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A Quality Management ISO 9001 organisation cannot be established without solid background.
It is built around unifying objectives that Management is able to establish or adopt by calling upon organisations such as ours.

The procedure is built upon the Company's available resources that must be qualified in advance according to internally confidential plans, or incorporated when the aspired objectives are ambitious.

  QMS ISO 9001 Our activities include, among others, identifying and addressing:

  • Needs for reaching the required standards, by performing an adequate diagnosis,
  • Expectations of your external customers as well as providers internal to the organisation,
  • Sector regulations related to your field of activity (legislation, standards, hygiene and
    security, environment),
  • Processes, their analysis concerning all internal and external procedures of the Company and their being brought up to standard according to the targeted macro-processes defined with input from Management and guided by us,
  • Increasing awareness and supporting involved peronnel according to expected skills and objectives within the framework of the Quality Management ISO 9001 project,
  • Macro-and micro-economic indicators to form and use in a continuous and open way in order to measure chronologically the relevance of the aspired objectives,
  • Milestone audits planned for evaluating and performing a permanent supervision method of all processes, and in particular of those that are critical for the growth of the Company.

Your Quality Management ISO 9001 System's Certification by an accredited organisation and its maintenance are permanent assets as long as all of the above-mentioned points have been performed in a continuous way. Its value remains subject to the constant evaluation of the customers' transactions related to their expectations.






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