now raging around the world reflect the faulty assumption that admitting immigrants is an act of largesse – and a costly one, at that. But, far from being an economic burden, immigrants represent a major economic opportunity for destination countries. Those countries that take a thoughtful, long-term approach to immigration can capture large and tangible benefits.

Positive economic impact (project-syndicate)


  Internet of things vs Data mining

If the allegations are true, the Bose case is just the latest privacy incident involving the so-called "Internet of things" in which more companies and devices that are connected to the web can't resist the temptation of harvesting the consumer data they throw off. Bose, whose wireless QuietComfort 35 headphones have received enthusiastic reviews, did not immediately reply to an email request for comment about the complaint.

Headphones spy on users (fortune)


  Benefit following a cochlear implant (CI)

An important source of variability presumably lies in the cognitive ability to make use of an implant, and in particular the capacity to compensate for the crude CI auditory input by mapping auditory and visual speech cues. Accordingly, the response of visual cortex to speech, shortly after implantation, is a significant positive predictor of CI success in post-lingual deaf adults.

Predicting individual benefit (nature)


  Defusing a social media crisis

While there's no predicting how social media users might react to an employee's thoughtless comment, controversial statement or off-color joke, companies can minimize the damage of this type of incident -- if they are prepared. Here's a look at practices that your business can put in place to prevent these incidents, plus tips to diffuse them, should you be caught in the crosshairs.

5 steps (computerworld)


  Progress in analytical quality by design

One of the benefits of adopting a QbD approach is highlighted in ICH guidance: “Areas where the demonstration of greater understanding of pharmaceutical and manufacturing sciences can create a basis for flexible regulatory approaches. The degree of regulatory flexibility is predicated on the level of relevant scientific knowledge provided” .

AQbD concepts & implementation (pharmtech)


  Inca writing aren't etched in stone

A discovery made in a remote mountain village high in the Peruvian Andes suggests that the ancient Inca used accounting devices made of knotted, colored strings for more than accounting. The devices, called khipus (pronounced kee-poos), used combinations of knots to represent numbers and were used to inventory stores of corn, beans, and other provisions.

Deciphering ancient Inca string code (nationalgeographic)


  Awyers, malware, and money

Given the amount of uncertainty that comes with measuring how well any malware protection works, the entire controversy could end up being a rounding error. But the confusion and controversy in the industry are not exactly comforting when you're trying to figure out how to best protect yourself from the next potential security breach or ransomware infection.

The antivirus market (arstechnica)


  England: Food Law update

The Food Law Code of Practice gives statutory guidance to which local authorities must have regard when engaged in the enforcement of food law. Local authorities must follow and implement the relevant provisions of the Code. The Food Standards Agency published a revised Food Law Code of Practice (England) on 30 March 2017, which came into force on that date.

Regulation (


  Commitments without Paris plan ?

With fossil-fuel-loving climate skeptic Donald Trump in the White House and Congress dominated by like-minded Republicans, environmentalists have given up hope of the federal government following through on President Obama’s climate mitigation and environmental promises. But just because Trump has rescinded the Clean Power Plan and is promising to bring back the coal industry doesn’t mean that Americans have to give up on leading the world out of the climate abyss.

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (emagazine)

  Your web browsing history at stake

Internet providers now just need a signature from President Trump before they’re free to take, share, and even sell your web browsing history without your permission. The House of Representatives passed a resolution today overturning an Obama-era FCC rule that required internet providers to get customers’ permission before sharing their browsing history with other companies.

Privacy protections are dead (theverge)


  Inside the mind of the investor

Despite the considerable political uncertainty across the world, our latest global survey of investment professionals found relatively high levels of optimism about global economic growth prospects. Nearly half of the 554 investors and analysts who responded to our online survey expect global economic growth prospects to improve over the next 12 months a higher percentage than last year.

Doing business in uncertain time (pwc)


  500 years of distortion

For almost 500 years, the Mercator projection has been the norm for maps of the world, ubiquitous in atlases, pinned on peeling school walls. Mercator’s distortions affect continents as well as nations. For example, South America is made to look about the same size as Europe, when in fact it is almost twice as large, and Greenland looks roughly the size of Africa when it is actually about 14 times smaller.

Rewriting the historical & socio-political message (theguardian)


  Alzheimer prediction finds its Genetic test

Scientists have developed a new genetic test for Alzheimer’s risk that can be used to predict the age at which a person will develop the disease. A high score on the test, which is based on 31 genetic markers, can translate to being diagnosed many years earlier than those with a low-risk genetic profile. Those ranked in the top 10% in terms of risk were more than three times as likely to develop Alzheimer’s during the course of the study.

Polygenic hazard score test (plos)


  Quantum devices: to be put to use

Everything in the natural world can be described by quantum mechanics. Born a century ago, this theory is the rule book for what happens at atomic scales, providing explanations for everything from the layout of the periodic table to the zoo of particles spraying out of atom-smashers. It has guided the development of everyday technologies from lasers to MRI machines and put a solid foundation under astrophysicists’ musings about unknowables such as the interiors of black holes and the dawn of the universe.

Here, there and everywhere (economist)


  Tech. vision 2017

The digital revolution we’re part of today isn’t a cold, dystopian future of robots controlling the world. Rather, it’s an age of human empowerment. It’s about us designing technology that conforms itself to people, putting us firmly in control of our own fate. No longer are we waiting and wondering how the latest advances will change things; we’re shaping the world to fit our needs, large and small.

The era of the intelligent enterprise (accenture)


  The recovery of damaged nerve syst.

Transplantation of OECs is emerging as a promising approach for treating injuries to both the PNS and the CNS. OEC transplantation has led to successful outcomes in both animals and humans with spinal cord injury. Animal studies of spinal cord injuries showed that OECs can survive and migrate long distances into the injury site, reduce scar tissue and cavity formation, restore breathing and climbing function and improve hindlimb mobility.

Olfactory enseathing cells implications (mdepi)


  Biotech & EU healthcare

Biotechnology is the use of living systems or organisms in the creation of industrial products. A biologic medical product is manufactured in a living system such as a microorganism, plant or animal cells. According to a report published (September 2016) by the European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE), biologic medicines have truly transformative potential, offering cures to patients when previously at best clinical signs could be treated.

How to stimulate competition ? (euractiv)


  The brand system before business

I’ve learned a lot from the development of NameLayer, and I’m ready to divulge every trick in my arsenal. In this guide, I provide realistic solutions to the frustrations encountered when naming a company. Plus, I’ll have some fun analyzing both good and bad company names.

Naming your business (thenextweb)


  Intel Security's CHIPSEC

Intel Security has released a tool that allows users to check if their computer's low-level system firmware has been modified and contains unauthorized code. The release comes after CIA documents leaked Tuesday revealed that the agency has developed EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) rootkits for Apple's Macbooks. A rootkit is a malicious program that runs with high privileges - typically in the kernel.

New Tool for EFI rootkits (csoonline)


  Developpement of new antibiotics

The scope of the current work was to identify the most important resistant bacteria at a global level for which there is an urgent need for new treatments. Mycobacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the cause of human tuberculosis), was not subjected to review for inclusion in this prioritization exercise as it is already a globally established priority for which innovative new treatments are urgently needed.

Guide for Research (who)


  The global economic order by 2050

This kind of long-term view, looking beyond short-term economic and political cycles, is par ticularly useful for policymakers and businesses in areas like pensions, healthcare, energy and climate change, transport, housing and other types of infrastructure investment. here is no silver bullet to address these concerns. They require determined efforts by governments to boost the quality of education and training, and address perceived unfairness through well-targeted fiscal policies.

Market flexibility and volatility (pwc)


  Hidden dangers in busy pools

Urine contains many nitrogenous compounds such as urea, ammonia, amino acids, and creatinine. These compounds can react with disinfectants (e.g., chlorine) in swimming pools to form DBPs, including trihalomethanes, haloacetic acids, haloamines, and halonitro-methanes., Exposure to volatile DBPs, specifically trichloramine, in indoor swimming facilities can lead to eye and respiratory irritation and has been linked to occupational asthma.

Health issues (acs)


  The USG is Good, not Bad

The USG is a firewall for your USB ports. It connects between your computer and an untrusted USB device. The USG isolates BadUSB devices from your computer, while still passing through the data you need. The USG's firmware is fully open and auditable, so you can trust it. And when you use a USG, you no longer have to trust the opaque firmware of dubious origin running on every USB device you own.

Antivirus will not save you (github)


  HR and business leaders

Robotics, AI, sensors, and cognitive computing have gone mainstream, along with the open talent economy. Companies can no longer consider their workforce to be only the employees on their balance sheet, but must include freelancers, “gig economy” workers, and crowds. These on and off-balancesheet workers are being augmented with machines and software.

Global human capital trends (deloitte)


  Lessons from the stress test

Over the last 20 months, the EU has come under a great deal of criticism regarding its response to the refugee crisis. From outside of Europe, the EU has been accused of a lack of political will and common purpose. However, the external criticism was exceeded by far by the opposition from some of the Member States and its exag - gerated depiction as a policy of non-compliance by some of the media.

Fighting the root causes (kas)

  Best Available Techniques update

Unless otherwise stated, references to ‘the Directive’ in this document refer to Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament and the Council on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control). Forum members have nominated technical experts constituting the technical working group(TWG) that was the main source of information for drafting this document.

Final Draft 2017 (jrc)


  How Firefox-52 switch to WebAssembly ?

Instead of receiving JavaScript code that Firefox needs to interpret, WebAssembly allows developers to pre-compile their code into low-level, machine-ready instructions that Firefox can run right away after finishing the download. With WebAssembly, web pages become both faster, but also more powerful, allowing developers to deliver more complex and optimized code to web users.

More faster & secure (bleepingcomputer)


  Is the AI future of growth?

Economists have always thought of new technologies as driving growth through their ability to enhance TFP. This made sense for the technologies that we have seen until now. The great technological breakthroughs over the last century electricity, railways and IT boosted productivity dramatically but did not create entirely new workforces.

The new factor of production (accenture)


  Advanced Analytics

The stakes are higher than ever. In an era of widespread business disruption, leaders aren’t using advanced analytics to simply improve existing activities—the strategic use of data is transforming traditional process driven organizations to help them become more competitive, increase revenues and profits, reduce risk, and guide them to new initiatives.

High stakes & High rewards (forbes)


  FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs

The report highlights some of the office’s top achievements in 2016, including meeting Generic Drug User Fee Act (GDUFA) performance goals, which were established by he Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act of 2012 (FDASIA). These goals included the agency taking a first action on 90% of the 2866 ANDAs and 1873 post-approval studies (PASs) in process with FDA or industry prior to GDUFA enactment on October 1, 2012.

2016 Annual Report


  How does TransferWise work ?

TransferWise is an online money transfer service, which allows you to transfer money up to 8 times cheaper than with the bank & even enbeded with Facebook. The technology is based on a peer-to-peer system. If someone wants to convert their pounds to euros, TransferWise’s technology finds someone who wants to transfer money in the opposite direction (euros into pounds).

Is it safe? (telegraph)


  Rare cancers exploration

The increasing occurrences of rare diseases has raised concern in Europe and policymakers are now stepping up efforts to address the situation. Some five to 8,000 rare diseases currently affect 6-8% of the population in the EU today between 27 and 36 million people according to estimates. Rare cancers, those with fewer than five cases out of 10,000, belong to this category.

Cracking the code  (euractiv)              US' list of orphan drugs in pipeline (phrma)


  CRISPR patent battle

The battle over who has the rights to the gene-editing technology has been a long and tumultuous one for both parties. It began in May 2012 when Berkeley researcher Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier, of the University of Vienna, filed for a patent for CRISPR-Cas9. The pair later published a paper on CRISPR in the journal Science.

Patent trial (broadinstitute)


  Neural network computing

For all the improvements in computer technology over the years, we still struggle to recreate the low-energy, elegant processing of the human brain. Now, researchers at Stanford University and Sandia National Laboratories have made an advance that could help computers mimic one piece of the brain’s efficient design – an artificial version of the space over which neurons communicate, called a synapse.

A new organic artificial synapse (stanford)


  Most Innovative Companies

When Fast Company’s first Most Innovative Companies list came out, Snapchat didn’t exist. Neither did Airbnb or Uber, Slack or Spotify. The rise of these businesses illuminates the risks that established industries face, and how tastes in modern culture are shifting faster than ever. Younger consumers expect newer, better products all the time.

10 lessons from 10 years (fastcompany)


  Between wrong and useful

The system model must be as close to the actual system as possible. The problem model must be as close to the actual problem as possible. However, this cannot be done. Thus, the problem model is an incomplete construct. Furthermore, the solution must match the problem construct.; thus, the solution derived from the incomplete problem model is also incomplete.

The incomplete solution (qualitydigest)


  The recruiting problem was founded by Mickiewicz, Douglas Feirstein, and Allan Grant. If you follow startups you probably recognize all of their names. Mickiewicz is known for co-founding 99designs, Feirstein for founding, and Grant for co-founding Curebit. The idea for came out of their own need for talent when their individual companies scaled.

IT workers shortage (techrepublic)


  Microsoft Starts Up

The Beijing Accelerator and others like it around the world represent the culmination of a strategy that Microsoft has pursued for about a decade. During this time, Microsoft has rolled out a series of ambitious partnerships with startups. The business case is clear: Engaging with startups enables a large corporation such as Microsoft to tap into exciting innovations just getting off the ground.

The tech giant’s partnership (strategy-business)


  How to meet camel meat ?

To understand how Australia became the world’s No. 1 source for camel meat — soothing the culinary homesickness of thousands of Somalis in Minnesota along the way — you have to understand why camels are a problem in the Outback: They’re totally feral, and have caused huge headaches. In the mid-1800s, the British introduced one-humped Arabian camels from Pakistan and India to help with transport across the vast, arid landscape of Australia.

The environmental benefits (thefern)


  Mobile Data Traffic Forecast

Global mobile data traffic grew 63 percent in 2016. Global mobile data traffic reached 7.2 exabytes per month at the end of 2016, up from 4.4 exabytes per month at the end of 2015. With the proliferation of mobile and portable devices, there is an imminent need for networks to allow all these devices to be connected transparently, with the network providing high-performance computing and delivering enhanced real-time video and multimedia.

Cisco Visual Networking Index (cisco)


  ITF Transport

The "ITF Transport Outlook" provides an overview of recent trends and near-term prospects for the transport sector at a global level. It also presents long-term projections for transport demand to 2050 for freight (maritime, air and surface) and passenger transport (car, rail and air) as well as related CO2 emissions, under different policy scenarios.

Outlook 2017 (keepeek)


  Algorithm Age: Pros & Cons

Algorithms are aimed at optimizing everything. They can save lives, make things easier and conquer chaos. Still, experts worry they can also put too much control in the hands of corporations and governments, perpetuate bias, create filter bubbles, cut choices, creativity and serendipity, and could result in greater unemployment.

The Code-Dependent (pewresearch)


  West Antarctica

Increased flow of Thwaites Glacier (TWG) is responsible for around half of the ice-sheet mass loss from this sector; in response to these large changes, NSF’s AGASEA and NASA’s Ice-Bridge programmes have flown extensive surveys measuring ice thickness and bed elevation in this area, with the twin goals of measuring mass-balance changes and enabling accurate ice-flow modelling for the region.

Subglacial lake drainage connection (the-cryosphere)


  Tesla-Powered Battery Bank

The basics are familiar: Tesla built batteries for a 20-megawatt power facility in Ontario, California. The project, in part a response to failures of supplemental gas-powered power plants, will allow Southern California Edison to store and release power throughout the day, helping balance the system and make it more efficient. Power stored during the day can be released in evening hours, when energy is most needed (and most expensive).

Five Questions (smithsonianmag)


  Technology Roadmap in Chem. Indus.

This roadmap focuses on the role of catalytic processes in reducing energy use and GHG emissions in the chemical sector. Around 90% of chemical processes use catalysts for efficient production. Catalysis is an important source of technology-based efficiency improvement potential; indeed, this work shows an energy savings potential approaching 13 exajoules (EJ) by 2050.

Energy and GHG reductions (icca-chem)


  Inside the mind of the CEO

Globalisation and technology have jointly enabled a massive increase in trade and financial flows and global online traffic. This level of interconnectivity has raised engagement with stakeholders and forced society to think about how information is accessed and consumed. Increased transparency demands a new way of communicating, a higher level of accountability, an elevated approach to leadership.

What’s next ? (pwc)


  Germany's natural resources management

Natural resources include all components of the natural world. These comprise renewable (biotic) and non-renew- able (abiotic) raw materials, physical space, area/land, environmental media i. e. water, soil and air, flow resources such as geothermal energy, wind power, tidal and solar energy, and all living organisms. This report observes and analyses data relating to extraction of used and unused materials.

Resources data & Environmental impacts (umweltbundesamt)


  Is-it time to stop using antivirus?

The problem, from the perspective of the browser makers, is that antivirus software is incredibly invasive. Antivirus, in an attempt to catch viruses before they can infect your system, forcibly hooks itself into other pieces of software on your computer, such as your browser, word processor, or even the OS kernel. You should certainly be aware that using antivirus software doesn't necessarily make your computer any more secure.

Antivirus software invasivity (arstechnica)


  Business capabilities: 3D opportunity

Additive manufacturing (AM) has existed for decades, largely used for prototyping or building demonstration models. More recently, driven in part by the advent of the Industry 4.0, a wider understanding of AM’s value potential in product manufacturing, supply chain configuration, and new business models has emerged.

Beyond the AM machinery (deloitte)


  Which tech. behind smart glasses ?

This is how the smart glasses work: a distance sensor in the bridge of the glasses uses infrared light to calculate the distance between the glasses and an object. The sensor then tells “actuators” to reshape how the liquid lenses are curved. Changing how the liquid lenses are curved allows the smart glasses to focus on whatever the wearer is looking at.

Adaptive eyeglass application (osapublishing)


  2017 State of Cloud

One of the surprising findings of the survey was that 85% of respondents reported using more than one cloud supplier and Emison concluded that number is likely to increase. At the same time, a majority of respondents said they hadn't adopted software that orchestrates workloads or manages their cloud operations, indicating future cloud deployments will impose increasing complexity and amount to a new management problem.

From public or hybrid to private claoud (informationweek)


  Nordic low-carbon energy transition

The five Nordic countries have aggressive climate and energy policies in place and have already emerged to be leaders in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Denmark is renowned for its pioneering use of wind energy, Finland and Sweden bioenergy, Norway hydroelectricity and Iceland geothermal energy. All countries aim to be virtually “ fossil free ” by 2050.

Renewable energy deployment (sciencedirect)


  Almost here: Autonomous Ships

Rolls-Royce anticipate that the first commercial vessel to navigate entirely by itself could be a harbor tug or a ferry designed to carry cars the short distance across the mouth of a river or a fjord and that it or similar ships will be in commercial operation within the next few years. And we expect fully autonomous oceangoing cargo ships to be routinely plying the world’s seas in 10 or 15 years’ time.

Robotic ships in sight (ieee)


  How will the future unfold?

We are now entering an exciting, unprecedented time in technology – with the pace of change and innovation continuing to accelerate. We are poised to drive the biggest change since the dawn of the information age. Technology will continue to transform the way we work and live, raising many questions about both opportunities and challenges.

Technology vision 2017 (accenture)


  NRAM set to spark a 'holy war'

A non-volatile memory technology based on carbon nanotubes that's poised for commercialization in 2018 is expected to be more disruptive to enterprise storage, servers and consumer electronics than flash memory, according to a new report from BCC Research. "It is rare to see a technology catch fire after so long in development, but NRAM appears poised to do just that".

From silicon to carbon-based memory (computerworld)


  UK' tidal lagoon

A UK programme A UK programme of tidal lagoons at full-scale will focus on the two areas with ideal conditions for tidal lagoon infrastructure: the Severn Estuary and Liverpool Bay & the Irish Sea. The hyper-tidal ranges of the Severn Estuary reach up to 14m on a spring tide. The high tidal ranges of Liverpool Bay & the Irish Sea reach up to 10m on a spring tide.

The industrial opportunity (tidallagoonpower)


  Global wage report 2016/17

While the previous report in this series examined wage and income inequality from the perspective of households, this year’s Global Wage Report turns to enterprise-level dynamics. More specifically, the report analyses the extent to which overall wage inequality is the result of wage inequality between enterprises and wage inequality within enterprises.

Wage inequality in the workplace (ilo)


  2017 TMT's evolution

As the pace of technological change becomes exponentially faster, it is increasingly difficult to identify the major trends that could have profound effects on enterprises and consumers. To help address this challenge, we’re pleased to offer the 2017 version of Predictions from Deloitte Global, designed to provide insight into what may offer disruption and growth opportunities across the technology, media and telecommunications ecosystems.

From smart tech. to media (deloitte)


  Immigration as survival strategy

For the first time in human history not only individuals but humanity as a whole is ageing. Germans and Europeans, however, are particularly far advanced on this path. Together with the Japanese, they represent the oldest populations in the world. Besides the low birth rate, this is also due to a steep rise in life expectancy since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Questions vs Answers (kas)


  Outsourcing contracts: AI in IT & RPA

IT service providers are increasingly using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence capabilities, but their customers may not be reaping the full benefits. Many existing IT and business process outsourcing deals did not anticipate the introduction of new technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA).

11 ways to address them (cio)


  Making sanitation a political priority

Most of the urban discussion, including on urban sanitation, is focused on capital cities. Yet, in less developed countries, more than half of all urban residents live in smaller cities of one million inhabitants or less (UNDESA, 2014). These smaller, but rapidly expanding, cities face specific development challenges, often having weaker political autonomy and more limited financial resources than the capital.

The urban sanitation problem (odi)


  Building a decentralized infrastructure

Blockstack received $4 million in funding from USV and others this month to try to establish that more open playing field. The startup is working on open-source software that will create a kind of parallel universe to the Web we know—one where users have more control of their data. Later this year, Blockstack will release software that lets you surf sites and apps created for this new digital domain using your existing Web browser.

How to control your own digital identity ? (technologyreview)


  Our era of living services

Living Services respond by wrapping around us, constantly learning more about our needs, intents and preferences, so that they can flex and adapt to make themselves more relevant, engaging and useful. Consumers demand this now as the standards are being set by the best of breed across the entirety of their experiences, not restricted by sector—hence liquid expectations.

What are living services? (fjordnet)


  Pharma: Balancing the R&D equation

The pharmaceutical industry continues to face regulatory and reimbursement hurdles weighing on the research and development returns of pharmaceutical firms this year. The seventh annual pharmaceutical innovation study by the Deloitte UK Centre for Health Solutions looks at the challenges the industry faces in generating returns from its R&D investments.

The main factors (deloitte)


  Tech Crypto: 2016 in Review

The biggest practical development in crypto for 2016 is Transport Layer Security version 1.3. TLS is the most important and widely used cryptographic protocol and is the backbone of secure Internet communication; you're using it right now to read this blog! After years of work by hundreds of researchers and engineers, the new TLS design is now considered final from a cryptography standpoint.

The speed of TLS 1.3 (eff)


  Hospital Mortality and Readmission Rates

Using a national sample of hospitalized Medicare beneficiaries, we found that patients who receive care from female general internists have lower 30-day mortality and readmission rates than do patients cared for by male internists. These findings suggest that the differences in practice patterns between male and female physicians, as suggested in previous studies, may have important clinical implications for patient outcomes.

Male vs Female physicians (jamanetwork)


  Smalltalk: to software creation

It's an excellent instructional language for teaching programming to people who have no technical background. It's a superlative prototyping language for startups. It's an industrial-strength enterprise language used by businesses both big and small all around the globe. There are good reasons to consider using modern Smalltalk today, since much has changed in recent years to improve its prospects.

Why he is still very relevant? (techbeacon)


  Machine learning algorithms

The brain is composed of billions of interconnected neurons that are constantly firing, passing signals from one neuron to another. Together, they allow us to do incredible things such as recognize faces, patterns, and most importantly, think. the actual explanation is much more complicated than this, but since we’re using computers to simulate a brain, we only need to copy the idea of how a brain works.

How to mim the human's brain (berkeley)


  Tech 2016: 5 successful business

In a year full of exciting announcements and releases, only a handful of companies managed to make a splash and catch the attention of tech aficionados across the globe. This is our roundup of the most influential companies of 2016. For example Alphabet subsidiary Google laid out an ambitious plan for the rest of 2016 at its flagship Google I/O conference, which it hosted earlier in May.

Who stole the spotlight this year?  (thenextweb)


  Lights for the Enlightened

A major program of the IEEE Foundation, Smart Village grew out of a 2009 initiative to promote sustainable electrification in the developing world. It aims to reach more than 50 million people over the next decade. “But we have to do it sustainably,” says Ray Larsen, one of the group’s cofounders and an engineer at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.

Engineering trek in the Himalayas (ieee)


  From dumb lift to smart one

ThyssenKrupp's new $43 million elevator test tower soars 246 meters (808 ft) above the German town of Rottweil, but the company's lifts chief is not only thinking vertically. Dubbed by ThyssenKrupp as the MULTI, the new machine is just one way manufacturers including Switzerland's Schindler, United Technologies' Otis and Finland's Kone are re-imagining the 150-year-old passenger elevator.

Thinking outside the box (reuters)


  The future of industries

The Technological change is creating historic shifts in industry footprints. Over the next ten years, we think this process will accelerate. Traditional industry classifications will need to be rewritten. Where industry boundaries begin, where they end and who are the main players will all be up for grabs in a number of sectors.

Bringing down the walls (pwc)


  Optogenetics benefits for neuroscientists

In the last decade, the field of neuroscience has been transformed by newfound capabilities to control and monitor neuronal biochemistry with light, using a suite of techniques collectively referred to as optogenetics. The unifying feature of these experiments is their use of either light-sensitive ‘actuator’ proteins or light-emitting ‘sensor’ proteins.

Delivering optical stimuli to neurons (biochemist)


  Empowering students to find jobs

Udacity works with its corporate partners to create courses intended to produce job candidates with skills those same companies find in short supply, such as machine learning and mobile app development. More than 30 companies, such as Intel and Samsung, have signed up with Udacity as “hiring partners” that gain access to graduating students before they hit the wider job market.

A gateway to a new job (technologyreview)


  IT Security Survey 2016-17

Key events such as the increase The state of cyber resilience in digital innovation, expansion of connected products, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, changing regulatory landscape, repeated financial crises, catastrophic product failures, terrorist attacks and the explosion in cybercrime are just a few examples of why organizations needed to evolve their defensive and protective measures.

Path to cyber resilience (ey)


  A Smart Window

Materials have always enabled new technologies. There would be no information age without silicon, no cell phones without vibrating ceramics, no commercial aviation industry without high-strength aluminum alloys, no skyscrapers without steel girders, and no solar energy without photovoltaic materials. About 20% of the energy consomtion was used to heat, cool, and light residential and commercial buildings.

To Sustainable Development (qualitydigest)


  How to kill chinease deal ?

The intervention in a Chinese company’s bid to buy a German semiconductor company, Aixtron, comes after Chinese companies have spent billions to acquire technology in Europe and the United States. American officials have increasingly moved to stop such deals, but Chinese companies have shown growing adeptness in getting around those restrictions to strike up relationships that could someday lead to greater access to technology.

Getting around restrictions (nytimes)


  NgAgo gene-editing controversy

Gene-editing techniques that precisely disable or modify very specific sections of a genome have taken the biomedical world by storm. The technique described by Han’s team is one of several proposed alternatives to the most popular one, CRISPR–Cas9. The paper urges Han’s team to “clarify the uncertainty surrounding NgAgo and provide all the necessary details for replicating the initial, very important results”.

Replication failure (nature)


  Using a consistency chart

It is always a mistake to adjust or recalibrate a measurement process unless you have clear indication from a consistency chart that an adjustment is needed. In the absence of such a signal the measurements are already as consistent as they can be, and any adjustments to the measurement process will merely increase the variation in the measurements.

The measurement Systems (qualitydigest)


  How to win customer experience?

Every consumer wants a different experience when shopping and that ’experience’ has become the differentiating factor for many successful business models. However, businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to predict what consumers want as their expectations continue to change. Businesses need to become more agile and flexible to respond to consumer demands in real time.

A tool for differentiation (deloitte)


  2017: 10 strategic tech. trends

Today, a digital stethoscope has the ability to record and store heartbeat and respiratory sounds. Tomorrow, the stethoscope could function as an “intelligent thing” by collecting a massive amount of such data, relating the data to diagnostic and treatment information, and building an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered doctor assistance app to provide the physician with diagnostic support in real-time.

The intelligent future (gartner)


  Firms’ operations siting decisions ?

In the modern era, siting decisions for pharmaceutical production operations have been primarily driven by factors such as limiting tax exposure, access to talent, and surety of supply chains. However, an additional decision consideration appears to be taking the lead for some companies: ease of technology transfer through proximity to their dug development and research base.

How to optimize the facilities’ location ? (areadevelopment)


  2016 Breakthrough Prizes

The Breakthrough Prizes, now in their fifth year, are the richest science awards on earth. They are worth $3 million to each winner, more than double the $1.2 million that comes with the Nobel Prizes. The awards, which total $25 million this year, are one of a number of mega-prizes for research that have been launched in recent years by wealthy donors.

The awards (washingtonpost)


  Excellence & equity in education

PISA is not only an accurate indicator of students’ abilities to participate fully in society after compulsory school, but also a powerful tool that countries and economies can use to fine-tune their education policies. There is no single combination of policies and practices that will work for everyone, everywhere. Every country has room for improvement, even the top performers.

PISA 2015 results (oecd)


  AMR investigation

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in bacteria particularly that observed to ant i microbials used to treat infections in humans and animals is a major public health issue. This is due to the risk of treatment failure that could lead to an increase in duration of illness and, even death, of individuals and animals with infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant bacteria.

Risk assessment of exposure (food)


  Public service & Emerging tech.

Research, based on a survey of public service technology leaders in nine countries (Australia, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S.), reveals that intelligent technologies are already playing a pivotal role in helping agencies achieve their mission – and expectations of future gains are high. Technology is only one part of a wider program of profound change.

Smart move (accenture)


  Medical technology report 2016

The very definition of “medtech” continues to evolve. While there is clear demand for therapeutic focus and real-world data collection, companies’ strategic responses vary tremendously. Some continue to pursue innovative business models, bolstering therapeutic depth with new digital or service capabilities, often gained by innovative partnerships.

Pulse of the industry (ey)


  From Waste to Cooking Fuel

Research by the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment, and Health concluded that the electricity generated from the world’s collective human feces could power up to 138 million households. And that’s where Sanivation steps in—providing an alternative cooking-fuel source to local small businesses and restaurants.

Expanding to the household market (iee)


  Insight in Nanog's reproduction

The transcription factor Nanog plays a crucial role in the self-renewal of embryonic stem cells. Previously unclear was how its protein abundance is regulated in the cells. Researchers at the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technical University of Munich, working in collaboration with colleagues from ETH Zürich, now report in ‘Cell Systems’ that the more Nanog there is on hand, the less reproduction there is.

Stem cell factor Nanog regulation (innovations-report)


  How to empower your developers & engineers ?

When the box from HelloFresh arrives at your doorstep with recipes and ingredients for 3 to 5 well-balanced gourmet meals for you to make at home, it may feel like this service was designed just for you. But to deliver more than 800,000 subscribers HelloFresh has relied upon an internally developed business intelligence system backed by a mix of a relational database and key value storage for pre-calculated data, built on PHP.

Moving your analytics to Hadoop (informationweek)


  Undermining value-based purchasing

In 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced a goal of linking at least 50% of Medicare spending to value-based payment models such as accountable care organizations.1 Health care providers are now scrambling to reorganize in a way that delivers value while preserving or enhancing commercial success. Although it’s not yet clear how providers will respond to value-based payment models.

Lessons from the Pharma. Industry (nejm)


  Disruptive tech. barometer

Strategic agility is essential ingredient in a world where markets can transform in a very short timescale. Many tech businesses admit that a failure to adapt quickly to trends has cost them dearly. Neither are they leveraging the potential of partners like vendors and/or consultants who could help them move faster and more decisively.

Disrupting the disruptors (kpmg)


  Taxes outlook in 2017

The study measures the amount of tax that the case study company bears and the time and effort required to deal with preparing and filing its tax returns. We can now look at trends in these measures over an eleven year period. In addition, this year, for the first time, the study includes a ‘post- filing index’ which measures certain processes that might take place after a tax return has been filed.

The best performing economies (pwc)


  David vs. Goliath, ver. 2016

Several years ago Microsoft decided to overhaul the Windows platform. Ostensibly this was in the name of better ease of usage, security, performance and so on. Behind the scenes what Microsoft was up to was elegantly seizing niche markets: squeezing independent developers out of them, taking their place, and offering users their own products, which in many cases were in no way better.

From Eugene Kapersky Blog


  Fiber lasers capture market share

You don’t have to look too far to find the reasons for the growth of fiber lasers for production applications. On price per watt, beam quality, electrical consumption, and maintainability required, fiber lasers typically score the lowest on the cost side and very high on the performance side. Applications continue to expand from the most basic laser machine alignment to traditional cutting, welding, drilling, and marking.

Applications (advancedmanufacturing)


  Metals and mining outlook

Having invested heavily into new capacity during the upcycle, many metals and mining operations are now keenly searching for new growth opportunities to help absorb some of their spare production capacity. Yet while metals executives can (and will) invest into lower- cost locations to consolidate their operations, mining organizations will likely continue to struggle with high fixed costs and footprints.

Challenging the environment (kpmg)


  Wide impacts of trade in services

What is the role of trade in services in economic transformation and what can be done to improve the contribution? This report seeks to answer these questions by reviewing what is known about the relationships between trade in services and economic development and identifying areas for further research, quantifying how these relationships work and exploring short case studies where countries have actively promoted exports of services.

Services role in the economy (odi)


  Global energy and climate outlook

While this report focuses on the cost of mitigation policies, the JRC is also carrying out research relat ed to detailed bottom-up evaluation of costs of climate change impacts and adaptation. Policies envisaging a shift away from fossil fuels will entail also a transformation of the structure of production and consumption. As as result, mitigation policies will have an impact on macroeconomic variables.

GECO 2016 (


  4Tracks to market leadership

Different industries have different patterns of market leadership; only if you understand the particular pattern in your industry can you position your company effectively. Apple and Spotify took over their industry not by disrupting it and changing it entirely, but by recognizing and working with the dynamics that were already there. And certain companies in every industry are poised to do the same.

How to Choose the right approach ? (strategy-business)


  The future of clinical trials?

In common with many areas in pharma, drug development is in a state of constant change. The emergence of disruptive technologies combined with the powerful push towards patient-centricity are forcing companies to shake off inertia and consider radical new models. One such model would have been unthinkable a decade ago but now, interest in clinical trials taking place outside the clinic is growing exponentially.

Siteless (eyeforpharma)


  Open Doors 2016

According to the 2016 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange data released by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in partnership with the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the number of international students at U.S. colleges and universities surpassed one million for the first time during the 2015-16 academic year.

Studying abroad (iie)


  2016 Global impact report

Organizations around the world face common challenges. The confluence of technology, changing social norms, and the democratization of information and technology is highly disruptive. Economic volatility and uncertainty is creating financial risk in certain corners of the globe. Geopolitical changes continue to reshape the global marketplace.

From headwinds to tailwinds (deloitte)


  Urinary tract infection

The clinical syndromes comprising urinary tract infection (UTI) continue to exert signi fi cant impact on millions of patients worldwide, most of whom are other- wise healthy women. Antibiotic therapy for acute cystitis does not prevent recurrences, which plague up to one fourth of women after an initial UTI. In this review, we highlight contemporary advances in the field of UTI pathogenesis.

Pathogenesis & Outlook (cell)


  Restart of the EU sustainability policy

In addition to the economic transformation towards a low-carbon economy, sustainable development also requires long-term profound economic and social changes (transformation) in climate adaptation, particularly in the case of increased climate change. Against the background of the establishment of a long-term strategic framework at EU level that also provides the impulse for national strategies implementing SDGs.

Sustainable Development Goals at EU level (umweltbundesamt)


  Numerical simulation at the heart of organisation

Today's fast-paced developpment of new technologies and products is quite remarkable. To remain competitive, businesses focus on design innovation. Many organizations rely on mathematical modeling and numerical simulation to get their designs right, or as close to real-world ready as possible, early in the development cycle. The benefi ts they have found are many, including shorter time to market and higher quality products.

Mulityphisics simulation (IEEE)


  China’s transformation & integration

China’s traditional monopolies, state-run utilities and public services are gradually becoming accessible to private and even foreign investment. This opens new channels for foreign direct investment (FDI) into China, and provides Chinese outbound investors with the opportunity to form valuable synergies and linkages between their domestic and overseas are three critical aspects of China’s socioeconomic development strategy.

Opportunities for Chinese & foreign businesses (kpmg)


  Wild tech world's payments

The PwC Market Research Centre estimates that the number of non-cash transactions will grow by 69% from 2013 to 2020, which would represent over one million transactions happening every minute. However, new industry entrants, the so-called FinTechs, significantly disrupt the traditional payments business and pose serious threats. Pressure from the interchange regulation will result in revenue losses for card issuers.

Payments under siege (pwc)


  Learning to protect communication

We ask whether neural networks can learn to use secret keys to protect information from other neural networks. Specifically, we focus on ensuring confidentiality properties in a multiagent system, and we specify those properties in terms of an adversary. We demonstrate that the neural networks can learn how to perform forms of encryption and decryption.

How Google's "AIs" invent their own crypto? (arxiv)


  Contracts for adaptive programming

The idea that development actors should experiment, learn and adapt is hard to disagree with. But how can this approach, referred to here as adaptive programming, be delivered through contractual arrangements with implementation partners? This paper surveys a branch of economics known as contract theory, with the objective of drawing attention to viewing adaptive programming from a contracting perspective.

From theory & design to implementation (odi)


  How "NO(x)" could trigger headache

Nitrates, such as cardiac therapeutics and food additives, are common headache triggers, with nitric oxide playing an important role. Facultative anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity may contribute migraine-triggering levels of nitric oxide through the salivary nitrate-nitrite-nitric oxide pathway. Using high-throughput sequencing technologies, we detected observable and significantly higher abundances of nitrate, nitrite, and nitric oxide reductase genes in migraineurs versus nonmigraineurs people.

Oral microbes in the American gut (asm)


  Abuses of OpenSSH Vulnerability

Akamai Technologies, the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, published new research from the company’s Threat Research team. Akamai researchers Ory Segal and Ezra Caltum have identified a recent spate of attacks whereby attackers are using Internet of Things (IoT) devices to remotely generate attack traffic by using a 12-year old vulnerability in OpenSSH, which we are calling SSHowDowN Proxy.

From IoT to internal network compromise (akamai)


  Where growth will come from ?

The rise of populist parties across the globe has become a rising concern for executives. Nearly as many executives regard this as the most important risk to their business as cite capital market volatility. Companies are contending with growing uncertainty about tax policy, doubts about the direction of trade policy and fears about the return of national protectionism.

The top challenge to business strategies (ey)


  Software, the invisible tech.

The cannibalization of software defies easy explanation. Software is the motor of the world’s digital economy. Over the past 20 years, the program as artifact has vanished. Software battles now occur over platforms, which define an experience such as shopping (Amazon), searching (Google), or networking (LinkedIn). But software supremacy is neither the aim nor the result of the new game.

Software is eating the world & itself (ieee)


  The future of the logistics industry

New technology, new market entrants, new customer expectations, and new business models. There are many ways the sector could develop to meet these challenges, some evolutionary, others more revolutionary. In this paper we discuss four key areas of disruption logistics companies need to focus on now, and explore some possible futures of the industry.

Risks vs opportunity (pwc)


  The Space Surveillance Telescope

For years, the Pentagon has been worried about the collisions that might be caused by an estimated 500,000 pieces of debris, taking out enormously valuable satellites and, in turn, creating even more debris. On Tuesday, the Defense Department took another significant step toward monitoring all of the cosmic junk swirling around in space, by delivering a gigantic new telescope capable of seeing small objects from very far away.

How to monitor flying objects ? (washingtonpost)


  Clean up energy innovation

Two global partnerships were proposed in 2015 to push governments to make the massive investments required: Mission Innovation and the Global Apollo Programme. Mission Innovation has got countries to pledge to do more R&D on clean energy. But it is not binding and its targets are open to interpretation, being ‘bottom up’ and voluntary.

Smoke and mirrors (nature)


  Social bots invasion

Social bots are software robots programmed by humans. They collect information and data, but also systematically introduce trends and key topics into social media without users being aware of it. The influencing potential the so-called “bot effect” is theoretically very large, but difficult to prove empirically. It is becoming ever more difficult to distinguish bots from real people. Bots operate with fake profiles, pretending to be human.

What does the future hold? (kas)


  Theranos' hurdle

Theranos will close down its facilities in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and California. This is in order to focus on rebuilding its practices after multiple regulatory investigations. Moreover, a new executive team will lead the work. Various agendas taken up by this team are obtaining FDA clearances, pursuing publications in scientific journals and building commercial partnerships. This information is on the official website of Theranos.

It's a matter of quality assurance (industryleadersmagazine)


  The Nano-vehicle nobel prize

Today, we are at the dawn of a new revolution that will bring us yet another giant leap forward. Human kind has always striven to push the limits of machine construction and of what machines can do, and as a consequence attempted to build miniaturised machines of ever smaller size. The ultimate limit of this endeavour is to make molecular-sized machines, a research frontier that has intrigued scientists for many years, and that has required the creation of a range of new tools.

Molecular machines (kva)


  Voice pitch & Leader choices

Spoken language is unique to humans, and it is far more complex than the communication systems of animals such as songbirds, but we too are influenced by nonverbal aspects of speech. The idea that listeners are affected not just by the words we say, but also by how we say them, should come as no surprise: We all can think of instances in which the same words said with different inflections can mean very different things.

From throat anatomy to human perception (americanscientist)


  Life in sulfide-rich environments

The regulatory role of H2S in bacterial physiology still needs to be elucidated. Yet, interestingly, in E.coli and other bacteria tested, the ability to produce H2S was shown to enhance antibiotic resistance, thereby providing an adaptive advantage. the gut microbiota is routinely exposed to high levels of H2S, similarly to many other bacteria living in sulfide rich natural habitats.

Beneficial vs toxic effects (biochemist)


  AI race at your handset

Major technology firms are racing to infuse smartphones and other internet-linked devices with software smarts that help them think like people. The effort is seen as an evolution in computing that allows users to interact with machines in natural conversation style, telling devices to tend to tasks such as ordering goods, checking traffic, making restaurant reservations or searching for information.

Tech giants race (yahoo)


  EU's media freedum hampered

Democratic processes in several EU countries are suffering from systemic failure, with the result that the basic conditions of media pluralism are not present, and, at the same time, that the distortion in media pluralism is hampering the proper functioning of democracy . The study offers a new approach to strengthening media freedom and pluralism, bearing in mind the different political and social systems of the Member States.

A comparative analysis (statewatch)


  Healthcare: It's time for UDI

In the three years since the FDA published the final regulations, most manufacturers and distributors have successfully started phasing in UDIs for their products. But few healthcare providers are able to take full advantage of the data. Intermountain has long been recognized as an IT innovator, and in the case of UDIs, it is way ahead of the curve.

Why hospitals must catch up ? (asq)


  Biomolecular Manufacturing

Rooted in genetically engineered production cell lines, biosynthesis is increasingly a mainstay for industrial drug production, protein therapeutics (Dimitrov, 2012), fuels and other commodities, 2016). However, the reliance on living cellular hosts to operate the genetic programs that underpin biosynthesis is accompanied by biosafety regulations, practical hurdles, and specialized skills that limit their operation to laboratory settings.

How to make it portable & on-demand ? (cell)


  World Bank vs Bank of Development

This report does not stop at an assessment of a particular experience. It makes actionable recommendations as to how to scale up the application of DDD (Doing development differently ) principles in the Bank, taking advantage of the more permissive policy environment and the evolving architecture of projects and country programs that now exist thanks to a series of recent reforms.

Doing development differently (odi)


  How MS outstripped Moore’s Law ?

Microsoft’s search engine is a single online service that runs across thousands of machines. Each machine is driven by a CPU, and though companies like Intel continue to improve them, these chips aren’t keeping pace with advances in software, in large part because of the new wave in artificial intelligence. Services like Bing have outstripped Moore’s Law.

Searching for More Than Bing (wired)


  Africa’s growth

Africa’s rise over the past 15 years is real; what we have witnessed has been a structural evolution rath er than cyclical change that has marked previous boom and bust periods in Africa’s postcolonial history. Although exports from many African economies remain commodity-orientated, private consumption has become a key growth driver, as has investment in infrastructure.

Meltdown or Slowdown ? (ey)


  Antimicrobial resistance in FSC

Microbial' resistance can be present in our environment, in our livestock, in our food, and in us. Antimicrobial resistance threatens the effective treatment of an increasing range of infections. It has been estimated that the global impact of AMR could be 10 million deaths annually by 2050, and cost up to US $100 trillion in cumulative lost economic output. The FSA works to protect consumer interests in relation to food.

A holistic approach (food)


  How to protect product integrity ?

Applied DNA Sciences ( Applied DNA ), Inc. (NASDAQ: APDN), a provider of DNA - based supply chain, anti - counterfeiting, authentication , genotyping and anti - theft technologies, expanded its US cotton tagging business by 50 million pounds as part of its newly launched HomeGrown Lonestar™ program within the 2016 US cotton harvest. The cotton varietal tagged as Lonestar comes from the famous cotton territories of West Texas.

About tagging & testing (adnas)


  IBM & Apple Biz creation partnership

Apple CEO Tim Cook, who early in his career spent 12 years working for IBM, told CNBC on the day the partnership was announced that he began chatting with current IBM CEO Ginni Rometty two years prior and found some commonalities in the challenges and opportunities their two companies face. They soon assigned teams from both companies to look into ways Apple and IBM might work together.

How the (unlikely) partnership works ? (fastcompany)


  W3C & Encrypted Media Extensions

Over the past few years, the W3C has been working on implementing an HTML extension that would bring DRM to the web. The EME standard was mainly promoted by Netflix. At the time, the company was trying to eliminate the need for the Silverlight plugin, which Microsoft was about to kill. The promise of EME was that users would be able to stream Netflix videos without having to install any other plugin or app on their computers.

Making the legal illegal (tomshardware)


  Deep learning for network

TensorFlow is an open source Python library for machine learning. It does mathematical computation using dataflow graphs. This article dwells on the use of TensorFlow as a forensic tool for classifying and predicting malware sourced from honeypots and honeynets. Machine learning has core tasks associated with classification and recognition, which are usually related to artificial intelligence.

Prominent soft computing approaches (opensourceforu)


  Realtime Li-Fi for Industry 4.0

Industrial 4.0 has already been introduced in many companies. In the »intelligent factories« of tomorrow, processes will be fully automated and manufacturing and logistics will become increasingly computerized. Therefore, more and more sensors, machines and control units must communicate with each other, which in turn leads to high amounts of data needing to be transferred.

The growing challenges of industrial networks (fraunhofer)


  Paradigm shift in technology

Technology consulting firm Gartner, Inc. projects that 6.4 billion connected things will be in use worldwide this year, up 30% from last year. And this number is expected to grow by more than three times to nearly 21 billion by the year 2020. Networked devices perhaps hold the most promise to cut costs and raise efficiency in production and manufacturing, offering the work itself smarter.

where IoT can have a transformational rol? (iso)


  Trends in modular manufacturing

Modular equipment is attractive to pharmaceutical companies because it adds portability, ease of scale-up, and flexibility to facilities. As modular manufacturing becomes more popular, however, companies may face regulatory challenges, particularly when entering emerging markets. Taking a modular approach can significantly reduce time to install GMP manufacturing capacity.

New tools & approaches (pharmtech)


  Bringing accuracy to judgment

At a global financial services firm we worked with, a longtime customer accidentally submitted the same application file to two offices. Though the employees who reviewed the file were supposed to follow the same guidelines—and thus arrive at similar outcomes—the separate offices returned very different quotes. Taken aback, the customer gave the business to a competitor.

Noise vs Bias (hbr)


  Microplastics and nanoplastics in food

Microbeads are very small pieces of plastic in products such as facial scrubs and makeup. Some are visible to the naked eye, but others are as tiny as one micrometre. Conservationists have warned that they can affect fish growth and persist in the guts of mussels and fish that mistake them for food. The industry had argued that it was already phasing them out voluntarily.

Particular focus on seafood (efsa)


  Cities of Opportunity

Technology readiness frames the technological potential of a really smart city—one that “uses digital intelligence to improve citizens’ lives,” as Carlo Ratti, director of the MIT Senseable City Lab, tells us. As a group, city gateway unlocks a physical door to a fluidly interconnected world while, technological readiness opens a digital portal to it.

Ecosystem geared toward smart cities (pwc)


  Comprehensive EU-Africa cooperation

Despite further improvement in Africa as an investment location, which may be accompanied by economic stabilisation in wide areas of Africa, the demographic development in both world regions will not lead to a decrease in migration in the medium to long-term. To improve this situation, increased economic and development-policy involvement by the EU and its member states throughout Africa is required.

New start of regional integration (kas)


  NIH' effort to reverse blindness

The National Institutes of Health will fund six projects to identify biological factors that affect neural regeneration in the retina. The projects are part of the National Eye Institute (NEI) Audacious Goals Initiative (AGI), a targeted effort to restore vision by regenerating neurons and their connections in the eye and visual system. These projects will receive a total of $12.4 million over three years, pending availability of funds.

Neural regeneration (nih)


  The lack of income advancement

While the recession and slow recovery after the 2008 global financial crisis were a significant contributor to this lack of income advancement, other long-run factors played a role—and will continue to do so. They include demographic trends of aging and shrinking household sizes as well as labor-market shifts such as the falling wage share of GDP.

Poorer than their parents?   (mckinsey)


  Decommissioning of Camp Century

In 1959 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built Camp Century beneath the surface of the northwestern Greenland Ice Sheet. There they studied the feasibility of deploying ballistic missiles within the ice sheet. The base and its wastes were abandoned with minimal decommissioning in 1967, under the assumption they would be preserved for eternity by perpetually accumulating snowfall.

The abandoned ice sheet base (wiley)


  A blueprint for digital identity

Digital identity is widely recognized as the next step in identity systems. However, while many efforts are underway to solve parts of the identity challenge and create true digital identity, theres a need for a concerted and coordinated effort to build a truly trans formational digital identity system. This report will discuss different structures for identity systems and which configurations are best suited to solve different problems.

The digital identity landscape (weforum)


  Africa’s popul. will reach 2.5 Bil by 2050

The world population would hit the 10 billion mark in 2053 if the assumptions underlying PRB’s 2050 projections are applied to subsequent years. “Despite declines in fertility rates around the world, we expect population gains to remain strong enough to take us toward a global population of 10 billion”. “Significant regional differences remain, though”.

Midcentury population projections (prb)


  Human cortex & Synaptic plasticity

Why we sleep is a fundamental question. Why do we spend so much of our lives in this brain state? This work shows us that sleep is a highly active brain process and not a waste of time. The results are a boost for what is called the synaptic homeostasis hypothesis of sleep, which was developed by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003.

Data analysis (nature)


  Tech breakthroughs megatrend

The technological breakthroughs megatrend is manifesting itself in a proliferation of technologies. To remain relevant and to succeed, emerging technology strategy needs to be a part of every company’s corporate strategy. The most pertinent technologies and the corresponding strategy will of course vary from company to company; but our analysis of more than 150 emerging technologies pinpoints the eight that most C-suites should start with.

In seight: 8 emerging tech. (pwc)


  Ageing & Health

To meet the needs of ageing populations, significant changes are required in the way health systems are structured and health care is delivered. In many places, particularly in low and middle income countries, access and affordability are key barriers to care. New services and approaches will need to be developed in these settings. But globally, the services that are available are often a poor fit with the health needs of older people.

How to add health to years ? (who)


  Big changes in toyotas suppliers

Toyota's plan to build the next-generation Corolla at a new factory in central Mexico in 2019 will take the automaker and its supply chain through a makeover on how they design, produce and deliver parts; how Toyota designs and produces vehicles from them; what materials the group uses; and how the chain makes product changes along the way.

The supply-chain solutions (asq)


  Global ressources & materials

Decoupling material use and related environmental impacts from economic growth is essential for ensuring the prosperity of human society and a healthy natural environment. But in order to be successful, decoupling efforts need to go beyond simple efficiency gains that arise from maturing economies. With a rapidly expanding middle class in the coming decades, a prosperous and equitable world calls for transformative changes in lifestyles and consumption behaviour.

UNAP's assessment report (unep)


  Beneath the Surface of a Cyberattack

“Beneath the surface of a cyberattack” was created by Deloitte Advisory’s Cyber Risk practice in tandem with the organization’s leading forensic and investigations, and business valuation services. Looking at two samples cyberattack scenarios, the report demonstrates a model to quantify potential damage, and identifies 14 business impacts of a cyber incident as they play out over a five-year incident response process.

A deeper look (deloitte)


  Can tech. solve SIDS?

When wearable baby monitors burst onto the scene in 2014, few predicted how successful they'd become. Since then, devices like Snuza, MonBaby, Owlet and Mimo have become common baby shower gifts and early parent purchases, with hundreds of thousands of units collectively sold in the US and around the world, according to their developers.

Recommendation: Does vs doesn't (cnet)


  Sustainable future for agriculture

The world’s most revered innovators, investors and thought leaders will gather later this year at the Ag Innovation Showcase to revolutionise what in some quarters remains an inefficient and environmentally destructive industry. The event brings together a diverse cross-section of opinions and directs attention towards the challenges and opportunities shaping – and reshaping – agriculture today.

Challenges and opportunities (theneweconomy)


  SVB: The approach for success

SVB provides financial services to innovative companies — including leading-edge software and life sciences companies, as well as premium winemakers — and it often connects innovators and potential partners with one another. CEO and president Greg Becker is also noteworthy for his ability to see the big picture, the overall positive growth in technology, which encompasses activity at all the companies in the industry.

Where next big tech innovations will emerge ? (strategy-business)


  Beyond the talent shortage

Attracting tech talent will increasingly rely on job seekers’ preferences, including being in the locations that appeal to them most. This may mean setting up physical presences in these locations but could also mean that employers recruit in popular hubs despite their company’s base elsewhere, solving the talent gap by offering candidates the chance to work remotely.

Data Analytic from labor market (indeed)


  A new dimension in disease diagnosis

The extracellular matrix (ECM) forms the complex and dynamic 3D environment that defines tissue structure and function. Matrix molecules provide much of the microenvironmental plasticity that dictates cell behaviour, and their dysregulated expression is associated with a wide range of diseases including cancers, and inflammatory and fibrotic conditions.

The extracellular matrix (biochemist)


  How the insects spread killer diseases ?

It was only in the early 1900s that British doctors realised that the housefly could carry disease on its bristly legs: flies were a major transmitter of both typhoid and summer-sickness, causing thousands of deaths each year. After the hot summer of 1911, there was also rising public panic about the high levels of infant mortality from diarrhoea.

Risks & Costs (theguardian)


  The energy sector’s today

With revenues and profits tumbling over the past year, investors have begun to sour on middle market oil and gas companies globally. The median market cap across all companies studied dropped to $91 million in 2015 from $219 million in 2014, a 58 percent decline. Canadian-listed companies experienced the most painful contraction, with the median market cap falling by 76 percent.

Oil & gas companies market (bdo)


  2016 Global CEO Outlook

While it’s natural for seasoned, long- tenured executives to remain unruffled in the midst of uncertainty, there is another factor at play. We found that nearly half of CEOs expect their companies to be transformed into a significantly different entity within the next 3years. To do so, they are embarking on a transformation journey, reviewing strategies, implementing their own disruptive technologies and increasing their headcounts to recruit new skill-sets.

Now or never (kpmg)


  German climate policy

The costs involved in the promotion of renewable energies in Germany – the total volume of the so-called EEG levy (based on the Renew­able Energy Sources Act) since its introduction in 2000 is set to pass the 150 billion euro mark sometime during 2016 – is justified as development aid under the heading of climate and energy policy.

After the Paris Agreement (kas)


  Business: Diagnosing dislocation

Not all upstart threats are alike — and misdiagnosing your new competition can lead you to respond in a way that can bring further harm to your business. Incumbents often move early into new technologies, even if it means undermining or cannibalizing their existing businesses. Sometimes that’s the right thing to do. But other times it can backfire in devastating ways.

How to match & Absorb threats ? (strategy-business)


  The world nuclear industry

The year 2016, marking the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl catastrophe and the 5th year since the Fukushima disaster started unfolding, strangely might go down in history as the period when the notion of risk of nuclear power plants turned into the perception of nuclear power plants at risk. Indeed, an increasing number of reactors is threatened by premature closure due to the unfavorable economic environment.

Status report 2016 (worldnuclearreport)


  El Niño and La Niña

FAO is continuously monitoring the status of El Niño. While it has declined in strength and a return to a neutral state is indicated, its impacts on the agriculture sector are still continuing. Climate models are now predicting an increasing likelihood of La Niña developing in 2016, which is an opposite phenomenon.In many of the affected countries, FAO is using early warning information to design and implement early action and response plans.

Preparedness and Response (fao)


  Aerospace and defense profit

Aerospace and defense sector performance sector returned to growth, with US defense subsector bottoming out, and profit margins remaining flat. This study analyzes the top 100 global aerospace and defense (A&D) companies, or business units of industrial conglomerates with A&D business, with reported revenue of more than US$500 million in 2015 with financial statements filed by 31 December, 2015.

Facts and figures (deloitte)


  Dealing in a digital world

Executives recognize that digital transformation is impacting all aspects of their business — from the front - end to the back. They also know that the competitive landscape is changing rapidly as barriers to entry are eroded. Digital is a continuous form of disruption to existing (or new) business models, products, services or experiences, enabled by data and technology across the enterprise.

The right strategic investments (ey)


  Economic prospects and risks

OECD GDP growth is projected to be just under 2% on average over 2016-17, broadly in line with outcomes in the previous two years. Supportive macroeconomic policies and low commodity prices should continue to underpin a modest recovery in the advanced economies, assuming that wage increases and business investment growth both start to pick up and tensions in financial markets do not reoccur.

Assessment of the macroeconomic situation (oecd)


  Validity of published fMRI studies

Using mass empirical analyses with task-free fMRI data, we have found that the parametric statistical methods used for group fMRI analysis with the packages SPM, FSL, and AFNI can produce FWE-corrected cluster P values that are erroneous, being spuriously low and inflating statistical significance. This calls into question the validity of countless published fMRI studies based on parametric clusterwise inference.

Clusterwise VS Voxelwise (pnas)


  How to beat Tor at its own game ?

A new anonymizing protocol from MIT may prove more resilient against such determined and deep-pocketed attackers.VThe potential problem with Tor is that if an adversary gets enough nodes on the network, they can work together to track the progress of packets. They might not be able to tell exactly what is being sent, but they can put together a breadcrumb trail tying a user to traffic coming out of an exit node — at least, that’s the theory.

MIT’s anonymous online communications protocol (mit)


  Moving to Automated Inspection

If you’re producing small precision components, quality drives the entire manufacturing process. One of the ways to help ensure the quality of such products is through the use of automated inspection systems known as automatic visual-control systems (AVCs). These systems use computer visual technology to automatically check parts for many different defects.

Automatic visual-control systems (machinedesign)


  Evaluating practical uses of MIE

Molecular isotopic engineering (MIE) is the directed stable-isotopic synthesis of chemical products for product authentication and security, as well as intellectual property protection. In tests involving naproxen manufacturing, results showed a generally excellent correspondence between observed and predicted stable-isotopic results (d13C, d18O, and dD) for directed synthesis of a racemic mixture from its immediate precursors.

Product identification, security & IP protection (pharmtech)


  How to break DNA data storage record?

Researchers at Microsoft and the University of Washington (UW) said they have broken a world record by storing 200MB of data on synthetic DNA strands. Researchers said the impressive part about reaching the 200MB milestone is not just how much data they were able to encode onto synthetic DNA and then decode, it's also the space they were able to store it in.

How to access to the stored data ? (computerworld)


  The key to AI automation

The 4th industrial revolution is undoubtedly artificial intelligence systems and the future is definitely here, even though it doesn't look like an episode of "The Jetsons" or "The Terminator" just yet. The current generation of artificial intelligence technology is most effective in the capacity of augmenting human intelligence.

The human-machine interfaces (developer)


  Visual activity

The optic nerve is the eye’s data cable, carrying visual information from the light-sensing neurons of the retina to the brain. Like a bundle of wires, it consists of about a million axons that each extend from an individual retinal ganglion cell. A variety of optic neuropathies, such as glaucoma, cause vision loss when they destroy or damage these axons. In adults, retinal ganglion cell axons fail to regrow on their own, which is why vision loss from optic neuropathies is usually permanent.

Use it or lose it (nih)


  Ransomware: KSN main findings

This report has been prepared using depersonalized data processed by Kaspersky Security Network (KSN). The metrics are based on the number of distinct users of Kaspersky Lab products with the KSN feature enabled who encountered ransomware at least once in a given period. The term ransomware covers mainly two types of malware: so-called Windows blockers and encryption ransomware.

The evolution of the threat and its future (securelist)


  Britain’s relationship with Europe

Since 6000 BCE, when melting glaciers raised sea levels enough to create the English Channel, two fundamental facts have dominated British history—first, that the islands are at the edge of the European landmass; and second, that they stick out into the Atlantic. Insularity has never equaled isolation. People, goods, and ideas were moving constantly along the Atlantic coast from Spain to Scotland by 5000 BCE.

A brief history starting in 6000 BCE (hbr)


  Cognitive Tech and pharma

We will see much more productive R&D, with more rapid development of novel therapeutics and in greater volume. Researchers will get the ability to ask questions and get answers more quickly. This will allow them rule out more blind alleys at an early stage and get straight to productive insights. Although there are many different tools for data analysis, processing, or visualization, we bring it into one place.

The world's corpus of scientific knowledge (eyeforpharma)


  Beijing’s subsidence

Beijing is one of the most water-stressed cities in the world. Due to over-exploitation of groundwater, the Beijing region has been suffering from land subsidence since 1935. In this study, the Small Baseline InSAR technique has been employed to process Envisat ASAR images acquired between 2003 and 2010 and TerraSAR-X stripmap images collected from 2010 to 2011 to investigate land subsidence in the Beijing region.

A comprehensive spatio-temporal analysis (mdpi)


  The science of breaking things

To fix a performance problem, researchers want to know what exactly is happening when a device—the battery, a solar cell, an engine—doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do anymore. If you want to fix the problem, you need to know how that problem happens. Much of science, in fact, is devoted to finding clever ways to intuit what atoms are doing based on the clues they leave behind—the effects they have on things around them.

Why scientists want to know ? (anl)


  Harnessing older workforce

Between 2015 and 2030, the number of people aged 55 and above in high-income countries will grow by a quarter to around 500 million. It is good news that we are living longer, but rapid population ageing is also putting significant financial pressure on healthcare and pension systems.

Golden age index (pwc)


  Healthcare data interoperability

Machines are far better suited to handling large volumes of data, but far more reliant on everyone using the same syntax and vocabulary. Computers, it seems, need a common language of medicine. They need ‘interoperable’ data. There is now so much healthcare information being exchanged that a shift toward greater healthcare interoperability is as inexorable.

Toward standardizing information (eyeforpharma)


  Evolving investment management regulation

As robo, or automated, advice enters the mainstream within the retail and wealth segments in developed markets, regulators are considering whether they need to extend or clarify the regulatory perimeter to cover new digital distribution channels and, if so, how. Regulators are now focusing on investment management activities and the way that open-ended investment funds, in particular, are managed.

Responding to closer scrutiny ()


  The capabilities of a finance minister

There is a striking difference in the way delivery capability manifests itself in low-income countries (LICs), as opposed to upper-middle-income countries (UMICs) and high-income countries (HICs). For LICs, some aspects of the finance ministry’s delivery function pose challenges, whereas in richer countries, delivery is so routine that it seems almost invisible.

The evolution of tasks and expectations (odi)


  How to change your customer experience?

Do you know the 12 Laws of karma? And did you know they can be applied daily to your customer experience (CX) efforts? If not, no worries, just read on. I’ll define them for you and tie them to this CX world we live in. It’s interesting that we always associate karma with bad things, i.e., payback for something rotten someone did. But it's also associated with good things.

The 12 Laws of Karma (qualitydigest)


  EMEA 360 boardroom survey

The survey presents the views of 271 directors across 20 countries in the EMEA region, providing a unique perspective on the issues currently faced by boards of directors. The results highlight the changing focus of directors in today’s challenging business environment and how this differs across the region. The report illustrates what non-executive directors identify as key issues facing boards.

Regulations and practice (deloitte)


  Qubits: Google moves closer

The Google prototype combines the two main approaches to quantum computing. One approach constructs the computer’s digital circuits using qubits in particular arrangements geared to solve a specific problem. This is analogous to a tailor-made digital circuit in a conventional microprocessor made from classical bits. Much of quantum computing theory is based on this approach.

From prototype to product (nature)


  Genome engineering

Over the last 3 years, the new generation of genome editing and engineering tools based on the bacterial CRISPR-Cas (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Palindromic Repeats and CRISPR-associated proteins) has attracted enormous attention in both the scientific community and the popular media. Although exaggerations certainly cannot be avoided along the way, the enthusiasm is well justified.

From nature to laboratory (biochemist)


  The lure and pitfalls of MIRVs

In the second nuclear age, no less than the first, there are no realistic prospects for banning multiple-warhead missiles. China has started to deploy such missiles, and India and Pakistan are likely to cross this threshold as well. The motivations behind these steps will determine how extensively nuclear arsenals will grow and how pernicious the effects of stockpile growth will become.

From the first to the second Nuc. age (stimson)


  Samsung's bendable creens

Samsung Electronics Co. is considering introducing two new smartphone models that will feature bendable screens, including a version that folds in half like a cosmetic compact, people familiar with the matter said. Samsung, the biggest supplier of OLED panels for mobile products, has pioneered the development of new screen formats with its multi-sided Edge smartphones.

The "Project Valley" (bloomberg)


  The War on Medical-Device Costs

Supply-chain executives are taking a fine-toothed comb to every aspect of the purchase of PPIs. Distribution, inventory management, sterilization-anything that happens to a device on its trip from manufacturer to patient undergoes scrutiny at hospitals desperate to hold down expenses. The new initiatives come after years of arduous work with surgeons to limit the variety of devices used in operations.

Logistics: The next target (asq)


  Ransomware & recent variants

Ransomware is a type of malware that infects computer systems, restricting users’ access to the infected systems. Ransomware variants have been observed for several years and often attempt to extort money from victims by displaying an on-screen alert. Typically, these alerts state that the user’s systems have been locked or that the user’s files have been encrypted.

Things you can do (us-cert)


  Nanoparticles to highlight cancer cells

The group of Russian and French researchers, with the participation of scientists from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, has succeeded to synthesize nanoparticles of ultrapure silicon, which exhibited the property of efficient photoluminescence, i.e., secondary light emission after photoexcitation. These particles were able to easily penetrate into cancer cells and it allowed to use them as luminescent markers in the early diagnosis.

Diagnostic of cancer at its' early stage (innovations-report)


  Start-Up: Culture of success & failure

At the beginning, there are potential entrepreneurs – those individuals who possess entrepreneurial atti- tudes and who believe they have the sk ills and knowledge needed to launch their own company when they have found a suit able business opportunity. One of the factors that determines whether or not they take the next step is to what extent the society and economy of which they are members views entrepreneurs.

Why small businesses are vital? (kas)


  US' Drone best practices

You can't use drones to check whether your employee really is sick, or to take pictures of your neighbors, unless you're a news organization in which case the sky is the limit - or more accurately not the limit. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) – an arm of the Department of Commerce – has published a set of best practice guidelines for the use of drones by companies, individuals and news organizations.

Guidelines for three basic groups (theregister)


  Strategic decision-making

To prepare for a future marked by rapid business model innovation, bold thinking, and new alliances, organizations need to ask themselves all these questions and more in the context of many giant “what ifs.” It’s not enough to rely on a single strategic plan; executives should anticipate more than one future and pivot as necessary to adapt and thrive.

Response to the 4th Industrial Revolution (ey)


  Apple & SAP partnership

“This partnership will transform how iPhone and iPad are used in enterprise by bringing together the innovation and security of iOS with SAP’s deep expertise in business software,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “As the leader in enterprise software and with 76% of business transactions touching an SAP system, SAP is the ideal partner to help us truly transform how businesses around the world are run on iPhone and iPad.

How to build next-generation apps ? (apple)


  Characteristics of top managers

This study extends KKS (2012) by expanding the dataset to over 2,600 assessments of CEOs, COOs, CFOs and other top executives considered for positions in a wide variety of firms. The assessments, based on four hour structured interviews, were performed by ghSMART, a firm that specializes in assessing top executives. Each interview resulted in a report with a detailed description of the candidate’s background and characteristics.

Report (ssrn)


  Industry innovation ecosystems

The U.S. manufacturing industry, increasingly propelled by advanced technologies, comprises a large portion of the economy. In order for companies to grow and succeed against aggressive global competition, manufacturers indicate advanced technologies are critical to company-level competitiveness by increasing differentiation through creating premium products, processes, and services that capture higher margins.

A Valuable “knock-off” effect  (areadevelopment)


  The European financial services

Digital disruption is forcing transformation across all industries, including and especially in financial services. Banks and insurance companies’ traditional business models are under pressure. Low interest rates make income generation challenging and are pushing organizations toward major cost- cutting, and forcing financial services companies to move toward fee-based services.

There is no clear leader (accenture)


  Map for Business in Africa

Only a few years ago, Africa was being dubbed “the next Asia,” and multinationals watched with mounting interest as local economies boomed across the continent. Although a decline in global commodity demand has since ushered in a slowdown, Africa remains a promising long-term growth market. Its GDP grew about 3.4 percent in 2015, a full percentage point above the global growth rate, and is expected to increase to 4.2 percent in 2016.

A deep understanding of local context (strategy-business)


  Pharma: Modernize manufacturing base

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved, for the first time, a manufacturer’s change in its production method from “batch” to continuous manufacturing.28 Modernizing manufacturing technology may lead to a more robust manufacturing process with 29 fewer interruptions in production, fewer product fail ures (before or after distribution), and 30 greater assurance that the drug products manufactured in any given period of time will provide 31 the expected clinical performance.

Guidance for industry (qualitydigest)


  56 NASA' patents to be public

NASA has released a bunch of patents for its technologies so that anyone can use them. A total of 56 “formerly-patented” technologies developed by the government are now available in the public domain, meaning they can be used for commercial purposes in an unrestricted manner. To make it easier to find these technologies and others like them, NASA has also created a new searchable database that links the public to thousands of the agency’s now-expired patents.

Formerly-patented tech. (slashgear)


  The Greek Pension Tragedy

Pensions in Greece seem locked in a head-long race to the bottom. The failure to meet basic requirements of income security feed a loss of trust which, in turn, poisons future prospects. Despite repeated efforts since 2010, the cure appears not to be working. A number of questions arise: Some refer to the long term: Why has the performance of the Greek pension system been so bad for so long?

Wrong solutions to the wrong problem (kas)


  Global report on diabetes

Globally, an estimated 422 million adults were living with diabetes in 2014, compared to 108 million in 1980. The global prevalence (age-standardized) of diabetes has nearly doubled since 1980, rising from 4.7% to 8.5% in the adult population. This reflects an increase in associated risk factors such as being overweight or obese. Diabetes caused 1.5 million deaths in 2012.

WHO' report


  Software audits

Audits are on the rise, and they’re getting more expensive. According to Gartner, 68 percent of enterprises get at least one audit request each year, a number that has climbed steadily each year since 2009. The most frequent requests come from the usual suspects: Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, and SAP. up to 25 percent of an organization’s software budget will be spent dealing with license complexity alone.

Clouds on the horizon (cio)


  Industry 4.0

PwC’s 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey is the biggest worldwide survey of its kind, with over 2,000 participants from nine major industrial sectors and 26 countries. The study explores the benefits of digitising your company’s horizontal and vertical value chains, as well as building your digital product & service portfolio. Based on the findings and our experience working with first movers, we’ve also crafted a blueprint for success.

Building the digital enterprise (pwc)


  A chance to learn from CERN

THE EUROPEAN Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN to you and me) has just given a huge mass of its data to the world - 300TB to be precise. The data in question is raw, unfettered results that don't really offer much to the casual observer, but in terms of a benefaction, it's a huge deal for the scientific and education communities. Around a third is taken from proton collisions at the Large Hadron Collider in 2011.

Who knows what we might learn ? (theinquirer)


  The "energy miracles" of Bill Gates

By “miracles” Gates doesn’t mean unanticipated gifts that appear undeserved from nowhere but, rather, technological breakthroughs “that are the result of research and development and the human capacity to innovate,” such as the personal computer, the Internet, and the polio vaccine2. He called upon students to “work extra hard in your math and sciences,” because the world needs “crazy-sounding ideas to solve our energy challenge.”

Questions & Answers (technologyreview)


  Building Resilience to Climate Change

While a substantial gap persists between global need and the scale of mobilized resilience finance, there is no doubt that donor countries are increasingly recognizing the importance of investing in adaptation to climate change. Perhaps the most prominent new mechanism for public resilience and adaptation funding is the Green Climate Fund, or GCF.

Recommendations for action (americanprogress)


  Manufacturing Competitiveness

Ensuring talent is “the” top priority : A focus on creating differentiated talent acquisition, development and retention strategies to be regarded as “employers of choice,” as well as identifying and nurturing new models of collaboration that leverage key sources of talent outside of the organization will be key. As talent is ranked as the most important driver of competitiveness by executives around the world, the competition among nations and companies is expected to be fierce.

Index 2016 (deloitte)


  Minisensor for epileptic seizures

For epilepsy patients and attending physicians, it has been a challenge to correctly assess the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures without inpatient recording equipment. A consortium coordinated by the epileptologists of the University Hospital Bonn is now developing a mobile sensor that can detect seizures. A warning signal is designed to summon relatives or attending physicians to provide timely help.

Automated data and alarm (innovations-report)


  Total Retail 2016

Chinese online sales in 2015 massively shifted to mobile. Single’s Day—the 24-hour shopping festival that now dwarfs Black Friday in terms of sales—is often used as a bellwether for China’s e-commerce market. This year, Alibaba's Single’s Day online sales came in at $14.3 billion, a 60% increase over 2014. 2 Most significant, however, was the shift to mobile.

Innovation at retailers (pwc)


  HIV & CRISPR gene-editing tech.

At least half a dozen papers over the past three years have explored using the popular CRISPR–Cas9 gene editing technique to combat HIV, but the latest finding, described in a study published on 7 April in Cell Reports1, adds to questions about the feasibility of the approach. However, the researchers involved say that the discovery is a minor setback that does not preclude the idea altogether.

Mutations that resist attack (nature)


  How to increase shareholder value ?

In the past, shareholders might have given management time to make course corrections. But today, capital markets are less patient, and investors are acutely focused on enhancing shareholder returns. Specialized private equity firms have devised models for driving cost reduction and margin expansion far in excess of what leading companies have been able to do on their own — by about 800 to 1,000 basis points in two to three years.

A Combined Approach (strategy-business)


  Sugars in Ultra-processed foods

Ultra-processed foods comprised 57.9% of energy intake, and contributed 89.7% of the energy intake from added sugars. The content of added sugars in ultra-processed foods (21.1% of calories) was eightfold higher than in processed foods (2.4%) and fivefold higher than in unprocessed or minimally processed foods and processed culinary ingredients grouped together (3.7%).

Representative cross-sectional study (bmj)


  Value of Audit

Audit has proved its worth over the years, to investors and companies alike. But as the events of the last decade have shown, it’s time for change – for a revolution in audit thinking and execution. Business has changed, shareholder needs have evolved, and audit needs to keep up. For audit to stay relevant, we need to start looking at what creates value in a business Shaping corporate reporting.

Shaping the future of corporate reporting (


  Compliance at a crossroads

The challenge of delivering best in class Compliance risk management in an era of constrained resources is not insurmountable. But it requires making important choices as to where limited investments should be placed to improve risk-based returns. Ongoing change in the ecosystem is only adding additional layers of complexity to these decisions and intensifying the clamour for decisive action.

2016 Compliance risk study (accenture)


  Assessment of Critical Process Parameters

There are many different approaches for assessing process parameter criticality, and statistics can play an important role in these evaluations. One particular challenge involves assessing when a relationship between a process parameter and a CQA represents a significant impact on that CQA. Assessing impact based solely on statistical significance (p-value) is not appropriate.

Aids from statistical tools (pharmtech)


  Politics matters for economic development

The feasibility of economic transformation-that is, productivity-enhancing and employment-generating structural change has now been demonstrated in many different parts of the developing world. Taken as a whole, this experience does not point to a single pathway of institutional change. Indeed, it underlines the importance of countries discovering pathways and methods that work in their context.

Responding to emerging opportunities (odi)


  Health & Safety leadership survey

New Zealand has undergone a huge transformation in workplace health and safety in the five years since the Pike River tragedy.This report is encouraging in that it reflects a strong commitment to health and safety by the CEOs who took part in the survey. The report provides a snapshot of what some of this good practice looks like. This includes examples of actions boards and chief executives take and practices they are putting in place.

NZ's H&S Business overhaul (deloitte)


  Global tax policy in 2016

Fourteen jurisdictions have announced or are forecasted to announce changes to non-R&D incentives such as tax relief on capital expenditure, depreciation or amortization. Ten of the 14 changes result in a lower tax burden, while four (Brazil, India, Japan and Norway) result in a higher anticipated burden in 2016.

Areas of change (ey)


  Big pharma's big bet on electroceuticals

GSK is focused on devices that will be implanted on peripheral nerves in the body; controling signals in the brain is “orders of magnitude” harder, Slaoui said. But working with peripheral nerves that lead to major organs provides plenty of opportunities to treat chronic diseases. Slaoui rattled off a list of ailments that included obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and arthritis.

What do electroceuticals offer ? (


  Solving the productivity conundrum

The US productivity gains of the mid 90s began in the ICT sector and developed in the market services sector. Increased ICT use and organizational changes were the main driving factors as many small and unproductive firms were replaced by large and highly productive ones (the so-called Walmart effect). After the mid-2000s, productivity growth slowed down dramatically.

Microeconomic evidence & macroeconomic trends (strategie.gouv)


  Global human capital trends

CEOs and HR leaders are focused on understanding and creating a shared culture, designing a work environment that engages people, and constructing a new model of leadership and career development. In competition for skilled people, organizations are vying for top talent in a highly transparent job market and becoming laser-focused on their external employment brand.

How to redesign the organisation ? (deloitte)


  'Staggering' new therapy on breast cancer

New breast cancer therapy has destroyed deadly tumours in just 11 days, trials have shown. Experts hailed the findings as “astonishing" and said it is the first time a drug for the disease has ever shown such a response. They suggested the results of the trial, in women with one of the most aggressive forms of breast cancer, could revolutionise future treatment of other types of disease.

How the new therapy works ? (telegraph)


  Amazon's free platform for schools

Earlier this month, Amazon Education quietly opened an “Amazon Education Wait List,” where educators could sign up to get an alert for when a new, free platform opens for business. The development comes at an interesting time, with companies like Apple and Google also sizing up how their own platforms and hardware can play a bigger role in education services (and where they might not).

Transitioning to OER (techcrunch)


  22 renewable energy projects

There’s a growing demand for greener, safer renewable energy sources. Sun, wind, water, biomass, waves and tides, and the heat of the soil, all provide alternatives to non-renewable energy. The following collection showcases some of the most amazing renewable energy projects and prototypes from the past few decades, including quite a few you’ve probably never heard of before.

From solar power to tidal energy (gizmodo)


  Python is better than C!

If you have a quick Google for something like "Python vs. C," you will find lots of comparisons out there. Sad to relate, however, trying to work out which is the "best" language is well-nigh impossible for many reasons, not the least that it's extremely difficult to define what one means by "best" in the first place.

The programming landscape (embedded)


  Company’s enterprise architecture planning

Many view EAP as a legacy approach. But when it was originally developed in the 1980s, EAP was a bold response to the same perennial problem: integrating technology with the business strategy. The information technologies of that era were bumping up against old, clumsy, bureaucratic processes and practices. EA projects were supposed to replace those practices with more elegant, streamlined renditions..

Architectural engineering and urban design (strategy-business)


  Early medieval muslim graves in France

The rapid Arab-Islamic conquest during the early Middle Ages led to major political and cultural changes in the Mediterranean world. Although the early medieval Muslim presence in the Iberian Peninsula is now well documented, based in the evaluation of archeological and historical sources, the Muslim expansion in the area north of the Pyrenees has only been documented so far through textual sources or rare archaeological data.

Palaeogenomic analyses (journals.plos)


  Moving HR applications to the cloud

PwC worked with Oxford Economics to survey executives from more than 650 companies about their organization’s use of HR technology as part of an ongoing annual research program.Respondents represent a range of company sizes with more than $500 million in annual revenue; a majority of respondents have more than 1,000 employees.

Detailed report (pwc)


  "Unhackable" iPhones

Apple engineers have begun developing new security measures that would make it impossible for the government to break into a locked iPhone using methods similar to those now at the center of a court fight in California, according to people close to the company and security experts. The company will create a significant technical challenge for law enforcement agencies.

New security measures (asq)


  PDSA/PDCA, what's about?

Marketers are relentless in their efforts to seduce you with fancy tools, acronyms, Japanese terminology—and promises—about their versions of formal improvement structures such as Six Sigma, lean, lean Six Sigma, or the Toyota Production System, each with its own unique toolbox. We laugh when we hear people casually comment that PDSA and plan-do-check-act (PDCA) are the same thing. They’re not.

Why linear progress is a myth? (qualitydigest)


  Automotive executive survey 2016

With disruption arising from a new digitalized and connected world, it seems the center of gravity of the customer relationship in a connected car is rapidly moving towards tech giants from Silicon Valley. Auto executives are far less optimistic that they can stay in the center of the customer relationship than before.

Moving towards tech giants (


  DGPS: or GPS' improvement

GPS uses the concept of trilateration to provide your location, but relies on Differential GPS and atomic clocks to vastly improve the accuracy. With such precision, GPS is being used in myriad applications including personal navigation and military missile guidance systems. Now, a team from the University of California, has developed a technique that augments the regular GPS data with on-board inertial measurements from a sensor.

A set of new algorithms (illumin.usc)


  Investing in people

Social investment is clearly a priority for the EU as is evidenced by its flagship Europe 2020 initiatives, the European Platform against Poverty and Social Exclusion and the Agenda for New Skills and Jobs. In essence, as the Commission details, social investment focuses on ensuring social protection systems respond to people’s needs and preclude dire social conditions that lead to higher social spending.

For New Skills and Jobs (strategie.gouv)


  Privacy and information sharing

These findings suggest that the phrase that best captures Americans’ views on the choice between privacy vs. disclosure of personal information is, “It depends . ” P eople’s views on the key tradeoff of the modern , digital economy – namely, that consumers offer information about themselves in exchange for something of value – are shaped by both the conditions of the deal and the circumstances of their lives.

The state & boundary of privacy (pewinternet)


  How can viruses cause birth defects?

Viruses reproduce by hijacking their host’s cells, using their natural processes to make copies of themselves. These copies then strike out on their own to infect more cells. When a virus interferes, the cells can’t function normally—the virus either kills the cells or prevents them from functioning well enough to report for duty. That makes viral infections especially dangerous for developing babies.

The spread of the Zika virus (smithsonianmag)


  2016 trends of emergent technology

During the next 10 years, a philosophical tug-of-war between four generational mindsets will be a reality. On one side, Gen X and baby boomers adhere to more traditional forms of career progression. On the other, millennials and Gen Z, who tend to be more transient, idealize jobs where social impact plays a role. These two subsets will shape the future of the companies they work for.

Accenture Fjord trends (accenture)


  Introduction to Vagrant

Vagrant is a tool that allows you to programatically build an isolated environment for your application and all of its dependencies. The Vagrant environment is a virtual machine, so it enjoys complete isolation from both the host machine and any other Vagrant machines (VMs) you may be running.

How to manage your VMs ? (developer)


Asia, with China at its heart, will remain at the center of the world’s fastest-growing trade routes — Asia-Middle East, Asia-Latin America and Asia-Africa. The Middle East and Africa will become new trade hubs, driven by economic integration with Asia, proximity to Europe, capacity for low-cost production and growing domestic markets.

The Silk Road network (ey)


  Live TV in Search of Viewers

The cost of a 30-second commercial during this year’s Super Bowl 50 set a new record. Advertising Age reports that some advertisers are paying more than US$5 million, topping last year’s price of $4.5 million by more than 11 percent. In 2011, the same ad buy would have cost an advertiser $3.5 million. That’s a 43 percent increase in five years.

The trend in ad prices for live events (strategy-business)


  Blueprint for a secure cyber future

The cyber-security professional is faced with the dilemma of selecting an appropriate set of cybersecurity defensive measures from a vast array of options, and this selection process occurs for most, if not all, professionals while operating with a limited set of resources to employ the measures. In this report, we aim to address these difficulties and help explain the menu of actions for defending an organization against cyberattack.

Programming & budgeting (rand)


  The hidden machinery of the cell

A hulking metal box, some three metres tall, is quietly beaming terabytes’ worth of data through thick orange cables that disappear off through the ceiling. It is one of the world’s most advanced cryo-electron microscopes: a device that uses electron beams to photograph frozen biological molecules and lay bare their molecular shapes. In labs around the world, cryo-electron microscopes are sending tremors through the field of structural biology.

The cryo-electron microscopy (nature)


  Redefining business success

Many CEOs do still see opportunities but they are looking to play things safe. The United States and China are far and away the most important markets that CEOs identify as offering the best prospects for growth, with Germany and the United Kingdom some way behind. That said, CEOs also see potential in India’s bullish business attitude and in Brazil despite its current political and economic struggles.

Complicated & multi-polar world management (pwc)


  Automatic bug-repair system

MIT researchers have developed a machine-learning system that can comb through repairs to open-source computer programs and learn their general properties, in order to produce new repairs for a different set of programs. The researchers tested their system on a set of programming errors, culled from real open-source applications, that had been compiled to evaluate automatic bug-repair systems.

Recognizing correct code (mit)


  Fisherie: catches are higher than reported

Fisheries data assembled by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) suggest that global marine fisheries catches increased to 86 million tonnes in 1996, then slightly declined. Here, using a decade-long multinational ‘catch reconstruction’ project covering the Exclusive Economic Zones of the world’s maritime countries and the High Seas from 1950 to 2010, and accounting for all fisheries, we identify catch trajectories differing considerably from the national data submitted to the FAO.

Fishery's surexploitation (nature)


  Access to electricity in Africa

The solar energy sector in Africa is relatively young when compared to grid-based electrification, but it is growing rapidly. Falling costs, combined with improvements in the energy efficiency of end-use technologies, including lights, and innovations in payment systems are helping the expansion of solar. This report considers the full range of solar devices.

Solar household solutions (odi)


  State of the Innovation Union 2015

This brochure takes stock of the progress achieved, identifies open issues and sets out next steps under each of the six building blocks: Strengthening the knowledge base and reducing fragmentation; Getting good ideas to market; Maximising social and territorial cohesion; Pooling forces to achieve breakthroughs: European Innovation Partnerships; Leveraging our policies externally; and Making it happen.

Strengthening the knowledge base (europa)


  EU' implications on food waste

The report used a mix of qualitative methodologies aimed at reviewing the state of EU legislative and policy tools with implications for food waste. The methodology mix was designed to address the specific characteristics and constraints of each section of the work. Fifty-two legislative acts with implications for food waste have been issued and applied within seven of the twenty areas (Chapters) covered by EU legislation and policies.

Policies across the EU-28 (eu-fusions)


  Brazil: Outbreak of microcephaly cases

On a recent Saturday morning in Recife, the state’s capital, troops joined health workers going door to door in the Brasilia Teimosa neighborhood to warn residents against leaving water receptacles uncovered. They also spooned a powdered biological agent into tanks and drains in an attempt to kill any mosquito larvae. The microcephaly cases have occurred around the country.

The disease in Brazil (washingtonpost)


  Global drug market forecast

As the specialty pharmaceutical sector sees its ability to pursue large acquisitions evaporate, long-promised organic growth from big pharma new drug launches has fi nally arrived. But a renewed focus on value-based pricing, staunch competition across key therapeutic battle fi elds and consolidating payer clout may weaken the industry’s ability to reach revenue targets for both new and legacy therapeutics.

A broader range of targets (ey)


  Beware Davos predictions 2016

This 11th edition of "The Global Risks Report" is published at a time of profound change. Global risks materialize in new and unexpected ways and are becoming more imminent as their consequences reach people, institutions and economies. We witness the effects of climate change in the rising frequency and intensity of water shortages, floods and storms worldwide.

What actions could build resilience ? (euractiv)


  Comac: Challenge Boeing & Airbus

China’s answer to the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, is slated to have its first test flight somtime in 2016. Built by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (Comac), the twin-engine airliner had its celebratory rollout in November of 2015 in Shanghai. But even if the upcoming flight-testing goes well, don’t expect to fly on a C919 right away.

The homegrown Chinese creation (ieee)


  Digital dividends

We find ourselves in the midst of the greatest information and communications revolution in human history. More than 40 percent of the world’s population has access to the inter- net, with new users coming online every day. Among the poorest 20 percent of households, nearly 7 out of 10 have a mobile phone. The poorest households are more likely to have access to mobile phones than to toilets or clean water.

From divided access to devided capability (worldbank)


  Explaining US Hegemony

The US constitutes a unique empire that was formed through the economic interpenetration of and close institutional linkages with the other advanced states (Europe and Japan). This concept is theoretically inspired by Poulantzas, who uses the term, the internationalization of the state to describe “how nation states started to manage a domestic capitalist order that contributed to managing the international capitalist order” .

How to overcome the concept of hegemony ? (e-ir)


  Three glaucoma-related genes

An analysis funded by the National Eye Institute (NEI), part of the National Institutes of Health, has identified three genes that contribute to the most common type of glaucoma. The study increases the total number of such genes to 15. “Just in time for Glaucoma Awareness Month, this unprecedented analysis provides the most comprehensive genetic profile of glaucoma to date,” said NEI Director Paul A. Sieving, M.D., Ph.D.

Gene linking oxidative damage to glaucoma (nih)


  Strategies for a new era of talent

Female millennials are set to play a critical part in future FS growth. At a time when 70% of FS CEOs see the limited availability of key skills as a threat to their growth prospects, 2 it’s clearly vital to make the most of all the available talent including women. But the importance of women goes further.

Female millennials (pw)


  Global Automotive Exec. Survey 2016

With disruption arising from a new digitalized and connected world, it seems the center of gravity of the customer relationship in a connected car is rapidly moving towards tech giants from Silicon Valley. Auto executives are far less optimistic that they can stay in the center of the customer relationship than before.

Service-driven digital universe (kpmg)


  Consumer Technology

A polling of 28,000 consumers across 28 countries, the Igniting Growth in Consumer Technology survey finds that for nearly half (47 percent) of respondents, security concerns and privacy risks rank among the top three barriers to buying an IoT device and service. IoT devices include smartwatches, wearable fitness monitors, and smart home thermostats, among others.

The Igniting Growth (accenture)


  Bioactive Glass & Dental Fillings

A team of engineers from Oregon State University propose the use of bioactive glass (BAG) to improve the longevity of dental fillings. In a study backed by the National Institute of Health and published in the journal of Dental Materials, the team showed through in vitro experimentation that molars with BAG fillings are resistant to secondary tooth decay, or damage to the filling that usually occurs over some six years after it has been implanted.

How glass fillers can reduce bacterial penetration? (demajournal)


  BAT' document for Waste Treatment

The European Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Bureau (EIPPCB) was set up in 1997 to organise an exchange of information between Member States, industry and non-governmental organisations promoting environmental protection on Best Available Techniques (BAT), associated monitoring and developments in them. The European IPPC Bureau is an output oriented team which produces reference documents on Best Available Techniques, called BREFs.

Working draft (


  Smart Manufacturing Revolution

Several organizations that bring together manufacturers, technologies and information systems, organizations like MESA (Manufacturing Enterprise Systems Association), the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), and the Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition (SMLC), are working on initiatives including the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Smart Manufacturing to coordinate this convergence of technologies and realize the process improvement potential sooner rather than later.

Revolution in manufacturing business strategy (industryweek)


  Components that operate at higher temperatures

All base oils for industrial and retail lubricants, including mineral oils from a refinery, are split into five different categories, according to the American Petroleum Institute, Washington. Synthetic oils comprise Groups III through V, with the latter two categories originating from a chemical plant. Mineral-based oils fall into the first three categories. Group IV includes polyalphaolefins (PAO) and Group V is silicones, esters, and glycols.

Today’s Lubricant Challenges (maintenancetechnology)


  The EU Trademark reform package

After 20 years of implementation, the European Commission decided to assess the overall functioning of this dual trademark system. In 2011, a study by the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, ordered by the Commission, concluded that the harmonisation had considerably reduced the risk that trade marks filed in different Member States are assessed differently from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

A second-reading agreement (europarl.europa)


  Elemental metamorphosis

The cosmos is full of places where the extreme is normal. In the core of Jupiter, for example, the pressure is more than 30 million atmospheres, planetary researchers have long suspected that hydrogen, which is the primary component of these gas planets, is metallic there. American physicists Eugene Wigner and Hillard Bell Huntington predicted this strange, solid state of hydrogen as far back as 1935.

Potential new findings for energy technology (mpg)


  The art of root cause analysis

Five whys analysis is used in science to achieve a clear objective, the tool can be just as powerful in the business world as it is for children exploring their own surroundings. As a practicing Master Back Belt, we often use this technique to successfully arrive at the root causes of problems.

Applying five whys analysis (asq)


  Worldwide: Rule of law

In 1994, the World Bank published a study that described inadequacy of laws, uncertainty in their application, arbitrary interpretation, deficient enforcement, inefficient and drawn-out processes and a lack of independence on the part of the judiciary as decisive barriers to development that discourage trade and investment, increase transaction costs and foster corruption.

Common value systems and legal ideals (kas)


  Top five pharma stories in 2015

There have been a growing number of drug patents rejected in India, one of the world’s largest countries by population (1.2bn in 2014), leading to concerns from the industry that its intellectual property is under threat. But there have been positives: a ground-breaking new way of ‘printing’ drugs personalized to each patient has been given the green light, while the FDA also approved the first biosimilar in the US, ushering in a new era of cheaper biologics.

Far-reaching stories of the year (eyeforpharma)


  Security and IoT ecosystem

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), you can believe the hype. In fact, IoT will likely be even bigger than most people think. But success in the IoT space will take more than slick applications; it will also require a robust approach to security, privacy and trust. For the technology sector, the message from businesses and consumers is clear: be innovative, be bold, and be secure.

Controls of devices & infrastructures (kpmg)


  EY' TradeWatch

The proposed TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) impacts many trade areas, including customs procedures, e-commerce, the environment, financial services, government procurement, intellectual property, investment, labor standards, sanitary and phytosanitary requirements, telecommunications and the participation of state-owned enterprises in international trade and investment.

Regulatory provisions (ey)


  EU' investment firms

The European investment services landscape comprise s vari ous types of operators. There are a little more than 6 500 investment firms initially authorised and regulated by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive ( MiFID ) . In number , j ust over half of these are based in the UK . The UK, Germany and France are the main jurisdiction s for over 70% of the investment firm population of the European Union (EU).

Activities & related risks (esma)


  The future of language

Which languages will dominate the future? Predictions vary, depending on your location and purpose. But here are a few ways to approach this question. "Spanish and Arabic score particularly highly on this indicator," the British Council report concluded for the U.K. However, when taking into account demographic trends until 2050 as laid out by the United Nations, the result is very different.

According to different angle of view (washingtonpost)


  Analytics modeling skills

People with analytics modeling skills, business domain knowledge, and technical skills are in high demand among digital data-driven businesses. But these professionals are a rare breed. "Leading firms are much less likely than laggards to hire experienced professionals, opting instead to build from within or grab talent straight out of college," wrote the study authors from A.T. Kearney.

Hiring top analytics talent (informationweek)


  Fastest growing tech. Companies

Catawiki secured first place in the 2015 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Europe, Middle East & Africa program. Catawiki is Europe’s fastest-growing online auction house for special items headquartered in the Netherlands. In 2008, René Schoenmakers (CEO) and Marco Jansen (CTO) founded the company as a community for collectors, it has become the largest online destination for buying and selling special objects.

Tech. innovation, entrepreneurship & rapid growth (deloitte)


  Performance in the Post & Parcel Industry

High performers in the post and parcel industry are taking advantage of digital technologies, such as mobility and analytics, to accelerate the pace of change, enable new competition, inspire new consumer expectations and, perhaps most importantly, drive growth in parcel volumes. Now, more than ever, it is important to not only embrace digital but to be digital.

Models focused on speed (accenture)


  China's industrial revolutions

China’s enormous growth is able to be observed in the following: the implementation of a high-speed rail network on both a domestic and international basis, a space program, numerous military build-up agendas including anti-satellite missile and stealth-fighter programs, and the sheer volume of people that have moved into the middle-classes—expected to be three hundred and forty million people by 2016.

The continuous growth cycle (e-ir)


  Citizen Today

According to the great American inventor and engineer, Charles F. Kettering, “The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” Change is one of the few constants in today’s world, and it is speeding up. Product design life cycles are shorter. New technologies are developed and adopted quicker. The challenge for government is to harness advances in technology and communications to produce better services for citizens.

Building capabilities through talent (ey)


  How to prevent UK from Brexit?

The paper at hand first discusses why the EU should not disregard the British demand for reforms. Secondly, it outlines the key demands of the UK, and thirdly, it looks at how Germany and the EU may be able to accommodate the UK’s demands. Several of the British government’s proposed reforms may in fact also be beneficial to Germany and the EU as a whole.

The challenges ahead (kas)


  In search of a European Google

The combined value of the top three internet companies in the Americas – so, basically, in America – is around $0.75tn (£0.5tn). In Asia, it’s around $0.5tn. In Africa, it’s $50bn. And in Europe, it’s just $25bn. when you look at the top of the tech market, the very top, Europe is lagging a long way behind.Take Tesla – we think of Tesla as being a ‘startup’, but it’s the same size as Audi.” Both companies are valued at around $30bn.

EU' new land of opportunity ? (theguardian)


  The Indian Ocean

While the Mediterranean was of preeminent significance in the Middle Ages and the Atlantic dominated in the modern era, the Indian Ocean is considered the most important ocean of the 21 st century. Its importance derives from its narrow access routes and its role as the transit ocean for global trade. Some 30 per cent of world trade already passes through the Strait of Malacca each year.

Maritime Security (kas)


  Flexible thermal imaging systems

The new ‘night-vision’ development by the MIT research team has the potential to be integrated in every smart phone and laptop. To achieve this potential breakthrough in thermal imaging technology, the MIT team focused on graphene and how it could be used to build a new category of infrared devices.

Infrared and night vision tech. (themanufacturer)


  Fusion for Energy Highlights 2014

The European Union is the largest energy importer in the world. It is estimated that 53% of its energy supply comes from abroad at a cost of around 400 billion EUR. Approximately 1 trillion EUR needs to be invested into our energy sector by 2020 so that we meet the needs of generation, transport and distribution. The way we plan to address this field of strategic importance will have tremendous implications.

The main achievements (fusionforenergy)


  Banana' Panama Disease

In the mid 1900s, the most popular banana in the world—a sweet, creamy variety called Gros Michel grown in Latin America—all but disappeared from the planet. At the time, it was the only banana in the world that could be exported. But a fungus, known as Panama Disease, which first appeared in Australia in the late 1800s, changed that after jumping continents. The disease debilitated the plants that bore the fruit.

When plant and pathogen clones meet (plos)


  Introducing the IBM Swift Sandbox

The IBM Swift Sandbox is an interactive website that lets you write Swift code and execute it in a server environment – on top of Linux! Each sandbox runs on IBM Cloud in a Docker container. In addition, both the latest versions of Swift and its standard library are available for you to use. With the movement of Swift to open source, we’re opening the doors on what we are working on at IBM with Swift.

Swift Meets Linux (


  Junk-Eating Rocket Engine

Space debris is a pressing problem for Earth-orbiting spacecraft, and it could get significantly worse. When the density of space debris reaches a certain threshold, analysts predict that the fragmentation caused by collisions will trigger a runaway chain reaction that will fill the skies with ever increasing numbers of fragments. Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, propose to build an engine that converts space debris into propellant.

Chinese engineering process (arxiv)


  Remaining Stocks of Rinderpest Virus

In 2011, the world was declared free from rinderpest, one of the most feared and devastating infectious diseases of animals. Rinderpest is the second infectious disease, after smallpox, to have been eradicated. However, potentially infectious rinderpest virus material remains widely disseminated among research and diagnostic facilities across the world and poses a risk for disease recurrence should it be released.

The viral disease of cattle  (cdc)


  A powerful future for CFO

Even the most decisive CEO needs the strategic input of their finance team. The CEO of US-based Johnson Controls, for example, has been divesting some businesses and investing in the core operations he plans to keep and grow since taking the reins in 2013. Planning and executing divestitures at a company with 130,000 employees spread across six continents requires a strategically minded CFO.

Understanding a customer’s business model (kpmg)


  FDA: Reviews of Combination Products

The regulatory challenge with combination products is that there are many different combinations of products, which means that no one set of manufacturing rules will apply to them all. The FDA’s draft guidance is an attempt to clarify how to apply the agency’s rules to different situations. After an industry study revealed there were concerns over communication and coordination issues.

An increasingly complex formulations (qualitydigest)


  The equation that rules the universe

Einstein’s greatest success came in 1919, when Arthur Eddington did the experiment that Freundlich had set out to do, and ascertained that lights in the heavens were all askew during an eclipse, bent by the sun’s dark gravity, just as Einstein had predicted. Asked what he would have done if general relativity had failed, Einstein said, “Then I would have been sorry for the dear Lord. The theory is correct.”

A Century Ago (nytimes)


  Overcoming compliance fatigue

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) have continued to lead the way in robust domestic and extraterritorial proceedings relating to a wide range of offenses, including financial statement fraud and bribery. The SEC’s Financial Reporting and Audit Task Force is starting to deploy cutting-edge forensic data analytics tools to mine corporate big data for fraud.

Commitment to ethical growth (ey)


  Trust in bounty programs

Conservative enterprises have been tentative about joining forces with hackers, but third-party bug bounty platforms have proven that their vetting process ensures a highly qualified and trustworthy talent pool. Because security researchers are able to discover vulnerabilities and alert enterprises to flaws in applications before a breach, there is value in trusting ethical hackers.

Bounty reward programs (csoonline)


  Introduction to climate change

Historically, there has been a strong relationship between energy use and economic growth. Because fossil fuels are a basic input in nearly every facet of economic production and life in industrialized societies, economic ac tivity generates carbon dioxide emissions, although the amount of carbon dioxide per unit of GDP (referred to as “carbon intensity”) has decreased over time in OECD economies.

GHG emissions (csis)


  DATA: From insight to value

It was only in the last few years that ‘Big Data’ became the buzz phrase that confused many and overwhelmed many more. Two years ago, most executives and IT departments were still struggling to understand what the data revolution meant for them and their business; many were just fighting to keep their heads above water as the data deluge surrounded them. Today, data and analytics (D&A) has clearly entered the mainstream.

Going beyond the data (


  Land Degradation Neutrality

This document portrays the major land and soil degradation assessments of the past and critically evaluates their results. Another section is devoted to the various methodologies that can be applied, including their strengths and weaknesses. It finally explores promising potential corner stones of future assessments, with particular reference to the SDG target of Land Degradation Neutrality.

An Evaluation of Methods (umweltbundesamt)


  Pharma challenge: China' offers!

The Chinese government funds, organizes and distributes the majority of the country’s healthcare. The national healthcare insurance scheme, a key outcome of previous healthcare reforms, now covers more than 90% of the population. However, this increased breadth of coverage has pushed the system to breaking point, exacerbating the shortage of supply and triggering calls for more and better services to be provided.

Undeveloped private sector (social.eyeforpharma)


  The End of Neutrality

Finland not only saw its economic interests represented most effectively through its membership in the European Single Market, but also considered the EU a security guarantee. The country thereby abandoned its stance of political neutrality while retaining the concept of military non-alignment, at least formally.

Finland' non-alignment  (kas)


  Tech. at the hart of the tax department

The biggest issue vexing tax leaders is that governments can’t agree on what the digital economy is, let alone how to tax it. Some want to tax it right. Most, unfortunately, want to tax it right now. Because no consensus can be reached on how to tax digital activities, companies have to deal with a patchwork of national approaches, with new direct and indirect taxes emerging at the city, state or national level on a weekly basis.

Assessing the impacts of new taxes (taxinsights.ey)


  The failed system or project

If you’re an IT executive, programmer, or project manager, you might find yourself whistling past this graveyard of some of the most expensive IT project failures of the last decade. There’s about $70 billion worth of project deaths commemorated here, just a small subset of all the dearly departed projects we have covered in the Risk Factor blog.

Learn more from the graveyard (


  Core values of 7 tech giants

Tech companies often seem so large that it's easy to forget they were once startup businesses. And, along the way, successful businesses take time to develop strong mission statements based off the core values of the company. What values lie at the core of the country's most successful businesses? While some of the values are obvious, such as communication and excellence, others might surprise you.

How to value simplicity & avoid complexity ? (cio)


  Transformation in cybersecurity

Organisations are responding by taking action. Increasingly, they are adopting innovative technologies like cloud-enabled cybersecurity, Big Data analytics and advanced authentication to reduce cyber-risks and improve cybersecurity programmes. This year, survey respondents reported they have significantly boosted information security spending to better enable them to tackle the cybersecurity juggernaut head on.

Managing cybersecurity risks (pwc)


  UK' science budget

There are many sources of public funding and support for the science and innovation ecosystem in addition to the ‘science budget’, presenting a complex support structure for researchers and innovators. These include innovation spending, R&D tax incentives and research in Government departments. The complexity of the science and innovation landscape can act as a barrier to researchers and innovators.


Research and industry (publications.parliament)


  Youth entrepreneurship

Unemployment disproportionately affects youth. As a result, many young people turn to self-employment. Youth entrepreneurship can provide young people with a sustainable livelihood. This paper presents the review findings and recommendations, and draws lessons for others contributing to tackling youth unemployment in developing countries.

Building paths (odi)


  The HGM Tracker

The first half of 2015 saw a decline in the level of deals into high growth markets (HGMs), after a year of recovery. “Despite a relatively stable global M&A market, both developed and high growth markets have cut their investments into HGMs significantly compared with 6 months ago, including into previous hot spots such as India and China”.

HGM losing for corporate acquierers (


  2015 Arab States Mobility

The number of mobile broadband connections will have increased from just under 20 million in 2009 to 182 million by the end of 2015, a nine-fold increase. By 2020, mobile broadband connections will reach just under 350 million and represent almost 70% of the total connection base. The region is forecast to grow more rapidly than the global average.

Outlook & Trends to 2020 (gsmaintelligence)


  Why subsidise the private sector?

The in tention behind this paper is to contribute some novel ideas to the important debate about donor engagement with the private sector and draw attention to some old ideas that tend to be overlooked. There is much more to be said. In particular this paper avoi ds the question of how to allocate subsidies amongst alternative investment propositions.

What donors are trying to achieve? (odi)


  2015 Global operations survey

Digital technology is changing the way we all perceive value. Customer priorities are moving faster than ever. Competitors are appearing with entirely new business models. The ground is shifting – and this is a challenge for everyone on the leadership team. Operations, in its broadest definition could be the secret ingredient in helping companies win in this environment – if operations itself was better aligned to business strategy and across functional domains.

Insights from leaders (pwc)

  Co2 Emission: By the expert group

In 2015, all countries will report their national emission pledges as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), which are expected to become the basis of a future international agreement on climate change. This study concludes that it is relevant and timely to develop an operational capacity-driven system to observe and to monitor fossil fuel CO2 emissions.

How to monitor fossil CO2 emissions ? (copernicus)


  The digital privacy fight

Starting in 2016, tech companies can tell law enforcement in California to get a warrant if they want access to digital data. That’s because California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA), a landmark digital privacy law that requires California police to obtain a warrant from a judge before they can access electronic information about people’s data.

California is winning the battle (techcrunch)


  State-Owned Enterprises

SOEs are likely to remain an important instrument in any government’s toolbox for societal and public value creation given the right context, collaborating with other stakeholders for this purpose in the ‘penta helix’ of private companies, not-for-profit organisations, academia, public sector and citizens. For instance may increasingly turn to SOEs as a tool to better position themselves for the future in the global economy.

Public value creation (pwc)


  Toyota’s aggressive reboot

"They are ready to make life very difficult for the competition," says Kurt Sanger, an auto analyst with Deutsche Securities Japan, who gives Toyota shares his only "buy" rating among Japanese automakers. "It's all quite impressive." The rekindled confidence will be on display at this week's Tokyo Motor Show, where Toyota is parading a myriad of concepts.

How to hone manufacturing, product planning and design? (asq)


  2016 Emerging Cyber Threats

The Georgia Institute of Technology put together a list of its top four cybersecurity threats for 2016. These include the ever-expanding list of technology companies that are weakening privacy, the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices that aren't secure, a lack of well-trained security professionals, and cyber espionage.

Georgia Tech com. (tomshardware)


  First total-body PET scanner

Generating a PET (Positron Emission Tomography) image requires an injection with a modified version of some essential molecule in the particular metabolic pathway you want to examine. To see rapidly metabolizing tumors that might be taking up a lot of glucose, for example, you get a radioactive version of that sugar known as fluorodeoxyglucose.

Democratizing PET electronics (extremetech)


  Digital IQ leaders

Our research reveals clear signs that 2015 is a tipping point. While we see some regional differences across the globe, business leaders are poised to unlock real competitive advantage through their digital investments. Where enterprise technology used to be the sole domain of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), there’s a shift happening in many organizations, with the traditional CIO role fragmenting across new and existing leaders.

What do the digital signs reveal? (pwc)


  What drives success in R&D

In 2015, R&D spending by the Global Innovation 1000 increased 5.1% to $680 billion, the largest year - over - year increase since 2012. R&D spending is now in line with the long - term trend of R&D spending growth of 5.4% over the last 10 years.Strategy& | PwC Computing & electronics , healthcare , and auto continue to be the three largest industries in terms of total R&D spend.

10 Most innovative companies (


  The era of living services

Living Services are highly sophisticated and able to constantly learn and evolve, almost as if they are alive. They will transform and improve the way we live, both by removing mundane tasks and o ff ering services that surprise and delight us. By being physically close to us and wrapping themselves around the everyday things we do, Living Services will intuitively learn our habits.

Designed for life (accenture)


  The Road Ahead

The latest revision of ISO 9001, the world’s leading quality management standard, arrived in 2015. ISO 9001:2015 is highly likely to affect the pending release of ISO/TS 16949, an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) technical specification, which is scheduled for release in 2016. The largest impacts on ISO/TS 16949 are likely to include the overall structure of the standard.

A move toward risk-based thinking (asq)


  The global chemical industry

US, one of the most significant markets in the global chemical industry, offers a significant snapshot of the talent issues facing the industry. In companies across all product lines, mass retirements are expected in the near term. In fact, within the next 10 years, 23% of the chemical workforce will be eligible to retire. On average, the workforce in the chemical industry is older than that of all other industries.

The talent imperative (deloitte)


  About disaster risk reduction

This Good Practice Review identifies and discusses the principles and practice of disaster risk reduction (DRR), drawing on experiences from around the world. It gives guidance on the main issues that should be taken into consideration when carrying out projects and programmes, and ways of addressing these issues in practice.

10 things we should know (goodpracticereview)


  Bridging Leadership Theory & Practice

There’s a long list of traits that experts say leaders should never exhibit. But given how broken our workplaces have become,these supposedly bad behaviors are actually good for the people who practice them. Sometimes, they’re even good for an organization as a whole: Immodesty, Narcissists, Inauthentic leaders, Lying, Trust-violating, Leaders “eat” first

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  Rethinking ground handling

Produced by the University of Lincoln's aviation engineering specialists, research in the school of engineering, new research attempts to show how calculating the quickest and most fuel efficient routes could transform ground handling. By using a database of pre-computed routes, consisting of 'building blocks' that can recreate any route airport taxi-way.

Calculating the most efficient route (airport-technology)


  Troubleshooting GD&T Alignments

Learning to effectively use and troubleshoot geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) analysis can be a saving grace when you’re faced with the question, “Why did my check fail?”. This article will explain the fundamental principles of GD&T evaluation and provide practices to visualize and troubleshoot your results. It will also help clarify the requirements of two standards: ISO 1101.

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  Women in the boardroom

As our research shows, there is more work to do. While the numbers may be on the rise in particular countries, if you dig deeper you can see that things are not always what they seem. When you compare the number of women on boards with the number of women chairs, for example—often a much more meaningful indicator of where power lies on a board—countries with high numbers suddenly look less inspiring.

A global perspective (deloitte)


  EU' digital economy

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) is a composite index that summarises relevant indicatorson Europe’s digital performance and tracks the evolution of EU member states in digital competitiveness. In DESI 2015, the European Union as a whole scores 0.48, which represents an improvement in digital development in comparison to last year, when it scored 0.45.

Europe’s digital performance (ec.europa)


  Telomerase' clearest-ever images

scientists from UCLA and UC Berkeley have produced images of telomerase in much higher resolution than ever before, giving them major new insights about the enzyme. Their findings, published online today by the journal Science, could ultimately lead to new directions for treating cancer and preventing premature aging.

Enzyme that plays key roles (innovations-report)


  The digital amnesia

The act of forgetting is not inherently a bad thing. We are beautifully adaptive creatures, and we don’t remember everything because it is not to our advantage to do so! Forgetting becomes unhelpful when it involves losing information that we need to remember. The act of memorization is a skill, and its importance as one the tools in our cognitive toolkit is dependent on how relevant memorization is for us to effectively navigate our world.

Why we need to protect ? (kaspersky)


  Understanding the "Dragon Shield"

5 Introduction China has received growing attention over the last ten years for its activity in modernizing and expanding its strategic offensive nuclear forces , both land - and sea - based developments and deployments . 1 At the same time, little attention has been paid to Chinese activities in developing ballistic missile defenses (BMD).

The chinese strategic B.M.D. (fas)


  PWC' strong growth

PwC’s Advisory operations posted very strong growth in FY15 increasing by 18% to US$11.2 billion. Advisory now accounts for over 30% of PwC’s revenues, and the company anticipate that it will continue to grow strongly into the future as more and more PwC firms around the world further develop their capacity to provide Advisory services to clients.

Global annual review (pwc)


  Art of estimating app. dev. projects

One of the burning issues on the agenda for many technology project managers and pre-sales specialists is how to master the art of estimating app development projects. The key problem is how to make estimates as competitive and as accurate as possible, while involving a reasonable amount of team efforts and securing a fair chance of meeting the figures that you have come up with.

Setting up the right team (developer)


  2030 Sustainable Development Goal

Gathering together the best available projections, we provide a ‘scorecard’ against 17 targets – one per goal. This shows that, without increased effort, none of the goals and examined targets will be met. The scorecard reveals how much faster progress will need to be, classing targets as needing ‘reform’, ‘revolution’ and ‘reversal’.

A wake-up call (odi)


  Convincing America to eat bugs

With organizations such as Eat Yummy Bugs, World Enthomaphagy and the United Nations educating people about the environmental and health benefits of eating insects, bugs are spreading their wings in the food world – or at least carving themselves a small niche beyond that of kitchen nuisance.

Food Makers & Nutrition (entrepreneur)


  DNA repair research & Nobel Prize

The 2015 Nobel prize in chemistry has been awarded to Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for unravelling how cells deal with DNA damage, be it from within the cell itself or from exposure to radiation. The work has been instrumental in developing the field’s understanding of how cancers and other hereditary diseases develop.

2015 chemistry Nobel (rsc)


  The lithium market

The shift towards powering the car industry by electricity has sped up in recent years. Thanks in large part to a number of innovative new companies, electric cars are finally beginning to emerge as a genuine choice for the average car user. According to the US Geological Survey, demand for lithium could triple by the middle of the century as a result of electric vehicles taking off in popularity.

Heavy demand (theneweconomy)


  Intensive rearing of poultry or pigs

New measures and techniques may emerge, science and technologies are continuously developing and new or emerging processes are being successfully introduced into the industries. In order to reflect such changes and their consequences for BAT, this document will be periodically reviewed and, if necessary , updated accordingly.

Working draft on BAT from IPCC (


  The Eurozone: A steady growth

Throughout the Eurozone, governments are still focused on closing budget deficits. And, as recovery sets in, tax revenues should help facilitate this. But the financial crisis has left a large dent in government coffers and public spending will be restrained for years to come.

The boosts from lower energy prices (ey)


  EU-UK bottled drinking water

The exploitation, production, labelling and marketing of bottled drinking water is governed by EU law. The primary pur pose of EU food and drink composition law is to protect the health of consumers, prevent consumers from being misled and to ensure fair trading and free movement of food and drink across the EU.

Bottled drinking water consultation (consult.defra)


  Farming: Innovation instead of assistance

Agriculture is confronted by many risks, particularly the increasingly common and severe climate hazards, as well as price volatility on the markets. These difficult circumstances make farmers in developing countries particularly vulnerable. Farmers must respond to the increasing demand for food in Africa, and prepare to feed two billion mouths by 2050.

A growing challenge (euractiv)


  Occupational health and safety

There were, according to an estimate by the International Labour Organization ( ILO ), 2.34 million deaths in 2013 as a result of work activities. The greatest majority (2 million) are associated with health issues, as opposed to injuries. The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, IOSH , estimates there are 660 000 deaths a year as a result of cancers arising from work activities.

ISO 45001 briefing note (iso)


  Cyber policies on the rise

Currently, the global market for cybersecurity insurance policies is estimated at around $1.5 billion in gross written premiums, according to reinsurance giant Aon Benfield. Approximately 50 carriers worldwide write specific cyber insurance policies, and many other carriers write endorsements to existing liability policies.

The cyber insurance boundary (cacm.acm)


  How to manage smoother audits ?

Auditors look for evidence of conformity, not evidence of noncompliance: This is one of the basic principals of management systems auditing. Most auditors will typically mention this during the opening meeting, as it’s a good way to put the client’s mind at ease. The objective for the auditor is to gather enough evidence to support a recommendation for certification, while making you aware of any nonconforming situations as they arise.

5 points to remember (qualitydigest)


  Global CEO survey

It’s not simply economic fundamentals that worry CEOs. Over-regulation is cited by 78% as a concern. And these concerns are not limited to industry-specific regulations but go much broader into areas like trade and employment. Cyber threats have increased markedly and are likely to become even more prominent in the wake of the recent high-profile attacks on entertainment networks.

The prospects for the global economy (pwc)


  Theories of Change into practice

The current iteration of the Theory of Change approach emerged from both evaluation and informed social practice, and has become a mainstream discourse, tool and approach. Outlining a Theory of Change involves at its most basic making explicit a set of assumptions in relation to a given change process. The most useful definitions help reflect the need to move beyond static ‘programme theory’ and into a more reflective and adaptive understanding of change.

Collaboration between researchers and practitioners (odi)


  UK's super-laboratories

Here’s a breakdown of the new British superlabs: what makes them unique, what business opportunities they throw up, and how they’re going to transform the landscape of global biomedical and data research. As the name suggests, the 100,000 Genomes Project will collect and sequence the genetic information of 100,000 British patients, selected to study the roots of rare genetic diseases such as congenital hearing loss, as well as various cancers like breast and colorectal.

One-of-a-kind dataset (telegraph)


  FDA inspections of foreign API facilities

FDA has been ramping up inspections of international drug manufacturers during the past decade to improve drug safety. The heparin recall of 2007–2008, which resulted when oversulfated chrondroitin sulfate was used to substitute for the active ingredient in heparin, illustrates the serious harm that substandard pharmaceutical drug products can cause to consumers.

Lessons Learned (pharmtech)


  Are you profiled ?

Before long, billions of digital records about ordinary people’s online activities were being stored every day. Among them were details cataloging visits to porn, social media and news websites, search engines, chat forums, and blogs. The mass surveillance operation — code-named KARMA POLICE — was launched by British spies about seven years ago without any public debate or scrutiny.

The scope of the B.A.’s surveillance (theintercept)


  There’s no reward without risk

Organizations today are challenged with managing a rapidly changing risk landscape. Reports in the media illustrate the increasing risks faced by organizations: market volatility, geopolitical crises, wide-spread economic changes, regulatory reforms and cyber threats. Long-term patterns such as the aging population, the rise of hyper connectivity and increasing geographic mobility are also having a direct effect on organizations worldwide.

Looking at risk differently (ey)


  Science Isn’t Broken

If you follow the headlines, your confidence in science may have taken a hit lately. Peer review? More like self-review. An investigation in November uncovered a scam in which researchers were rubber-stamping their own work, circumventing peer review at five high-profile publishers. If we’re going to rely on science as a means for reaching the truth — and it’s still the best tool we have.

Researcher degrees of freedom (fivethirtyeight)


  Future hypersonic fleet

Nasa is working with Lockheed Martin and Boeing to design airplanes that break the sound barrier more quietly. From 2020 to 2025 it may be possible that airplanes could then exceed the sound barrier over populated land without causing a major disturbance. In Europe, Steelant’s team tested their 300-seat design, albeit a 1:120 scale model, at speeds of Mach 8 within a wind tunnel.

The market for hypersonic airliners (bbc)


  A comprehensive tree of life

Humans, bacteria, daffodils: We’re a diverse bunch on the surface, but trace each and every Earthling back far enough, and you’ll arrive at a common ancestor. For the first time, scientists have built a comprehensive tree of life that binds us all together. It shows how all of the major branches relate to one another and traces each individual group back to its shared beginnings in a prebiotic soup 3.5 billion years ago.

A draft of the 3.5-billion-year history (pnas)


  The power of Open Networking

Microsoft has built an operating system called Azure Cloud Switch (ACS). As Kamala Subramaniam, Principal Architect, Azure Networking explains on the company blog, "It is a cross-platform modular operating system for data center networking built on Linux." ACS allows programmers to debug, fix, and test software bugs much faster. It also asses MS datacenter and networking needs.

MS-Linux-based operating system (itworld)


  How to double your productivity ?

Usely, your morning defines the rest of your day. If you can optimize your morning routines, you’ve set yourself up to have a productive day ahead of you. We all wake up with a fresh slate each morning, and have the opportunity to make it a great one, no matter how unproductive your previous mornings have been. First of all let’s debunk some of the big myths out there.

Designing your morning routine (thenextweb)


  The next generation of bandages

When tech and medicine meet, everyone benefits. The tech doesn’t have to be a new MRI or laser printed organs, either — even the lowly bandage can benefit from an upgrade. Different researchers worldwide are using their particular expertise to develop a host of newer, smarter, more effective bandages; many of which are steadily making their way out of the lab and into the real world.

Bandage tech that you can expect to see (digitaltrends)


  The world’s 300 largest pension funds

The P&I/Towers Watson global 300 research, conducted in conjunction with Pensions & Investments, a leading US investment newspaper, shows that by individual region North America had the highest five-year combined compound growth rate of around 8% compared to Europe (over 7%) and Asia Pacific (around 4%). The research also shows that the world’s top 300 pension funds now represent around 43% of global pension assets.

The global pension asset study (towerswatson)


  Cryptography’s Black Box

In July 2013 a pair of studies set the cryptography world on fire. They were posted within days of one another to an online archive where researchers share their work, and together they described a powerful new method for hiding the secrets inside software programs. The method was called “indistinguishability obfuscation,” or IO. The authors touted it as a “central hub” for all of cryptography—a unified basis.

Important advances since 2013 (wired)


  Intelligent manufacturing

The marriage of modern Internet technologies such as Cloud and mobile computing, advanced analytics and ubiquitous connectivity with traditional plant systems, people, equipment and sensors is the Industrial Internet. And it’s leading to significant improvements in asset and operational performance, an uncharted territory to manufacturers.

How to improve manufacturing productivity? (rdmag)


  The US Open economy, past & present

The U.S. Open employs 7,000 seasonal workers to ensure the event runs smoothly. These people hold jobs in food services, security, and ticketing. Also factored into the tournament’s economic earnings: transportation to and from the event, including those taking the 7 train and paying Metro Card fares and paying for Long Island Railroad tickets.

Looking back and forward (fortune)


  A new type of solar power

Advances in nanoscience are rapidly bringing that vision closer to reality. In a pair of groundbreaking papers, published this past April and August, respectively, Peidong Yang, co-director of the Kavli Energy NanoScience Institute and professor of chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, led a team that achieved synthetic photosynthesis by marrying nanoscience and biology.

How to turn sunlight into liquid fuel? (kavlifoundation)


  The engineering nowadays

Every industry is affected by automation. It’s not just cars that are being made by robots now. Our power plants are becoming increasingly automated. Our food is grown and processed in automated farms, storage units, and factories. Buildings are prefabricated by machines. In the modern factory, smart machines talk to each other and notify their human masters when they need attention.

The new industrial revolution (qualitydigest)


  The US-EU energy trade dilemma

The diverging paths in terms of energy self-sufficiency between the US – among the world largest producers – and Europe – highly dependent on imports – appear to create opportunities for exchanges of oil and gas between the two shores of the Atlantic. On the oil front, recent market developments are putting pressure on US decision-makers to remove the outdated oil export ban that was adopted in the mid-1970s.

TTIP from an energy perspective (iai)


  Stanford & S.V. interdependency

It’s hard to imagine Stanford passed over as an innovation hub today. Stanford has outpaced some of the biggest Ivy League universities in prestige and popularity. It has obliterated the traditional mindset that eliteness is exclusive to the Ivy League. Stanford has lapped top schools by centuries. It ranks in the top 3 in multiple global and national rankings.

Building the tech boom of today (techcrunch)


  Brazil's water resources governance

Water is abundant in Brazil, but unevenly distributed across regions and users. Remarkable progress to reform the sector has been achieved since the 1997 National Water Law, but economic, climate and urbanisation trends generate threats that may jeopardize national growth and development. The consequences are particularly acute in regions where tensions across water users already exist or are likely to grow.

How to cope with future risks ? (keepeek)


  6 Apple Patents for tech industry

It's not atypical for big players – your Googles, Apples, Microsofts – to add thousands of them to their portfolios every year. While many are granted only to remain unused, the most interesting ones offer sneak peaks at possible future products. Apple may not lead the tech pack in terms of quantity, but many of its patents have a distinctive 'it' factor.

The market place (entrepreneur)


  Telus: Consistency drives success

During the last 15 years, few companies have delivered as consistently on almost all metrics that matter. Telus’s revenue has doubled from US$4.5 billion in 1999 (CAD$5.9 billion, using 2015 dollars) to $9.2 billion (CAD$12.0 billion) today. The company has become the global leader in total shareholder value creation among incumbent telecommunications companies worldwide.

The Confidence to execute (strategy-business)


  Mismanagement of European e-waste

The European Union-funded project found that just 35% (3.3 million tonnes of 9.5 million tonnes) of used (but still functioning) and waste electronics and electrical equipment discarded by companies and consumers in 2012 wound up in official collection and recycling systems. The study estimates 1.3 million tonnes of discarded electronics departed the EU in undocumented mixed exports.

New inquiry (cwitproject)


  EU' Intellectual Property Rights

This study, based on official public financial data from more than 2.3 million EU firms, covers companies which own patents, trade marks and designs at both national and at EU level. The study shows that large companies are four times more likely to own IP rights than smaller companies - 40% of larger firms have registered rights, compared with 9% of SMEs.

Firm performance & Economic analysis (oami.europa)


  Third Party Governance

For many businesses their global third party ecosystems (known as extended enterprises in some organisations) have in recent years become important sources of strategic advantage and business value. These organisations see their business partners as their second-most valuable organisational asset. Yet they are partners that bring risk.

Turning risk into opportunity (deloitte)


  Start-up investment

Interest rates are at historic lows and the markets are going haywire. Conditions could hardly be better for entrepreneurs in search of investors, according to a recent analysis conducted by the consulting firm Ernst & Young. A new study confirms Berlin is the start-up capital of Europe but for those responsible for the sector's success it is no time to rest. Tagesspiegel reports.

London outranked by Berlin (euractiv)


  Toyota’s Global Makeover

In April, Toyota announced plans to begin overhauling North American factories to prepare for TNGA (The Toyota New Global Architecture,). It also announced construction of a $1 billion plant in Mexico that will be "the first in the world designed from the ground up with TNGA production engineering technologies," according to the automaker.

Global rethink for Toyota (asq)


  Quality assurance failures and solutions

Buggy software and other oversights can cause major problems, such as a significant and unexpected company expense. Here is a collection of high profile quality assurance issues that happened in the past 25 years along with information on some of the solutions that resolved them. Despite the severity of these errors, most of the companies and organizations were able to survive the issues and learn from the mistakes.

Learning from their issues (developer)


  Design and analysis of clinical trials

There is a significant disconnect between the evidence that pharma and biotechnological firms are producing and the type of information that decision makers – particularly payers – want, according to GSK’s Rafael Alfonso. “The reason for that is that we have focused so much on regulatory decision makers and not the payers,” he tells eyeforpharma. “That is where we have to change.”

Three key analytics tools (social.eyeforpharma)


  ISO-9001-2015: Risk-Based Thinking

Risk is not a straightforward concept. Definitions of risk vary, even within documents published by the International Organizations for Standardization (ISO). One ISO definition indicates that risk is the “effect of uncertainty on an expected result.” Risk is now addressed by ISO 9001:2015, “Quality management systems—Requirements,” scheduled for publication next month.

The effects of uncertainty & How to address? (qualitydigest)


  Strategic emerging technology

There is rising worldwide interest in graphene, there are questions about the positioning of this emerging technology and when promised applications will materialise. From a UK perspective, significant public investments are being made to support the research and commercialisation of graphene and other novel advanced materials. But concerns have already been raised about economic returns.

Enterprises involved in graphene (nesta)


  Life expectancy

A recent study, published in the Journal of Aging and Health, has linked those of a higher intelligence with the capacity to physically age better. Researchers tested almost 3,000 middle-aged men, using simple mobility tests to gauge their physical aptitude, strength and co-ordination. From the results, Meincke believed that she could correctly identify which individuals were more likely to remain independent as they aged.

Exercise tests predicting mortality (telegraph)


  The painful transition for Mozilla

Back in July, Mozilla disclosed plans to modernize its Firefox browser. Today, the organization made those plans more concrete, with a tentative timeline for introducing long-desired improvements such as the creation of a process per tab—and with it, a timeline for the end of support for traditional Firefox add-ons. Mozilla has been working on a multi-process architecture for years.

The end of Firefox-add-ons (arstechnica)


  World without water

Men like Edward Mooradian are saving California. Indeed, there would hardly be any water left without them. And without water California, now in the fourth year of an epic drought, would be nothing but desert. That's why it's such a cynical joke and, most of all, a tragic reality, that men like Mooradian are also destroying California. In fact, they are actually aggravating the emergency that they are trying to mitigate.

The misuse of our most valuable resource (spiegel)


  NYC’s Tech Profile

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York published a new report that arguably provides the most accurate measurement of the city’s tech sector, using a definition that restricts tech employment to seven industries "in which firms use technology as their core business strategy." In this analysis, we use the Fed’s definition as a jumping off point to provide a more complete portrait of New York’s tech sector.

Analysis profile by age/sex/race~ethnicity (nycfuture)


  The silver economy

The' silver economy' covers a host of different but interlinked strands; together these can improve the quality of life and inclusion in society and involvement in economic activity of the ageing population through developing innovative policies, products and services to meet their needs, bringing more growth and jobs. The concept has been emerging over the years, and recently gathered momentum with the EU.

Opportunities from ageing (europarl.europa)


  Auto high-quality luxury product

In an age in which automotive manufacturers are seeking quality gains through latest-generation automation, and taking more and more decision making out of the hands of assembly workers, Infiniti has implemented a very human countermove: Every employee who comes to work at the plant must first learn to build an entire engine by hand -- just as the master takumi do in Yokohama.

The engine-building course (autonews)


  Multi-Robot coordination uncertainty

In order to fulfill the potential of increasingly capable and affordable robot hardware, effective methods for controlling robot teams must be developed. Although many algorithms have been proposed for multi-robot problems, the vast majority are specialized methods engineered to match specific team or problem characteristics. Progress in more general settings requires the specification of a model class that captures the core challenges of controlling multi-robot teams in a generic fashion.

How to solve multi-robot problems ? (roboticsproceedings)


  Turning dreams into reality

A common complaint with architecture today is that the experimental, exciting design presented at the beginning rarely finds itself expressed in the final building. That which was compellingly rendered does not become a reality, because somewhere between competition drawings and construction documents, the design morphs into a tepid version of the original concept, often owing to value engineering or a disconnect between vision and available materials.

Make it your business (fastcodesign)


  Solutions for a better tomorrow

The start-up’s toxin detection work recently scooped the Grand Prix at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, where its solution was recognised as an innovative answer to the impending danger threatening us all – imagine a scenario where your daily consumption of estrogen is high enough to turn you infertile. The New Economy has recognised Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation as the Most Innovative Technology Hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

Leaping through the valley of death (theneweconomy)


  The New Urban Science

We are living in the age of cities. It is an urgent time, and an uncertain one. Never before have human beings built so much with such haste. Yet we understand so little about how our urban world grows — and sometimes — declines. To meet this challenge, the world’s universities have set out to plug this knowledge gap, and establish a new science of cities . This report is an initial attempt to understand the collective scope and impact of this movement.

Understanding the city (citiesofdata)


  Mini X-ray source with laser light

Using light-generated radiation combined with phase-contrast X-ray tomography, the scientists visualized ultrafine details of a fly measuring just a few millimeters. Until now, such radiation could only be produced in expensive ring accelerators measuring several kilometers in diameter. By contrast, the laser-driven system in combination with phase-contrast X-ray tomography only requires a university laboratory to view soft tissues.

Laser-driven X-ray imagery (innovations-report)


  A regulatory helping hand

Increasingly scrutinized, regulatory agencies are imposing stricter guidelines for approving new therapies. This is mainly due to a number of high-profile drugs that were commercialized and then withdrawn after findings of adverse effects for patients. For decades, agencies have struggled to find a solution to bring higher-qualified drugs to market while minimizing risks in clinical trials and reducing the amount of animal testing.

How to bring successful therapy to publics ? (rdmag)


  Googles $6Bl miscalculation

Whatever goodwill it had stored up, Google started to lose in 2014, in the aftermath of the Snowden affair. Several of the leaked NSA documents revealed how Google and other companies had given the spy agency access to users’ accounts. Google said it was following the law and fought the NSA practice, but the damage was done. “What’s the use of a two-factor authenticated e-mail if the NSA is reading it, too?” Wagner says. “There was a huge shift.”

How to break up the search giant? (bloomberg)


  Getting comfortable with Lean

In the past two decades, drug manufacturing companies launched the industry’s first corporate lean manufacturing (Lean) and operational excellence (OpEx) programs. Using modern industrial engineering concepts advanced by thinkers such as Deming, Juran, Shewhart, and principles from the Toyota Production System (TPS), companies began to apply models from other industries to change the way they approached operations and inventory management at key facilities.

From standard work to kaizen (pharmtech)


  Siemens has positioned CX1 as int. standard

In intelligent power supply networks – smart grids – the quality of data transmission from digital meters to the power supply company is playing an increasingly important role. To make sure data is smoothly transmitted via lines in the power grid, it must be ensured that this transmission is also possible with equipment and transmission systems from different manufacturers.

Communication technology (innovations-report)


  Power industry transformation

No longer. Several coincident, significant transformations are causing a revolution in the way electricity — the vital fuel of global commerce and human comfort — is produced, distributed, stored, and marketed. A top-down, centralized system is devolving into one that is much more distributed and interactive. The mix of generation is shifting from high carbon to lower carbon, and, often, to no carbon.

A strategist’s guide (strategy-business)


  Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing methods result in little material waste, and they can be used to produce superior products with complex internal structures. Parts formed with additive manufacturing can be designed to be stronger, lighter, or more functional than parts made with conventional manufacturing processes. Though the materials currently available for additive manufacturing are somewhat limited.

The emerging area in the auto. industry (areadevelopment)


  About Weibull distributions

Some commonly held ideas about skewed probability models are incorrect. These incorrect ideas are one source of complexity and confusion regarding the analysis of data. By examining the basic properties of skewed distributions this article can help you to greater clarity of thought and may even simplify your next data analysis.

Industrial data analysis (qualitydigest)


  How to impair your IQ ?

According to experts, everything from technology to our eating habits and ultimately modern life itself are eroding our brains, chipping away at neural pathways and making us slower, denser and less capable of original thought. Since the 1930s IQs across the world have largely increased thanks to better living conditions, improved nutrition and education.

Switching betwwen tasks (telegraph)


  Can we reverse the ageing process?

In 2050, two billion people will be 60 or older, nearly double the number today. Medical researchers tend to tackle many diseases separately. After all, the illnesses are distinct: cancer arises from mutated DNA; heart disease from clogged up blood vessels; dementia from damaged brain cells. The biological processes that underpin the pathologies vary enormously.

The restorative properties of young blood (theguardian)


  The impact of free trade agreements

This Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) addresses two questions , to which it finds the literature offers partial answers (that can be supplemented by flanking analyses) . 1/ What has been the impact of Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between developed and developing countries on economic development in developing countries? 2/ What does this evidence tell us about how developing countries might best benefit from new FTAs.

Assessments (dfid)


  News: Twitter vs Facebook

The share of Americans for whom Twitter and Facebook serve as a source of news is continuing to rise. This rise comes primarily from more current users encountering news there rather than large increases in the user base overall, according to findings from a new survey. Although both social networks have the same portion of users getting news on these sites, there are significant differences in their potential news distribution strengths.

Medias' news distribution strengths (journalism)


  How to unplug USA from NET-control ?

When ICANN was formed in 1998, it contracted the National Telecommunications and Information Administration to manage many functions of the internet, including top-level domains and IP addresses. A 199-page proposal from ICANN has detailed how it plans to move its responsibilities to be operated by the “global internet community.”

New service level agreement (thenextweb)


  Verifying CAPA effectiveness

Verifying the effectiveness of corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) closes the loop between identifying a problem and completing the actions to solve it. It’s reasonable to assume that if a problem is worth solving, it’s also worth verifying that the solution worked. However, given the wide range of problems that could occur, determining the best verification approach and time frame to implement it can often seem elusive.

Six methods (qualitydigest)


  BRICS trade strategy

At a time when each of the BRICS’ exports are falling and when only India is expected to see faster economic growth in 2015 and 2016, this report argues that the trade strategy of the BRICS should be rethought. Greater attention should be placed on the unilateral actions taken by governments that limit imports and that artificially inflate exports. The BRICS ought to have a strong interest in discouraging and unwinding protectionism.

Time for a rethink (voxeu)


  Patch Tuesday: Not dead yet

With Windows 10's launch only five days away -- the new operating system will debut July 29 on previewers' PCs -- the question of whether Patch Tuesday lives and breathes, or will die a sure death, maybe quickly, maybe slowly, still remains officially unanswered. But security professionals and industry analysts have come to the conclusion that Patch Tuesday will continue, possibly in the same form it has since 2003.

Patch Tuesday's survivability (computerworld)


  Job tenure in turbulent times

Changes in the economic environment over past decades have led to growing concern about decreasing job stability and the disappearance of the ‘job for life’. There is a fear that globalisation and technological progress have led to changes in the labour market, which may in turn have reduced job tenure (defined as the length of time a worker has been continuously employed by the same employer).

Tenure evolution before and during the crisis (eurofound.europa)


  Best environmental management practice

Organisations of all sizes and kinds have a large scope for improving their environmental performance. With motivations ranging from eco-efficiency to reputation and concerns about the sustainability of their business, many organisations try to reduce their impact on the environment. To help organisations reach such an objective, the JRC studies and identifies the best environmental management practices (BEMPs).

Proactive approach to environmental challenges (ec.europa)


  Insight of the dark web

The Deep Web refers to “a class of content on the Internet that, for various technical reasons, is not indexed by search engines,” and thus would not be accessible through a traditional search engine. 8 Information on the Deep Web includes content on private intranets (internal networks such as those at corporations, government agencies, or universities), commercial databases like Lexis Nexis or Westlaw, or sites that produce content via search queries or forms.

From the surface to the deep web (fas)


  Bacterial decision circuit

“Successful sporulation requires two complete copies of the bacterial chromosome, so coordination between the sporulation decision and the completion of DNA replication is very important,” Narula said. “A good analogy might be a semester-long course in biology. Lessons are presented in a particular order, and students are tested after they learn. If the final exam were given in the first week, students would almost certainly fail.

DNA' timing mechanism (rice)


  Creative industries & Economic value

Creative Industries Copyright Licensing: Opportunities and Risks Introduction The economic value of the Creative Industries is well documented. Estimated figures for the commercial design sector have been assessed and added to the EY study taking the creative industries sectors up from 11 to 12. Copyright dates back to the Statute of Anne (1710).Today the original purpose of Copyright remains largely the same.

Understanding the digital age of copyright (creativebarcode)


  Should doctors recommend homeopathy?

Homeopathy is part of a family of toxicological and pharmacological phenomena that are attracting growing interest, characterised by secondary, reverse, or paradoxical reactions to drugs or toxins as a function of dose or time or both. These include hormesis (the paradoxical, stimulatory, or beneficial effect of low doses of toxins), paradoxical pharmacology, and rebound effects.

Comparative effectiveness research (bmj)


  The UK' sharing economy

The new opportunities presented in the shared economy have fuelled societies of micro-entrepreneurs to take advantage of their tangible and non-tangible assets through digital innovation. This is particularly the case in the UK- regarded as the mecca for sharing economy entrepreneurs and companies. The total revenue in UK for the shared economy could rise from $0.5 billion today to $9 billion by 2025.

As the world leader (capx)


  How to unlock a drug's potential?

Poor solubility is an ongoing challenge in pharmaceutical development. A drug must be in solution form for it to be absorbed regardless of the route of administration. The solubility of an API, therefore, plays a crucial role in bioavailability given that drug absorption is a function of solubility and permeability. Modern drug discovery techniques, continue to fill drug-development pipelines with a high number of poorly soluble new chemical entities (NCEs).

Solving poor solubility (pharmtech)


  About: Final draft of ISO 9001

Management system standard ISO 9001 has reached the final stage of the revision process. ISO member countries have 2 months to form a national position and vote on the latest draft of the standard before the 9 September deadline. Compared to the DIS, changes are relatively minor. The most extensive ones have been to the Introduction and figures, which have been greatly simplified, with some of the explanatory text being moved to an informative Annex.

Less prescriptive than its predecessor (iso)


  A new frontier in medicine

300,000 hip replacements are now performed annually worldwide, releasing people from pain, and extending the active period of their lives by 20 years or more. The success of these implants has led scientists to develop a new type of biomaterial that is promising to do for medicine what silicon did for computing.

The tissue engineering (theguardian)


  Black phosphorus: the next silicon?

In 2004, physicists at the University of Manchester in the U.K. first isolated and explored the remarkable properties of graphene -- a one-atom-thick layer of carbon. Since then scientists have rushed to investigate a range of other two-dimensional materials. One of those is black phosphorus, a form of phosphorus that is similar to graphite and can be separated easily into single atomic layers, known as phosphorene.

Nano-toolbox for transistor designers (mcgill)


  Patent troll lawsuits

New patent statistics show that patent litigation, driven by so-called "patent trolls," could reach an all-time high in 2015. It's a statistic that's sure to be highlighted by tech lobbyists and others pushing for patent reform, given that the House is likely to take up a floor vote of the Innovation Act this month. The stats are published by United Patents, which helps companies deal with patent trolls.

The top target (arstechnica)


  About the business of building a website

Stories have been told about the website so bad it nearly broke the Affordable Care Act. The Obama administration was "running the biggest start-up in the world, and they didn’t have anyone who had run a start-up, or even run a business," David Cutler, a health adviser to Obama’s 2008 campaign, told The Washington Post in 2013. “It’s very hard to think of a situation where the people best at getting legislation passed are best at implementing it. They are a different set of skills.”

The startup that saved (theatlantic)


  EU' surveillance tech export controls

Internal emails and invoices from the Italian company Hacking Team were leaked over the weekend. The company sells software that can be used for surveillance. New leaks revealed its clients include a number of EU member states, as well as Sudan, Morocco, Kazakhstan and other countries with poor human rights records.The European Commission is reviewing the dual use regulation this year, which lays down restrictions for the export of technology that can be used for military purposes.

Tech used as “internal repression” (euractiv)


  Innovation & ISO 9001:2015

Should innovation be included in ISO 9001:2015? This question has become pertinent to quality professionals because the recently distributed International Organization for Standardization Draft International Standard (ISO/DIS) 9001 includes this word and concept as a quality management system (QMS) requirement for the first time. This inclusion has prompted considerable discussion and debate, especially in social media.

For what purpose ? (asq)


  French’s "Nice Grid" under test

The 30 million euro "Nice Grid" pilot is one of the biggest in a European Union-backed "Grid4EU" scheme in which France's EDF, Italy's Enel, Spain's Iberdrola Czech Republic's CEZ, Sweden's Vattenfall and Germany's RWE are testing the power grids of tomorrow. A major pilot project by Europe's largest power network operator to integrate power from rooftop solar panels into the grid has shown that battery storage of renewable energy is not yet economically viable in Europe.

The project's Achilles Heel (trust)


  Data development & Country priorities

To get an alternative view on what national governments need to prioritize to formulate effective policies, plan and implement service delivery, and monitor progress, we focus in this report on the development of statistical systems in a handful of countries that have invested significantly in building such systems, to both serve their own needs as well as those of the international development community.

National data collection efforts (odi)


  Heaven on earth

Moulding a landscape to explore some of the most abstruse concepts in cosmology might seem odd, but it is not new. It's hard to speak with much assurance about the intentions behind the UK's profusion of prehistoric henges and stone circles – which the Crawick Multiverse so closely resembles – but the numerous astronomical alignments they incorporate suggest an attempt to connect with the cosmos.

The emergence of life from bing-bang (newscientist)


  Franklin’s data & double helix model

The wave of protest that followed Sir Tim Hunt’s stupid comments about ‘girls’ in laboratories highlighted many examples of sexism in science. One claim was that during the race to uncover the structure of DNA, Jim Watson and Francis Crick either stole Rosalind Franklin’s data, or ‘forgot’ to credit her. Neither suggestion is true.

First foray in DNA's structure (theguardian)


  The New, New Silk Road

Yes, there is a new Silk Road, and no, it shouldn’t be confused with the digital Silk Road, Internet drug deals, or the “Dread Pirate Roberts.” The new, New Silk Road, as any modern merchant will tell you, now spans not just Eurasia, but also the entire globe. Just around the global bend, China indulges visions of a “New Silk Road, New Dreams.” Those efforts, however, are concerned with a new old Silk Road.

Giving manufacturing technology a boost (qualitydigest)


  BMS redefines its R&D

In Cambridge, Bristol-Myers Squibb scientists will focus on the company’s ongoing discovery efforts in genetically defined diseases, molecular discovery technologies, and discovery platform chemistry. In addition to relocating up to 200 employees from its Wallingford, Connecticut and Waltham, Massachusetts sites, and a limited number from its central New Jersey locations, the company expects to recruit scientists from the Cambridge area.

R&D Locations and Focus (pharmtech)


  UK auto industry at high

The sector has seen turnover rise and an increase in the number of people employed. Vehicle production is expected to grow strongly over the next few years to record levels, as investment spending is realised. The vehicles that are being produced are being done so with less energy, water and waste. The industry also saw safety levels improve, with lost time incidents falling to a new low.

2015 Automotive Sustainability report (smmt)


  Trade facilitation

This report reviews the available published evidence on the impact of trade facilitation interventions on trade, and seeks to identify factors that lead to positive or negative impacts. In reflecting on the findings of the review, it also highlights gaps in evidence and information that need to be filled in order to design effective trade facilitation interventions and reforms.

Suggestions & Guidance (r4d.dfid)


  Cancer recognition & referral

The identification of people with possible cancer usually happens in primary care, because the large majority of people first present to a primary care clinician. Therefore, evidence from primary care should inform the identification process and was used as the basis of this guideline. The recommendations were developed using a 'risk threshold'.

NICE guideline (nice)


  Bill Gates wants your sewage

Sanitation and water treatment in the developing world is set to change with the onset of the Omni Processor. The Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation have decided to invest in a machine that turns sewage into drinking water and can also generate energy. Just as importantly it is relatively low-cost, making it a technology that can be rolled out quickly in emerging economies.

The first of its kind (cleanleap)


  Reducing exposure to acrylamid

Evidence from animal studies shows that acrylamide and its metabolite glycidamide are genotoxic and carcinogenic: they damage DNA and cause cancer. Evidence from human studies that dietary exposure to acrylamide causes cancer is currently limited and inconclusive. Since acrylamide is present in a wide range of everyday foods, this health concern applies to all consumers but children are the most exposed age group on a body weight basis.

Acrylamide in food (efsa.europa)


  Digitalization in public transport

Digitalization is one of the worldwide trends that are increasingly impacting and changing people's lives and work. In particular, mobility within and between cities will be increasingly shaped by this development. Siemens sees itself as a trailblazer for this trend and is centering its business strategy on digitalization, along with automation and electrification.

The automatic train control system (innovations-report)


  Global Destination Cities Index

Driven by insights into travel patterns, the Global Destinations Cities Index provides a ranking of the 132 most visited cities around the world. More than just a travel tracker, the Index delivers deeper understanding of how people move around the world and speaks to the importance and prominence of the world’s cities as homes, destinations and engines of growth. London is projected to receive 18.82 million international visitors in 2015.

The 132 most visited cities (newsroom.mastercard)


  Generation Inactive

This report comes out strongly in favour of the formal measurement of children’s fitness as long as it can be done in a fun, inspiring and engaging way. The Generation Inactive report follows ukactive’s previous publication Steps to Solving inactivity, which revealed that 29 per cent of people in England are classed as physically inactive. This means that more than one in four people fails to a e fails to achieve moderate intensity activity per week.

An analysis of the UK’s childhood (ukactive)


  Combating climate risks in 3D

The potential role for 3D printing in adapting to and mitigating climate change risks to security is already being tested, though the testers may not even know it. The US military has been developing 3D printing for everything from equipment replacement to treating battlefield injuries, but there may also be associated benefits for confronting climate risks.

Field-tested (thebulletin)


  Living and working in Europe

Eurofound in 2014 expanded its evidence base on the repercussions of the crisis on the living and working conditions of Europeans, and offered guidance on viable options available to policymakers in their efforts to turn Europe around. The Agency produced new knowledge in some of the areas of most immediate concern to Europeans and in fields crucial to their long-term prosperity.

The consequences of the economic crisis (eurofound.europa)


  Virtual reality for the masses

The trend is called virtual reality, or VR, and the technology is moving from science fiction to store shelves within the next year. Once thought of as a gimmick from the early '90s, VR is now one of the hottest markets in the tech industry as low-cost components and powerful software have made replicating the real world easier and more lifelike.

Affordable devices (cnet)


  Boosting confidence in 3D printing

Despite its revolutionary promise, however, additive manufacturing is still in its infancy when it comes to understanding the impact of subtle differences in manufacturing methods on the properties and capabilities of resulting materials. Overcoming this shortcoming is necessary to enable reliable mass production of additively manufactured structures such as aircraft wings or other complex components of military systems.

DARPA’s Open Manufacturing program (darpa)


  Encryption & Anonymity

Some call for efforts to weaken or compromise encryption standards such that only Governments may enjoy access to encrypted communications. However, compromised encryption cannot be kept secret from those with the skill to find and exploit the weak points, whether State or non-State, legitimate or criminal. It is a seemingly universal position among technologists that there is no special access that can be made available only to government authorities.

UN's Special Rapporteur (ohchr)


  Better branding to Web development

Signaling Polymer’s production readiness, Google announced release 1.0 at its annual I/O developer conference. A core library used to build and style Web components, Polymer transitioned rapidly from concept to production release in less than two years. Web developers are attracted by its simplicity. Traditionally, developers create Web pages with a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which can be difficult to modify, debug, maintain and reuse.

Google’s Polymer 1.0 (cio)


  Biomass: A novel bimetallic catalyst

By 2050, some three-quarters of the world’s population will be living in cities. The growing number of cities with over a million inhabitants is demanding more sustainable and closed carbon loops for a good living environment. Chemical building blocks derived from biomass can form a significant contribution to the increasing demand for sustainable materials and fuels.

Improvement of biomass' processing (esrf)


  Education: Achievements & Challenges

On the positive side, the number of children and adolescents who were out of school has fallen by almost half since 2000. An estimated 34 million more children will have attended school as a result of faster progress since Dakar. The greatest progress has been achieved in gender parity, particularly in primary education, although gender disparity remains in almost a third of the countries with data.

EFA global monitoring report (unesdoc.unesco)


  New NIST' standard on gene sequencing

The new reference material, NIST RM 8398, is a “measuring stick” for the human genome, the coded blueprints of a person’s genetic traits. It provides a well-characterized standard that can tell a laboratory how well its processes for determining the patterns in a person’s DNA (called DNA or gene sequencing) are working by measuring the performance of the equipment, chemistry and data analysis involved.

NIST standard as a benchmark (nist)


  2015 European report on development

This Report addresses ‘combining finance and policies to implement a transformative post-2015 development agenda’. The experience of pursuing the MDGs has provided lessons in terms of countries’ successes and failures that can be applied to using finance and policies to achieve a post-2015 development agenda. This Report draws out some of the lessons that could help to inform a new finance and policy framework.

Vision of global development (ecdpm)


  Mozilla' smartphone plan

Mozilla's plight could affect even those who don't use its software. The group has worked for more than a decade to make the Web more powerful and to give people control over their online lives despite prying governments and money-hungry corporations. Plenty of people would like to see those values in the mobile market even if their phone doesn't sport Mozilla's orange fox icon, but those values just aren't in play today.

Hints of Android support (cnet)


  The impact of climate change

This report, The impact of climate change on the achievement of the post-2015 sustainable development goals, considers impacts on development over the next 15 years, under two scenarios for the 2015 climate change agreement: a high-ambition agreement and a low-ambition agreement. It looks at associated policies and levels of investment in mitigation and adaptation.

2015 sustainable development goals (cdkn)


  US bill on space mining

For as long as we've existed, humans have looked up at the stars — and wondered. What is up there? Who is out there? The United States has already shown its penchant for claiming ownership of space-based things. There are not one, not two, but six U.S. flags on the moon, in case any of you other nations start getting ideas. American lawmakers would seek to guarantee property rights for U.S. space corporations.

Commercial space exploration (washingtonpost)


  EU’ Digital single market (DSM)

Between 2001 and 2011, ICT accounted for 30% of GDP growth in the EU but for 55% in the US. The difference is partly the result of the sectoral composition of the corresponding economies but also the result of disparities in the perception of ICT, investment volume in ICT production and use. For the period 2006-2011, the estimated productivity differential between the US and EU due to ICT was 0.2% growth annually.

Digital economy and society (ec.europa)


  US report on Diatery & Health

The 2010 Committee acknowledged the importance of dietary patterns and recommended additional research in this area. After the release of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the USDA Nutrition Evidence Library(NEL) completed a systematic review project examining the relationships between dietary patterns and several health outcomes.

Health issue (health)


  The human capital report 2015

Talent, not capital, will be the key factor linking innovation, competitiveness and growth in the 21st century. More than a third of employers globally reported facing difficulties in finding talent last year and nearly half expected talent shortages to have a negative impact on their business results. Yet the world’s pool of latent talent is enormous.

Insight on the global talent value chain (weforum)


  UK' 100 best Start-ups

Launched in 2014 and a brand new entry into the list, is an innovative property technology (proptech) platform which impressed the judges having already attracted over £11m in funding, achieved multi-million revenues and scaled to a team of 120 staff and growing. Now in its sixth year, the Startups 100 index recognises privately owned UK companies launched on or after 1 January 2012.

An illustrious alumni of businesses (talkbusinessmagazine)


  The future of internet governance

Concerns have risen in Congress over the proposed transition. Critics worry that relinquishing U.S. authority over Internet domain names may offer opportunities for either hostile foreign governments or intergovernmental organizations, such as the United Nations, to gain undue influence over the Internet. On the other hand, this transition completes the necessary evolution of Internet domain name governance towards the private sector.

Consensus on a transition proposal (fas)


  How to rewire the eye

Optogenetics is a powerful tool for probing the inner workings of the brain. In mice, researchers have used optogenetics to study feeding behaviour, map aggression circuits, and even alter memories. After years of work with animals, researchers are now poised to insert optogenetic molecules into the retinal cells of people. The aim is to restore vision in those whose rods and cones don’t work.

How to reach the sophistication of normal vision (sciencenews)


  Africa: Gauging opportunity

Africa is at an exceptional historical crossroad, if there was ever a moment for an entire continent to seize the day, this is it. This report is part of PwC's global Cities of Opportunity series that helps governments businesses and citizens improve their economies and quality of life. The available data and analysis does have limitations and only tells part of the story.

Toward investors & policymakers (pwc)


  Persistence of Ebola Virus

Among survivors of EVD, late complications that include ocular disease can develop during convalescence. Here, we report the clinical course of a man in whom severe, acute, unilateral uveitis developed during the convalescent phase of EVD. We also report the detection of viable EBOV in aqueous humor obtained from the inflamed eye 14 weeks after the onset of the initial symptoms of EVD and 9 weeks after the clearance of viremia.

Detection of viable EBOV (nejm)


  The Parts-Per-Million Problem

Parts per million (ppm) is part of the language of six sigma. It pervades the sales pitch and is used in all sorts of computations as a measure of quality. Yet what are the rules of arithmetic and statistics that govern the computation and usage of parts per million? To discover the answers read on.

Communicating numerical quantities (qualitydigest)


  Patch Tuesday may be dead

Those questions began circulating Monday, after Microsoft announced its new update service, Windows Update for Business (WUB). As Terry Myerson, Microsoft's operating system chief, touted WUB, he suggested, or some thought he suggested, that Patch Tuesday was no more. "We're not going to be delivering all of the updates" Myerson said of changes to Windows Update under Windows 10.

More options for business (computerworld)


  Women’s leadership

While there has been progress in many countries in increasing the numbers of women in elected posts, both at local and national level, women are less likely to occupy executive branch posts or key cabinet positions. Similarly, while women occupy leadership roles in social movements they mostly remain under - represented in organisations that do not focus on women and gender issue.

Decision-making (odi)


  Encouraging STEM studies

There is evidence of skills shortages in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields in spite of high unemployment rates in many Member States. This document, prepared by Policy Department A at the request of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs, intends to provide an up-to-date overview of the labour market situation in STEM occupations.

The labour market needs (europarl)


  Ocean Energy Status Report

The ocean energy sector comprises different energy technologies that could exploit the power contained in our seas, and convert it into renewable low-carbon electricity. The various types of ocean energy technologies, such as tidal energy, wave energy, ocean thermal energy conversion and salinity gradient energy, have reached different stages of technical and commercial development, in Europe and globally.

Technology, market and economic aspects (


  Quantum computer: IBM’s new chip

A superconducting chip developed at IBM demonstrates an important step needed for the creation of computer processors that crunch numbers by exploiting the weirdness of quantum physics. If successfully developed, quantum computers could effectively take shortcuts through many calculations that are difficult for today’s computers.

A stepping stone (technologyreview)


  Potential growth of EU countries

The report provides highlights of research activities carried out over the year in support of the main EU policies. Topics include economic and monetary union; innovation, growth and jobs; digital agenda; energy and transport; environment and climate change; agriculture and global food security; security and disaster risk reduction; health and consumer protection and nuclear safety and security.

Joint Research Centre Report (ec.europa)


  Projected shifts in coffea arabica

Whether you like it frothy, skinny, straight or short, coffee lovers around the world face a wake-up call as the perfect storm brews for their favorite drink, as climate change threatens higher prices and reduced supply. For the first time, researchers have mapped suitability for Arabica - the most popular, high-quality gourmet variety with a 70 percent of global market share - to see how it will cope in 2050.

Current and future coffee suitability prediction (journals.plos)


  The future of U.S.-China relations

The central question for all of us is whether these changes in the regional and global distribution of power can occur peacefully, in a manner which preserves the stability and prosperity of Asia, while preserving the underlying values and institutional framework of the post-war order. No one should assume that the current order cannot be radically improved.

The Chinese economic model (belfercenter.ksg.harvard)


  Global IT report 2015

This year’s theme—centered on ensuring inclusive growth—is an important reminder that the work is far from over. Many regions and billions of people remain unconnected or underserved, and significant opportunities for further social improvement and economic growth exist. As the following chapters will show, the social and economic challenges of inclusive growth are inseparable from key topics on the global corporate agenda.

Economic growth with inclusive IT (weforum)


  The imagination gap

This notion of a future that hasn’t quite conformed to prior expectations is perhaps the most striking facet of Strategy&’s recent series on industry trends, an in-depth analysis of the prospects for 16 of the world’s bellwether sectors. To profit — indeed, to survive — in 2015 and beyond, companies must not just adopt new, unanticipated forms of digitization innovation, but must use them to reshape their business models.

How objects become computers themselves (strategy-business)


  Is the croissant really French?

Experts do agree that the croissant was inspired by the Austrian kipfel, a crescent-shaped baked good featuring a generous amount of butter or lard and sometimes sugar and almonds. According to popular lore, the kipfel originated in 1683 as a comestible celebration of Austrian victory over the Ottomans at the siege of Vienna.

From kipfel to Cronut (smithsonianmag)


  EFSA' scientific cooperation annual report

One of the key activities set out in the Scientific Cooperation Roadmap 2014 - 2016 is to develop an EU Risk Assessment Agenda to address common long term needs and actions in support of risk assessment in the EU. While MS have their own work plans and priorities, the aim of the EU Risk Assessment Agenda is to agree an additional joint programme of prioritised risk assessment support activities.

EU risk assessment agenda (efsa.europa)


  Security of telereobotic surgery

Very recently, motivated by the Raven II extreme operation experiments, researchers recognized importance of cyber security for telerobotic surgery. In [the Proceedings of the Miitary Communications Conference], authors developed a light-weight software tool to verify the robot’s side code. In [Mobile Networks and Applications], authors developed an information coding approach to protect communication privacy and reliability.

Experimental analysis of cyber security threats (arxiv)


  Open Data Roundtable

Three significant challenges in improving the quality of its data. First, statutory requirements for the submission of patents make fixes difficult when errors are detected after these have become legal documents. Second, patent applicants are often reticent to provide unambiguous information: there are market incentives to obfuscate data about patent ownership.

Ways to improve the patent data system (opendata500)


  3D visualization of trapped particles

Precise tracking of three-dimensional (3D) positions of objects, often associated with optical tweezers, is important for the study of biophysics and cell biology. Although various approaches for 3D particle tracking have been proposed, most are limited in resolution and axial localization for objects of complex geometry. Holographic tomography systems circumvent these problems.


Precise tracking (3D) positions of objects (opticsinfobase)


  Your genes not for sale

In a unanimous ruling last week, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected that a patent can be granted to a gene sequence that describes the risk of a disease. Simply stated, you cannot own a piece of the human genome. Praise to the scientists whose hard work discovered the gene, but their discovery is like the periodic table of the elements—not an invention of human creation, but an art of nature.

Free for all to use & no one to own (scienceprogress)


  Tech's diversity problem

Over the next five years, Intel plans to invest $300 million in something called the "diversity in technology initiative," which will aim to bring the company’s workforce to "full representation" by 2020. Silicon Valley companies have been subject to sharp criticism and scrutiny over their lack of racial and gender diversity, and pressured by activists such as the Rev. Jesse Jackson to disclose their employee figures to the public.

Intel’s plan (fastcompany)


  World happiness report 2015

The world has come a long way since the first World Happiness Report launched in 2012. Increasingly happiness is considered a proper measure of social progress and goal of public policy. A rapidly increasing number of ational and local governments are using happiness data and research in their search for policies that could enable people to live better lives.

Summary (


  Startup: How to bounce back?

As you start scaling your team it’s crucial to hire slow. Every time you bring a new person on you need to help them integrate with your team and the company mission. Hiring too many people too fast does not leave you much time to pay attention to each new hire and make sure they are happy and productive at their job.

Perseverance, Perseverance..Per (thenextweb)


  Autonomous weapons and their risks

Fully autonomous weapons, also known as “killer robots,” raise serious moral and legal concerns because they would possess the ability to select and engage their targets without meaningful human control. Many people question whether the decision to kill a human being should be left to a machine. There are also grave doubts that fully autonomous weapons would ever be able to replicate human judgment.

The obstacles to accountability (hrw)


  Education across the world

There has been tremendous progress across the world since 2000 – but we are not there yet. Despite all efforts by governments, civil society and the international community, the world has not achieved Education for All. There are still 58 million children out of school globally and around 100 million children who do not complete primary education.

Achievements & challenges (EFA)


  The rising cost of a healthy diet

Everywhere in the world the share of the population overweight and obese is increasing, no more so than in the emerging economies of the developing world. No country has stemmed the increase. Effective policies to combat obesity have yet to be proved, if only because no country has yet tested a sufficiently comprehensive set of policies.

Prices of foods vs incomes (odi)


  Financing SME

Traditional bank finance poses challenges to SMEs, in particular to newer, innovative and fast growing companies, with a higher risk. The long - standing need to strengthen capital structures and to decrease dependence on borrowing has become more urgent, as many firms were obliged to increase leverage in order to survive the recent economic and financial crisis.

Broadening the range of instruments (oecd)


  Cell phones in Africa

In a few short years, the proliferation of mobile phone networks has transformed communications in sub-Saharan Africa. It has also allowed Africans to skip the landline stage of development and jump right to the digital age. Since 2002, cell phone ownership has exploded in the countries where trends are available. In 2002, only 8% of Ghanaians owned a mobile phone, that figure stands at 83% today.

Communication Lifeline (pewglobal)


  QUIC protocol as GoogSolution

You may have never heard of it, but if you are a Chrome users, chances are you’ve used Google’s QUIC protocol already. As Google disclosed this week, about half of all requests from Chrome to Google’s servers are now served over QUIC. QUIC is Google’s experimental, low-latency Internet transportation protocol over UDP, a protocol that is often used by gaming, streaming media and VoIP services.

On how reduce latency? (techcrunch)


  How to manage and eliminate threats ?

SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding your Strengths and Weaknesses, and for identifying both the Opportunities open to you and the Threats you face. What makes SWOT particularly powerful is that, with a little thought, it can help you uncover opportunities that you are well-placed to exploit. By understanding the weaknesses of your business, you can manage and eliminate threats.

How to Use the Tool? (mindtools)


  Demographic change & Economic impacts

Human resources constraints will affect economic growth in the EU, the US, China and other global players. In most (not all) of these regions the inescapable decline of working-age population will impose restrictions on future employment and economic growth. Higher productivity growth will eventually become the only way to sustain a positive rate of economic growth in the EU and many other parts of the world including some of the emerging economies.

Trends in working age population (ec.europa)


  The small-business advantage

One thing that’s certain in today’s uncertain economy is that it’s better to make things happen rather than wait for them to happen. Being proactive in terms of small business opportunities is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of time, commitment, labour and determination, not to mention a fearless spirit, both to come to life and stay alive.

Big business from small biz (iso)


  Electronic wastes: Rare earth recovery

The objective of the study is to describe the potential of innovative technologies for recovery of rare earths from electronic waste and to evaluate how they could be implemented in industry, in particular in hitech SMEs. EU is a net importer of REEs (Rare earth elements ) and accounted for less than 8% of the total in 2012. However, most REEs that enter the EU are already embodied in components manufactured outside the EU.

Business model on eco-innovation (europarl.europa)


  6 chemical compounds that thwart HuR

The findings, which could lead to a new class of cancer drugs, appear in the current issue of ACS Chemical Biology. "These are the first reported small-molecule HuR inhibitors that competitively disrupt HuR-RNA binding and release the RNA, thus blocking HuR function as a tumor-promoting protein," said Liang Xu, associate professor of molecular biosciences and corresponding author of the paper.

Direct HuR inhibitors (innovations-report)


  Hardware startups: it's getting less hard

For years, hardware startups throughout the tech industry struggled in part because the industry shoehorned them into a one-size-fits-all business model. That's no longer the case today. In the past two years, hardware experts, ranging from accelerators to supply chain experts and consultants, have come out of the woodwork. And they're all focused on helping small companies bring their gadgets to store shelves.

It still ain't easy (cnet)


  How Very Predictable We Are ?

Are we always an unpredictable mess when it comes to email? Younger people tend to send shorter, faster replies than older people, and men send slightly shorter and faster replies than women, the study finds. We respond more promptly during weekdays and work hours, and when we receive more messages, we tend to respond to a smaller fraction of them, and with shorter replies.

Email study (arxiv)


  The costs of data recovery

Data protection companies have multiplied in the past 10 years and they are locked in a bitter battle for market share. Thanks to Amazon-style public clouds we have a third option: storage owned by someone else. This comes in three varieties: cloud provider offers a software/service combo; you provide the software and rent the cloud storage; or a third-party provider offers software and storage.

The battle (theregister)


  The fate of Brazilian' SEED

There has been a huge uproar this week in Brazil’s startup scene around the fate of SEED, whose name stands for ‘Startups and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development.’ Once one of the country’s leading acceleration programs, it saw its co-working space abruptly shut down a few days ago. While it quickly earned praised from the startup world, it appeared under threat since general election.

How get back on track? (thenextweb)


  Drug-resistant infections

Failure to tackle drug-resistant infections will lead to at least 10 million extra deaths a year and cost the global economy up to $100tn (£64tn) by 2050. The report is the first published by the Review into AMR, set up by Cameron in July, amid growing concerns about the scale of the problem. It acknowledges that the human impact should be enough to prompt major intervention.

No country is considered immune (amr-review)


  IBM partner with Weather Company

While weather prediction is increasingly precise and granular, business systems generally assume every day is the same. As a result, knowledge of impending extreme weather disruptions – or even routine disruptions that drive well understood behaviors and systemic reactions – don’t always trigger operational responses. Combining weather data with Internet of Things (IoT) will fundamentally transform enterprise decision-making.

Real-time weather insights to business (supplychaindigital)


  The evolution of the entrepreneur

No one knows for sure who the world’s first entrepreneur was. It’s too bad because it would make a great story. Ingenuity, passion, fearlessness, drive, commitment, grit. The best entrepreneurs of our time and the times before had these gainful characteristics in common and many more. Adaptability is perhaps the most crucial entrepreneurial trait of them all.

From Marco Polo to Mark Zuckerberg (entrepreneur)


  University rankings

University League tables went global in 2003 when Nian Cai Liu of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, as he recently told The Economist, came up with six indicators with which to measure the performance of institutions from around the world. This endeavour was to become the so-called Academic Ranking of World Universities, also known as the Shanghai Rankings.

Independence and credibility (theneweconomy)


  New struggles facing open source

The early days of open source were fraught with religious animosities we feared would tear apart the movement: free software fundamentalists haggling with open source pragmatists over how many Apache licenses would fit on the head of a pin. But once commercial interests moved in to plunder for profit, the challenges faced by open source pivoted toward issues of control.

From purity to profit (infoworld)


  How states attract FDI ?

State-level economic development agencies pursue a variety of strategies to attract FDI, including targeted marketing and business development campaigns, generous business incentives, and old-fashioned relationship-building through trade missions, operation of permanent offices abroad, and intense networking through their existing international business communities.

Foreign' Direct Investment (areadevelopment)


  3D Medical visualisation

A company called EchoPixel announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has cleared its True3D Viewer for use in diagnostics and surgical planning. The software platform converts existing 2D medical imaging data such as MRI and CT scans into fully interactive virtual reality images. With the system, doctors can view, manipulate and dissect body parts that are re-created in mid-air above an ordinary desktop.

Interactive technology market (smithsonianmag)


  Indnesia' economic survey

Growth has been strong in the decade and a half since the Asian Crisis but has slowed in recent years, reflecting weaker international demand, the fall in commodity prices and low investment growth, due in large part to heightened regulatory uncertainty and infrastructure bottlenecks. Indonesia’s abundant natural resources can be better harnessed by raising productivity and increasing efficiency in agriculture.

OECD' report


  Genomics Needs A Killer App

The exponential growth of applications that became possible thanks to the Internet changed every industry; the genomics network has that potential. Right now genomics is starting to be used for cancer drug targeting, family planning genetic screening, the diagnosis of rare diseases, and R&D. The field has been driven by a 1000X improvement in sequencing technology.

A major shift (techcrunch)



This quarter’s report is the State of the Internet Report include a Security section covering attack traffic, reported DDoS attacks, and other security observations. Starting with the 1st Quarter, 2015 issue, all insight into these topics will be published exclusively in the State of the Internet /security Report. Also additional metrics analysis performed are reported.

Akamai’s report


  Consulting services 2015 vendor assessment

This IDC study represents the vendor assessment model called IDC MarketScape. This evaluation is based on a comprehensive framework and set of parameters expected to be most conducive to success in providing business consulting services during both the short term and the long term. A significant and unique component of this evaluation is the inclusion of business consulting buyers' perception.

IDC Marketscape Figure (pwc)         


  Healthy start

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