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implementing ISO 14000
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implementing ISO 14000

Environmental management

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The Environmental management has become a daily concern, exceeding the Company framework with regard to the evolution of the national and international legislation.

It is an equation with several unknown factors which requires an increased awareness on behalf of company heads, even if the answers do not exist for all harmful factors that contribute to the increase of nuisances.

Today the methods of diagnosis, evaluation, correction, and even elimination of a certain number of these factors exist as long as the people in charge for the organisations take an initiative to give priority to prevention over correction, even within the framework of a Quality certification project.

  EMS ISO14001 Our organisation makes it possible to achieve-on a management level for an

    Environmental System:

  • A diagnosis followed by an assessment of all nuisance flows and sources of economy affecting directly or indirectly all resources of the Company, whether static or dynamic,
  • The integration of groups of engineering firms if required in order to perform a study of bringing the process up to standard. The objective is its adaptation to the normative requirements via an adequate investment which can associate public and/or private sources of financing,
  • Support of personnel and its integration to practices of prevention and of implementation of operational procedures accompanying the production processes. This may also include equipment for monitoring, sampling, or even in situ measurements,
  • Development of technical and organisational documentation on data collection, evaluation, and tasks for ensuring security and conformity with sector regulations,
  • Audits, their planning, and the monitoring of actions that aim at a better management of the Environmental Management System by internal training on this task.
  • The certification of your environmental system.

After obtaining certification, services include-in addition to the improvement of your Environmental Management System - the permanent monitoring of local and/or international legislation and of new production processes, or of the decrease in nuisance thresholds.




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