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  EU' DG for competition

DG Competition commissioned this Qualitative Eurobarometer study in order to obtain feedback on perceptions of the quality of its activities from its most important professional stakeholders. The study covers DG Competition’s enforcement, policy and advocacy activities. Feedback was sought in relation to the soundness of its legal and economic analyses.

Stakeholder Survey (ec.europa)


  Google working on a cure for cancer

Google has filed a patent application with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for a wrist-worn device that could destroy cancer cells in the blood. The patent application, which has the name "Nanoparticle Phoresis", describes a wearable device that "can automatically modify or destroy one or more targets in the blood that have an adverse health effect".

How to help people to live longer ? (patentscope.wipo)


  Italy's online security

Fewer hacktivists, more cybercriminals, and little or no protective measures to keep them out: two different reports on cybersecurity published recently in Italy have painted the same picture of the country's online future. The first report, by the Italian Information Security Association (CLUSIT), details current cybersecurity threats both on a global and national level.

The lack of awareness (zdnet)


  Calls for Gene-Editing Moratorium

Genome-editing technologies may offer a powerful approach to treat many human diseases, including HIV/AIDS, haemophilia, sickle-cell anaemia and several forms of cancer. All techniques currently in various stages of clinical development focus on modifying the genetic material of somatic cells, such as T cells (a type of white blood cell). These are not designed to affect sperm or eggs.

Don’t edit the human germ line (nature)


  Arabian Sea & Pollution

Karachi has just two functional wastewater treatment plants, and it is largely up to individual business owners to determine whether industrial waste is stored or dumped into canals, officials say. As a result, each day, 350 million gallons of raw sewage or untreated industrial waste — enough to fill 530 Olympic-sized swimming pools — from the city flows into the harbor.

Pollution erodes a way of life (washingtonpost)


  The effectiveness of homeopathy

The assessment of the evidence used standardised, accepted methods for assessing the quality and reliability of evidence for whether or not a therapy is effective for treating health conditions. For some health conditions, studies reported that homeopathy was not more effective than placebo. For other health conditions, there were poor-quality studies that reported homeopathy was more effective than placebo.

Making assessment (nhmrc)


  Bosch on AV Development

The development of autonomous vehicles is accelerating on a global scale. In addition to Google Inc, which is an IT giant, and major automakers, "mega suppliers" are developing autonomous cars, creating a three-cornered battle. What Bosch will realize until 2020 is an autonomous car that automatically comes to you when you call it at the entrance of a parking lot by using a smartphone.

Bosch' development plan (nikkeibp)



Companies such as iZettle, Payleven and SumUp use mobile technologies to deliver low-cost competition to traditional card payment services, which often have long contracts and monthly fees that deter small businesses. Boston Consulting Group study of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) found the 25 per cent of SMEs that use mobile services grow up to twice as fast as their peers.

SMEs at risk (ft-static)


  Influenza vaccines faster prod.

In the event of an impending global flu pandemic, vaccine production could quickly reach its limits, as flu vaccines are still largely produced in embryonated chicken eggs. Udo Reichl, Director at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems, and his colleagues have therefore been working on a fully automated method for production in cell cultures that could yield vaccines in large quantities in a crisis.

Vaccines from a reactor (mpg)


  How to jump to a new industry?

If you are looking for a job just like the one you have now, no problem — you already appear safe. But the minute you try to climb one rung up the career ladder or change careers, industry or functional area, you become more risky in the eyes of a potential hiring manager. Before jumping into a new field of endeavor, you are already at a disadvantage compared with all of the people who already have experience in it.

The successful pattern of behavior (bizjournals)


  FDA Approves First Biosimilar

The approval is a groundbreaking decision, as Sandoz is the first pharmaceutical company to have a biosimilar product approved in the United States. Known as Zarzio outside of the US, Sandoz says its biosimilar filgrastim is already available in more than 60 countries worldwide, has generated more than 7.5 million patient-days of exposure, and is "the most widely used filgrastim in Europe."

Biosimilar, but not interchangeable (pharmtech)


  SME: A vital engine of innovation

Small business is – quite frankly – big business. It is estimated that more than 90% of the world’s businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Surprised? Don’t be. SMEs are, on average, the businesses that are generating growth, creating jobs, growing faster and innovating more. But most of all, they are a good deal less complicated (structurally) and more efficient and flexible than are large firms.

Between success and failure (iso)


  Air pollution: EEA warns

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans will suffer a premature death in the next two decades as the result of governments’ failure to act on air pollution, Europe’s environmental watchdog has warned. In 2011, the latest year for which figures have been reliably collated, more than 400,000 are estimated to have died prematurely as a result of breathing toxic fumes, despite recent improvements in some countries.

Pollution survey (eea.europa)


  Knowledge-Based Trust

Quality assessment for web sources is of tremendous importance in web search. It has been traditionally evaluated using exogenous signals such as hyperlinks and browsing history. However, such signals mostly capture how popular a webpage is. For example, the gossip websites listed in [Ebizmba] mostly have high PageRank scores, but would not generally be considered reliable.

Quality of web sources (arxiv)


  McDonald's healthy chickens

McDonald's says it plans to start using chicken raised without antibiotics commonly used in humans, and milk from cows that are not treated with an artificial growth hormone. The company says the chicken change will take place within the next two years. It says suppliers will still be able to use a type of antibiotic called ionophores that keep chickens healthy and aren't used in humans.

Antibiotics that will be allowed (asq)


  5G Disruptive capabilities

5G will integrate networking, computing and storage resources into one programmable and unified infrastructure. This unification will allow for an optimized and more dynamic usage of all distributed resources, and the convergence of fixed, mobile and broadcast services. In addition, 5G will support multi tenancy models, enabling operators and other players to collaborate in new ways.

Most promising technical options (5g-ppp)


  Evaluation under REACH Progress

The findings of this report and the first measurements of dossier quality improvement that will be reported in the next general report show improvement in dossier quality. Registrants have taken evaluation decisions seriously and improved their dossiers accordingly. The increased number of cases where requested information was provided after involvement of the Member State authorities.

Seventh annual report (echa.europa)


  Assessments: Alcohol vs illicit drugs

Scientists examined drugs ranging from alcohol and tobacco to ecstasy and heroin, comparing known lethal doses and the average amount used to find which substances posed the biggest problems to society. Alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and heroin all fell into the 'high risk' category for individuals, while only alcohol posed a 'high risk' in terms of population exposure.

Novel risk assessment methodology (nature)


  ISO 14001 revision moves forward

Experts revising ISO 14001 on environmental management systems met in Tokyo in February 2015 to look at over 1 400 comments received during the previous public consultation (DIS) and produce a Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). The FDIS will be put to the vote and the standard released for publication once approved. The new version is expected by the end of 2015.

ISO 14001 overhaul (iso)


  Superfish adware:"creepy" digital pests

Superfish, the much-maligned adware that came pre-installed on Lenovo laptops, is but one of several "creepy" digital pests capable of wriggling past encrypted web-browsing sessions, cybersecurity experts warn. Not even trusted banking and e-commerce sites are impregnable to what researchers call "man in the middle" attacks that could exploit the security flaw.

Who might be affected? (asq)


  GitHub for the rest of us

It's less obvious that Git, the tool invented to coordinate the development of the Linux kernel, and GitHub, the tool-based culture that surrounds it, will be as widely relevant. Most people don't sling code for a living. But as the work products and processes of every profession are increasingly digitized, many of us will gravitate to tools designed to coordinate our work on shared digital artifacts. That's why Git and GitHub are finding their way into workflows that produce artifacts other than, or in addition to, code.

The open collaboration (infoworld)


  Mechano-chemical activation tech.


(MCA) is a process in which mechanical energy is transferred to a solid material during grinding. The accumulated energy (ΔE) generates a thermodynamic transition from a stable to a metastable, high energetic structure of the material. To revert to the thermodynamically stable form, it is necessary to release the excess energy. The energy relaxation can occur through heat, plastic deformation, or rupture of chemical bonds.

Drug delivery platform (pharmtech)


  Optimized defect detection capability

From 10 to 12 March 2015, at the JEC Europe in Paris, engineers of Fraunhofer IZFP in Saarbrücken will introduce a novel procedure which enables noncontact and contamination-free defect inspection even in case of strongly absorbing hybrid materials.They are not ascertainable by the naked eye – nevertheless minute cracks or defects, particularly in safety-critical sectors, can cause disastrous consequences.

Non-destructive testing techniques (innovations-report)


  DNA privacy & Regulation

Anybody who has watched a crime drama knows the trick. The cops need someone's DNA, but they don’t have a warrant, so they invite the suspect to the station house, knowing some of the perp’s genetic material will likely be left behind. Bingo, crime solved. Next case. A human sheds as much as 100 pounds of DNA-containing material in a lifetime and about 30,000 skin cells an hour.

Your DNA is everywhere (arstechnica)


  Arkema’s application authorised

The request from the UK Food Standards Agency followed an application on behalf of Arkema (UK). The first application was in January 2013 with updated versions in January and September last year. The safety assessment of the copolymer in nanoform was requested for use as an additive (impact modifier) in rigid non-plasticised polyvinylchloride (PVC) at up to 10% (w/w) and in non-plasticised polylactic acid (PLA) at up to 15% (w/w).


EFSA' endorsement (foodproductiondaily)


  Manhattan Project for cybersecurity

The Manhattan Project is America’s go-to shorthand for our deep conviction that if we gather the smartest scientists together and give them billions of dollars and a sense of urgency, we can achieve what otherwise would be impossible. Through its research, it would design and produce software and hardware that were self-healing and vastly more resistant to attack and resilient to failure than anything available today.

Developing cyber attacks (wired)


  New nanogel for drug delivery

Scientists are interested in using gels to deliver drugs because they can be molded into specific shapes and designed to release their payload over a specified time period. However, current versions aren’t always practical because must be implanted surgically. To help overcome that obstacle, MIT chemical engineers have designed a new type of self-healing hydrogel that could be injected through a syringe.

Long-term drug delivery (


  UK food: Integrity of the supply system

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched an investigation into the potentially life-threatening undeclared use of nuts, after two cases came to light in the past fortnight of products which claimed to contain cumin, but also included undeclared traces of nut. Professor Elliott’s concerns follow a disastrous cumin harvest in the major growing region of Gujarat, India.

The FSA' investigation (telegraph)


  Firefox' Shumway vs Adobe Flash

The Firefox Nightly channel now uses Shumway to play Flash videos on," said Mozilla programmer Chris Peterson in a mailing list message. "The Shumway team has been improving compatibility with Flash video players and will whitelist more Flash video sites soon." Yes, it's only a baby step, but it's an important one in the history of the Web.

Mozilla's Shumway project (cnet)


  Medicare: The new paradigm

As part of an effort to bring government spending on healthcare under control, Medicare is moving to a new paradigm—focusing on outcomes and the value of service provided, rather than volume. Instead of simply reimbursing providers according to set formulas, the agency has been experimenting with alternative payment models, such as accountable care organizations, bundled payment Arrangements, and medical homes.

Fee-for-Service to Fee-for-Value (strategy-business)


  The Right to be Forgotten

A May 2014 ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union found that European law gives people the right to ask search engines like Google to remove results for queries that include their name. For each of these requests, we’re required to weigh, on a case-by-case basis, an individual’s right to be forgotten with the public’s right to information.We want to strike this balance right.

The balance right (google)


  The Web of Science

Good institutions typically rely on Google Scholar or Microsoft Academic Search. Both have their limits; they can be gamed a bit, for example through self-citations, but the effect is marginal. Some authors have also succeeded in demonstrating the possibility of outright fraud with Google Scholar, but the techniques are so extreme that it is hard to imagine a serious institution falling for them.

What is Your Research Culture? (acm)


  Additive manufacturing' process

The impression that additive manufacturing is easy, that it is different from other manufacturing processes in being casually simple to use to obtain the part as intended. In fact, just the term “3D printing” is unfortunate in this respect. That term implies that direct digital part-making is somehow as seamless and as straightforward as using a document printer. To be blunt, it is not.

Additive’s idiosyncrasies (additivemanufacturinginsight)


  Insight on metro benchmarking groups

Over the last three years, London Underground (LU) and Docklands Light Railway’s (DLR) have both improved at a faster rate than the average of all metros for all seven lead metrics. They have also improved more rapidly than the average of other Western European and North American metros in the time period 2010/11 to 2013/14.


Reliability, safety,environment (tfl)


  Advances: Management of pre-eclampsia

Pre-eclampsia complicates around 5% of pregnancies and is a major cause of iatrogenic preterm birth. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy are responsible for over 60,000 maternal deaths worldwide annually. Both maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality are increased in pregnancies complicated by pre-eclampsia, and there is significant personal cost to families affected by the disease.

Prediction and diagnosis (f1000)


  2014 Living conditions in Europe

The statistical book on living conditions aims at providing a comprehensive picture of the current living conditions in Europe. Different aspects of living conditions are covered through a corpus of indicators reflecting the socio-economic conditions ffecting the everyday life of Europeans. Such aspects are related to income, housing, material deprivation, (child) poverty as well as social exclusion.

Data analysis & comparison (europa)


  The upper class isn't less ethical

Research has previously shown that upper-class individuals are more likely to behave unethically than lower-class people. But, says David Dubois, lead researcher of a new paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it’s not that simple: both groups behave unethically in different contexts. Many people think of unethical behaviour in terms of selfish behavior—violating moral standards to give yourself an advantage.

Spotting cheaters (arstechnica)


  Solar sector: improvement of cost competitiveness

The recent volatility in solar stocks, driven largely by oil price weakness, presents an attractive entry point for investors as we expect 2015 to be a year of stable industry pricing and accelerating volume growth. The economics of solar have improved significantly due to the reduction in solar panel costs, financing costs and balance of system costs.

Regions of grid parity in 2015 (db)


  Predicting new concrete formulas

A recent study conducted by researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the University of Strasbourg and Sika Corporation using Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science supercomputers has led to a new way to predict concrete’s flow properties from simple measurements based on the microscopic shear rates that existed between neighboring particles.

ALCF supercomputers simulator (nist)


  The value of QA for mobile

For many development projects, it is merely an afterthought, the perfunctory final stage of testing before you launch your excellent app publicly. It often takes significant amounts of time and can command a healthy percentage of development hours—and the resulting balance sheet—for mobile engagements. Mobile app developers need to completely rethink this mission-critical element to mobile app development.

Taking a different approach to QA (developer)


  MIT: Online how-to videos improvements

MIT is working on using crowdsourced navigational information to build better interfaces for online how-to videos. Students team built a how-to video player called ToolScape that highlights each step in an instructional video with short descriptions and before-and-after thumbnails. That makes it possible to quickly check whether a video teaches what you want to learn.

Students redesign the how-to video (fastcodesign)


  EU' chemical overview

The EU chemical industry ranks second, along with the United States in total sales. When including both the European Union and non-EU countries in Europe, total sales reached €630 billion in 2013, or 20 per cent of world chemicals sales in value terms. Worldwide competition has racheted up in the last ten years.ouble those of the European Union.

Growth & competitiveness (zone-secure)


  Sleeping drugs & Risk of Alzheimer


There have been concerns that regular use by older people of certain medications with anticholinergic effects, such as sleep aids and hayfever treatments, can increase the risk of dementia in certain circumstances, which this study supports. However, it is still unclear whether this is the case and if so, whether the effects seen are a result of long-term use or several episodes of short-term use.


The Study (theguardian)


  Spartan: Windows10' new browser

Spartan provides a more interoperable, reliable, and discoverable experience with advanced features including the ability to annotate on web pages, a distraction-free reading experience, and integration of Cortana for finding and doing things online faster. Spartan is a single browser designed to work great across the entire Windows 10 device family.

New rendering engine (msdn)


  Ford's new research center

Ford has opened a new research center in Silicon Valley, a move that underscores the growing role of communication and computation technology in cars. Ford Motor Company president and CEO Mark Fields said in a statement Ford views itself "as both a mobility and an auto company." Ford's Research and Innovation Center demonstrates its commitment to participate in the technical innovation with Silicon Valley companies.

Autonomous vehicles in prospect (informationweek)


  Long-term memory: Genes involved

The study, identified more than 750 genes involved in long-term memory, including many that had not been found previously and that could serve as targets for future research, said senior author Coleen Murphy, an associate professor of molecular biology and the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University. The newly pinpointed genes are ‘turned on’ by a molecule known as CREB.

The inter-temporal choice paradigms (cell)


  Google’s Modular Smartphone

Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group revealed the Spiral 2 on Wednesday during a crowded event for software developers at a Google office in Mountain View, California. It is a slim handset, its face dominated by a large display and a receiver module for phone calls that includes a light and proximity sensor on the front.

Customizable smartphones (technologyreview)


  2015 Industrials Trends

In Europe, which has been wrestling with erratic economic growth, industrial companies are holding their own. According to a 2013 PwC survey (, the leading global industrial companies achieve impressive EBIT margins of 17.3 percent on average. And in China, the number of industrial firms have more than doubled since 2000.the industrial sector will continue to prosper in 2015.

Insight (strategyand)


  Environment: why Life on Earth at risk ?

Humans are “eating away at our own life support systems” at a rate unseen in the past 10,000 years by degrading land and freshwater systems, emitting greenhouse gases and releasing vast amounts of agricultural chemicals into the environment, new research has found. Two major new studies by an international team of researchers have pinpointed the key factors that ensure a livable planet for humans, with stark results.

Environmental degradation (sciencemag)


  The new maths of weather prediction

Until the 1960s the forecast was based on making records of observations, and identifying patterns, or “analogues”, in these records. Poor as they were, however, analogues were the best option available since the other method – using equations to create mathematical models – was not practical until the birth of the electronic computer.

Stochastic-processes & Prediction (theguardian)


  Should you treat distributors as customers

By using a customer metric with end users, suppliers can spot changes in customer attitudes that could affect future sales. If end users consistently give low ratings on customer surveys, it’s likely their distributor isn’t executing on the supplier’s brand promise or providing exemplary customer service.Evaluating and forecasting distributor performance is traditionally difficult, but end-user customer data makes it much more accurate.

High employee engagement (qualitydigest)


  Hybrid 'super mosquito'

The research, published Jan. 6 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, "provides convincing evidence indicating that a man-made change in the environment -- the introduction of insecticides -- has altered the evolutionary relationship between two species, in this case a breakdown in the reproductive isolation that separates them," said the director of the Vector Genetics Laboratory in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Man-made evolution of insecticide resistance (eurekalert)


  Germany’s automotive industry

In recent years, the German automotive industry has consistently expanded its global position. It built 5.65 million new cars in Germany in 2014 – an increase of four percent on 2013. Production in plants located outside Germany is rising too – by five percent to 9.15 million cars. Consequently, some 14.8 million new cars will be rolling off the assembly lines of our manufacturers worldwide.

Going from strength to strength (theneweconomy)


  Rebuilding Pharma

In January 2013, the UK based consultancy group PatientView surveyed 600 patient groups across Europe and the Americas to evaluate the corporate reputation of pharma in general and 29 leading pharma companies specifically. In terms of reputation, the pharma industry was 7th of the 8 healthcare sectors evaluated. Only 34% of respondents gave pharma a “good” or “excellent” rating for reputation.

Principles of patient engagement (social.eyeforpharma)


  Industrial specialisation & Economic performance

This paper quantifies the relationship between factor endowments,policies and institutions and patterns of industrial specialisation in production using a new cross-country dataset compiled by compared with those used by previous studies - is that makes it possible to look at industrial specialization in terms of value added instead of gross exports, covering both services and manufactures.

Specialization & value added (oecd-ilibrary)


  A bright future for cloud

According to Forrester Research,the public cloud market is estimated to reach $191 billion by 2020, a significant climb from 2013’s total of $58 billion. Forrester asserts that cloud applications will lead this growth, achieving approximately $133 billion in revenue by 2020. Cloud platforms will follow, generating an estimated $44 billion in revenue.

The evolution of IT in business innovation (kpmginfo)


  2015: health industry issues

In the New Health Economy, high-tech personal medical kits could help diagnose illness, flag early signs of trouble, allow recovery and rehabilitation to occur closer to home and create virtual workforce capacity. They could enable consumers to take charge of more of their own care, even becoming co-creators of their personal health plans. They could allow clinicians to monitor patients in lower-cost settings – or even from a distance.

Tools & Behaviour (pwc)


  Water: The new blue economy?

Disparities between states with abundant, available, and relatively inexpensive freshwater resources, and those that are becoming parched or water-stressed, increasingly are coming into play as companies make location decisions. And the contrasts are beginning to change the roster of “have” and “have-not” areas of the country. Water availability didn’t place in the top-10 most important factors in selecting a site.

Water' supply (areadevelopment)


  Information as an asset

Business models that accelerate learning through more targeted, faster exchange and application of information create new types of value. For example, industrial products companies are using sensors to monitor and accumulate information about potential equipment risks related to material quality and reliability under specific manufacturing conditions.

How to make better decisions? (Financial Times)


  10 hottest IT skills for 2015

The pace of job growth in IT may be slowing down, but it’s still moving at a strong clip. Computerworld’s 2015 Forecast survey said that their companies plan to add more IT employees in the year ahead. While down from 32% and 33% in the previous two years, the fact that a number of employers still anticipate growth indicates that the prospects for expansion in the IT ranks are good.

Bankable assets (computerworld)


  MS guidelines ISO 19600 - 2014

This International Standard does not specify requirements, but provides guidance on compliance management systems and recommended practices. The guidance in this International Standard is intended to be adaptable, and the use of this guidance can differ depending on the size and level of maturity of an organization’s compliance management system.

Compliance management system (iso)

  Significant release of greenhouse gas methan

Permafrost keeps the free methane gas in the sediments. But it also stabilizes gas hydrates, ice-like structures that usually need high pressure and low temperature to form. "Gas hydrates normally form in water depths over 300 meters, because they depend on high pressure. But under permafrost the gas hydrate may stay stable even where the pressure is not that high, because of the constantly low temperatures."

Evolution of permafrost (innovations-report)


  Microsoft: Strong 2014 - about 2015 ?

After a rocky 2013, Microsoft has been on the rise throughout much of 2014. New CEO Satya Nadella largely led the charge with his cross-platform, cloud-focused strategies, most of which were significant departures from predecessor Steve Ballmer's Windows-centric leadership. The positive progress is cause for optimism, but with legitimate challenges still looming, can Microsoft maintain its momentum into next year ?

5 Must-Do's In 2015 (informationweek)


  Tests of an Internet for DNA

A coalition of geneticists and computer programmers calling itself the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health is developing protocols for exchanging DNA information across the Internet. The researchers hope their work could be as important to medical science as HTTP, the protocol created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, was to the Web.

Geneticists' Global Alliance (technologyreview)


  Work-Life Balance

Over the last century, multiple studies in industrial settings have found a negative relationship between long hours and what people actually accomplish. In one example from 2005, researchers concluded that construction projects that deployed 60-hour weeks over long periods saw productivity average about 24 percent less than at projects where employees worked 40-hour weeks.

How to balance work & personal life ? (wired)


  The cost of a new regulation

Medical device regulators around the world often have to assess the cost of a new regulation. Typically there is a study to determine the financial effect on industry and the public. In contrast, technical standards created by ISO, IEC, and other standards development organizations are not screened or vetted with the same degree of accountability.

Product’s safety & performance (qualitydigest)


  Rome innovation lab

Telecom Italia and Huawei have announced a three-year cooperation agreement to create a Business Innovation Centre (BIC) in Italy to develop new technologies and services. Huawei will provide technical staff, skills, and international experience for the BIC while Telecom Italia will define which projects and services should be deployed, coordinate the various tasks, and use its own developer.

Telecom Italia & Huawei partnership (zdnet)


  The marine environment & Pollution

Plastic pollution is ubiquitous throughout the marine environment, yet estimates of the global abundance and weight of floating plastics have lacked data, particularly from the Southern Hemisphere and remote regions. Here we report an estimate of the total number of plastic particles and their weight floating in the world's oceans from 24 expeditions (2007–2013) across all five sub-tropical gyres.

Plastic Pollution in the World's Oceans (plosone)


  Your work place as you can imagine

Employees who sit near a window are better at staying on task, show greater interest in their work, and report more loyalty to their company. A 2003 study found that when call center employees—who often rotate seats—are placed near a window, they generate an additional $3,000 of productivity per year. The amount of direct sunlight entering an office can reliably predict the level of employee satisfaction in a workplace.

Influence of primal instinct (strategy-business)


  Fermenting ideas

While turning apple sugars to alcohol is the best known part of cider production, controlling the aromas and flavours that come with it is just as, if not more, important. Richard Johnson, Thatchers’ quality manager, thinks he and his colleagues do that well. ‘We make 50–60 million litres of cider each year currently, growing every year,’ he says.

Managing fermentation & Balancing flavour (rsc)


  Is Six Sigma Dead?

A number of recent articles in quality literature (and in the quality blogosphere) have posited the death or failure of Six Sigma. More articles, from many of the same sources, discuss the outstanding success of current Six Sigma efforts in manufacturing, healthcare, government, and financial services organizations. Which is it? Is Six Sigma dying, or is it alive and well?

Case studies (qualitydigest)


  Social Engineering: The Basics

You've got all the bells and whistles when it comes to network firewalls and your building's security has a state-of-the-art access system. You've invested in the technology. But a social engineering attack could bypass all those defenses. In this article, we outline the common tactics social engineers often use, and give you tips on how to ensure your staff is on guard.

Social engineering techniques (csoonline)


  Genome-editing technique vs Patents

How did the high-profile prize for CRISPR and the patent on it end up in different hands? That’s a question now at the center of a seething debate over who invented what, and when, that involves three heavily financed startup companies, a half-dozen universities, and thousands of pages of legal documents. “The intellectual property in this space is pretty complex.

The-biggest-biotech-discovery (technologyreview)


  India: strong & inclusive growth

The Indian economy is showing signs of a turnaround. New reforms, some of which are included in the package presented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, need to be implemented to put the country on a path to strong, sustainable and inclusive growth, according to the latest OECD Economic Survey of India. India slowed more than many other countries since 2011, but is now recovering faster.

India' reforms & effects (slideshare)


  Medical & Digital

There are numerous examples in Germany of companies taking advantage of the surge in information technology, particularly the rapid proliferation of smartphones, to explore the opportunities in what many believe will become a fast-growing sector. nternet giants like Google are currently preparing to make large investments in the sector. In the United States alone, some $3.5 billion ($4.38 billion) is expected to be invested.

'Patients Want It' (spiegel)


  ISO 9001 & Risk management

The product life cycle is moving at warp speed, which makes measuring compliance difficult. To keep up with this pace, tools such as those associated with risk management are beneficial. Proper risk management makes it possible to handle your organization's adverse events systematically, allowing you to keep up while maintaining and ultimately improving compliance.

How to align your organization? (qualitydigest)


  Perovstkyte: Best energy converter

There’s a lot of excitement about a class of materials called perovskites that promise to deliver efficient and cheap solar cells. Watching progress in perovskite research is fascinating because perovskites have been able to boost their efficiencies — the percentage of available sunlight that they convert to electricity — more rapidly than any other solar cell material that has been mass produced or being developed in labs.

Small improvements & Big impact (gigaom)


  Dietary saturated fat VS Plasma SFA

The aim of this study was to determine how incremental increases in carbohydrate, and decreases in fat, affect plasma SFA and palmitoleic acid in adults with metabolic syndrome who were carefully fed moderately hypocaloric diets for 21 wk. A primary hypothesis was that, despite consuming substantially higher amounts of saturated fat, plasma SFA would remain unchanged in the context of lower carbohydrate intake.

Experimental approach (plosone)


  Websites silently tracking users

European data protection watchdogs publish guidance on web tracking using device fingerprinting that could result in more ‘I agree’ forms. It means that some websites, including Google, Facebook and Microsoft, that have used alternative technical processes to try to bypass the need for a “cookie policy notice” will have to show a notification after all.


Europe’s next privacy war (theguardian)


  Tax Exchanging info. as Inter. STD

The Global Forum engages in a range of initiatives which are aimed at supporting its member jurisdictions in effectively implementing the international standards, and ensuring that exchanges between members’ tax authorities are efficient and of high quality. This section of the report describes these initiatives, which can be broadly described as technical assistance, comprising skills support and peer-to-peer learning.

Peer reviews (oecd)


  France & Sweden: safer trucks delayed


Until now, all trucks had to comply with standardized EU rules on the length of trucks, for example. But it did not give car makers the option to manufacture new designs that would improve energy efficiency or safety. The new bill allows manufacturers to build heavier and larger trucks as long as they are safer on the roads and contribute to saving fuel.

New low & New trucks (euractiv)


  Meritocracy: Equality of opportunity

briefly summarize the state of knowledge on mobility in the United States; describe a new micro-simulation model designed to examine (relative intergenerational income mobility) – the Social Genome Model (SGM); and report results from the model on the impact of repeated policy interventions across different life stages on rates of relative mobility.

Kids: (Poor vs Rich) (bostonfed)


  Insight from exceptional genomes

People missing a particular gene are known as “knockouts” after a kind of laboratory mouse that’s been genetically engineered to lack a gene. Knocking out a gene from mice is a widely used technique that permits scientists to judge a gene’s function by its absence. Rapidly expanding databases of human genomes mean researchers can now find knockout people instead.

What's big data holds (technologyreview)


  Regin's stealthy surveillance

Regin is an extremely complex piece of software that can be customized with a wide range of different capabilities which can be deployed depending on the target. It is built on a framework that is designed to sustain long-term intelligence-gathering operations by remaining under the radar. Its stealth combines many of the most advanced techniques that we have ever seen in use.

The top-tier espionage tool (symantec)


  The World Giving Index Top 20

The countries which comprise the Top 10 remain largely the same as those reported in 2013. Of most significance is the entrance of Malaysia in seventh place, from a 2013 reported ranking of seventy-one, reflecting a 26 percentage point increase in its World Giving Index score. This change is a broad based one, reflected in large increases across all three giving methods.

Volontering & Donation (cafonline)


  UK' Campylobacter contamination

Officials at Public Health England claim that without sufficient legislation the industry will resist implementing measures that could help to reduce the contamination of chickens for fear it will drive up the cost of meat. Their warnings come as the Food Standards Agency is preparing to publish a survey assessing the campylobacter levels on chicken being sold at leading UK supermarkets.

Poor practice from the poultry industry (theguardian)


  What "Detekt" can do for you ?

Detekt is a free tool that scans your computer for traces of known surveillance spyware used by governments to target and monitor human rights defenders and journalists around the world.It was developed by security researchers and has been used to assist in Citizen Lab's investigations into government use of spyware against human rights defenders, journalists and activists.

How effective is this tool ? (amnesty)


  Me My Life My CAR

Two-car households may be on the decline as urbanization increases, but they are far from disappearing, a KPMG report said. With more people living in urban environments, where ridesharing is becoming more common, will car ownership decrease? “Mobility on demand,” such as rideshare companies Uber and Lyft, is slated to increase to 10 million vehicles by 2040.

KPMG report


  The dark shadow of thalidomide

The criminal trial of employees of Chemie-Grünenthal, the German company that created and marketed thalidomide, opened in the pretty town of Alsdorf, near Aachen, on 27 May 1968. Thousands of deformed babies had died or been allowed to die. A hundred victims in Australia and New Zealand were left to struggle unaided for 40 years until Ken Youdale of the Australian Thalidomide Trust won a class action suit in 2013.

Is there any moral obligation? (theguardian)


  Africa Energy Outlook

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Africa Energy Outlook – a Special Report in the 2014 World Energy Outlook series – offers a most comprehensive analytical study of energy in Africa, specifically in sub-Saharan Africa, the epicentre of the global challenge to overcome energy poverty. More than 620 million people live without access to electricity and nearly 730 million people use hazardous which affects women and children disproportionately.

The benefits of regional energy integration (iea)


  Genetic basis of extreme longevity

Supercentenarians are the world’s oldest people, living beyond 110 years of age [1]. As would be expected for people that reach this age, supercentenarians have escaped many age-related diseases. Lifestyle choices in terms of smoking, alcohol consumption, exercise, or diet does not appear to differ between centenarians and controls.

Supercentenarian & Genome Sequencing (plosone)


  Entrepreneur: Early-stage funding

Because early-stage ventures usually revolve around untried technologies, novel products and services, and uncertain levels of market demand, investors can’t base their bets on the firm’s proven track record. Instead, they must weigh the promises and assertions made by entrepreneurs. As a result, one of the most important tasks confronting fledgling companies is to engage by presenting their business plan in a cogent, captivating manner that appeals to investors.

How to secure early-stage funding (strategy-business)


  The clinical evaluation

Getting it right is a perennial dilemma in planning clinical evaluations. Some of the questions that manufacturers must answer are which route it chose, why, and how it shows the device’s conformity to the essential requirements. If a manufacturer doesn’t sufficiently answer these questions, its notified body may ask questions of its own, or may request additional clinical data.

How to maintain your regulatory certification ? (lne-america)


  Digital Economy & Tax Challenges

Tax experts responsible for the G20-led shakeup of international tax rules are discussing radical measures to bar global corporations from using internal loans, that bear no relation to their borrowing needs, in order to avoid tax. If adopted, the move could wipe out vast swaths of the financial industry at a stroke in countries such as Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Internal loans that help cut tax (oecd-ilibrary)


  R&D collaboration: The hidden costs

In this paper we investigate the barriers to collaboration in terms of the hidden transaction costs, by first developing a model to estimate the distribution of operating costs (henceforth, referred to as “fixed costs”) and sunk costs (costs that have already been incurred and that cannot be recovered) associated with firms’ investment choices in R&D and innovation activities with and without a research partner.

Low costs in R&D cooperation (europa)


  China' quantum encryption

China will soon have the world's most secure major computer network, making communications between Beijing and Shanghai impenetrable to hackers and giving it a decisive edge in its quiet cyberwar with the United States. In two years' time, a fibre-optic cable between the two cities will transmit quantum encryption keys that can completely secure government, financial and military information from eavesdroppers.

Pushing the boundaries (telegraph)


  India' Non-Communicable Diseases

India faces the human and economic threat posed by Non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, and other NCDs are estimated to account for 60% of all deaths in India, making them the leading cause of death – ahead of injuries and communicable, maternal, prenatal, and nutritional conditions.

Threat posed by NCDs (weforum)


  The achievements of scientific research

Currently, many published research findings are false or exaggerated, and an estimated 85% of research resources are wasted. To make more published research true, practices that have improved credibility and efficiency in specific fields may be transplanted to others which would benefit from them—possibilities include the adoption of large-scale collaborative research; replication culture..

Science research efficiency (plosmedicine)


  CEOs: Best-performance ranking

While HBR’s global CEO ranking takes a critical step forward by gauging CEOs on long-term, rather than short-term, gains, it nevertheless looks at performance in purely financial terms. Yet a company’s greatness also depends on nonfinancial factors—like social responsibility and integrity. Though these are harder to quantify, there are organizations that try to track such factors and compare how companies measure up on them.

HBR' gauge (hbr)


  M2M communications

The amount of data generated in the water industry is phenomenal. The more data that can be collected and analysed, the more the intelligence of the automation systems at the heart of water plants can be increased. This enables improved operational control, remote management, predictive maintenance and quality.Ethernet and internet connectivity could really help to enhance process and production operations.

Increased sophistication of controls (engineerlive)


  SEO' Google- search-metric

300,000 URLs appearing in the top search result positions for the presence and extent of specific properties. The results align with how these factors correlate with Google rankings. This year, we have added several new features and put more attention to the analysis of average values of features in comparison to the respective correlation. Here is a guide that provides an explanation of the approach.

Correlations and ranking factors 2014 (searchmetrics)


  Novel Blood Tests for Cancer

The Hong Kong scientist who invented a simple blood test to show pregnant women if their babies have Down syndrome is now testing a similar technology for cancer. Yuk Ming “Dennis” Lo says screening for signs of cancer from a simple blood draw could cost as little as $1,000. The test works by studying DNA released into a person’s bloodstream by dying tumor cells.

Dead tumor cells as indicator (technologyreview)


  U.S. internet speed lagging behind

For the third year in a row, the Open Technology Institute at New America conducted an extensive research project aimed at assessing the cost and quality of broadband Internet access plans in 24 cities in the United States and abroad. it presents a review of existing literature on the subject of broadband availability and the relative competitiveness of broadband offerings.

Actual broadband speeds (newamerica)


  Western indus.: On the verge of losing

The ability to allow as many layers of society as possible to benefit from economic advancement and participate in political life seems to be a mirage. Some 250 wealthy and extremely wealthy individuals, from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt to Unilever CEO Paul Polman, gathered in a venerable castle on the Thames River to lament the fact that in today's capitalism, there is too little left over for the lower income classes.

The capitalism of uncertainty (spiegel)


  Nondestructive Testing: An Overview

Nondestructive testing (NDT), as the name implies, is a methodology used for examining the hidden internal structure, measuring the thickness, or characterizing the material of industrial parts without cutting or otherwise damaging them. These technologies include ultrasound, remote visual inspection, and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers.

Ensuring safety & quality control (qualitydigest)


  Trouble over ITER

ITER was originally proposed in 1985 as a joint U.S.-Soviet Union venture. The United States backed out of the project in 1998 because of cost and schedule concerns—only to rejoin in 2003. At the time, ITER construction costs were estimated at $5 billion. That number had jumped to $12 billion by 2006, when the European Union, China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, and the United States signed a formal agreement to build the device.

Fusion research (sciencemag)


  Upgrading laptop on the cheap

The price of hardware, which had previously been kept artificially high by the cost of Microsoft licences, has started to plummet. It's not the first time this has happened, but the netbook, a concept whose star shone brightly but briefly, never gave users wanting a full-size laptop experience the chance for low-cost options, via Linux, out of the box.

Complicated benchmarks (theinquirer)


  Orphan drugs: Way to go for pharma?

With drying drug pipelines and increasing competition from generics, the orphan drug sector offers several attractions for pharma. Market exclusivity, protocol assistance, and fee reductions are among some of the benefits offered to the industry on both sides of the Atlantic.During the 14-year period between 2000 and 2013, 86 orphan drugs were approved in the U.S.

Orphan drug designation (social.eyeforpharma)


  Top Websites: Security Headers


This report adds back the much needed analysis of changes, additions and removals of security headers. These are important metrics as it allows us to gain insight into how web site operators are reacting to the changes of their web resources. Now that we have a previous report to compare against, we can once again generate these statistics and do a full analysis.

Comparison Overview (veracode)


  Internet of things: Next cloud battleground

Sensors and connected devices are popping up everywhere, and the data they’re producing has to be processed somewhere. While the easy stuff and the immediate stuff happens locally, more complex stuff — predictive analytics, visualizing data on mobile apps, talking to other devices or applications — happens in the cloud. Cloud computing providers are already beginning their fight to house all that data and all those workloads.

Devices management (gigaom)


  Measure for Measure

A critical aspect of managing processes is the ability to measure well. Confidence in the integrity of collected data is imperative to ensure that appropriate decisions are made about acceptable product and process changes. It is possible that products declared “out of specification” may be the result of a defective measurement system rather than a poor process.

Measurement techniques (qualitydigest)


  Lockheed' breakthrough on fusion energy

Initial work demonstrated the feasibility of building a 100-megawatt reactor measuring seven feet by 10 feet, which could fit on the back of a large truck, and is about 10 times smaller than current reactors. In a statement, the company, the Pentagon's largest supplier, said it would build and test a compact fusion reactor in less than a year, and build a prototype in five years.

Solving global energy (


  Ebola & Robot-Assisted Rescue

To bring together health care workers, relief workers and roboticists, Murphy, is helping to set up a multi-location workshop on Nov. 7. At this point, the meetings, Safety Robotics for Ebola Workers, are set to be co-hosted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Texas A&M, Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the University of California, Berkeley.

Ebola' control and prevention (cio)


  Irish' baby business boom

While multinationals such as Johnson & Johnson and Procter & Gamble still dominate a huge portion of the baby-care market, increasingly parents are turning to small, independent businesses who claim their products and services are better for baby. Infant formula manufacturer SMA estimates that the majority of new parents will spend between €2,000 and €5,000 on their baby before it reaches its first birthday.

The commercialisation of birth (independent)


  Data Presentation in B.I.

With the basic understanding of Business Intelligence, we should know the importance of data presentation in information delivery and how useful it is for business users. After storing data in the required form, either in a data warehouse/data mart database or an OLAP cube, data can be showcased in certain forms that will become the source of required information for all BI users; this is known as Reports in the BI world.

Reports & Tools (developer)


  How to keep your browser private ?

It's no stretch to say that ads are what make the Web go 'round. The content you're reading right now? Paid for by ads. Google, Facebook, Pandora, YouTube? Driven by ads. This is not a new concept: TV and radio have relied on commercials since their earliest days. In response, some plug-ins go beyond mere filtering, promising full-on privacy protection against cookies, trackers.

Review of Six browser plugins (csoonline)


  First Japan passenger jet

A "rolling out" ceremony in Nagoya, central Japan on Saturday will unveil the long awaited Mitsubishi Regional Jet, or MRJ, a fuel-efficient lightweight carbon-fiber composite passenger plane. Major Japanese machinery maker Mitsubishi Heavy Industries says the MRJ90 will seat 88 people, while the MRJ70 will seat 76, and the planned MRJ100X will have 100 seats.

Mitsubishi regional jet (stuff)


  Ebola: Myopic West’s response

Had Ebola started in a Western country rather than Africa, the global reaction, including that of the WHO, would have been different. The West’s response has been terrifyingly myopic. In the globalised world, it was only a matter of time before the infection spread to cities and, from there, to other continents. How could we have been so stupid to think that one of the world’s most virulent diseases wouldn’t affect us?

How the world ignored Africas ? (telegraph)


  From farm to fashion

The fashion-conscious now have a conscience. Just as restaurants are catering to cravings for farm-to-table goodies, fashion houses are tailoring clothes for customers who want to wear their values on their sleeves. Boerum Apparel is among a host of fashion firms that look to source their materials and labor ethically. For a handful of labels, the stories behind their eco-friendly or ethically made wares are a selling point.

Paying a premium (asq)


  Successful people

Branson doesn’t merely say things like, “Screw it, just get on and do it.” He actually lives his life that way. He drops out of school and starts a business. He signs the Sex Pistols to his record label when everyone else says they are too controversial. He charters a plane when he doesn’t have the money. He figures out how to stop procrastinating and take the first step — even if it seems outlandish.

Start now before you are ready (thenextweb)


  The Wonder of Watson

Watson is a fascinating system. I'm referring to this class of systems as "decision engines," because they aim to help people make better decisions. What makes them different from any other tool is that they learn about you, rather than you having to learn as much about them. Granted, with these early versions, it is kind of a shared experience..

Near-Term Expectations (technewsworld)


  Backing Science Start-Ups

Vestaron makes an eco-friendly pesticide derived from spider venom. Bagaveev uses 3-D printers to make rocket engines for nanosatellites. Transatomic Power is developing a next-generation reactor that runs on nuclear waste. After years of shying away from science, engineering and clean-technology start-ups, investors are beginning to take an interest in them again.

Venture capitalists' return (nytimes)


  Delivering growth - Managing complexity

The finance function has played a vital role in helping companies to overcome the challenges of the past few years, and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is now the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) go-to partner for driving operational transformation and strategic execution. CFOs have helped companies to impose the discipline over costs, cash and capital that has been necessary for survival.

CFO: Architect of Business Value (accenture)


  Lack of Cobol' programmers

End-users interact with Cobol-based systems and solutions much more often that you might think. Banking, insurance, and even air and rail travel solutions that are customer-facing are often Cobol-based, because the language excels at both exact computation and at handling large volumes of data efficiently. Cobol's very good at processing large volumes of data, which is why it's used in industries that still perform batch processing.

Legacy Technology (cio)


  Introverts vs Extroverts

Developers like to think they’re extroverted. Chances are they’re not. A recent IDG study, Introverts vs. Extroverts: Is There an IT Personality?, found that just over half of IT workers are introverts. Only those engineers who mistakenly think they’re extroverted would find that surprising. Now, before you take offense, to say that most IT workers are introverts, isn’t to say that they are the stereotypical computer nerd.

Popular stereotype (computerworld)


  Leading business consulting firms

This study assesses the capability and business strategy of many of the leading business consulting firms. This evaluation is based on a comprehensive framework and set of parameters expected to be most conducive to success in providing strategy consulting services during both the short term and the long term. A significant and unique component of this evaluation is the inclusion of business consulting buyers ' perception of both.

IDC MarketScape (idcdocserv)


  Eye tracker for £43

Faisal’s lab straddles bioengineering and computing and works to unravel how the brain functions and subsequently how this knowledge can be applied to devices assisting people with restricted mobility. His discoveries could help amputees, people with paralysis, those with arthritis, and the aged to be more mobile. Since the control of the eye comes straight from the brain, injuries to the spinal cord do not affect eye movements.

Eye-based user interfaces (theguardian)


  Pragmatic impact investing strategy

Impact investing has become a popular topic of discussion. While impact investing has entered the mainstream mindset, it has not become part of the strategy, operations and business culture of mainstream investment institutions. Moreover, with exogenous trends such as population growth, rising inequality, impact investing offers a progressive approach to mitigating risk.

Roadmap (weforum)


  Contactless payment & German' resistance

With contactless cards growing in popularity and the recent announcement of Apple Pay catching the headlines, payment systems are a hot topic of late. However, a 2014 Federal Reserve Report has revealed that 82 percent of all transactions in Germany are paid for with cash, compared with 46 percent in the US, which could prove troublesome for those hoping to implement new payment technologies.

Shadow vs transparent economy (theneweconomy)


  QbD in API Manufacturing

With a quality-by-design approach, robust processes consistently deliver quality product. Small drug manufacturers looking to adopt a quality-by-design (QbD) approach aim to scientifically determine product and process characteristics that will meet specific criteria set after careful analysis of the intended drug application. For the API (Active pharmaceutical ingredients), the most common CQAs are related to impurities.

Quality-by-design (QbD) approach (pharmtech)


  Yahoo-AOL merger proposal

Investors are revisiting one of the most speculated Internet combinations, after activist investor Starboard on Friday pressured Yahoo to merge with AOL. A pairing could help the companies compete in their core advertising business. But even combined, they would remain but a shadow of the Internet powerhouses they once were, analysts and advertising experts said.

Recipe for revival or stagnation ? (


  Piew: Tunisian's Optimism on trade

The benefits of trade are strongly appreciated in developing and emerging markets. Among all countries surveyed, Tunisians (87%), Ugandans (82%) and Vietnamese (78%) are the most likely to say trade creates new employment. Just 5% of Tunisians and Vietnamese fear that trade destroys jobs. Some of the greatest skepticism about tradeis found in the United States.

The impact of trade (pewglobal)


  How to use resources most effectively ?

Full-time equivalent(s), commonly referred to as FTE(s), represents the number of equivalent employees working full time. One full-time equivalent is equal to one employee working full time. Typically, FTEs are measured to one or two decimal points. FTEs are not people. Rather, FTEs are a ratio of worked time, within a specific scope, like a department, and the number of working hours during a given period of time.

FTEs as a mathematical tool (qualitydigest)


  ISO Survey

The survey shows the number of certificates to ISO management standards (such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) given in each country, each year. The fluctuation in number of certificates from year to year is largely due to the variability in response from individual certification bodies. Despite our best efforts to display consistent results, this is not always possible as we cannot guarantee the same participation rate.

How MS tackle global challenges ? (iso)


  "Watson Analytics" instead spreadsheets

In an effort to commercialize its Watson analysis technology, IBM is testing a new service that can answer questions business managers might have about their data. The service "is about putting powerful analytics in the hands of every business user". Usually it is hard to analyze the data if you're not a specialist, and it is hard to use the tools. Watson Analytics attempts to streamline the process.

IBM ' Watson analysis tech. (computerworld)


  Safe use of chemicals

Risk assessment based on hazard and exposure data is at the core of safety management, whether in the research laboratory, on the production site or outside it. Results of risk assessments and risk management measures, ensuring that chemicals are safe for intended use, are communicated through safety data sheets and factsheets.

Chemical products in our daily lives (cefic)


  Securing your enterprise cloud

With the growing trend of criminals targeting online platforms and infrastructure, it's critical that organisations proactively monitor and review cloud security policies and practices. To counter these types of threats, three critical layers of protection for your platform and infrastructure must be enforced: Client device security, Application programming interfaces, Hardware-based protection and a root of trust.

The practical steps (zdnet)


  How to spot the brain in action ?

For years, neuroscientists have been trying to develop tools that would allow them to clearly view the brain's circuitry in action—from the first moment a neuron fires to the resulting behavior in a whole organism. To get this complete picture, neuroscientists are working to develop a range of new tools to study the brain. Researchers have developed one such tool that provides a new way of mapping neural networks in a living organism.

Neuronal activity with light (innovations-report)


  The future of employment

While there is ongoing disagreement about the driving forces behind the persistently high unemployment rates, a number of scholars have pointed at computer-controlled equipment as a possible explanation for recent jobless growth. At the same time, with falling prices of computing, problem-solving skills are becoming relatively productive, explaining the substantial employment growth in occupations involving cognitive tasks.

Employment's future uncertainty (oxfordmartin)


  Understanding of cell pathways

The Library of Integrated Network-based Cellular Signatures (LINCS) aims to catalog and analyze cellular function and molecular activity in response to perturbing agents — such as drugs and genetic factors — that are potentially disruptive to cells. LINCS researchers then will measure the cells’ tiniest molecular and biochemical responses, and use computer analyses to uncover common patterns in these responses — called “signatures.”

NIH awards (nih)


  Coffee genome sheds light

An international research team has sequenced the genome of the coffee plant Coffea canephora. By comparing genes in the coffee, tea and chocolate plants, the scientists show that enzymes involved in making caffeine likely evolved independently in these three organisms. he study was led by the French Institute of Research for Development, the French National Sequencing Center (CEA-Genoscope) and the University at Buffalo.

Caffeine' evolution (buffalo)


  The $3 million suit

The lightweight Soft Exosuit overcomes the drawbacks of traditional, heavier exoskeleton systems, such as power-hungry battery packs and rigid components that can interfere with natural joint movement. It is made of soft, functional textiles woven into a piece of smart clothing that is pulled on like a pair of pants, and is intended to be worn under a soldier’s regular gear. The suit mimics the action of leg muscles and tendons when a person walks.

Soft Exosuit development (news.harvard)


  Software patents are crumbling

A series of decisions from lower courts is starting to bring the ruling's practical consequences into focus. And the results have been ugly for fans of software patents. By my count there have been 11 court rulings on the patentability of software since the Supreme Court's decision — including six that were decided this month. Every single one of them has led to the patent being invalidated. This doesn't necessarily mean that all software patents are in danger.

Thanks to the Supreme Court (vox)


  ISO 2015: is there any progress ?

The next revision to ISO 9001, the international standard specifying requirements for quality management systems, is in development and currently planned for publication by the end of 2015. Organizations that seek to maintain certification to ISO 9001 can start preparing now for the transition. For the first time, the word “risk” is being incorporated into the new version of ISO 9001.

How to Think pay off not price ? (asq)


  How to harvest ambient energy ?

As devices continue to miniaturize, and even economize their power needs, batteries lag. Even at their smallest they’re still big, bulky, and have limited life spans. While most of us just shrug and deal with the nightly charging of our devices, people who need to wear their devices aren’t just inconvenienced, they can suffer (think repeat surgeries to replace pacemaker batteries). Scientists are already making headway on the power consumption side of the equation.

Think of body heat (gigaom)


  Potassium intake and Risk of stroke

Previous research has shown that potassium could lower blood pressure, but it was never clear as to whether it could ward off stroke. The findings give women another reason to eat their fruits and vegetables. "Fruits and vegetables are good sources of potassium, and potassium not only lowers postmenopausal women's risk of stroke, but also death."

Dietary potassium (ahajournals)


  Progress, not Perfection

Just imagine the power of improvements, even small ones (in fact, mostly small ones), achieved every day, continuously over a period of weeks, months, years, and decades. Needless to say, any improvement, however small, must be permanent to be meaningful. “Permanent” here means not rigid or cast in stone, but sustainable for as long as it is relevant.

Business achievements (qualitydigest)


  Processed meat origin

The organisation wants processed meat products brought under the European Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) law, which includes the compulsory statement of country of birth, rearing and slaughter for fresh beef and is set to include country of rearing and slaughter for fresh pig, poultry, sheep and goat meat as of April 2015. The price of relabelling had been overstated in arguments against such measures.

Cost vs Confidence (foodproductiondaily)


  2020 renewable energy forcasts

Two global trends should help drive the deployment of renewable power capacity, which is expected to rise from a global total of 1690 GW in 2013 t o 2555 GW in 2020 (growth of 50%). First,deployment should spread out geographically as renewable electricity capacity scales up. Second, renewable technologies are becoming increasingly competitive on a cost basis with alternatives in a number of countries and circumstances.

Clean energy scenarios (iea)


  Software developer life

The career model is like a pyramid, and you need to get up the ladder to earn more money. As long as you are on the bottom of it, you have nothing to laugh at. But so you move up more, and the richer and happier you'll become. It's a carrot system: first do the work, then take the money. As a dentist you need to study, then work and pay back the loan.

Expectations towards developers (methodsandtools)


  Resource-efficient green economy

This report highlights the major forces fostering the shift to a resource-efficient green economy in Europe. Currently, the economic and technological changes leading towards green economy objectives are proceeding too slowly; what is required is a much bigger, deeper, and more permanent change in the EU economy and society to create both new opportunities and substitution processes across the economic structure.

EU' Report (eea.europa)


  How Protein's ability inhibit Ebola & Hiv ?

When HIV-1 or any virus infects a cell, it replicates and spreads to other cells. One type of cellular protein - T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain, or TIM-1 - has previously been shown to promote entry of some highly pathogenic viruses into host cells. Now, researchers have found that the same protein possesses a unique ability to block the release of HIV-1 and Ebola virus.

TIM proteins action (indiatimes)  


  Googl's Project Wing

Google X, the web titan’s secretive special projects lab, has revealed that it’s working on a drone-based delivery system called Project Wing. Outwardly, the Google X project sounds a lot like Amazon’s Prime Air, but a closer inspection reveals that Google has loftier goals than air-dropping emergency bottles of sriracha. All 31 of Project Wing’s full-scale test flights have been conducted in Australia.

From your email to your mailbox (extremetech)


  Germany&Canada building H2O splitter

Germany, which has come to rely heavily on wind and solar power in recent years, is launching more than 20 demonstration projects that involve storing energy by splitting water into hydrogen gas and oxygen. The projects could help establish whether electrolysis, as the technology is known, could address one of the biggest looming challenges for renewable energy—its intermittency.

Energy from renewable sources (technologyreview)


  Why drugs fail to get approved ?

It takes eight years to take a drug from initial testing to approval. Only one in six compounds will make it through the finish line following the FDA’s stringent assessment of evidence for safety and efficacy for the proposed indication. Why only one in six? In some cases the answer is simple: the product doesn’t merit commercializing; its safety or efficacy profile, or both, leaves a lot to be desired.

Product' quality (eyeforpharma)


  PPPs in plant breeding Proceedings

The private breeding sector mainly focuses on crops and traits which promise high revenues.Crops with a small market share are of less interest for private breeding companies. Therefore, concerns are raised that crops and traits which are important for the bioeconomy and agriculture are neglected because of lack of interest of the private sector.

The workshop (


  The Nordic Business Report

Along with the general business ideas on marketing and leadership, you will learn about young and upcoming leaders from all over Northern Europe. Similarly to 2012 and 2013, Nordic Business Report continues to produce interesting rankings of the people in the business sphere. This year we decided to rank the younger generation.

‘30 Under 30’ ranking (nbforum)


  Engineering principles to healthcare improvement

In the boardroom, the executive team considers how to bring in more patients because the insurers are squeezing prices and competitors are ramping up advertising. On the hospital floor, physicians and nurses rush from procedure to procedure, seemingly without enough hours in their day. Meanwhile, patients sit in the waiting room, growing frustrated (and those calling the hospital sit on hold). What’s going on here?

Talent management (strategy-business)


  Organ engineering

Reprogrammed cells created in a laboratory have been used to build a complete and functional organ in a living animal for the first time. The research bypassed the usual step of generating "blank slate" stem cells from which chosen cell types are derived. Instead, connective tissue cells from a mouse embryo were converted directly into a completely different cell strain by flipping a genetic "switch" in their DNA.

Direct reprogramming technology (theguardian)


  How to access to the world's facts

GOOGLE is building the largest store of knowledge in human history – and it's doing so without any human help. Instead, Knowledge Vault autonomously gathers and merges information from across the web into a single base of facts about the world, and the people and objects in it. The breadth and accuracy of this gathered knowledge is already becoming the foundation of systems.


Knowledge Graph vs Crowdsourcing (newscientist)


  Self-cleaning cashmere : forseeable ?

The average American businessperson spends anywhere from $500 to $1,500 on dry cleaning each year. In addition to the economic costs, as most commonly used chemical, perchloroethylene (perc), can leech into our bodies, causing possibly cancer, and the air, depleting the ozone layer. A chemical engineer at Hong Kong's School of Energy and Environment, has developed a method that would cancel out the need for dry cleaning altogether.

Nano-coating sensitive to light (smithsonianmag)


  USA:Demand for food assistance

Completed at the end of August 2013, HIA 2014 data collection took place during a period with historically high demand for food assistance. Unemployment, poverty, and food insecurity rates remained high since the Great Recession of 2008, and the number of households receiving nutrition assistance had increased by approximately 50% between 2009 and 2013.

Hunger in america (feedingamerica)


  Tax incidence and tax reforms

The OECD tax systems provide different incentives for manufacturing activity across countries and that tax systems are relatively neutral with respect to the sectoral composition of manufacturing activities. The impact of potential tax increases on firms activity is found to be most attenuated when shifted towards consumers and/or employees rather than energy consumption and/or capital investors.

Using a multi-factor approach (ec.europa)


  Is-it the next generation of Nuk-power ?

Until now, perhaps... using a design that was invented 50 years ago, they created the waste annihilating molten salt reactor– or wamsr. The wamsr uses molten salt to dissolve nuclear fuel. That ultimately reduces both the radioactivity and amount of the waste. The "Transatomic" new reactor could create about 10-20 kg of long-lived waste per year instead of the 20 metric tons produced by traditional commercial plants.

Transatomic Power's reactors (transatomicpower)


  Semiconductors in China

Government stakeholders in China have been reconsidering the risk posed by the country’s heavy reliance on others for semiconductor components and capabilities, and they are carrying out policy changes that could correct for this dependence. Pair these policy efforts with private-market forces that are slowly but surely strengthening the capabilities of mainland semiconductor companies.

What’s changing ? (mckinsey)


  Microsoft "patches" in trouble

"Microsoft is investigating behavior associated with the installation of this update, and will update this bulletin when more information becomes available," the company said in the revised MS14-045's Update FAQ. "Microsoft recommends that customers uninstall this update. As an added precaution, Microsoft has removed the download links to the 2982791 security update.

Security updates (computerworld)


  Learning how things fall apart

Materials that are firmly bonded together with epoxy and other tough adhesives are ubiquitous in modern life—from crowns on teeth to modern composites used in construction. Yet it has proved remarkably difficult to study how these bonds fracture and fail, and how to make them more resistant to such failures. There are standard methods for testing the strength of materials and how they may fail structurally.

Bonding failures (qualitydigest)


  Making pull requests in "GitHub"

GitHub is an online repository hosting service where you can host your own projects, and contribute to projects created by other people. There’s many reasons why you might decide to contribute to one of the many open source projects hosted on GitHub. Maybe you’re a fan of the project in question, or just open source in general, and want to give something back to the community.

What You’ll Learn ? (developer)


  How to force phone customers onto fiber ?

Internet users nationwide are clamoring for fiber, as well, hoping it can free them from slower DSL service. But not everyone wants fiber, because, when it comes to voice calls, the newer technology doesn’t have all the benefits of the old copper phone network. That means when your power goes out, copper landlines might keep working for days or weeks by drawing electricity over the lines, while a phone that relies on fiber will only last as long as its battery.

Verizon's efforts (arstechnica)


  EU "Graphene" flagship project

Because of its unusual properties, graphene holds great potential for applications, especially in the field of medical technology. A team of researchers led by Dr. Jose A. Garrido at the Walter Schottky Institut of the TUM is taking advantage of these properties. In collaboration with partners from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (France), the physicists are developing key components of an artificial retina made of graphene.

Interface to the optical nerve (tum)


  Approach to entrepreneurship

One of the great challenges for startups is figuring out where to start. Entrepreneurs believe that unless they build something now, their idea will become outdated or stolen by their competitor. However, that thought process is akin to running a marathon with one month of training. Yes, it can be done, but you run the risk of burning out and failing more quickly.

The chances of success (techcrunch)


  Bailing out from Bali

Developing countries had the most to gain from the TFA. According to the Peterson Institute for International Economics, in Washington, DC, it would create 21m jobs, almost all in poor countries. Even such a limited bargain, which does not cut tariffs, would boost developing-country GDP by $523 billion. India, among a handful of countries which receives help from the WTO to boost its trade, would have seen particularly large payoffs.

India’s food-security law (economist)


  Creating a Safer Internet

While every single person should try to use more privacy-focused tools to protect themselves, it's not just spy agencies they need to worry about, but also “regular” hackers who can more easily gain their information if it’s not properly encrypted. Ultimately this is a lot to ask from normal Internet users. Ideally, encryption would be something totally invisible to the end-user, happening in the background.

The privacy issues (tomshardware)


  Physical world Vs virtual dimension

Retailers, advertisers and industry are all now using the technology, which overlays computer-generated content - video, graphics, text, sound or GPS data - on to real-world images captured by smartphones, tablets and hi-tech glasses. The results can sometimes be startling. Total Immersion's TryLive, for example, uses face-tracking technology to let consumers "try on" glasses virtually.

Augmented reality (bbc)


  Will "Si" save quantum computing?

Grand engineering challenges often require an epic level of patience. That’s certainly true for quantum computing. For a good 20 years now, we’ve known that quantum computers could, in principle, be staggeringly powerful, taking just a few minutes to work out problems that would take an ordinary computer longer than the age of the universe to solve.

Quantum computation (


  Enhanced audit & feedback interventions

Unnecessary blood transfusion is associated with negative consequences and presents an unnecessary risk to patients. Examples of risk are transfusion infections, acute lung injury, and circulatory overload, which are associated with increased morbidity and mortality. Implementation science has played a central role in developing and evaluating interventions that are designed to address the evidence-practice gap.

Transfusion practice (implementationscience)


  Airport privatisation: Risks and rewards

Pension, private equity and sovereign wealth funds are now making significant capital investments in primary airport infrastructure, motivated by the promise of steady revenues in hard currencies, high profit margins resulting from economies of scale and optimistic growth forecasts. When privatisation comes, there will be pressure for further productivity gains.

Untapped growth & Stable income  (airport-technology)


  The New sick man of europe

This reporter recently traveled across France to take the country's pulse with the people on the ground. The route followed stayed true to the course of the 2014 Tour de France, taking in cities, towns and villages, and sought to observe signs of the crisis, decline, collective depression and other specters that are haunting Germany's most important neighbor.

Uncertainty ailing the French (spiegel)


  Intermodal transport network development

The survey has shown that, while the chemical industry has intermodal traffic all over Europe, the main current flows run between the Benelux, Germany and Northern Italy. When comparing the intermodal flows to the total transport flows of the chemical industry, it becomes evident that the main transport corridors already have a high share of intermodal transport today.

Report (cefic)


  EMV: Why has taken the US so long ?

The EMV standard works using a chip that's embedded in a credit card, which effectively acts as a mini-computer. Instead of swiping quickly and having your card give its details to a merchant's point of sale (POS) system, an EMV card creates a unique code for each transaction and (ideally) requires the consumer to enter a PIN associated with the card instead of relying on a signature.

What were they waiting for ?  (arstechnica)


  The EU shale gas lobby

This report maps out this lobbying offensive by exposing the key players involved, their targets and the tactics employed. It examines the activities of the main shale gas lobby groups and individual companies, drawing on evidence of meetings and correspondence with five key departments in the European Commission, to reveal a web of lobbying activity, incorporating industry players.

Who's Who (foeeurope)


  Agricultural biotechnology in Africa

There are various projects under way to develop new GM varieties for African farmers, ranging from drought - resistant maize to varieties of cassava, banana, sorghum, cowpea and sweet potato with resistance to pests and disease. Multiple barriers inhibit the development and adoption of pro-poor GM varieties in Africa. On the demand side, farmers may be reluctant to adopt GM varieties owing to a lack of export opportunities and distrust of the technology among local consumers.

Biotechnology and GM (chathamhouse)


  Intrinsic resistance to Tamoxifen therapy

The study, "Circadian and Melatonin Disruption by Exposure to Light at Night Drives Intrinsic Resistance to Tamoxifen Therapy in Breast Cancer," published in the journal Cancer Research, is the first to show that melatonin is vital to the success of tamoxifen in treating breast cancer. Melatonin by itself delayed the formation of tumors and significantly slowed their growth but tamoxifen caused a dramatic regression of tumors.

Key to success of breast cancer therapy (innovations-report)


  Microsoft's CEO: More than talk

They say talk is cheap, but that's not necessarily true if you're Microsoft's CEO. Microsoft stock is up more than 20% since he took over in February, and has reached heights never attained under predecessor Steve Ballmer. Microsoft released lots of products during that period but if you look at what people were really responding to -- at the things for which Nadella was responsible -- it's was Nadella's language.

Concrete steps to reshape MS (informationweek)


  The right cleaning agent is key

Quality, cost-efficiency, stability and processing time of industrial parts cleaning operations critically depend on the dissolving capacity of the used cleaning agent. Most frequently used agents are aqueous detergents and solvents. In selecting the right cleaning medium, the ‘equal dissolves equal’ principle of chemistry applies. In other words: for water-based (polar) types of contaminations, aqueous cleaning agents are typically the first choice.

Cleanliness (engineerlive)


  Trends in manufacturing and equipment

Annual equipment and manufacturing survey collected industry feedback on trends and the utility of equipment used in finished drug-product manufacturing. Respondents to both solid-dosage and parenteral drug manufacturing questions indicated overall satisfaction with existing equipment and equipment innovation. Data indicated that process analytical technology (PAT) is growing in use.

Continuous processes (pharmtech)


  International energy efficiency scorecard

The International Energy Efficiency Scorecard, we analyze the world’s 16 largest economies, comprising more than 81% of global gross domestic product and about 71% of global electricity consumption. We looked at 31 metrics, divided roughly in half between policies and quantifiable performance, to evaluate how efficiently these economies use energy.

Germany: most energy efficient country   (aceee)


  Russia's 2018 world cup

Seven out of 12 arenas planned for use in the World Cup must be newly built and two have to be thoroughly renovated. The price tag will not be small. After spending some €50 billion ($68 billion) on the expensive Winter Olympics in Sochi, Mutko's ministry estimates that Russia will spend €30 billion to host the 2018 World Cup. That's more than double what Brazil spent for this year's tournament.

How to touch the ceiling ? (spiegel)


  Deming’s principles today

Delivering better products or services to customers is the undisputed aim of any organization. They just don’t always act that way. Manufacturing organizations have circled the wagons since the 1950s, when Japanese competitors began capturing market share from the rest of the world. Looking back at the history of the quality and improvement movement, you can see the wake left through which we’ve traveled.

The man who discovered quality (qualitydigest)


  Improving the cryptographic standards

NIST representatives were particularly and probably overly hard on themselves in analyzing the Dual EC DRBG matter, but the retrospective analysis reinforces my view that NIST must achieve sufficient depth of cryptographic and mathematical knowledge to render itself fully capable of evaluating strength and weakness of proposed algorithms without dependence on NSA.

Guidelines development process (nist)


  Hiring overseas

Recruiting, interviewing and hiring staff overseas can be an adventure. There’s amazing talent across the globe, but finding it, discerning the best candidates and making a successful hire that works out can be a roll of the dice. Getting burned, on the other hand, is easy. Bad hires are common, as are disaster stories. It’s a matter of inexperience hiring abroad and not understanding nuances.

Nail the hiring process (thenextweb)


  The science of lost time

Psychologists haven’t pinned down exactly when our perception of time begins to accelerate, but they do offer a few interesting theories about why it happens. There are biological accounts, having to do with natural changes in heart rate, metabolism, and body temperature as we age. Neurologically, the mature brain also produces less dopamine, a chemical that plays an important role in controlling our internal clock.

Questionable decision-making (fastcompany)


  Organic vs Non-organic foods evidences

The main objectives of the present study were to carry out a systematic literature review of studies focused on quantifying composition differences between organic and conventional crops, conduct weighted and unweighted meta-analyses of the published data, carry out sensitivity analyses focused on identifying to what extent meta-analysis results are affected by the inclusion criteria and meta-analysis method.

Meaningful differences in composition (wsu)


  Deployable fibre optic systems

As the use of fibre optics has increased in the oil and gas industry to enhance production - via better data reliability, availability and performance than traditional copper communication systems - so have the number of ‘deployable’ systems used in remote locations. In contrast to fixed installations, deployable systems are designed to be quickly installed, retracted, and then relocated.

Data communications (engineerlive)


  Tracking clean energy progress

The theme of ETP 2014 , Harnessing Electricity’s Potential, reflects an opportunity arising from the convergence of two trends: rapidly rising global electricity demand and the evident need for increased system integration. Electricity production uses 40% of global primary energy and produces an equal share of energy-based carbon dioxide emissions today.

Key clean energy technologies (iea)


  Bypassing the country of "interdits"

France parliament voted on a law that would support local businesses and effectively ban online retailers from delivering books to customers for free. Amazon has cleverly sidestepped the situation by offering customers shipping for a € 0.01. This complies with the new law passed nearly a month ago, and still offers its customers the best possible deal in regards to books.

How to protect your market & Invade others ? (neowin)


  A car-hacking tools

Many items, including mundane things like light bulbs and door locks, are being hooked up to the internet by putting tiny computers into them and adding wireless connectivity. The problem is that these computers do not have enough processing power to handle antivirus and other defenses found on a PC. The margins on them are wafer-thin, so manufacturers have little scope for spending on security.

The Perils of Connected Devices (asq)


  Anti-poverty strategies

This report considers the many different strategies for reducing poverty, across the UK, Europe, North America and Brazil. No single strategy has been unambiguously successful, though some have been associated with significant reductions in poverty over a long period. There are many examples of well-intentioned strategies that fail to achieve the political purchase necessary for success.

Well-intentioned strategies (npi)


  How to keep contracts coming ?


Attracting new business is essential to the success of a contract research organisation (CRO). A group of specialist companies based in and around Nottingham’s BioCity small business incubator has found that, by making the most of each other’s expertise and presenting a united front, they can offer a more comprehensive suite of services, which translates into securing more business.

Cross-pollination (rsc)


  ECHA' practical guide

This practical guide aims to assist registrants of intermediates and the downstream users in assessing if the use of a substance complies with the definition of intermediate according to Article 3(15) of REACH. In addition it will assist the registrants to identify the relevant information to include in their registration dossiers in order to comply with their legal obligations.

Registration of intermediates (echa.europa)


  Battle of the brains contest

In a test of teamwork, speed and skill, the contest challenged students to solve the most computer programming problems in the least amount of time. Demonstrating the elite talent of its team members, St. Petersburg State University successfully solved seven problems in five hours. The World Champions return home with "The World's Smartest Trophy," and employment or internships with IBM.

The world's finest computing students (marketwatch)


  Net threats

As Internet experts look to the future of the Web, they have a number of concerns. We call this research study a canvassing because it is not a representative, randomized survey. Its findings emerge from an “opt in” invitation to thousands of experts who have been identified by researching those who are widely quoted as technology builders and analysts.

Security and political control (pewinternet)


  Redefining wearable device

So what does it take to merge technology and fashion? The world isn’t lacking for talented designers, who have already turned out good-looking pieces of hardware like the Jawbone Up and Ringly. What was missing until now were electronics small enough to fit into clothing the same way as a button or a single cotton fiber. That started to change with the advent of the mobile phone & more powerful chips and batteries.

Clothes are getting smarter (gigaom)


  FDA's social media guidance

In drafting a new federal guidance document on social media use, FDA offers medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies insight on how to share benefit and risk information on 23 electronics digital platforms, ranging from Twitter and blogs to online paid search programs. Specifically, it calls for a balance between risk and benefit information posted to online platforms.

"A great leap forward" in healthcare (fda)


  Korean growth

Despite these headwinds, output growth of around 4% is projected in 2014-15 (Table 1). A moderate rebound in world trade will help Korean exporters overcome the appreciation of the won, which has gained 38% relative to the Japanese yen since 2012. The won-yen exchange rate is important as around two-thirds of Korean exports are thought to compete directly with Japanese products in world markets.

Improving the innovation system (oecd)


  EU opposing power of US digital giants

Within the salons of the Elysée Palace, along the corridors of the European parliament and under the glass dome of the Reichstag, Old Europe is preparing for a new war. This is not a battle over religion or politics, over land or natural resources. The raw material that Paris, Brussels and Berlin are mobilising to defend is the digital environment of Europe's inhabitants.

The big four (theguardian)


  Drug shortages & Quality metrics

Companies currently use a variety of metrics to measure performance including, but not limited to, corrective action and preventive action (CAPA), out of specification (OOS), batch rejection rate, complaints, field alerts, recalls, batch yield, training effectiveness, and environmental monitoring excursions. The goal is to review and define which of these metrics can be used to measure performance.

Quality culture (asq)


  Language that compiles to JavaScript

JavaScript has become must-know tech, as widely spread through the IT ecosystem as Linux and virtualization. But the language bristles with syntactical traps, oddball design decisions, and limitations that can frustrate even the most seasoned developers. Thankfully, a wealth of JavaScript mini-languages have arisen to take the pain out of programming in JavaScript, in many cases extending features otherwise unavailable to JavaScript itself.

Nine worthwhile languages (infoworld)


  That toy is now a drone

According to my best reading of a notice the FAA announced on Monday, things like the US $154 Husban X4 quadcopter are no longer toys—they are true drone aircraft in the FAA's eyes and cannot be flown without a certificate of authorization or special airworthiness certificate. Up to now, the FAA has been distinguishing model aircraft from small drones.

FAA’s small-drone (ieee)


  Plastic debris in the open ocean

Using data from the Malaspina 2010 circumnavigation, regional surveys, and previously published reports, we show a worldwide distribution of plastic on the surface of the open ocean, mostly accumulating in the convergence zones of each of the five subtropical gyres with comparable density. However, the global load of plastic estimated about thousands of tons, far less than expected.

Between input and removal (pnas)


  GM talks fuel-cell cars

General Motors has invested over $2.5 billion in fuel cells. So it's serious about the technology. But so is Toyota and Japan. Rather than selling a lot of cars and subsidizing them with huge losses on the cars, we have found ways that we can advance rapidly in our development activities based on the learnings from our Equinox fleet that's out there today.

Is GM ready for Toyota ? (cnet)


  What looks like Neanderthal meal ?

We present direct evidence of Neanderthal diet using faecal biomarkers, a valuable analytical tool for identifying dietary provenance. Our gas chromatography-mass spectrometry results from El Salt (Spain), a Middle Palaeolithic site dating to ca. 50,000 yr. BP, represents the oldest positive identification of human faecal matter.

Neanderthal dietary reconstructions (plosone)


  Laser scanners vs Tactile probing

Smart laser intensity adaptation allows any surface, such as those with varying color or high reflectivity, to be scanned without the use of a matt spray or other user interaction. This is enabled by automatic, real-time adjustment of sensor settings between successive laser stripes and for each individual point along the laser stripe. The XC65Dx-LS installed at TOFAS has a longer stand-off distance and offers distinct advantages.

Metrology (qualitydigest)


  Toughening patent test

The high court's specific ruling applied to US patents held by Australian company Alice Corp. on a method for mitigating "settlement risk" on financial transactions. In its Supreme Court brief, the company argued that its method is patent-eligible because it involves "shadow records" updated in real time that "require a substantial and meaningful role for the computer."

Patent protection (informationweek)


  Stop washing raw chicken

A call for people to stop washing raw chicken to reduce the risk of contracting campylobacter, a potentially dangerous form of food poisoning. The call comes as new figures show that 44% of people always wash chicken before cooking it – a practice that can spread campylobacter bacteria onto hands, work surfaces, clothing and cooking equipment through the splashing of water droplets.

Risk of contracting campylobacter (


  GE' smartest locomotives ever

After making most of its locomotives in a century-old plant in Erie, Pa., General Electric is relocating production to Texas to turn out what it says will be the most efficient trains in the history of the industry. This spanking-new factory, located beyond the 190,000-spectator Texas Motor Speedway in the northeastern part of the state, is tricked out with the latest technology.

Rolling power plant (cnet)


  Open Source: How to start Contributing ?

ontributing to open source can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be difficult to know where to start. This article will guide you through making your first contribution to the world of open source; from deciding which project you want to get involved in, right through to raising your first issue and making your very first code contribution.

Making your first contribution (developper)


  Constructive explosion protection

In the physical sense an explosion is a simple combustion reaction. The great danger, however, is the high reaction rate. The temperature rises in fractions of a second, and the explosion overpressure increases very quickly, potentially causing catastrophic damage to equipment components and endangering people. Various measures are aimed at precluding the possibility of an explosion in the first place.

Be prepared (engineerlive)


  3 Major Quality Management Gaps

You know that old saying “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”? Unfortunately, that is the thought process many executives adopt around quality management. It is not necessarily that their quality management systems are broken, per se, but the challenge of having disconnected quality systems and data sources has grown to become so normal that it has become just something they “deal with” or “make work.”

How to fill them ? (qualitydigest)


  Indus.: Best available techniques

This document is a working draft of the European IPPC Bureau (of the Commission's Joint Research Centre). Forum members have nominated technical experts constituting the technical working group (TWG) that was the main source of information for drafting this document. The work of the TWG was led by the European IPPC Bureau (of the Commission's Joint Research Centre).

Organic chemical industry (


  Have you hugged a concrete pillar ?

The car I drive to work is made of around 2,600 pounds of steel, 800 pounds of plastic, and 400 pounds of light metal alloys. The trip from my house to the office is roughly four miles long, all surface streets, which means I travel over some 15. I’ve been saying for many years that widespread computing would eliminate the need for paper, so I was curious to see where Smil thinks things stand.

Getting back to relative dematerialization (gatesnotes)


  Nanoparticle Self Assembly

The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors predicted as early as 2007 that block copolymers will be a needed to make the next generation of computing. Eighteen months ago, researchers at the University of Texas Austin in collaboration with disk drive company HGST exploited the directed self assembly of block copolymers to create a new type of disk drive with up to five times the storage capacity of today’s models.

Wafer-scale thin films (


  Microsoft: Fight over US warrant

Microsoft is challenging a US search warrant for customer emails stored on a data center outside the country, and tech companies are lining up in support. Apple and Cisco are the latest to file a friend-of-the-court brief backing the software giant's position. The joint filing, made Friday, is in addition to ones earlier in the week by Verizon and AT&T showing their support.

The door to unfounded law  (scribd)


  9 things we hate about Objective-C

Apple may be one of the best-run companies of all time. Steve Jobs may be a personal hero. The iPhone and the iPad may be beautiful technologies. And developing apps for iOS may be a lucrative opportunity -- if you're lucky enough to win App Store approval and get discovered in the deluge. But that doesn't mean being part of the cult is all love.

Swift programming language (infoworld)


  Data Warehouse "ETL" processing

The main component (brain and heart) of the data warehouse system is data Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL). The challenge is to extract the data, often from a variety of disparate systems, to transform that data, so that it is uniform in terms of format and content, and finally to load the data into a warehouse where it can serve as the basis for future business intelligence needs.

The highest level approaches (developer)


  Reducing the need for animal testing

Every three years, the ECHA reports on progress into fulfilling the requirements of Reach using alternatives to animal testing. The most common ways of doing this include: inferring risk from data on similar compounds ('read-across'); combining evidence from multiple sources; computer modelling of structure-activity relationships; and in vitro alternatives to live animal tests.

Some available alternatives (echa.europa)


  Europe at risk of blackouts

The IEA said the world needs $48 trillion of investment to head off a crunch by 2035, warning that cheap energy is gone forever as oil and gas companies deplete easy reserves. Capital costs have doubled in 10 years. More than 80pc of investment by oil companies goes to replace exhausted fields. The solution must come from a blitz of spending on solar power, hydro and other renewables.

Current energy policies (telegraph)


  Understanding today’s R&D management

As organizations focused on new knowledge creation and technology development, bridging institutions typically are flat and decentralized, and therefore vary much more culturally and informally than structurally. Developing an understanding of organizational cultures in bridging institutions is important not just because these can be relatively tacit and difficult to imitate.

The edge of the future (issues)          Outlook: R&D G20 Nations (sciencewatch)


  Sustainable aviation fuel

Virgin Australia, SkyNRG and Brisbane Airport Corporation have joined forces to assess if Australia’s first ‘bioport’ could become a reality. In order to determine if the production of a renewable jet fuel to replace fossil based jets is feasible, a study is currently underway to develop a bioport at Brisbane Airport, which would be capable of supplying aircraft with sustainable jet fuel produced from biological sources.

Brisbane’s bioport approaches (airport-technology)


  Dead and buried: MS's holy war

''Open source is an intellectual-property destroyer,'' former Windows chief Jim Allchin famously quipped in 2001. ''I can't imagine something that could be worse than this for the software business and the intellectual-property business.'' "Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches," former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told the Chicago Sun Times a few months later.

How to grow market share ? (cnet)


  Universities can’t fulfil the myth

I would argue that the majority of university courses are the same. A degree course in just about any subject doesn't actually provide the core skills required for independent thought and critical thinking. The course teachers are so busy trying to cram those details into student's heads that they have no time to explicitly teach critical thinking skills.

The structural problem (arstechnica)


  Health IT innovation

Georgia Tech’s Interoperability and Integration Innovation Lab (I3L) was established to stimulate new ideas in health IT by creating a standards-based environment in which resources can be shared, barriers reduced, and new products more rapidly developed and introduced. Beyond addressing existing challenges for the industry, the lab will help participants—including academic and nonprofit organizations.

How to improve patient care ? (qualitydigest)


  EVolo skyscraper competition

The 2014 edition marks the ninth anniversary of the competition established in 2006 to recognize outstanding ideas for vertical living through the novel use of technology, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations. The first place was awarded to Yong Ju Lee from the United States for his project “Vernacular Versatility”.

Winner 2014 (evolo)


  Europe: 1, Google: 0

The European Court of Justice has now ruled that data belongs first and foremost to the individual. Its decision means that, under certain circumstances, users can now demand that Internet companies -- including Google and others -- delete links to their data. Almost more important is that the justices ruled that Google and other Internet companies must also respect the laws of the countries in which they are operating.

A Victory for Privacy (spiegel)


  How to turn light into matter ?

The new research, published in Nature Photonics, shows for the first time how Breit and Wheeler's theory could be proven in practice. This 'photon-photon collider', which would convert light directly into matter using technology that is already available, would be a new type of high-energy physics experiment. The breakthrough was achieved in collaboration with a fellow theoretical physicist from MPI.

How to undertake this experiment ? (phys)


  Scouting for skills

Youth unemployment remains a public concern. Changes in the UK labour market – including the sharp decline of middle skilled jobs – have impacted negatively on many young people’s job prospects. The decline of skilled, craft-based manufacturing and the rise of the service sector means that twenty-first-century employers place a stronger emphasis on ‘character’ or ‘employ-ability skills’.

The key "soft skills" (demos)


  China’s Healthcare Industry

China is the third largest healthcare market in the world and this is growing by double-digits. Yet the country’s spending on healthcare per capita is only about 5 percent of its GDP—versus around 10 percent in Japan and Europe, and 18 percent in the U.S. Despite this, the Chinese government is expanding its healthcare budget and has said it welcomes foreign investment.

The largest potential opportunity (china-briefing)


  Looking outward with big data

For some, “big data” is a revolution poised to transform everything from how we gather intelligence on terrorists, to how we manage our supply chains, to how we brush our teeth. For others, it’s an evolution, little more than the latest twist in the decades-old notion of business intelligence. Sorting out its true potential is no easy task.

How we use data in decision making ? (strategy-business)


  Genetically engineered Measles' version

Yet for all the misery Measles virus has caused and continues to inflict on mankind, it now appears that a genetically engineered version of the virus may be on its way to becoming an effective treatment for another deadly human malady, late-stage incurable myeloma. The choice of MV as a therapeutic agent for myeloma was not happenstance, but rather of thoughtful biological experimentation.

An effective therapeutic answer  (mayoclinicproceedings)


  3D printing reshapes healthcare

There is so much [3-D] innovation happening, but no one is saying let’s take this technology and scale it to reach, and help, millions of people. That’s where we come in. Already, a majority of hearing aids are made using 3-D printing technology. By some estimates, about 10 million 3-D-printed hearing aids are in use today worldwide.

How to help to treat health problems ? (informationweek)


  Statins' adverse effects ?

The true incidence of adverse events from use of statins in people at low risk continues to be disputed. This editorial aims to alert readers, the media, and the public to the withdrawal of these statements so that patients who could benefit from statins are not wrongly deterred from starting or continuing treatment because of exaggerated concerns over side effects.

Peer reviewing (Bmj)


  Solar wind modulation of lightning

Activity on the sun significantly increases the rate of lightning strikes on Earth, say researchers, making it feasible to predict when lightning strikes will become more frequent. They discovered that when streams of high-speed solar particles strike the Earth's atmosphere, the average number of lightning strikes increased by 32% for more than a month afterwards.

The increase in lightning rates (iop)


  Coding is all just a game

Microsoft's research department has unveiled a 3D web browser that displays content over multiple surfaces in a room.Called Surroundweb, the software is peddled by Microsoft as an "immersive room experience". However, as far as we can see, it's simply a means of projecting different parts of a web page on different surfaces around a room.

3D web browser (


  Metal 3D Printing

The magic word in industrial manufacturing these days is 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing. But the shift from mold-based component concepts to additive geometric freedom is not just a fad; it’s a major trend. The advantages are striking: faster processing times, lower-cost components, and a level of design freedom that is so far unheard of.


Additive manufacturing (qualitydigest)


  The CIO in a tough spot

Barbarians are at the gate, too. Malware writers have taken dead aim at cloud services dealing with business critical data: 16 percent of companies had anomalous cloud access to services storing data such as credit card numbers, health records and Social Security numbers, which means malware was used to surreptitiously access business services like Salesforce or Workday, according to Skyhigh Networks.

Cloud Apps running wild (cio)


  Gerontechnology could reinvent aging

In 1989, a small medical device company by the name of Life Call hired Edith Fore, a 74-year-old customer, to star in a commercial promoting its signature product, a medical alert button that seniors could wear around their necks like a charm and press to call for help in an emergency. Today There are also several types of “smart” pillboxes that remind users to take their medicine.

Why aren’t we using it ? (


  Reclassifying broadband Internet access

AT&T’s anti-regulatory view isn’t surprising. It’s already arguing that the Public Switched Telephone Network should be shut down and replaced with largely unregulated Internet-based voice service. The company’s eight-page ex parte filing claims that the reclassification of broadband would backfire in all sorts of unintended ways that would wreak havoc on the Internet.

AT&T critics (arstechnica)


  The culture of job changing

This constant churn of engineers moving from company to company is considered part of Silicon Valley’s magic; when ideas move and merge, they grow faster than they could in a more static environment.Indeed, protecting this freedom of movement is the main point of antitrust law, explains Silicon Valley attorney Mary Russell, a specialist in employee stock options.

With Silicon Valley culture (


  Freeze Drying Protein Formulations

Lyophilization, or freeze drying, is often used to increase the stability and shelf life of pharmaceutical products. While liquid formulations are usually preferred for injectable protein therapeutics (in terms of convenience for the end user and ease of preparation for the manufacturer), this form is not always feasible given the susceptibility of proteins to denaturation and aggregation under stresses.

Developing a freeze-drying cycle (pharmtech)


  Antibiotic Resistance Threats

Data in the report show extensive antibiotic resistance across the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. In particular, there are high levels of E. coli resistance to third generation cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones–two important and commonly used types of antibacterial medicine. Resistance to third generation cephalosporins in K. pneumoniae is also high and widespread.

Picture of antibiotic resistance (who)


  Boeing unveils new cabin design

Boeing has seen the future of private human spaceflight, and it is blue. Sky blue, that is. The aerospace giant unveiled its new concept for the cabin of a future commercial spaceliner — a vision based in part on the blue-lit Boeing "Sky" interior of the company's modern airliners, as well as work on the company's CST-100 space capsule to ferry NASA astronauts on roundtrips to the International Space Station.

Commercial spaceliner (


  How to assess team’s productivity ?

Well, it's perfectly simple to increase velocity by 40% — just add 40 % more points to all your estimates and do the same amount of work. Given that this is so, it should be apparent why using velocity as a target is wrong; it just encourages inflated estimates. A less glib answer is that your estimate already assumes you are going as fast as you can while doing everything correctly.

Inflation can undermine velocity (arstechnica)


  Maternal diet in periconceptional period

In experimental animals, maternal diet during the periconceptional period influences the establishment of DNA methylation at metastable epialleles in the offspring, with permanent phenotypic consequences. Pronounced naturally occurring seasonal differences in the diet of rural Gambian women allowed us to test this in humans.

Genes' periconceptional expression (nature)


  How to set up an IPv6 tunnel at home?

For a long time most of my VPS are IPv6 enabled. is reachable over IPv6. I've not had IPv6 at home yet, over my residential DSL line. And as you know, providers are not that fast with rolling out IPv6 at home. A friend pointed me to SixXS, which provide IPv6 tunnels. I had looked at them in the past, only then you needed to have a static IP for the tunnel. These days you don't need that anymore.

IPv6 at Home (raymii)


  EU' internet-mediated Volunteering

In the current economic context where a key policy emphasis is on employment, the JRC - IPTS Information Society Unit undertook a project, ICT4EMPL Future Work, to building understanding of four novel forms of internet - mediated work activity, both paid and unpaid: online work exchanges, crowdfunding, online volunteering and internet - mediated work exchange (timebanks).

Volunteerism & Tasks (jrc)


  West explosion 'preventable'

The fire and explosion that destroyed the West Fertilizer chemical plant in Texas last April, killing 15 people and injuring more than 200, was entirely preventable and highlights a pressing need for regulatory change, the US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has concluded. The CSB reported in July that the West explosion resulted from a fire in a wooden warehouse.

The ammonium nitrate explosion (rsc)


  NETmundial Multistakeholder Statement

This is the non-binding outcome of a bottom-up, open, and participatory process involving thousands of people from governments, private sector, civil society, technical community, and academia from around the world. The NETmundial conference was the first of its kind. It hopefully contributes to the evolution of the Internet governance ecosystem.

The global multistakeholder meeting (scribd)


  US Views: Tech. & The future

Overall, most Americans anticipate that the technological developments of the coming half-century will have a net positive impact on society. Some 59% are optimistic that coming technological and scientific changes will make life in the future better, while 30% think these changes will lead to a future in which people are worse off than they are today.

Impact of scientific advancement (pewinternet)


  Building Trust and Growth

The paper finds that tax strategy and policies are best dealt with by the Board of Directors and should include consideration of such issues as impact on stakeholders, transparency, governance and controls and communications. It also examines the data on the impact of rising taxes on business, CEO opinions on tax transparency and the prospects for international tax reform.

Where will growth come from ? (pwc)


  M2M: We cannot stop the rise of machines

After the cloud, M2M is projected as one of the fastest growing technology segments of the IT sector. But what is M2M? Machine2machine (M2M) is technology that allows both wireless and wired systems to communicate with devices of the same ability*. Wired M2M has been around for a long time, as well as machines guiding machines.

IT' developping segments (developer)


  Are you ready for IT of things ?

For more than a decade, the aerospace giant has deployed thousands of communications-enabled smart devices to sense, control and exchange data across the factory floor, on the battlefield, and within the company's 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The Internet of Things require for the CIO to insert himself into the product design and management process, and start a new discussion to initiate the pocess.

4 things to do immediately (computerworld)


  UK: Invasive Non-native Species

Invasive non-native species can have detrimental effects on the native species they supplant, as well as on human health and business. Their presence has accelerated with the expansion of international trade and travel. In this inquiry we examined the measures covered in a proposed EU regulation on the management on invasive species, as well as proposals from the Law Commission to change the law on invasive species.

Tackling invasive species (publications)


  Antibiotics impacts: trials

We carried out a systematic review of randomised controlled trials to determine whether improvements in growth are seen among prepubertal children (1 month to 12 years old) treated with antibiotics in low and middle income countries; to determine the magnitude of these growth effects; and to identify moderators of this treatment effect.

Growth in children vs Income (bmj)


  Government institutions & Innovation

Research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation (RIS3) are trying to introduce a new vision of innovation policy in European regions. However, the success of RIS3 policy measures is closely dependent on the capacity of regional government institutions to act as coordinators or facilitators of the interventions. The way in which institutional mechanisms govern innovation processes remains a largely unexplored area of scientific research.

Innovation strategies for smart specialisation (jrc)


  How to use tested methods for innovation ?

Innovation can be daunting and unpredictable, but that doesn't deter automotive suppliers. They've simply made the unpredictable, well, predictable. Many suppliers have honed step-by-step methods to coax marketable ideas from their engineers. The Automotive News PACE Awards, which honor supplier innovation, are now in their 20th year.

Inspiration from under armour (asq)


  The digital universe of opportunities

smart devices — connected to the Internet, unleashing a new wave of opportunities for businesses and people around the world. Like the physical universe, the digital universe is large – by 2020 containing nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe. It is doubling in size every two years, and by 2020 the digital universe — the data we create and copy annually — will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes.

Imperatives for IT organizations (idcdocserv)


  Keys to success with clinical trials

Recruitment of patients to clinical trials can be extremely complicated, oftentimes leading to research being delayed, or even abandoned, because where there is an insufficient number of participants, accurate conclusions cannot be drawn and even promising therapies can appear to underperform. According to the FDA, only six percent of clinical trials are completed on time. The statistics leave no illusions.

The imaginary guinea pig treatment (eyeforpharma)


  The eco. cost of physical inactivity

This report is a welcome contribution to the evidence base by demonstrating how the cost to our communities of insufficient physical activity amongst young people is borne socially and economically, not just in health terms. I also applaud the focus on inequalities, as levels of inactivity are not uniform across our society. We need to have particular focus on individuals and communities with the lowest levels of physical activity and therefore greatest need.

The doorstep sport (streetgames)


  Available Time for Changeovers

Available time for changeovers per period (TaΔ), also called available time for (internal) setups, represents the time per a given period (e.g., day, shift, week) during which a machine, equipment, or resource can be changed over (i.e., from one product to another, prepared for a different medical procedure, cleaned for another customer). TaΔ, is foundational to every part and kanban-sizing calculations.

How to think with TaΔ ? (qualitydigest)


  Zero Injuries, Waste, and Harm

It isn’t easy to ask several hundred line managers who have grown accustomed to doing things their own way to adopt a uniform set of practices. In 2008, when we told the people in charge of our manufacturing plants that we would be moving to a common safety approach—and that this transition would involve annual safety self-assessments, comprehensive audits.

The need for a methodical approach (strategy-business)


  Exposure to radiofrequency fields

While changes have been made to Safety Code 6 over the past 15 years, public concern has not abated over possible health impacts of RF exposure that are within the limits of the code. In 2013, Health Canada, once again approached the Society to commission another independent expert panel. The Panel is required to communicate with the Peer Review Monitor as to how it will respond to each criticisms.

Adverse Health Effects (rsc-src)


  Is college worth it ?

There is no simple answer to the question “Is college worth it?” Some degrees pay for themselves; others don’t. American schoolkids pondering whether to take on huge student loans are constantly told that college is the gateway to the middle class. The truth is more nuanced, as Barack Obama hinted when he said in January that “folks can make a lot more” by learning a trade “than they might with an art history degree”.

Grading the graders (economist)


  From silk road to value chain

All companies depend on their suppliers. When handled well, the supply chain is a source of strength and even regarded as a value chain. Conversely, a poorly managed supply chain will manifest its weakest link quite easily. All too often, the fallout requires much more than cleanup on aisle three. Consider the juxtaposition of Marco Polo’s Silk Road and the horse meat scandal during 2013.

The effective process (qualitydigest)


  Grave climate future completed

This report is likely to shape international policy on climate for years to come, and will announce that the impact of global warming is already being felt. Some 500 scientists and government officials have been gathered since Tuesday in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, to hammer out its wording. It will serve as the second of three volumes into climate change's causes, consequences and possible solutions by the expert panel.

UN document (


  The Windows XP die-hards

Microsoft's desperation is understandable, since sales of new PCs fell off a cliff last year due to widespread dissatisfaction with Windows 8. The firm rushed out Windows 8.1 last autumn, but it wasn't enough to reverse the lack of market momentum and the lingering effects of hard times in the economy, so 2013 PC sales were generally down for the year.

XP support battle ? (theinquirer)


  Major advance in synthetic biology

An international team of scientists led by Jef Boeke, PhD, director of NYU Langone Medical Center’s Institute for Systems Genetics, has synthesized the first functional chromosome in yeast, an important step in the emerging field of synthetic biology, designing microorganisms to produce novel medicines, raw materials for food, and biofuels.

From theory to reality (syntheticyeast)


  European cloud infrastructure market

Companies looking to adopt public cloud infrastructure for use in Europe must navigate a complex set of choices in selecting the best service for their needs. The scale, price, and continuing innovation of U.S.-based market leaders such as Amazon, Rackspace, and Microsoft are compelling but undermined to a degree by data protection concerns and last year’s revelations of National Security Agency (NSA) snooping.

Strengths & weaknesses (research.gigaom)


  Solar Panels'Self-Cleaning Sys.

The energy from the sun that hits the Earth in a single hour could power the planet for an entire year, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE). One of the best places to harness that free, abundant, and environmentally friendly energy is a desert, but deserts, it turns out, come with a nemesis to solar panels: sand, decreasing their efficiency by nearly 100 percent in the middle of a dust storm.

self-cleaning tech. (bu)


  Links: pollution & genetic mutation

Developing fetuses are extremely vulnerable to the harmful effects of environmental pollution. As the cells of major organs develop during the first trimester, genetic mutations can occur that are impossible to reverse. A new study conducted by Columbia University and Chongqing Medical University shows a clear connection between children conceived and raised near a Chinese coal-fired power plant and reduced neurological development when assessed at age two.

Clean energy alternatives (plosone)


  Your records: Are you in control ?

Companies spend a tremendous amount of time and money managing business databases and other corporate records so they can control their activities, improve their operations and demonstrate compliance with the law. But what happens when documents are misfiled, databases damaged, or even worse, deleted? Time to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

The bottom line (iso)


  Toyota Settlement

Toyota's settlement with the Justice Department on vehicle defects is yet another example of how covering up misconduct results in far greater penalties than the underlying violation. For General Motors, the settlement provides a template for resolving a burgeoning investigation into faulty ignition switches that caused a number of deaths.

Vehicle defects (asq)


  Californium compound bonding surprise

Many view the actinides as just heavy lanthanides that form ionic bonds. ‘So the ability to do sophisticated work is really lacking because it is just electrostatic interactions,’ says Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt of Florida State University. His lab has progressively demonstrated that there are, in fact, few parallels between lanthanide and actinide chemistry. The latest report reveals the most dramatic example of covalent bonding in an f-element compound.

Lanthanide & actinide chemistry (rsc)


  GM Science Update

GM crops were first introduced in the US A in 1994, and are now grown in 28 countries worldwide. The acreage under GM cultivation is doubling every five years and now accounts for some 12% of global arable land. Most of the present GM crop acreage is maize, soybean, cotton and rapeseed (canola), with 81% of the global acreage of both soybean and cottonsown to GM varieties.

Experience, risk assessment & recommendations (go)


  U.S. food policies

The United States is the most overweight and obese high-income country, but the statistics on overweight or obesity in the United States challenge conventional wisdom. American men become more obese as their income level rises whereas American women become less obese as their income level rises. Consequently, low-income women and children of all racial and ethnic backgrounds are the most overweight and obese Americans.

Fat & hungry (ift)


  50 smartest companies

The 50 companies on our annual list of the “smartest” businesses in the world make disruptive technologies. Mostly, it just means “new and good.” Insofar as it can be used precisely, it must be employed to convey the idea that certain innovations possess “attributes” that create new (initially low-end) markets and displace existing businesses.

The disruptive technologies (technologyreview)


  SATA Express: New Std

The advent of cheap solid state storage has been one of the most significant performance enhancements to hit the PC market in years, but the SATA standard has had a difficult time keeping pace with new product introductions. The new SATA Express standard promises to change that by combining the bandwidth of PCI-Express with a cable-based SATA-like connector that maintains backwards compatibility with the old SATA standard.

Faster performance (extremetech)


  New ozone-destroying chemicals


Dozens of mysterious ozone-destroying chemicals may be undermining the recovery of the giant ozone hole over Antarctica, researchers have revealed. The chemicals, which are also extremely potent greenhouse gases, may be leaking from industrial plants or being used illegally, contravening the Montreal protocol which began banning the ozone destroyers in 1987.

Three new CFCs on the list (theguardian)

  Introduction to SCRUM model

SCRUM is a product development framework developed by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland. This is a model which is being followed by many top companies around the world and as an IT professional it is important for us to be familiar with this model in order to keep ourselves competitive in the industry. The SCRUM model recommends an inspect and adapt policy.

Incremental approach (developer)


  Windows 8.1 Update 1

Leaks of upcoming versions of Microsoft's software are nothing new, but it's a little surprising when the source is Microsoft itself. The Spring update to Windows 8.1, known as Update 1, was briefly available from Windows Update earlier this week. The update wasn't a free-for-all. To get Windows Update to install it, you had to create a special (undocumented, secret) registry key.

The visible vs invisible side (arstechnica)


  What good is information ?

The internet needed a story that would make sense to those who would never be interested in the TCP/IP protocol, and the counterculture survivors gave it one – the great escapist myth of their era: turn on, tune in, drop out. In this new version of the fable, information took the place of LSD, the magic substance whose consumption could transform the world.

How knowledge can give rise to meaning ? (aeon)


  Siemens' latest 16-slice CT scanner

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna (March 6 – 10, 2014) Siemens Healthcare will premiere its latest 16-slice CT scanner for the entry-level segment: Somatom Scope offers remarkably efficient operating costs over the entire operational lifetime – up to 35% lower than with the previous model. Several factors are responsible for the noticeable reduction in overall operating costs.

Medical information technology (innovations-report)


  Good hygiene standards VS Eco

Good hygiene standards have been identified as having financial value for businesses across the UK, in a report conducted by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) on behalf of hygiene specialist Initial Washroom Hygiene. The research also provides awareness into the impact of poor office hygiene on employers and employees in developed economies around the world.

improving office hygiene standards (chtdata)


  Keystone pipeLIES exposed

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would cover 1,179 miles, from Hardisty, Alberta, Canada, to the refineries of Port Arthur, Texas. Its name, Keystone, is no accident. Its 36-inch diameter, 830,000 barrels-per-day capacity is believed to be the sine qua non of maximal development of the tar sands, for without a reliable, cost-efficient conveyance to transport the product from Alberta's tar sands to refineries with access to international shipping terminals, the oil producers simply cannot make enough profit to make tar sands extraction worthwhile.

Rivers of spill (prwatch)


  Security threats: 6 lessons learned

An APT attack is typically launched by a professional organization based in a different country than the victim organization, thereby complicating law enforcement. These hacking organizations are often broken into specialized teams that work together to infiltrate corporate networks and systems and extract as much valuable information as possible. Illegally hacking other companies is their day job. And most are very good at it.

APT war story (infoworld)


  The Web at 25 in the U.S.

Using the Web—browsing it, searching it, sharing on it—has become the main activity for hundreds of millions of people around the globe. Its birthday offers an occasion to revisit the ways it has made the internet a part of Americans’ social lives. This first report looks back at the rapid change in internet penetration over the last quarter century.

The overall verdict (pewinternet)


  Auto Suppliers in the drivers’ seat

As automakers race to boost fuel economy, improve infotainment and make their cars collision-proof, suppliers of cutting-edge technology feel no particular need to accept unfavorable contracts. Suppliers said GM was not obligated to keep their technical data confidential unless the two parties signed a separate agreement. Takata Corp suggesting revisions to GM's terms and conditions.

New way of collaboration (asq)


  Explicit Trusted Proxy in HTTP/2.0

Lauren Weinstein writes "You'd think that with so many concerns these days about whether the likes of AT&T, Verizon, and other telecom companies can be trusted not to turn our data over to third parties whom we haven't authorized, that a plan to formalize a mechanism for ISP and other 'man-in-the-middle' snooping would be laughed off the Net.

IETF draft (slashdot)


  Cytokinins from roots to shoots

Cytokinins stimulate shoot growth and promote branching, expansion and plant height. Regulating these hormones also improves the longevity of flowering plants, tolerance to drought or other environmental stresses, and the efficiency of nitrogen-based fertilizers. Manipulating cytokinin distribution by tailoring the action of the transporter protein could be one way to increase biomass yield and stress tolerance of plants grown for biofuels or agriculture.

Hormone mechanisms in plants (biochemist)


  Refined gels for cultured cells

Growing cells on flat, plastic culture plates or petri dishes is a poor substitute for the three-dimensional support matrix that would naturally surround those cells in a living organism. UK start-up Biogelx, based at BioCity Scotland in Newhouse, is developing self-assembled peptide hydrogels that can provide support to growing cells.

How to to achieve the desired result ? (rsc)


  GPS with cloudy offloads

Microsoft has released a tool that it hopes will make it possible to add location-sensing abilities to many more devices. The Microsoft Cloud-Offloaded GPS Experimental Kit is part of an effort to gather location data from GPS satellites without using much power. That's important because, as Microsoft explains, few applications drain a mobile device's battery more rapidly than contacting satellites.

How to lower energy consumption ? (theregister)


  About quality practices

There is no one right way to achieve high quality. In fact, there could be 100 different ways to achieve it. To that end, our Quality Leadership 100 survey recognizes dozens of top-performing plants for their dedication to quality. This year’s top company was TRW Automotive, followed by Gooch and Housego Ohio, Cartel Industries, LDB Plastics, and Tecnova Electronics.

Quality Leadership 100 (qualitymag)


  Google’s new search results

Google’s long battle with European antitrust regulators over what the European Commission deemed to be anti-competitive search practices appears to be reaching a conclusion. The commission’s competition commissioner Joaquin Almunia has approved the settlement, but a formal vote among all commissioners will reportedly take place in the coming months.

Under european antitrust settlement (recode)


  Sizing the EU app economy

Apps running on mobile and social platforms have transformed the global gaming arket and disrupted the order of the technology industry. The emerging platforms and business models like app stores and freemium pricing are rippling through — if not ripping apart — enterprise tech sectors. A few Nordic companies — including Rovio,, and Supercell — are showing tremendous success from beyond Silicon Valley.

EU app developers (ec.europa)


  Breaking speed record for B.D.

The scientists achieved the speed record using a prototype device presented at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC) this week in San Francisco. Apparently the device, which employs analogue-to-digital conversion (ADC) technology, could be used to improve the transfer speed of Big Data between clouds and data centres to four times faster than existing technology.

How to tackle the growing demands (theinquirer)


  Industry in motion

Industrial agglomerations have long been thought to offer economic and social benefits to firms and people that are only captured by location within their specified geographies. Using the case study of New York City’s garment industry along with data acquired from cell phones and social media, this study set out to understand the discrete activities underpinning the economic dynamics of an industrial agglomeration.

The Spatial Network of the Garment Industry (plosone)


  The Krypton Temple

"When I came to Beijing 10 years ago, China's Internet was so ugly," Tanaka says. "But now, the websites of some Chinese vendors are better than those in America." He said he had just ordered a batch of special batteries from the online shop Taobao and at any time he can use the website's chat function to find out where his package is and when it will arrive.

China's Surging Tech Start-Up (spiegel)


  Predictive analytics & Data mining

If someone asked you to predict the number of medals each country is going to win in this year's Olympics, you'd probably try to identify the favored athletes in each event, then total each country's expected wins to arrive at a result. Tim and Dan Graettinger, the brothers behind the data mining company Discovery Corps, Inc., have a rather different approach. They ignore the athletes entirely.

Statistical development models (smithsonianmag)


  Run-Time location access disclosures

Smartphone users are increasingly using apps that can access their location. Often these accesses can be without users knowledge and consent. For example, recent research has shown that installation-time capability disclosures are ineffective in informing people about their apps’ location access. In this paper, The article present a four-week field study (N=22) on run-time location access disclosures.

Which App, where, when, what function ? (winlab.rutgers)


  Calibration management software

Like so many other business software applications, calibration management software has evolved from simple beginnings as a digital index-card system that reminded operators when their instrument and tool calibrations were due. During the past 25 years, these systems have moved from traditional desktop software, to web-based, hosted, and mobile.

SaaS vs. in-house (qualitydigest)


  Electric cars are extremely quiet

The only sounds they make come from the tires, the air, and occasionally from the high-pitched whine of the electronics. Car lovers really like the silence. Pedestrians have mixed feelings, but blind people are greatly concerned. After all, they cross streets in traffic by relying upon the sounds of vehicles. And what is true for the blind might also be true for anyone stepping onto the street while distracted.

The greatest danger (technologyreview)


  2014 US ceo survey

Product and service innovation is seen as the primary opportunity for growth in 2014 by 36% of US CEOs. For many companies, the growth agenda will be centered on new digitalecosystems — the hardware, software, services, and communications infrastructure that make digitization possible. Digital products and services form the backbone of new business models.

Technology is everyone’s business (pwc)


  3-D Printing

Gartner says that technology of 3-D bioprinting—the medical application of 3-D printing to produce living tissue and organs—is advancing so quickly that it will spark a major ethical debate on its use by 2016. At the same time, 3D printing of non-living medical devices such as prosthetic limbs, is likely to cause an explosion in demand for the technology by 2015.

A major debate (asq)


  Are we overusing IVF ?

One million babies were born in the first 25 years of IVF between 1978 and 2003. It took only two more years for the tally to reach two million in 2005, with over five million estimated to have been born by the end of 2013. In developed countries with public health systems 2-3% of the births each year are through IVF, rising as high as 5% in Denmark and Belgium.

Emerging risks of IVF (bmj)


  To digital phone networks

U.S. wireless providers like AT&T Inc and Verizon Communications Inc on Thursday received a nod from regulators to test a transition of the telephone industry away from traditional analog networks to digital ones. The Federal Communications Commission unanimously voted in favor of trials, from existing circuit-switch technology to an alternative Internet protocol-based one to see how the change may affect consumers.

Transition testing (reuters)


  The future of dosage forms

Mass-customization offers individualized products for everyone to address individual health issues with tailored medication,” observes François Scheffler, vice-president of global marketing at BASF’s Pharma Ingredients & Services business unit. “Today’s medication is mostly bound to the indication, not to the individual patient or consumer and his specific needs.

Personalized medicines impact drug (pharmtech)


  Indian cars: crash tests failure

Among the cars tested was India's talismanic Tata Nano, the world's cheapest car, as well as models made in India by Ford, Volkswagen and Hyundai. The cars were apparently stripped of safety features to make them cheaper for Indian buyers, correspondents say. Those car manufacturers who have spoken out since the safety tests have insisted that safety is of paramount importance and that they will be reviewing the NCAP's test results.

Global' NCAP tests (bbc)


  The Right Digital Marketing Model

Digital marketing can offer detailed data on and analysis of consumer behavior, as well as precise results about a marketing program’s effectiveness, with a degree of detail and precision that previous generations of CMOs could hardly fathom. The challenge is that these new technologies and consumer behaviors are raising the requirements for what will succeed in the market. Miss the mark, and you risk losing them forever.

How to choose the right one ? (strategy-business)


  Steve Jobs’ First Demo.

It’s January, 1984. Steve Jobs, nattily attired in a double-breasted suit, is demonstrating Apple‘s breakthrough personal computer, Macintosh, before a packed room. He speaks alarmingly of a future controlled by IBM, and shows a dystopian commercial based on that theme. He says that the Mac is “insanely great” and plucks the diminutive machine from a bag; it talks for itself.

Apple’s annual shareholder meeting (techland.time)


  Virtual Worlds

The growing number of global users, in conjunction with ongoing technological changes, will likely increase the difficulty that the Intelligence Community (IC) will encounter in its efforts to monitor the virtual realm,” said the study, which was classified at the Confidential level. “Accordingly, outreach programs that enlist users as educated observers and reporters will be required to survey current and emerging systems more effectively.”

Intelligence Implications (fas)


  Desert Plants and Green Diesel

The research on the shrub-like plant was spearheaded by the Sustainable Bioenergy Research Consortium (SBRC), which is funded by Boeing, Etihad Airways and Honeywell UOP and hosted by the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology in Abu Dhabi. According to the findings, the desert plant can be made into biofuel more effectively than many other feedstocks.

Jet Fuels of the Future  (asq)


  The Techtopus

In early 2005, as demand for Silicon Valley engineers began booming, Apple's Steve Jobs sealed a secret and illegal pact with Google's Eric Schmidt to artificially push their workers wages lower by agreeing not to recruit each other's employees, sharing wage scale information, and punishing violators. Eric Schmidt "got directly involved and firmly stopped all efforts to recruit anyone from Apple".

How to drive down tech-engi.’ wages (pando)


  FDA’s UDI initiative problems

In extensive comments, the Advanced Medical Technology Association (AdvaMed), Boston Scientific, and Merck, among more than a dozen other stakeholders, generally voice support for the UDI concept, while finding lots and lots to say about where the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) September 2013 Draft Guidance could use improvement.

Medical devices and medical supplies (qualitydigest)


  Enough PaaS vs. IaaS

For the last few weeks, an interesting and timely debate has been brewing among the technology press and various technology vendors and users about whether or not platform as a service, or PaaS, will survive as an independent cloud computing service category. This discussion is worth commenting on largely because it highlights the distinction between what services exist in the cloud and how those services are acquired.

Blurring the lines (gigaom)


  After WV Chemical Spill ?

West Virginia is recovering from another hazardous health crisis—a toxic chemical spilled into the Elk River that poisoned the water supply for hundreds of thousands of residents. Safety and health advocates are cautiously optimistic things will change following the leakage of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol from a storage tank belonging to a company.

Bayer Cropscience explosion (asq)


  The ‘Max Flow’ Problem

To tackle the problem, researchers have traditionally used a maximum-flow algorithm, also known as “max flow,” in which a network is represented as a graph with a series of nodes, known as vertices, and connecting lines between them, called edges. But as the size of networks like the Internet has grown exponentially, it’s often prohibitively time-consuming to solve constraint problems using traditional computing techniques.

The new algorithm (qualitydigest)


  Processing Genomics Data in the Cloud

The increasing public availability of personal complete genome sequencing data has ushered in an era of democratized genomics. However, read mapping and variant calling software is constantly improving and individuals with personal genomic data may prefer to customize and update their variant calls. Here, we describe STORMSeq (Scalable Tools for Open-Source Read Mapping), a graphical interface cloud computing solution.

Declining costs in genome sequencing (plosone)


  About the Geolocation API

Many websites don't need to know anything about the geographical location of their visitors. In certain cases, however, this knowledge can be useful and can be used to enhance the user experience. This knowledge can also be used to integrate special features into your application. Consider, for example, a company selling some electrical equipment.

7 Things You Should Know (developer)


  Manufacturing Organs

Since 2008, eight patients have been given a new chance at life when surgeons replaced their badly damaged tracheas with man-made versions. This highly experimental technology is now moving from research labs to a manufacturing facility as a Boston-area company prepares to produce the scaffolds for growing the synthetic organs on a large scale.

Tissue engineering (technologyreview)


  About personal development

The secret is that personal, organizational, and business lives are all subsets of their one, high, overarching mission- becoming the best human beings they can possibly be. Business success for the monks is merely the by-product and trailing indicator of living for a higher purpose. Trappist business success is living proof that when we seek first the kingdom of personal development everything else will take care of itself.

What every leader must know (forbes)


  15 hot programming trends

Programmers love to sneer at the world of fashion where trends blow through like breezes. Skirt lengths rise and fall, pigments come and go, ties get fatter, then thinner. But in the world of technology, rigor, science, math, and precision rule over fad. That's not to say programming is a profession devoid of trends. The difference is that programming trends are driven by greater efficiency, increased customization, and ease-of-use.

What's in and what's out ?  (infoworld)


  Figuring out our financial flops

The International Labour Organization estimates that since the beginning of the crisis the global jobs gap has increased by 67 million. In spite of positive employment gains over the past years, global unemployment is still high and expected to approach 208 million people by 2015 and 214 million people by 2018. So the question remains: what can be done to bolster the economy?

How to promote growth ? (iso)


  China's first videogame console

Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications outfit best known for its mobile phones and its propensity to spook U.S. lawmakers, announced that it has created China's first videogame console. The timing of Huawei's announcement, coming at this week's CES extravaganza in Las Vegas, is interesting: Just this week, Beijing announced that it would for the first time allow foreign-made videogame consoles.

Huawei TRON (huaweinews)


  Making better decisions over time

Managers make a wide range of decisions, from routine calls they face on a recurring basis, to large-scale strategic decisions they may encounter just once in their careers. For issues that are often repeated, the technique of deliberate practice—which involves action, feedback, modification, and action again—is a powerful way to boost performance.

The limits of deliberate practice (strategy-business)


  India joined the “cryo club”

According to a senior Isro official, India has been paying $85-90 million (around Rs 500 crore) as launch fee to foreign space agencies for sending communication satellites weighing up to 3.5 tonnes. The successful launch of this rocket was crucial for India as this was the first step towards building rockets that can carry heavier payloads.

Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (business-standard)


  EU' lack of tech.skills vs unemployment

After a five-year economic crisis, the mismatch represents one of the thorniest problems facing Ireland and many other European countries. Hundreds of thousands of people who lost work, and many young people entering the work force, are finding that their skills are ill suited to a huge crop of innovation-based jobs springing up across the Continent.

Important consequences for the recovery (nytimes)


  Nano-inspired packaging plastic

Tera-Barrier Films (TBF) Pte Ltd, a spin-off company from A*STAR’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering’s (IMRE) in Singapore, has invented a new plastic film using a nano-inspired process that makes the material thinner but as effective as aluminium foil in keeping air and moisture at bay. The stretchable plastic could be an alternative for prolonging shelf-life of pharmaceuticals, food and electronics.

Encapsulated nanoparticle barrier films (rdmag)


  NASA: How we explore space ?

NASA researchers are working on a whole new kind of robot - one that is spherical, travels by rolling and could land on a planet by simply hitting the surface and bouncing. The concept is called tensegrities and focuses on robots, dubbed ball bots, made of a network of cables and rods. With no rigid connections, no legs, no wheels or tracks, they are uniquely robust, light-weight robots.

NASA' space exploration (computerworld)


  European Innovation Partnership

This report aims to provide a list of process indicators that will allow monitoring the EIP on AHA process over the period 2012-2020. It also presents main highlights from the baseline data in graphical format, based on the tables provided in Annex I. The latter show the indicators computed from the baseline, i.e. data from the 234 EIP on AHA commitments submitted to the EC in June 2012 through the First Invitation for Commitment.

Assessment framework (jrc)


  From Shockley’s guidance system to SV

How William Shockley’s robot dream helped launch Silicon Valley ?. One intriguing thread has been entirely forgotten, if it ever was really known. It connects the Nobel Prize–winning physicist William B. Shockley, the chemist and industrialist Arnold O. Beckman, the automation craze of the 1950s, and Shockley’s vaulting imagination of a robotic workforce.

Replacing human workers project (spectrum.iee)


  Auto-Tech.:Carbon dioxide emissions

This report is the authoritative reference for carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, fuel economy,and powertrain technology trends for new personal vehicles in the United States. The detailed data supporting this report were obtained by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), directly from automobile manufacturers, to support implementation of EPA’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Trends (epa)


  Robotics Challenge

"Mistakes are part of the learning process," says Jesse Hurdus, project director of the ViGIR robot team. "Vi" stands for Virginia and "G" for Germany, because German experts from the Technical University of Darmstadt are part of the team. The disaster at Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant marked the beginning of the "Robotics Challenge.

Responding to disasters (spiegel)


  2014' energy market trend

Ongoing improvements in advanced technologies for crude oil and natural gas production continue to lift domestic supply and reshape the U.S. energy economy. Domestic production of crude oil (including lease condensate) increases sharply in the AEO2014 reference case, with annual growth averaging 0.8 million barrels per day (MMbbl/d) through 2016.

AEO2014 early release report (eia)


  Learning from neandertal genome

An international research team led by Kay Prüfer and Svante Pääbo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, has determined a high-quality genome sequence of a Neandertal woman. The genome allows detailed insights into the relationships and population history of the Neandertals and other extinct hominin groups.

DNA changes that make us human (mpg)


  2014'- 10 techies to watch

As we head into 2014, the following compilation features folks who, each in their own way, are trying to shake up their particular corners of the tech universe. Some will succeed, others will not. This much is clear: Watching how their stories unfold will make for fascinating reading as part of the larger tale of technology, circa 2014.

Who will shake up the status quo ? (cnet)


  How RSA could be tied to NSA ?

Documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden show that the NSA created and promulgated a flawed formula for generating random numbers to create a "back door" in encryption products, the New York Times reported in September. Reuters later reported that RSA became the most important distributor of that formula by rolling it into a software tool.

RSA & its core algorithm (mobile.reuters)


  Auto mechatronics in the spotlight

More than one in three U.S. auto-industry engineers in 2008 were baby boomers, and during the economic crisis, many of those engineers retired early. Meanwhile, the U.S. industry recovered and resumed hiring, and it hasn’t stopped. The Center for Automotive Research (CAR), a group funded by the automobile industry in Ann Arbor, Mich., said last year that it expected carmakers overall to add 35 000 jobs and suppliers another 44 000.

The integration of sophisticated equipment (ieee)


  Global gender disparities in science

Despite many good intentions and initiatives, gender inequality is still rife in science. Although there are more female than male undergraduate and graduate students in many countries, there are relatively few female full professors, and gender inequalities in hiring, earnings, funding, satisfaction and patenting persist. Men publish more papers, on average, than women, although the gap differs between fields and subfields.

Levelling the playing field (nature)


  Christmas 2013: Food For Thought

Laughter is not purely beneficial. The harms it can cause are immediate and dose related, the risks being highest for Homeric (uncontrollable) laughter. The benefit-harm balance is probably favourable. It remains to be seen whether sick jokes make you ill or jokes in bad taste cause dysgeusia, and whether our views on comedians stand up to further scrutiny. So, reading the Christmas BMJ could add years to your life :) .

Laughter and MIRTH (bmj)


  Tech and fashion convergence

In an age where fashion continually romps through society’s wardrobes and technology governs our everyday lives, we’ve finally reached a crossroads where industry boundaries between apparel brands and digital platforms have started to blur. And consumer wearables—the bridge between these two worlds—are the catalyst for that convergence.

Wearables are the next mobile (gigaom)


  America's wealth

At the county level, America is a tremendously unequal place. The median household income in the poorest county (Wilcox County, Alabama) was $22,126 in 2012. In Falls Church, Virginia, where highly educated defense contractors and federal government workers cluster, the median income last year was $121,250, more than five times higher.

US' hide side (businessinside)


  Posthumous digital assets

What happens to your digital life after you die? It’s a question not many consider given how embedded the internet is in their lives. The typical web user has 25 online accounts, ranging from email to social media profiles and bank accounts, according to a 2007 study from Microsoft. But families, companies and legislators are just starting to sort out who owns and has access to these accounts after someone has died.

Digital life after death (uniformlaws)


  A giant awakens

Here are the facts behind the fiction: No other continent has developed as rapidly in the last decade as Africa, where real economic growth was between 5 and 10 percent annually. In oil-rich countries, such as Angola, it was a possibly record-breaking 22.6 percent in 2007. A World Bank study shows that 17 of the 50 national economies currently displaying the greatest economic progress are in Africa.

Africa's economic upsurge (spiegel)


  How to let chemicals make decisions?

Computer scientists at Harvard University have come up with a way to convert algorithms that teach machines to learn into a form that would allow artificial intelligence to be programmed into complex chemical reactions. The ultimate result could be “smart” drugs “programmed” to react differently depending on which of several probable situations they might encounter.

Promoting logic gates (slashdot)


  Biopharm Research:400 Med in development

Antibacterial resistance is becoming an increasingly common problem, resulting in over 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths each year among Americans and costing $55 billion in the United States annually, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). the ongoing commitment and continued regulatory flexibility can help fight the continuing—and ever-changing—threat from infectious diseases.

New medicines in the pipeline  (phrma)


  6 Practical Agile Techniques

In large organizations one often finds a mixture of development models. Some projects are done in Agile, some in a more traditional way such as waterfall or RUP. Everyone has heard of agile development, but shifting to more Agile methods can often be a long and hard journey. This paper aims to explain a number of practical Agile techniques that can easily be applied to any development.

Usability testing (developer)


  Rethinking open access prices

The leitmotif of the digital age is ‘disintermediation’, an ugly name for the process of ‘cutting out the middle person’ – in other words, making transactions simpler and more direct. It’s often better for customers to do this – to go direct to the source of a product and buy what they need, without having to pay a fee to other people involved in an intermediate delivery chain.

Making transactions simpler (


  Chicken that is nearly a 1/5 H2O

One large poultry processor in the UK, Westbridge Food Group, is importing raw frozen Brazilian chicken to which salt or a mix of corn oil and salt has already been added, then "tumbling" it with water and water-binding additives. The meat is then repacked for sale as frozen chicken breast fillets in leading supermarkets. Asda, Aldi and Iceland all sell frozen Brazilian chicken tumbled this way by Westbridg.

UK's Chicken watered down (theguardian)


  Privacy concerns remain unanswered

Approaches to storing, managing, analyzing and mining Big Data are new, introducing security and privacy challenges within these processes. Big Data transmits and processes an individual's PII as part of a mass of data–millions to trillions of entries–flowing swiftly through new junctions, each with its own vulnerabilities.

Big data security (csoonline)


  Your genes not for sale

In a unanimous ruling last week, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected that a patent can be granted to a gene sequence that describes the risk of a disease. Simply stated, you cannot own a piece of the human genome. Praise to the scientists whose hard work discovered the gene, but their discovery is like the periodic table of the elements—not an invention of human creation, but an art of nature.

Medical mind cannot be owned (scienceprogress)


  Black forest conservation

The regional Green government plans to create a national park in the northern Black Forest, much to the consternation of many locals. Although well-intentioned, the state project has unleashed a culture war. Should the forest be left alone or used for commercial purposes? If only it were that easy. And because the German debate over forested landscapes is always about more than just trees, the protests are by no means peaceful.

Fighting over the forest (spiegel)


  Country by country reporting

The landscape is changing and providing greater transparency around tax either to tax authorities around the world and/or to the public is something companies are now preparing for. This paper sets out a high level summary of the various legislative proposals and consultations to assist you in assessing how these will affect you.

Overview and comparison of initiatives (kpmg)


  DNA-mediated nanoparticle crystallisation

Crystallization is a fundamental and ubiquitous process much studied over the centuries. But although the crystallization of atoms is fairly well understood1, 2, it remains challenging to predict reliably. Here we show that very slow cooling, over several days, of solutions of complementary-DNA-modified nanoparticles through the melting temperature of the system gives the thermodynamic product with a specific and uniform crystal habit.

How to direct nanoparticle assembly ? (nature)


  Holiday food safety kit

The Holiday Food Safety Success Kit Exit Disclaimer, developed by the non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education, provides tips on how to make sure holiday meals are safe as well as delicious. Recipes, shopping checklist, food safety tips, and children's activities are included in the multi-media program. This Holiday Food Safety Video shows how to store, prepare, and serve food safely to prevent foodborne illness from ruining the holidays.

Some helpful food safety resources (fda)


  Programming productivity: 15 worst ways

Everyone wants the code to flow like water from a fire hose, but no one wants to give developers what they need to get the job done. The same boss who wants the job finished yesterday won't hire more people, buy faster machines, or do any of the dozens of things that make it easier for programmers to get work done. Here are 15 roadblocks to programming progress.

Productivity metrics (infoworld)


  Mismanagement of food recall system

Canada's Auditor General raised red flags around food safety, border security, emergency plans in First Nations communities living on reserves and rail safety in his annual fall report tabled on Tuesday. Michael Ferguson said even when the federal government identified a problem, it took too long to come up with and implement solutions. The CFIA did not adequately manage the food recall system between 2010 and 2012.

Auditor general raises red flags (infoworld)


  New synchrotron x-rays generation

Although the high quality of synchrotron x-rays make them ideal for research ranging from the structure of matter to advanced medical images, access to the technology has been limited until now. Most traditional synchrotron x-ray devices are gigantic and costly, available only at a few sites around the world. UNL’s Extreme Light Laboratory developed a novel method to generate research-quality X-rays using a “tabletop” laser.

Advanced research capabilities (rdmag)


  The CRISPR-Cas-system


It detects a specific sequence of letters in the genetic code and cuts the DNA at this point. Thus, scientists can either remove or add genes at the interface. By this, for instance, plants can be cultivated which are resistant against vermins or fungi. Existing technologies doing the same thing are often expensive, time consuming or less accurate.

How to make the invaders harmless ? (innovations-report)


  Accelerating your release process

The current reality of application releases is that getting a new version from code drop through testing, acceptance and all the way to go live still requires a mix of automated and manual tasks, all of which have to be scheduled, coordinated and managed. Automation for many tasks in a typical release is not integrated into the overall release tracking and coordination.

Software development (developer)


  Spinal Stimulation

Teams of scientists have been working on transplanting stem cells for neural repair and modifying the spinal cord in other ways to encourage it to grow new neurons, but these long-term approaches remain mostly in the lab. The breakthrough, however, produced a real human success story gives hope to paralyzed people everywhere. It presents a viable means of regaining bowel, bladder, and sexual functions.

An electrifying awakening (


  Google glass developers

The Glass Development Kit preview released by Google opens up many of the options that had been absent from the developer's toolbox. Previously, developers had only been able to code for Glass' limited Mirror API. Google has relied on third-party developers who own the $1,500 headsets to further app development, while internal development at the company has focused on making sure that the new software platform functions properly.

Still flying half-blind (news.cnet)


  Census: Door open to manipulation ?

In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to September, the unemployment rate fell sharply — raising eyebrows from Wall Street to Washington. The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated. And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it.

2012 election jobs report (nypost)


  Web Index Report

Targeted censorship of Web content by governments is widespread across the globe. Moderate to extensive blocking or filtering of politically sensitive content was reported in over 30 percent of Web Index countries during the past year. 94% of countries in the Web Index do not meet best practice standards for checks and balances on government interception of electronic communications.

2013' Key findings (thewebindex)


  Home: workable anonymity network

Tor, a privacy tool used by activists, criminals, and U.S. intelligence to obscure traces of their online activities, is being repackaged for the mass market. A $49 device launched today and targeted at consumers makes it relatively easy to route a home Internet connection through the Tor network. The Safeplug, as the device is called, can also block most online ads. “It’s meant to be a mass-market product,” says CPO of PogoPlug.

The privacy too (technologyreview)


  Product lifecycle optimization

Generic-drug competition has become increasingly aggressive, especially in an environment where healthcare policies are placing stronger emphasis on pharmacoeconomics and demanding better treatment outcomes at a lower cost. A 2012 analysis by IMS Health estimated that patent expiries will reduce brand spending in developed markets by $127 billion through 2016.

Formulation strategies  (pharmtech)


  Amazon' Web Services performance

If there’s anyone still left wondering how it is that large cloud providers can keep on rolling out new features and lowering their prices even when no one is complaining about them, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Vice President and Distinguished Engineer James Hamilton spelled out the answer in one word during a presentation Thursday at the company’s re:Invent conference: Scale.

Building its own networking (gigaom)


  $5bn Apple HQ revealed

The latest images reveal quite how much of an Apple product the $5bn complex will be. While the climbing walls and mini-golf courses of Google's offices might embody the company's anything-goes karma, their buildings are not literally made of primary-coloured blobs or cartoonish toolbar icons. The Apple mothership, on the other hand, looks like it could be built out of the stuff of computers itself.

Very surreal developpement (theguardian)


  From sunset to new dawn

Adding to the general air of negativity, last month economists at Goldman Sachs put out a report arguing that even at its current cheap price, shale gas would provide only a “modest boost” to the American economy as a whole. It argued that the energy industry is itself a fairly small part of the economy and creates relatively few jobs.

The effects of fracking (economist)


  The lunch of Dubai Air Show

Far from the backwater of the mid-1980s, the United Arab Emirates -- fueled by oil and a return to commerce, their ancestral vocation -- have become a voracious consumer and a growth story that is nowhere more visible than in its airlines. Emirates and Etihad Airways, based in the nearby emirate of Abu Dhabi, are growing many times faster than their rivals. They are also buying hundreds of new jets from Airbus and Boeing.

Global carriers' races (ibtimes)


  Driverless Cars

Putting your life in the hands of a robot chauffeur offers an unnerving glimpse into how driving is about to be upended. The automobile, which has followed a path of steady but slow technological evolution for the past 130 years, is on course to change dramatically in the next few years, in ways that could have radical economic, environmental, and social impacts.

Autonomous driving software (technologyreview)


  Quantum world record smashed

An international team including Stephanie Simmons of Oxford University, UK, report in this week's Science a test performed by Mike Thewalt of Simon Fraser University, Canada, and colleagues. In conventional computers data is stored as a string of 1s and 0s. In the experiment quantum bits of information, 'qubits', were put into a 'superposition' state in which they can be both 1s and 0 at the same time.

Overcoming a key barrier (eurekalert)


  Russian GPS using U.S. soil

Russian and American negotiators last met on April 25 to weigh “general requirements for possible Glonass monitoring stations in U.S. territory and the scope of planned future discussions,” said a State Department spokeswoman, Marie Harf, who said no final decision had been made. Although the Cold War is long over, the Russians do not want to rely on the American GPS infrastructure.

US' security issues (nytimes)


  Internal Audits : an efficiency Tool

Many companies, have reached a more stable phase concerning the quality management requirements and have already made adjustments and optimizations in their management systems. In that case, all parties involved in an internal audit tend to be dissatisfied with the audit process. But is it really necessary to perform internal audits only in this way?

The improvement Tool (qualitydigest)


  Do we need stds for railroads?

This year's devastating crash of a high-speed train in Spain, which left nearly 80 dead, has drawn renewed attention to rail safety. It was preceded by another high-profile rail crash in Canada when an unmanned runaway train killed 40 people. How do these recent rail crashes impact the industry ? What does this mean for the future of rail ? Can International Standards contribute to rail’s safety record and global growth ?

The railway systems (iso)



The background paper is a summary of a study which shows that future greenhouse gas neutrality in Germany is technically achievable. The scenariolooks at the issue merely from a national perspective and does not include interaction with other countries. The study focuses on the national GHG reduction target of 95 %. Taking into account the mentioned assumptions, this should be achievable in Germany by technical means.

A greenhouse gas-neutral country (umweltbundesamt)


  The life sciences sector

The patent cliff, or the mass expiration of patent protections on a variety of drugs, is fueling significant change among big pharma companies and the broader life sciences industry. In 2013 alone, patents will expire on drugs that currently have sales of about $29 billion annually, according to data from EvaluatePharma. Those patent expirations are a big blow to large pharmaceutical firms.

Market report (areadevelopment)


  Guidelines from the chemical industry

This document provides guidelines for calculating avoided GHG emissions enabled by chemical products, by comparing two solutions with the same user benefit. It also gives guidance on how to communicate the results. A number of case examples are published on the ICCA website ( Some case examples will provide additional insight for users.

Reporting guidelines (icca-chem)


  Use your loaf and save billions

The ground-breaking report into UK food waste by WRAP, also reveals that since 2007 we have cut avoidable household food waste by an impressive 21%, which saved cash strapped consumers almost £13 billion***. Yet we still throw away a staggering 4.2 million tonnes (Mt) of household food, which could have been eaten. Almost half of this food goes straight from our fridges or cupboards to the bin and doesn’t even make it onto our dinner plates.

Buying more than we need (wrap)


  Auditing under scrutiny

The structure of the auditing business appears problematic: Typically, major companies pay auditors to examine their books under the so-called "third-party" audit system. But when an auditing firm’s revenues come directly from its clients, the auditors have an incentive not to deliver bad news to them. Does this arrangement affect the actual performance of auditors?

Conventional auditing markets (myscience)


  DNA repair and apoptosis assays

DIM (3,3′-diindolylmethane), a small molecule compound, is a proposed cancer preventive agent that can be safely administered to humans in repeated doses. We report that administration of DIM in a multidose schedule protected rodents against lethal doses of total body irradiation up to 13 Gy, whether DIM dosing was initiated before or up to 24 h after radiation.

Cancer preventive agent (pnas)


  Venture cap. in an age of algorithms

venture capital remains pretty old school. It is more art than science. So why aren’t more VCs using data science to guide their investments? As chief technical officer of Ironstone Group, a data science-based venture investment company, this is a question I’m especially interested in. Venture capitalists (VCs) hear lots of pitches from startups, and usually use their personal intuitions to separate the good from the bad.

Analytics hybrid system (gigaom)


  Exclusive Bill Gates' views

In many ways, Gates was the archetype for the successful tech entrepreneur, the driven nerd who created an industry with little more than foresight and drive. But to the generation of aspiring techno-visionaries who have followed, the arc of his career no longer has the allure it once did, even if his iconic status is assured. These include people such as Peter Diamandis, a serial entrepreneur who founded the X Prize.

Doing 'God's Work' (ft)


  New era of renewable energy

With its abundant dams and rivers that carry more fresh water than any other country, Brazil — big and bountiful — essentially runs on hydropower. But it turns out that the country can also count on a good strong breeze. Wind is emerging as a prize for energy planners here who see the howling gusts that arrive from the east as a way to offset the fresh limits imposed on hydropower.

Wind-Energy power turbines (pulitzercenter)


  Navigating the digital future

At Catalent, a U.S.-based producer of pharmaceutical products and provider of advanced drug delivery technologies and services, digital tools often support the practices of the company’s 18 research and development sites around the world. Data pours in from R&D, sales and marketing, operations, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs, as well as customers.

The global innovation 1000 (strategy-business)


  Cultures of the internet

OxIS provides the UK’s contribution to the World Internet Project (WIP), an international collaborative project that joins over two dozen nations in studies of the social, economic and political implications of the Internet. A majority of users believe that the government should not regulate the Internet more than it does, but there is an increase in the proportion of the public that wants the government to do more to protect children online.

Internet in Britain (


  Why U.K. Wants a Genomic institut ?

By sequencing the genomes of 100,000 patients and integrating the resulting data into medical care, the U.K. could become the first country to introduce genome sequencing into its mainstream health system. The U.K. government hopes that the investment will improve patient outcomes while also building a genomic medicine industry. But the project will test the practical challenges of integrating and safeguarding genomic data within an expansive health service.

The 100,000 genomes project (technologyreview)


  Tech.: Your Business in 2020?

Human-like technology. The potential downfall of the data center. Hyper-personalization of data. These are some of the responses IT leaders gave to us when we asked, “What will business technology look like in 2020?” In 2020, tech experts say, computers could learn from experience, much like the human brain. The end of the data center as we know it might arrive.

Business-technology (thinkgig)


  Feast or Famine for Pacific Salmon

One year rivers on the West Coast of Canada seem to be empty of salmon, the next they are so full commercial boats are being allowed to drop their nets in the estuaries. So what gives? Is there a shortage of salmon on the Pacific Coast, or a great abundance? The complicated answer – and there are no easy answers when it comes to salmon is that both conditions often exist at the same time and in the same place.”

A river ever sleeps (futureofhowesound)


  When interoperability has become a topic

How to design and implement agent training, how to manage fraud & risk and how to build successful organization structures at each stage of a mobile money deployment are all areas in which mobile money managers have indicated that they need support. In response, MMU has gathered insights and best practices from existing deployments and adjacent industries to promote tried-and-tested methods for addressing these issues.

Mobile money deployment (gsma)


  The shifting global business landscape

The rise of emerging economies has presented multinational corporations with unprecedented market opportunities and the ability to tap into an increasingly skilled labor force. But a related shift is just beginning to gather force, and it has the potential to redraw the world’s business map and rewrite the rule book on global corporate competition.

Major hubs today (mckinsey)


  Ontario: the Great Lakes protection

The Ontario government embarked on a process of developing new goals and strategies to guide the province’s long - term actions in protecting and restoring the Great Lakes. The first step in the process was to release a discussion paper, Healthy Great Lakes, Strong Ontario, to solicit input from stakeholders, the public and Aboriginal communities on the province’s long - term vision for the Great Lakes.

Why the Great Lakes Matter ? (eco.on)


  Statistics done wrong

Statistics Done Wrong is a guide to the most popular statistical errors and slip-ups committed by scientists every day, in the lab and in peer-reviewed journals. Many of the errors are prevalent in vast swathes of the published literature, casting doubt on the findings of thousands of papers. Statistics Done Wrong assumes no prior knowledge of statistics, so you can read it before your first statistics course or after thirty years of scientific practice.

The woefully complete guide (refsmmat)


  Carbon-negative energy

Located in one of the grittiest areas of town, where train tracks, garbage, and broken down cars are far more prevalent than the hippies Berkeley is famous for, All Power Labs has set up shop inside the Shipyard. Run by CEO Jim Mason -- who owns the space -- the 5-year-old startup now produces technology used to transform dense biomass like corn husks or wood chips into clean, sustainable, and cheap energy.

Clean energy at less than $2 a watt (cnet)


  Farm & infection prevention

School visits to farms are a positive educational experience but pose risks due to the spread of zoonotic infections. A lesson plan to raise awareness about microbes on the farm and preventative behaviours was developed in response to the Griffin Investigation into the E. coli outbreak associated with Godstone Farm in 2009.

School gastro-intestinal outbreaks (plosone)


  iMessage security is a myth

"At the 10,000-foot level, Quarkslab's technical argument is that it is possible to reverse-engineer Apple's encryption technology," said NSS Labs' Randy Abrams. However, the effort required "is such that you already have to be a person of extreme interest to some group somewhere in the world with a high level of technical expertise, and be worth the investment of time and effort."

More trouble than it's worth? (technewsworld)


  Trouble at the lab

The idea that the same experiments always get the same results, no matter who performs them, is one of the cornerstones of science’s claim to objective truth. If a systematic campaign of replication does not lead to the same results, then either the original research is flawed (as the replicators claim) or the replications are (as many of the original researchers on priming contend). Either way, something is awry.

False negative vs false positive (economist)


  Global food security: 10 Challenges

Today, with incomes rising fast in emerging economies, there are at least 3 billion people moving up the food chain toward Westernized diets. They consume more grain-intensive livestock and poultry products. Today, the growth in world grain consumption is concentrated in China. It is adding over 8 million people per year, but the big driver is the rising affluence of its nearly 1.4 billion people.

Rising population (theglobalist)


  Four business opportunity

As the sharing economy hits the mainstream it will force businesses to rethink customer acquisition and retention – in a world where the customers, increasingly often, are the business. The sharing economy, where businesses such as Zipcar or Airbnb provider resources or a platform for people to share goods when they need them, is growing thanks to always-on connectivity and real time data.

Sharing opportunity (gigaom)


  Quality of software patents

Whatever one’s views of the basic arguments on patentability, software is bringing out some troublesome limitations of the patent system. Can the system be fixed to better accommodate software? Many in the patent world claim the answer is improving patent quality, an unobjectionable goal, except that patent quality is hard to define and measure in a meaningful way.

Separating rhetoric from facts (scienceprogress)


  Permanent bacteria barrier

Any medical device implanted in the body attracts bacteria, proteins, and other microbes to its surface, causing infections and thrombosis (blood clotting) that lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths annually. Devices can be coated with antibiotics, blood thinners, and other agents — but these eventually dissolve, limiting their longevity and effectiveness.

Impenetrable barrier against microbes (mit)


  China' investment pipeline in Germany

Chinese enterprises are expected to maintain their robust levels of investment in Germany, while some sectors like auto parts may see major upswings, due to merger and acquisition moves, leading industry experts say. Markus Hempel, the China representative of the Investment Promotion of Germany Trade & Investment, says that Germany is now the most preferred European destination for Chinese investment.

The robust investment pipeline (europe.chinadaily)

  Probabilistic computing


Semiconductors today are manufactured to tolerances of a nanometer or less, fab air quality is controlled to the point where contaminants are measured in parts-per-trillion, and we’re working on building chips using wavelengths of light just 40nm wide. But it’s precisely because manufacturing to such tight tolerances is so difficult that scientists are working to find ways to build chips that can handle failure gracefully.

Higher performance and/or saving power (extremetech)


  Selling to China

From food to clothing, mobile phones, electronic appliances and cars, foreign brands are perceived as superior to domestic ones, and consumers are willing to pay a premium for them. However, while many opportunities abound, selling to China may not be as simple and straightforward as what foreign sellers are accustomed to in other markets.

Facing evolving legal requirements (asiabriefing)


  Flexible electronic devices

Organic semiconductors made from small aromatic molecules can be dissolved and screen-printed onto many substrates, including plastics, opening the path for flexible electronic devices such as low-cost polymer solar cells. Kazuo Takimiya and colleagues, in collaboration with researchers, have now developed a synthetic procedure that makes it easier to tailor the chemical structure of an important organic semiconductor.

Molecules for Bendable Electronics (laboratoryequipment)


  A novel "virulence mechanism"

A research team led by a molecular plant pathologist at the University of California, Riverside has discovered the mechanism by which an aggressive fungal pathogen infects almost all fruits and vegetables. The team discovered a novel "virulence mechanism" — the mechanism by which infection takes place — of Botrytis cinerea. This pathogen can infect more than 200 plant species, even at times in the refrigerator, for more than a week.

Aggressive fungal pathogen (innovations-report)


  Tesla electric car

The company's battery system and the Model S itself have received rave reviews, including a top crash-test score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and a tie for the highest auto rating ever recorded by Consumer Reports magazine. But lithium-ion batteries have raised concerns in other vehicles. The fires tarnished the Volt's reputation and cut into sales.

Vehicle's battery pack (asq)


  How to see through the cloud

The web isn't magic. It's not some faraway place we just 'connect' to, but a vast and complex system of computers, connected by actual wires under the ground and the oceans. Every time you open a website, you're visiting a place where that data is stored. This tutorial will show you how to find some of those places.

The list of the 13 steps (stml.makes)


  Why women are out of the STEAM?

Last summer, researchers at Yale published a study proving that physicists, chemists and biologists are likely to view a young male scientist more favorably than a woman with the same qualifications. Presented with identical summaries of the accomplishments of two imaginary applicants, professors at six major research institutions were significantly more willing to offer the man a job.

Barriers for Female Scientists (nytimes)


  Google in Jeopardy

If you had a choice between asking a question to a Jeopardy champion and a search engine, which would you choose – Watson or PageRank? One obvious answer to who has the upper hand is that it depends on what people value more: retrieving information or solving problems. But information retrieval is part of problem solving. All the search traffic that makes Google seemingly invincible.

Dethroning the King of Search? (wired)


  Ageing global population

The Global AgeWatch Index examined the quality of life of the elderly in 91 nations. Norway and Germany made up the top spots, with the UK in 13th place. The index warns that many countries do not have adequate support in place for their ageing populations. By 2050, older people will outnumber under-15s for the first time, with most of the elderly in developing countries.

The global agewatch index (helpage)


  Rethinking drugs spend

In recent years, public health authorities in Italy have sought new models of drug distribution that circumvent some of the steps in the supply chain. This has expanded the number of available channels by which patients can access drugs, boosting competition and making drugs more affordable. Nowadays, “if you go to a doctor, a GP or a specialist in Italy you can get your prescription filled via three different channels.”

Finding savings in Italy (eyeforpharma)


  Separating Signals vs threshold

Given a collection of data it is common to begin with the computation of some summary statistics for location and dispersion. Averages and medians are used to characterize location, while either the range statistic or the standard deviation statistic is used to characterize dispersion. This much is taught in every introductory class.

Data collection tools (qualitydigest)


  Thirdlargest labor force in US

While there are many educational opportunities in this field, there's good reason to be cautious about spending too much money on an expensive degree if your focus is social entrepreneurship. Nonprofit professionals generally earn less than their counterparts in private enterprise. Besides, according to a recent survey of social sector executives, real-world skills are more important than degrees in this field.

Social innovation degree (fastcompany)


  Free Software : Why is more important ?

The freedom to study the program’s “source code”, and change it, so the program does your computing as you wish. Programs are written by programmers in a programming language — like English combined with algebra — and that form of the program is the “source code”. Anyone who knows programming, and has the program in source code form, can read the source code, understand its functioning, and change it too.

Now than ever (wired)


  Support to agriculture rising

This year’s OECD report examines the state of agricultural policy in 47 countries that account for nearly 80% of global farm output, including seven emerging economies that are major players in food and agriculture markets: Brazil, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, South Africa and Ukraine. It shows that support levels vary widely, both across the OECD countries and across major emerging economies.

Market price support measures (oecd)


  Samsung Gear smartwatch review

Following in the footsteps of LG and Sony and beating Apple to it, Samsung's wearable smartphone accessory acts as a second screen for owners of the latest Samsung Galaxy devices, although it only currently works with the firm's Galaxy Note 3 handset. the Galaxy Gear smartwatch offers unique features such as a 1.9MP integrated camera and voice controlled commands, all running on the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean mobile operating system.

Quality & display (theinquirer)


  Seeing bonds

Peering at molecular structures is what chemists do. Technology that can improve the way that they see this world can have a huge impact on the field. In one such leap, researchers in China report the first visualisation of a hydrogen bond using atomic force microscopy (AFM). In the latest study to visualise molecules, Xiaohui Qui and colleagues at the National Centre for Nanoscience and Technology, China, went one step further.

Hydrogen bonds unveiled (rsc)


  Determining customer satisfaction?

If your company is ISO-certified or thinking about becoming so, you may already know that meeting customer requirements and achieving customer satisfaction is paramount to the certification. However, it’s not always clear who should be in charge of determining whether customer satisfaction has been achieved. Who should send fact-finding surveys to customers? Who should collect them?...

Who is in charge ? (qualitydigest)


  Strategies for Satellite Coverage Gaps

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has made progress on both the Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) and Geostationary Operational Environment Satellite-R series (GOES-R) programs, but key challenges remain to ensure that potential gaps in satellite data are minimized or mitigated. On the JPSS program, NOAA has made noteworthy progress in using Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) data in weather forecasts and developing the JPSS-1 satellite.

Environmental satellites (gao)


  Recognize intrapreneurs before exit

Any CEO can tell you that finding ideas is not the always the problem. The real issue is selecting and spreading the best ideas, testing quickly, and executing flawlessly. An “innovation engine” is an organization’s capability to think and invest in long-term opportunities along with the competence to drive continuous innovations for top-line growth each year. Intrapreneurs can transform an organization more quickly and effectively than others because they are self-motivated free thinkers.

Successful intrapreneurs (hbr)


  Russia' energy policy

Russia remains the only stable energy source. Nord Stream and South Stream projects are making impressive progress in Serbia and Bulgaria. EU and Russia have agreed a deal on the use of Germany’s OPAL link to Gazprom’s Nord Stream gas pipeline, a Russian energy ministry spokeswoman confirmed on September 16. However, attempts of EU Directorate-General for Energy to create non-competitive advantage haven’t gone unnoticed in Moscow.

Gazprom & Novatek deal (dissidentvoice)


  Risk management vs greater uncertainty

This report is based on a quantitative survey of executives from 446 organizations carried out in 2013. Participants came from seven industries and two public services subsectors (government administration and postal services). All respondents were C-level executives involved in risk management decisions. Surveyed respondents were from Europe (35%), North America (31%), Latin America (9%), and Asia Pacific (25%).

Report (accenture)


  EU regulation: U.S. Internet Companies

France is calling on the European Commission, the bloc's executive arm, to draw up proposals by spring 2014 aimed at "establishing a tax regime for digital companies that ensures that the profits they make on the European market are subject to taxation and that the revenues are shared between the Member States, linking the tax base to the place where the profits are made."

French taxation (wsj)


  Transparent e-paper

In a new study, researchers have synthesized silicon nanowires and woven them into a paper that outperforms many other paper-like materials in terms of transparency and flexibility. Since today's integrated circuit technology is designed for silicon (in bulk form), silicon nanowires would be much more compatible with these existing technologies than other materials..

The silicon nanowire paper (phys)


  FSMA: Third-Party Auditors

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is amending its regulations to provide for accreditation of third-party auditors/certification bodies to conduct food safety audits of foreign food entities, including registered foreign food facilities, and to issue food and facility certifications, under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Accreditation process (fda)


  Managing multicore memory

In today’s computers, moving data to and from main memory consumes so much time and energy that microprocessors have their own small, high-speed memory banks, known as “caches,” which store frequently used data. Traditionally, managing the caches has required fairly simple algorithms that can be hard-wired into the chips. In most multicore chips, each core has several small, private caches.

Cache management (mit)


  2013/2014 : Competitiveness report

The Global Competitiveness Report 2013–2014 is being released at a time when the world economy is undergoing significant shifts. The global financial crisis and the ensuing developments have heightened the role of emerging economies in the global context. This has accelerated the major economic transformations already underway, which have fueled rapid growth and lifted millions of people out of poverty.

Productivity and prosperity insight (www3.weforum)


  Standalone medical device software

As smartphones, computers, and hand held devices make the modern world more connected and productive,the sale and use of software and apps that may have a utility in the medical sector has also grown. These pieces of software and apps range from simple database software that institutions and patients can use to document and store data, to software that can read and interpret patient lab results and help doctors diagnose diseases and conditions.

Global definitions (lne-america)


  Nuclear weapons inventories

Excessive secrecy prevents the public from knowing the exact number of nuclear weapons in the world. Although the United States, Russia, Britain, and France have taken steps to increase the transparency of their nuclear stockpiles—both past and present—China, Pakistan, India, Israel, and North Korea continue to refuse to provide basic information about their arsenals.

Current nuclear stockpile (sagepub)


  Ancient river across the sahara

Human migration north through Africa is contentious. This paper uses a novel palaeohydrological and hydraulic modelling approach to test the hypothesis that under wetter climates c.100,000 years ago major river systems ran north across the Sahara to the Mediterranean, creating viable migration routes. We confirm that three of these now buried palaeo river systems could have been active at the key time of human migration across the Sahara.

Human Migration vs sahara (plosone)


  IBM's corelet language

No stranger to creating new programming languages and paradigm, IBM has embarked on an effort to complete a computer language that enables programmers to build applications that work like the human brain. In a project funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), IBM on Aug. 8 announced a breakthrough software ecosystem designed for programming silicon chips that have an architecture inspired by the function, low power and compact volume of the brain.

Pro. like the human brain (developer)


  Applicants 50 and older

Surveys consistently show older people believe they experience age discrimination on the job market, and although unemployment is lower among older workers, long-term unemployment is far higher. As the American population and its labor force reshape, though, with a larger chunk of older workers, some employers are slowly recognizing their skill and experience.

The embrace of older workers (


  T-cell deficiency vs Alzheimer

Some, known as "regulatory" T-cells, reign in the immune system when it starts to get out of control. Dysfunctional regulatory T-cells can lead to inflammation and autoimmune disorders. Regulatory T-cell deficiency is linked to the type of inflammation commonly found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease.

Good hygiene may be to blame (telegraph)


  Skills Gap Fact or Fiction?

Four years after the Great Recession officially ended, the nation's unemployment rate remains above seven percent. Twelve million Americans are unemployed. Ten million more are classified as "underemployed," meaning they work in jobs that they are overqualified for. The U.S. Department of Labor Statistics reports the number of "open" jobs -- positions that employers advertise but have not found "qualified" applicants for has doubled.

How current are your technology skills ? (cio)


  Highly detailed 3D maps

The new mapping technique determines how to connect a map by tracking a camera’s pose, or position in space, throughout its route. When a camera returns to a place where it’s already been, the algorithm determines which points within the 3D map to adjust, based on the camera’s previous poses. The developed technique allows you to shift the map so it warps and bends into place.

Three-dimensional maps (qualitydigest)


  Electricity as a luxury good

If you want to do something big, you have to start small. That's something German Environment Minister Peter Altmaier knows all too well. The politician, a member of the center-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has put together a manual of practical tips on how everyone can make small, everyday contributions to the shift away from nuclear power and toward green energy.

German-transition-to-renewable-energy (spiegel)


  Transparency taken too far?

EUCOPE are an advocacy group representing the interests of mid-size pharmaceutical companies, informing its members on a range of ongoing regulatory, pricing and reimbursement issues with their primary focus being on market access issues across all EU member states. The current climate within Europe of evolving regulatory requirements as payers seek to implement cost-containment strategies.

Freedom vs competitive information (eyeforpharma)


  Bypassing encryption

The short answer is almost certainly by compromising the software or hardware that implements the encryption or by attacking or influencing the people who hold the shared secrets that form one of the linchpins of any secure cryptographic system. The NYT alludes to these techniques as a combination of "supercomputers, technical trickery, court orders, and behind-the-scenes persuasion."

Asking for the keys (arstechnica)


  Using tech to empower people

Red wasn’t particularly interested in IPOs or the latest tech fetish, even though she was always exceptionally proud of her students and their accomplishments. She knew that technology was a means to an end — and that the end was people. Red wasn’t that interested in technology per se; she saw it as something you needed to get to the real work: improving people’s lives, making them feel more connected.

Stop focusing on gadgets (wired)


  Intel’s laser chips

Clear connection: These optical fibers, dubbed ClearCurve, were developed by Corning and Intel to replace copper cables and move data faster. The silicon wafer in the background is patterned with chips able to convert between electrical and optical signals. Intel hopes to make computing far more efficient by introducing a technology that replaces conventional copper data cables with faster optical data links.

How to make computing efficient ? (technologyreview)


  Expanding beyond your market

Because developing countries do vary, it's important to investigate them thoroughly, says Alan Hagie, president and CEO of Hagie Manufacturing, a farm equipment manufacturer based in Iowa. When the company began exporting in the 1960s, it tried to sell its equipment without making modifications for that market. We have been trying to assess the markets very carefully and understand their needs.."

Facing tough competition (industryweek)


  European social statistics

This publication presents the latest results for ‘social’ headline in - dicators on the EU-27 aggregates, individual Member States and, where available, on the EFTA and the candidate countries. EU policies, notably in social and economic fields, use demographic data for planning and for programme monitoring and evaluation.

EU' pocketbook (eurostat)


  The electric warship

The U.S. Navy has not released details about the ship’s interior. But after gathering what information we could, including construction photos, we assembled the accompanying illustration. Together these visual elements offer what may be a preview of how warships will look for decades to come. In another break from the U.S. Navy’s usual designs, the Zumwalt’s propellers and drive shafts are turned by electric motors.

The USS Zumwalt (ieee)


  Fruit consumption and risk

Fruits are rich in fibre, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that may have beneficial health effects. Increasing fruit consumption has been recommended for the primary prevention of many chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes,1 although epidemiologic studies have generated somewhat mixed results regarding the link with risk of type 2 diabetes.

Cohort studies (bmj)


  X-rays as push to Moore's law

One of the difficulties involved in developing thermo-electric systems that convert heat into electric current is the need for materials exhibiting high electrical conductivity but low thermal conductivity, which is only possible with complicated crystal structures. Scientists have now discovered a way of suppressing thermal conductivity in sodium cobaltate, opening new paths for energy scavenging.

Harvesting unused energy (esrf)


  Customer satisfaction surveys

The ultimate test of customer satisfaction is whether your customer continues to give you business, but surveys can provide color on what customers most value, service gaps or emerging dissatisfaction with performance. If they are happy, they may elect to skip the survey. If they are very unhappy and in the middle of picking a new partner, they may also elect to skip the survey to keep you in the dark until the transition is completed.

Ins and Outs (asq)


  The land of freedom & scrutiny

According to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) figures, nearly 98 percent of all travelers are admitted to the country directly from initial or "primary" inspection by officials at U.S. ports of entry. Of an estimated 98.3 million international travelers admitted by air to the U.S. in 2012, about 724,000 were detained, arrested, or refused entry to the country, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

where U.S. legal rights begin ? (zdnet)


  Same-Day Delivery ?

In July 2013, eBay unveiled an expansion of its eBay Now same-day service into more areas around San Francisco and New York, with plans for Chicago and Dallas. On the heels of that announcement, Amazon said it would hire 5,000 workers to staff its increasing number of U.S. fulfillment centers. Both are competing with Google Shopping Express, which launched a pilot service.

Not so fast (strategy-business)


  Research fund for BPA' effects

A University of Illinois (UIUC) research team landed a fiveyear,$8 million grant to investigate the effects that exposure to chemicals used in plastics has on kids. Part of the Children's Environmental Health and Disease Prevention Research Centers program, it is jointly funded through the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

Packaging effect on health (foodproductiondaily)


  First dutch computers

Some historical actors became acquainted with Turing's 1936 paper early on, while others did not. Some researchers depended directly or indirectly on its contents, while others accomplished great feats even without knowing who Turing was. The successful Dutch computer builder Willem van der Poel is one of those few men who applied, Turing's 1936 universal-machine concept in the history of early post-war computers.

The truly thinking machines (acm)


  China's space program

China is pressing forward on its human space exploration plans, intent on establishing an international space station and, experts say, harnessing the technological muscle to launch its astronauts to the moon. Highlighting China's intent, the country is working with the United Nations to stage a major workshop on human space technology, to be held Sept. 16-20 in Beijing.

China's first space traveler (space)


  Contract-based programming & Reliability


The elements of 'contract-based programming' – assertions of program properties that are part of the source text – have been available in some programming languages for many years but have only recently moved into the mainstream of software development. The latest version of the Ada language standard, Ada 2012, has added contract-based programming features.

Making software more reliable (embedded)


  US' scientists & engineers concentration

The three most populous states—California, Texas, and New York—together accounted for more than one-fourth of all S&E employment in the United States. Several major metropolitan areas in those states, for example, areas around Santa Clara, Los Angeles, and San Diego, all in California, and areas around New York City and Houston, together accounted for approximately 1 in 10 S&E workers nationwide.

S&E employment in the US (nsf)


  SAT’s single antenna solution

This solution is expected to ultimately cost a few dollars per handset compared to US $20 per handset for existing antennas. Additionally, SAT uses software re-configurable hardware enabling manufacturers to produce one device for all territories, reduce costs and streamline manufacturing & logistics. SAT’s technology has already generated interest from its target customers, including include cellular handset and chipset manufacturers.

A single multi-band antenna (engineerlive)


  ISO/IEC 27001 new version

Aligning ISO/IEC 27001 to the new structure will help organizations wanting to implement more than one management system at a time. The similarity in structure between the standards will save organizations money and time as they can adopt integrated policies and procedures. For example, an organization might want to integrate their information security system with other management systems.

How to tackle IT security risks (iso)


  IBM's HyRef

The solution, named "Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting" (HyRef) uses weather modeling capabilities, advanced cloud imaging technology and sky-facing cameras to track cloud movements, while sensors on the turbines monitor wind speed, temperature and direction. When combined with analytics technology, the data-assimilation based solution can produce accurate local weather forecasts.

IBM' wind forecasting technology (ibm)


  Quality metric

If your organization is like most when it comes to data collection or metric development, little thought is actually given to these processes. Once upon a time, senior management requested a new metric be established—cost per defect by part. A team was formed to facilitate the data collection process. The team consisted of five cost accountants and five quality engineers.

Operational definition defined (asq)


  MS XP worning!

Microsoft warned Windows XP customers that they face never-patched, never-dead "zero-day" vulnerabilities if they don't dump the 12-year-old operating system before its April 2014 retirement deadline. The warning -- just the latest in a two-year campaign to denigrate XP and convince users to leave it behind.

Reverse-engineering of patches (computerworld)


  Embedding Q.A. into projects

A review of three proven quality assurance tips that are applicable for software, manufacturing, and service organizations. They provide guidance to senior management, as well as engineers and technical staff, for selecting and implementing quality improvement projects. When implemented correctly, improved quality can provide a profit center for the company.

Improving quality levels (qualitydigest)


  The Firefox OS phones

Mozilla is betting on attracting users based in part on the phone's low prices, comparable to those of a feature phone, while telling developers that building apps will be like building a Web site because the operating system embraces HTML5 and CSS3. "Writing a Firefox OS app is never a wasted effort. You can easily make a HTML5 app to iOS, but not the other way around". Hanging success on those factors is not a sure thing, however.

Linchpin to Mozilla's mob-plan (cnet)


  Views you can use?

Are you influenced by the opinions of other people -- say, in the comments sections of websites? If your answer is no, here’s another question: Are you sure? . A new study co-authored by an MIT professor suggests that many people are, in fact, heavily influenced by the positive opinions other people express online -- but are much less swayed by negative opinions posted in the same venues.

Online ratings & judgment (myscience)


  Preserving the Mediterranean Sea

The main purpose of this Study is to inform the debate over maritime governance in the Mediterranean by shedding light on the costs and benefits of establishing maritime zones in the Mediterranean in accordance with international law. In effect, the Study uses a cost benefit approach to analyse different scenarios even as regards activities that are not in themselves ‘economic’ activities and may necessitate a more indirect approach.

Costs & benefits (ec.europa)


  Managing a pharmaceutical quality system

In part one of this series, we discussed the management perception that current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) are not relevant to the business. We laid out the defense that cGMPs enable a predictable quality outcome that serves the business and its customers (e.g., patients) very well. The quality function should be in the best position to make this defense, but all too often it has problems of its own.

Five-obstacles to handle (qualitydigest)


  The Concorde’s cousins

Last month, the United Kingdom announced that it was investing $90 million in what was being billed as the most groundbreaking aeronautical development since the jet engine. The public investment would be used along with private funds to build a prototype of a SABRE engine, a propulsion system that would make the world’s first true “space plane” possible.

Hybrid jet-rocket engine (slate)


  Mobile Vs Digital marketing

Mobile web marketing is similar to digital marketing but one needs to approach mobile app marketing in a completely different way. Indeed, app store optimisation and astute advertising campaigns have to be spot on in order to create awareness and drive downloads. Like digital marketing, mobile marketing has a strong focus on direct response.

Breaking-barriers (eyefortravel)


  New nuclear cardio tracers

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute in Canada was one of a handful of facilities that started using thallium-201 after the 2009 shutdown of the Canadian Chalk River nuclear reactor in Ontario led to a shortage of technetium-99m. Technetium is the primary radiotracer used in SPECT heart scans, but the supply chain for the radioisotope is fragile and complex.


From SPECT to PET (dotmed)


  German offshore wind industry

The project was to be a major milestone for both the German offshore wind industry and Germany's energy transition, or Energiewende, from nuclear and polluting sources of energy to renewable ones. In order to build the turbines, which stand on 70-meter (230-foot) columns, EWE had to use a specially built 132-meter-long ship capable of raising itself above the waves on stilts.

Graveyard for explosives (spiegel)


  How standards boost business

Standards have the power to turbo-charge innovation and fuel business growth. From design and manufacturing to distribution and marketing, all products and services are affected at some point by standardization. But standards and conformance also impact the strength of the American workforce, inform the direction of innovation, and underpin global commerce.

Fostering US innovation (industryweek)


  India’s first aircraft carrier

India will thus join the elite club of US, UK and Russia which build aircraft carriers weighing over 40,000 tons. Navy Vice Chief Vice Admiral RK Dhowan on Thursday said, at present, the shipyard has completed construction of nearly 18,000 tons and remaining work including erection of island superstructure like runway, compartments and fitment of weapons will take place in repair dock of the shipyard.

IAC aircraft carrier (dailypioneer)


  Future data storage devices

Physicists of the University of Hamburg, Germany, managed for the first time to individually write and delete single skyrmions, a knot-like magnetic entity. Such vortex-shaped magnetic structures exhibit unique properties which make them promising candidates for future data storage devices. Skyrmions have been in the focus of active research for the last years; however, up to now these states have been merely investigated.

Magnetic nano-knots (innovations-report)


  How to Make Fashion Greener?

The European fashion industry is a huge consumer of fresh water. Estimates point to 600 million cubic meter of fresh water being consumed yearly in Europe by the textile and clothing industry; not a negligible amount. To reduce the water consumption and the colored mass effluent, researchers have developed a flocculating agent. Called TEXAFLOK DCL 41, it is able to separate and remove the dyes from the water.

EU' funded project (laboratoryequipment)


  Core Problems of Software Engineering

There are two kinds of target for empirical software studies: products and processes. Product studies assess actual software artifacts, as found in code repositories, bug databases and documentation, to infer general insights. Project studies assess how software projects proceed and how their participants work; as a consequence, they can share some properties with studies in other fields that involve human behavior, such as sociology and psychology.

Empirical software studies (cacm.acm)


  Math model & childhood weight

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have created and confirmed the accuracy of a mathematical model that predicts how weight and body fat in children respond to adjustments in diet and physical activity. The results will appear online July 30 in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. While the model may help to set realistic expectations, it has not been tested in a controlled clinical trial.

Accuracy of a mathematical model (nih)


  ECHA' decision annuled

Following a compliance check under the dossier evaluation procedure, ECHA issued a final decision requiring the Appellant to conduct tests to satisfy certain information requirements and to submit a robust study summary for a test already conducted. After a draft decision was sent to the Member State Competent Authorities (MSCAs), the Appellant updated its registration dossier to include the robust study summary requested.

Principle legal certainty infrenged (echa.europa)


  The most Innovative food packaging

The product is a paperboard based cylinder liquid aseptic packaging system, which includes an aseptic liquid packaging production line and Henry Alzamora, international marketing manager, LamiCan, said the award is proof that the product has tangible benefits and has already sparked interest with enquiries from prospective clients.

Packaging material (foodproductiondaily)


  The Hiroshima myth

In the pitiful history lessons that were taught by my uninspired/bored history teachers (which seemed to be mostly jocks) came from patriotic and highly censored books where everything the British and US military ever did in war time was honorable and self-sacrificing and everything their opponents did was barbaric. Everybody in my graduating class of 26 swallowed the post-war propaganda in our history books.

Lies of US military history (globalresearch)


  Waking Up Tired?

Electricity has given us the freedom to choose our bedtimes; staying up after dark is as easy as flipping a light switch. But we pay a price for this luxury, says integrative physiologist Kenneth Wright of the University of Colorado, Boulder, who led the new study. People with later bedtimes and wake times are exposed to more artificial light and less sunlight, he says, which means their bodies aren’t getting the natural cues humans once relied on.

Solar cycles (sciencemag)


  Patient Safety Behaviours Questionnaire

Understanding the factors that make it more or less likely that healthcare practitioners (HCPs) will perform certain patient safety behaviors is important in developing effective intervention strategies. A questionnaire to identify determinants of HCP patient safety behaviors does not currently exist. This study reports the development and initial validation of the Influences on Patient Safety Behaviors Questionnaire.

The model of best fit (implementationscience)


  Quality control in ediscovery

How technology has changed the eDiscovery process In addition to increased efficiency and reduced costs, technology has made the eDiscovery process more complex, and this complexity increases risk. Statistical sampling has become a vital tool for quality control under predictive coding, and the complexity of the predictive coding work flow has highlighted the need for project management strategies to mitigate risk.

Traditional vs Tech. model (kpmg)


  Delayed Eurozone recovery

We continue to believe that the Eurozone is partway through a “lost decade”. The delayed recovery creates challenges for companies and policy-makers alike. One critical challenge centers upon education and training. As unemployment surges, companies need to collaborate with employment agencies, educational institutions and training bodies to ensure that workers with appropriate skills will be available when demand recovers.

Sustaining capacity (ey)


  "Greening” the Warehouse Facility

Since doing carbon footprint calculations at 35 of our facilities in North America, APL Logistics has reconfirmed the environmental value of investing in lighting conversion initiatives wherever we can — especially now that we know that metal halide lighting has a carbon footprint that is nearly three times greater than that of fluorescent lighting.

More fuel-efficient mode shifts (areadevelopment)


  Wearable tech. paradox

Welcome to the brave new world of wearable computers, which will tread within the uneasy space bounded by continual distraction, continual diversion of attention, and continual blank stares along one border; and focused attention, continual enhancement, and better interaction, understanding, and retention along the other.

Complex computerized mazes (technologyreview)


  US human capital effectiveness

As the US economy slowly recovers from recession, several challenges are emerging for HR.Hiring is trending upward, but productivity is declining. The employment uptick has brought higher voluntary turnover rates, but not for new hires. Organizations that understand and adapt to this seemingly contradictory workforce environment will be able to gain the highest return from their investment in the workforce.

Quality of new hires (pwc)


  Huaweï vs NSA

In a surprisingly detailed interview with the Australian Financial Review last week, NSA' director asserted there is hard evidence that Huawei has engaged in espionage on behalf of the Chinese government. By its own estimates, Huawei helps power communications for more than a third of the planet. So does that mean the company represents a security threat to more than a third of the planet?

Huawei or the highway? (digitaltrends)


  UK: Planning for growth

In a sign of an improving domestic outlook,the shift to more pro-growth strategies has been driven by companies which earn the majority of their revenues in the UK. A less risky environment clearly bodes well for business investment. CFOs’ expectations for hiring and investment are back to where they were in early 2011 when the world seemed set fair for recovery.

Business confidence (deloitte)


  Base erosion & Profit shifting

Many governments have to cope with less revenue and a higher cost to ensure compliance Moreover, Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) undermines the integrity of the tax system, as the public, the media and some taxpayers deem reported low corporate taxes to be unfair In developing countries, the lack of tax revenue leads to critical under-funding of public investment.

OECD'action plan (oecd-ilibrary:downloadable doc.)


  UK communications data demands

Inception and communications data remain powerful techniques in the investigation of many kinds of crime and threats to national security. Many of the largest drug-trafficking, excise evasion, people-trafficking, counter-terrorism and wider national security, and serious crime investigative successes of the recent past have in some way involved the use of interception and/or communications data.

Case study & Operational successe (iocco-uk)


  Lesson from medical B.Camp

The boot camp, conducted under the watch of Wayne, the vice chairwoman of medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, provides the interns with a three-day session to prepare them for assignments. In the view of Wayne and others, it seems prudent for interns to practice on artificial patients before going to work on those who actually bleed.

Boot Camp for Interns (asq)


  New surgical knife

Surgeons typically use knives that heat tissue as they cut, producing a sharp-smelling smoke. The new knife analyzes the smoke and can instantly signal whether the tissue is cancerous or healthy. The smoke picked up by the smart knife is compared to a library of smoke "signatures" from cancerous and non-cancerous tissues.

Within minutes analysis (


  EU' green product survey

Respondents were asked about their behaviour towards environmentally-friendly products in general. By environmentally-friendly products or green products we meanproducts that have a less negative impacton the environment during production, in terms of use and disposal compared to other products (with the same functionality,addressing the same need, etc.).

Environmentally-friendly products (ec.europa)


  Buying competitive keywords

Is Buying Competitive Keyword Advertising Trademark Infringement? It must sound like a Johnny One Note, but we'll say it again. Keyword advertising litigation is dead, dead, DEAD. It may not have been dead when 1-800 Contacts brought the lawsuit in 2007, but the intervening 6 years have proven that keyword advertising lawsuits are not easy to win and are economically irrational.

Trademark infringement (techdirt)


  Microsoft reorganisation

The company will be organized by function:Engineering (including supply chain and datacenters), Marketing, Business Development and Evangelism, Advanced Strategy and Research, Finance, HR, Legal,and COO (including field, support, commercial operations and IT). There will be four engineering areas: OS, Apps, Cloud, and Devices.

Memo From Steve Ballmer (cio)


  State of the outsourcing industry

The survey, which covers the viewpoints, dynamics and intentions of 1355 senior leaders from major global enterprises, outsourcing services providers, management consultant firms, sourcing advisory firms and other key industry influencers, found that client expectations of outsourcing are evolving to be more value focused, with IT, Finance and Accounting administrative processes dominating future outsourcing plans.

KPMG Survey (kpmginstitutes)


  60,000 new wind turbines

The wind turbine, an Enercon E-82, has been there for over a year. When it was inaugurated, the local shooting club, the "Black Hunters", fired their guns in celebration, and the local priest delivered a sermon on protecting God's creation. But not everyone is happy. Some are angry at the way the landscape is being butchered. The opponents protest with images of the Grim Reaper holding a wind turbine rather than his traditional scythe.

Delays and demands (spiegel)


  Pesticide: Cumulative risk assessment

The (EFSA) has developed a new approach for grouping pesticides that paves the way for the implementation of cumulative risk assessment - a sophisticated technique to assess the risk posed by exposure to multiple pesticide residues. The general methodology is based on identifying compounds that exhibit similar toxicological properties in a specific organ or system.

Broad criteria for consumer protection (efsa)


  OSHA whistleblower protection laws

According to OSHA, there were 2,787 claims in 2012, compared with 1,934 claims in 2005. In addition, thousands of employees have brought claims under OSHA whistleblower protection laws, alleging that their employers retaliated against them for bringing forward safety concerns or participating in OSHA investigations. How to Take proactive steps to protect against whistleblower litigation ?

OSHA' Whistleblower Claims (24-7pressrelease)


  Detecting Device That Didn't Work

The ADE 651 was modeled on a novelty trinket conceived decades before by a former used-car salesman from South Carolina, which was purported to detect golf balls. By the time police in Britain raided his offices nine days later, McCormick had spent three years selling the Iraqi government these devices. Authorities in Baghdad bought more than 6,000 useless bomb detectors, at a cost of at least $38 million.

How to Make Money ? (businessweek)


  Flight of the Drone maker

AeroVironment which has had a rich history since MacCready founded the company in 1971. Today, AeroVironment may be poised to lead the next wave of major change in the way people fuel their vehicles, go to war, and make use of flight. The company holds dominant, in two unrelated technologies: unmanned aircraft and charging systems for electric vehicles.

AV' powerful assets (strategy-business)


  Protecting drinking water systems

SecurEau, a four-year Seventh Framework Programme funded project, involved 12 partners, including the University of Southampton, from six European countries. It has developed a toolbox that can be implemented by a major European city in response to a contamination event. The SecurEau team developed water quality sensors to be installed in a drinking water system.

SecurEau' project (innovations-report)


  Learning initiatives in Europe

This report presents the analysis of 31 recent 1:1 learning initiatives, which equip students of a given school, class or age group with a portable computer device. Overall, the analysed initiatives involve approximately 47,000 schools and 17,480,000 students in primary and secondary education across 19 European countries. Based on desk research (analysis of country reports on 1:1 initiatives and a literature review).

Overview and analysis (jrc)


  Cars that ‘talk’ to each other

Vehicle-to-vehicle communication, what the researchers call V2V, is heading down a road many see leading to self-driving cars. And it's a natural next step now that automakers are increasingly adding features that slow and even stop cars when sensors detect crashes are imminent. This connected car technology, a modified version of Wi-Fi called dedicated short-range communication (DSRC).

V2V communication (asq)


  US-EU Head Into Negotiations

On July 8, 29 countries—the U.S. plus 28 countries of the EU—will begin negotiating The Biggest Trade Deal Ever. (France is threatening to delay the start of the talks over allegations that the U.S. spied on EU offices in the U.S. and Europe.) The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will affect 30 percent of global commerce, eliminate $10.5 billion in tariffs, and boost trade by an estimated $280 billion a year.

The biggest trade deal (businessweek)


  ISO 9001 revision

The Committee Draft stage is the first consultation in the development (or revision) of an ISO standard. During this stage, the countries (ISO members) that have chosen to participate in the development of the standard have between two and four months to form a national position on the draft and comment on it. Some members may decide to get input from the public to help form this national position.

What happens next ? (iso)


  What Is a 3D Measurement Arm ?

Articulating arms, also known 3D measurement arms, are portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that determine and record the location of a probe in 3D space and report the results through software. The name derives from the actual look of the hardware, which resembles a human arm with a shoulder, elbow, forearm, and a wrist.

Articulating arm applications (qualitydigest)


  Metrics and you - IT design

"Metrics" is rapidly becoming something of a cult among IT vendors. Many are betting the future of their companies on data gathering and foster a culture that treats user behaviour-monitoring like a religion. I've never fully believed in this practice, but it is hard to deny its allure. People are fickle and hard to predict; the idea that we can reduce the complexity of design choices to simple maths is tantalising.

The interpretation matter (theregister)


  AdBlockPlus: Google's funding

Google's advertising already allowed by the AdBlock filters, you can easily check. Who installed AdBlock Plus and the Google Search (for example, "car") is used, despite active ad blocker gets Google AdWords ads delivered to the screen. With competing search engines like Bing or Yahoo by Microsoft continues to work the blocker.

Questionable transactions (adblockplus-horizont)


  DNA Data Deluge

The cost of sequencing one human genome has dropped from hundreds of millions of dollars to just a few thousand dollars. Instead of taking years to sequence a single human genome, it now takes about 10 days to sequence a half dozen at a time using a high-capacity sequencing machine. Now scientists have built rich catalogs of genomes from people around the world.

3 billion letters of a human being (


  Delay to CO2 in cars deal

Earlier this week, the proposal to limit passenger car emissions to 95 grams of CO2 per km (g/km) was hailed by the Irish environment minister Phil Hogan as “a win-win for climate, consumers, innovation and jobs.” Luxury German car-makers such as Daimler and BMW have complained that the proposed targets unfairly singled them out. Germany’s car industry are 15g/km higher than the EU median.

Highly unusual (euractiv)


  European research funding

The EU's three main institutions have agreed the Horizon 2020 funding package, the successor to the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), in the nick of time. The informal accord, reached on 25 June, just days before the end of the Irish presidency of the EU, offers a helping hand to scientists from poorer member states, in an attempt to balance the programme’s ‘focus on excellence’.

Deal on the Horizon (RSC)


  China's growth

China’s GDP is expected to quintuple between now and 2050 according to the IMF. By that time, the urban economy could generate more than 90% of China’s economic output, up from 75% in 2009. The urbanization rate hit 49.2% in 2010 and is projected to reach 65.4% by 2025, according to United Nations research. By 2030, if current trends hold, around 1 billion Chinese will live in cities.

Dupont' view (dupont)


  ESRF' new experimental halls

On Monday, 24th June the ESRF inaugurated the two new experimental halls built to house extended beamlines, laboratories and offices as part of the Upgrade Programme. Just 19 months after the ground-breaking ceremony, the new buildings have been completed on schedule and within budget. The ESRF Council Chairman, Jean Moulin, and Director General, Francesco Sette, headed the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Belledonne and Chartreuse buildings (esrf)


  Food chain-feed safety

Safe animal feed is important for the health of animals, the environment and for the safety of foods of animal origin. There are many examples of the close link between the safety of animal feed and the foods we eat. For instance, mammalian meat and bone meal (MBM) was banned from all farm animal feed in the EU in 2001 because it was linked to the spread of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE).

Animals' health (efsa.europa)


  MD' suppliers control requirements

Around the world,tightening medical device regulations emphasize not only the manufacturer and its legal duties, but also its duties with respect to all its suppliers and subcontractors. Nevertheless the suppliers and subcontractors closely involved in the means to meet the product/MD conformity and performances shall be considered with a specific attention.

European regulation (lne-america)


  Google’s biggest obstacle

The ballon-powered network know as Loon may be one of Google’s famed moon shots, but the biggest issues facing the project are grounded right here on Earth. This won’t just be a major technological feat for Google. It will be a huge political undertaking. I give Google credit: it’s never shied away from a challenge. But if Loon is going to be a success it’s going to have to wade deeply into the morass of global international relations.

Project Loon (gigaom)


  Data and privacy laws

While the EU may not have known the specifics of the National Security Agency's (NSA) foreign dragnet surveillance program, two years later Europe's justice chief is enraged. By opening the door for data protection ceasefire negotiations, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding trusted her transatlantic ally to stick to its word.

Overstepping EU' jurisdictional boundaries (zdnet)


  Health status among elderly

Leukocyte telomere length (LTL) and rate of telomere shortening are known biomarkers of aging while, numerous studies showed that Mediterranean diet (MD) may boost longevity. We studied association between telomere length, telomerase activity and different adherence to MD and its effects on healthy status.

Mediterranean diet (plosone)


  Unlocking consumer's power

“Consumers today share much more readily with each other and with the companies than in the past,” says Bert Alfonso, President, International, for The Hershey Company. “Their input tends to be about your product’s characteristics and about what they like and don’t like. We see it in North America, China, Brazil, and in other markets which have a high penetration of both mobile and Internet usage.

Is-it the right time for growth ? (pwc)


  HTML5' security issues

Web' applications cannot even warn the user of the on-going attack, as the malicious code can suppress or tamper with this warning. Also, getting rid of the malicious code is not as easy as you might think: closing the tabs of the attacked application is useless if the malicious code is running in other tabs or hidden frames in the context of this web application.

Protection against the attack (developer)


  Analysis: Antibiotic apocalypse

A simple cut to your finger could leave you fighting for your life. Luck will play a bigger role in your future than any doctor could. Cancer treatments and organ transplants could kill you. Childbirth could once again become a deadly moment in a woman's life. Antibiotics kill bacteria, but the bugs are incredibly wily foes. Once you start treating them with a new drug,

Global problem (bbc)


  The competitiveness imperative

We are seeing a strong demand for market-driven solutions that tackle the roadblocks of red tape and high labour costs – both identified by business leaders as key problems hampering European competitiveness. There is a sense, though, that Europe is running out of time and must act now to restore its competitiveness relative to the rest of the world.

Revitalising the European Dream (booz)


  US: Talking turkey

Lab analysis of ground turkey bought at retail stores nationwide, more than half of the packages of raw ground meat and patties tested positive for fecal bacteria. Some samples harbored other germs, including salmonella and staphylococcus aureus, two of the leading causes of foodborne illness in the U.S. Overall, 90 percent of the samples had one or more of the five bacteria for which we tested.

From barn to burger (consumerreports)


  Rural China hospital reforms

A pediatrician at the People’s Hospital of Yiyang County, Henan Province in central China, now follows standardized clinical protocols to treat his patients. Flexibility is built into the clinical pathways, still giving doctors discretion over elective services based on different patients’ condition. But case payment is fixed, regardless of whether electives services have been provided.

China's clinical pathway (asq)


  Scientific management

Probably the most complete research on Taylor’s scientific management was done by Hugh Aitken. He describes Taylorism like this: “The essential core of scientific management, regarded as a philosophy, was the idea that human activity could be measured, analyzed, and controlled by techniques analogous to those that proved successful when applied to physical objects.” Taylor and his cohorts were out to solve problems of industrial production but not much else.

Revisiting Taylorism (qualitydigest)


  Encrypted e-mail

If you don't want a government, service provider, employer, or unauthorized party to have access to your mail at rest, you need to encrypt the mail itself. But most encryption algorithms are symmetric, meaning that the encryption key serves a dual purpose: it both encrypts and decrypts. As such, people encrypting mail with a symmetric key would be able to decrypt other mail that used the same symmetric key.

The uses of asymmetry (arstechnica)


  Ericsson: Mobility report

The number of mobile subscriptions worldwide has grown approximately 8 percent year-on-year during Q1 2013. The number of mobile broadband subscriptions grew even faster over this period at a rate of 45 percent year-on-year, reaching around 1.7 billion. The amount of data usage per subscription also continued to grow steadily. About 50 percent of all mobile phones sold in Q1 2013 were smartphones.

The networked society (ericsson)


  EMS' structure overview

Environmental management is based on the concept of continuous improvement of an organisation’s environmental performance over time. In this way, an EMS is continuously changing in line with the organisation’s activities as well as external influencing factors such as environmental legislation, changes in technology, and market pressures.

ISO 14001 requirements (envirocentre)


  EU-BIZ Investment in intangible assets

Companies that invested in any of the intangible assets discussed were asked if their investment had benefited their company in a range of areas. The skills and qualifications of employees are seen as the biggest beneficiary from an investment in intangible assets - one in five say there has been a lot of benefit (21%), compared to 11% that say this about the overall value of the company and 10% that say this about sales.

Economic assets & growth (ec.europa)


  Most sophisticated Android Trojan

Recently, an Android application came to us for analysis. At a glance, we knew this one was special. All strings in the DEX file were encrypted, and the code was obfuscated. The file turned out to be a multi-functional Trojan, capable of the following: sending SMS to premium-rate numbers; downloading other malware programs, installing them on the infected device.

How to decipher all the strings ? (securelist)


  Plastic from grass

The plants-to-plastics vision has gripped Metabolix’s chief scientific officer, Oliver Peoples, a former MIT research scientist, for more than 20 years since he and colleague Anthony Sinskey, an MIT biology professor, discovered metabolic genes that allow bacteria found in soil to naturally produce a polymer known as PHA. But after they founded Metabolix, it took a decade to optimize metabolic systems.


Cheaper biodegradable polymer (technologyreview)


  Clouds on U.S. cloud firms

This is a great day to be a conspiracy theorist. Vindication! The National Security Agency – part of the U.S. military – reportedly has a direct line into the systems of some of the world’s biggest web and tech companies, all of which are of course sited in the U.S. And nowhere more so than in Europe which new data protection laws are being formulated, with treats in store including enhanced responsibilities for non-EU cloud firms when it comes to protecting the privacy of European citizens.

EU’s new data protection laws (gigaom)


  DNA data-sharing future

More than 60 leading health care, research and disease advocacy organisations from across the world are joining together to form an international alliance dedicated to enabling secure sharing of genomic and clinical data. Each of these organisations has signed a 'Letter of Intent', pledging to work together to create a not-for-profit, inclusive, public-private, international, non-governmental organisation.

How to share and use 'bigDNAdata'? (


  Breakthrough treatment of solid tumors

BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc presented an update on the ongoing Phase 1/2 study for its poly ADP-ribose polymerase (PARP) inhibitor BMN 673 for the treatment of solid tumors. BMN 673 has demonstrated substantial single-agent anti-tumor activity in deleterious germline BRCA ovarian and breast cancers. The data were presented during a poster presentation on June 3 at the 2013 American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.

BMN 673 and other "PARP inhibitors" (bmrn)


  Japan's maglev technology

It was in 1964 that Japan was propelled to the forefront of transport technology after it unveiled its first bullet train – known as "shinkansen" – to coincide with its hosting of the Olympic Games. Since then, Japan has become famous as home to the world's most sophisticated rail network system, with bullet trains travelling at speeds of up to 199mph across more than 1,400 miles of tracks.

310mph bullet train (telegraph)


  Meet the innovators

Engineering innovation brings many benefits - it not only creates wealth and jobs but also addresses today’s challenges both great and small. This collection of case studies demonstrates the wide variety of ways that engineering research can improve our lives – from optimising heart surgery to increasing the quality of live music recordings.

Researcher Case Studies (


  Quality control in additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, is used for rapid production of prototypes, usually in one-offs or small quantities, and increasingly for series manufacture of functional components. Quick time-to-market and a need for manufacturing flexibility are important, and so also is reproducible part quality. Determining and specifying parameters when using layer-by-layer laser sintering can be complex and time-consuming.

Enhanced procedures (engineerlive)


  How to Improve the Battery

The batteries that are really going to matter in the future, though, aren’t the ones that will help you play Angry Birds on your phone for 12 straight hours or start your vehicle on a frigid winter’s morning. The batteries with the potential to transform the world’s energy outlook will power electric vehicles and provide storage for the power grid.

The future of energy (smithsonianmag)


  FDA on caffeine in food

The Food and Drug Administration threw a wet blanket on the caffeine-laced food craze recently when it asked foodmakers to take a timeout. Concerned about the potential health effects on children, as well as Americans' cumulative caffeine intake, officials said they want to investigate whether new rules are needed to govern caffeine in foods.

Something that's going to grow (dailyherald)


  Moving CCS forward in Europe

Created in 2011, the EnGOn etwork on CCS comprises organisations that support the safe and effective deployment of carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a timely mitigation tool for combating climate change. Because urgent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions are needed to prevent dangerous climate change, a variety of innovative solutions is necessary.

Looking back, thinking forward (e3g)


  Losing humanity

With the rapid development and proliferation of robotic weapons, machines are starting to take the place of humans on the battlefiel d. Some military and robotics experts have predicted that “killer robots ”—fully autonomous weapons that could select and engage targets without human intervention —could be developed within 20 to 30 years.

UN warned over 'Killer Robot' (hrw)


  Molecule of itch sensation

The small molecule, called natriuretic polypeptide b (Nppb), streams ahead and selectively plugs into a specific nerve cell in the spinal cord, which sends the signal onward through the central nervous system. When Nppb or its nerve cell was removed, mice stopped scratching at a broad array of itch-inducing substances. The signal wasn’t going through.

NIH's discovery (nih)


  Symbiotic relationships

The idea that bacteria had viruses seemed far-fetched to d’Herelle’s fellow scientists, and it wasn’t until the 1930s that engineers developed microscopes powerful enough to see them, to document their attacks on bacteria. d’Herrelle spent the rest of his life trying to transform phages into a medical weapon against bacterial infections.

The coevolutionary partners (phenomena.nationalgeographic)


  The future of wearable computer

There are always skeptics. And they would be right to be skeptical – this is a new frontier and we are still defining the social norms involved with wearing a computer on your face. Some have even proposed that providing developers with Glass before the general public will make it seem too nerdy or awkward – what average person concerned about their appearance wants to be associated with a naked geek in the shower ?

Is there much hype ?  (techcrunch)


  Aviation security management

Access control in airport buildings is no longer only about achieving the highest levels of security. Nedap has released uPASS Access: the world's smallest UHF reader for hands-free building access. uPASS Access reads normal, battery-less, access badges at a distance of two meters. It utilizes passive UHF cards (EPC GEN 2) and supports combi cards that incorporate both UHF and all conventional card technologies.

The long-range identification tech. (airport-technology)


  Thailand: A Country With a Plan

A country of only 66 million people doesn't become the 17th largest global manufacturer without careful planning. Thailand is the second largest producer of light pick-up trucks. Carefully constructed strategies along with tangible incentives created this robust manufacturing economy. The linchpin of the strategy is a network of industrial estates that take a full value chain approach to manufacturing.

Plan that is still unfolding (industryweek)


  The decline in general intelligence

A new study from researchers in Europe claims that the average IQ in Western nations dropped by a staggering 14.1 points over the past century. The results might surprise some. Especially if the researchers were simply measuring visual response times. After all, in a digital world constantly competing for our attention, it would seem people generally respond more quickly to visual stimuli.

The slowing of simple reaction time (lesacreduprintemps19)


  Optimized freeze-drying cycles

Freeze drying, or lyophilization, is a stabilization method that is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for drugs, vaccines, antibodies, and other biological material. Because the product is dried without excessive heating, proteins and other products that would be thermally denatured can be successfully preserved without loss of activity.

Freeze-dried products (pharmtech)


  Progress on Computing in Schools

The movement to get computing into schools (at least secondary/high school, and primary school in some efforts) made progress in the last month. In April, Informatics Europe and ACM Europe released a joint report calling for more computing in secondary schools. Just a couple weeks ago, the State of Washington became the 10th state to count computer science towards high school graduation requirements.

Teaching computer science (cacm.acm)


  Antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic

The antimicrobial agents used in food producing animals in Europe are frequently the same, or belong to the same classes, as those used in human medicine. Antimicrobial resistance is the main undesirable side effect of antimicrobial use in both humans and animals and results from the continuous positive selection of resistant bacterial clones, whether these are pathogenic, commensal or even environmental bacteria.

EU summary report (efsa.europa)


  New US rule for fracturing

Approximately 90 percent of wells drilled on Federal and Indian lands use hydraulic fracturing, but the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) current regulations governing hydraulic fracturing operations on public lands are more than 30 years old and were not written to address modern hydraulic fracturing activities.

US draft (blm)


  How to increase productivity & quality ?

Chrysler's campaign to train its suppliers would merely allow the automaker to catch up to its international rivals. Fiat's World Class Manufacturing borrows heavily from the famed Toyota Production System. Improvement takes time. Toyota has been teaching the fundamentals of its production system to suppliers for decades. The Toyota Supplier Support Center, now located in Erlanger, KY, first opened in 1992.

Chrysler works for quality improvement (asq)


  Expectations of risk management

Risk management is at the top of the global executive agenda as companies face an array of threats that grow more complex by the day. the risks are multitudinous and ever-present, and those companies that fail to manage them well imperil their future. Many risks are posed by the challenge of complying with complicated, new government regulations.

It’s time for action (kpmg)


  Game-based learning

The role of video games in teaching and learning is a source of debate among many educators, researchers and in the popular press. Detractors and advocates have been discussing the influences and the potentials of video games for quite some time, and we feel that sound evidence and informed advice on these topics is still very much needed.

Gamification and/or Gameplay (


  Google explain Glass privacy policies

The US Congress has sent a letter to Google outlining privacy concerns about its augmented reality eyewear Google Glass. The document goes on to ask eight questions, some stranger than others, including whether the space-age spectacles will be able to use Facial Recognition Technology to discover personal information about not only people, but even "inanimate objects" that the user is viewing.

Privacy concerns (theinquirer)


  Differentiation of human embryo. stem cells

Epigenetic mechanisms have been proposed to play crucial roles in mammalian development, but their precise functions are only partially understood. To investigate epigenetic regulation of embryonic development, we differentiated human embryonic stem cells. We found that promoters that are active in early developmental stages tend to be CG rich and mainly engage H3K27me3 upon silencing in nonexpressing lineages.

Epigenomic analysis (sciencedirect)


  Are cyber weapons effective ?

When news of Stuxnet first emerged, many thought that it had caused a major setback to Iran’s uranium-enrichment programme. Ivanka Barzashka argues instead that while Stuxnet may have had the potential to seriously damage Iranian centrifuges, evidence of the worm’s impact is circumstantial and inconclusive. Her analysis of the related data shows that Stuxnet was neither very effective nor well-timed.

Stuxnet's impacts (tandfonline)


  Insects: as food and feed security

One major and readily available source of nutritious and protein-rich food that comes from forests are insects, according to a new study FAO launched at the forests for food security and nutrition conference. It is estimated that insects form part of the traditional diets of at least 2 billion people. Insect gathering and farming can offer employment and cash income.

Wild and farm-raised insects (fao)


  Engineered nanomaterials & Safety concerns

While nanotechnology offers enormous potential societal benefits, concerns about the safety of ENM­containing products in regards to human and environmental health have been raised. Inter-laboratory studies in rodents using standardized protocols are needed for ENM toxicity assessment. ENMs produced similar patterns of neutrophilia and pathology in rats and mice.

The cumulative evidences (ehp.niehs.nih)


  Study examines role of auditors

A new academic study funded by the Center for Audit Quality scrutinizes the role of the external auditor in fraudulent financial reporting and found that the top areas cited by the Securities and Exchange Commission were failure to gather sufficient competent audit evidence, failure to exercise due professional care, and an insufficient level of professional skepticism.

SEC fraud investigations (accountingtoday)


  Antibiotics heal 40% of chronic back pain

Surgeons in the UK and elsewhere are reviewing how they treat patients with chronic back pain after scientists discovered that many of the worst cases were due to bacterial infections. The shock finding means that scores of patients with unrelenting lower back pain will no longer face major operations but can instead be cured with courses of antibiotics costing around £114.

Antibiotics rather than surgery (guardian)


  Canadian Life Sciences Industry

Over the past two years, the Canadian life sciences industry has endured despite significant global economic uncertainty. Our research provides evidence of a sector that's showing positive signs of maturity. Yet, access to capital remains the missing ingredient that will continue to constrain the sector’s success. The information gathered within this report builds on findings from previous reports.

Forecast 2013 (pwc)


  German' nuclear headache

The dismantling of Germany's nuclear power plants will be one of the greatest tasks of the century as the country moves to phase out atomic energy. It will take at least until 2080 to complete the job. But what happens if energy utility companies who own the facilities go bust before the work is done? Germany will have to build a storage facility deep underground that can survive the ravages of wars, revolutions and even another ice age.

Task of decommissioning plants (spiegel)


  Digital evidence from 5 EU members

This paper examines whether there is a digital divide in the use of the internet in general and for specific purposes (leisure, improving human capital and obtaining goods and services). It uses a unique dataset which covers the entire clickstream of almost 20,000 internet users in the five largest EU economies during 2011. Our main finding is that, for those who have access to the Internet, the income-based digital divide in internet use has been reversed.

The digital divide in access to internet (jrc)


  Dependences of countries on food imports

We found that currently 16% of the world population use the opportunities of international trade to cover their demand for agricultural products. Population change may strongly increase the number of people depending on ex situ land and water resources up to about 5.2 billion (51% of world population). Up to 1.3 billion people may be at risk of food insecurity in 2050.

Land/water requirement (iopscience.iop)


  Untangling the Web

NSA's Center for Digital Content, Untangling the Web: An Introduction to Internet Research is a 643-page long introduction to everything from the very basics of web research to finding confidential information that has accidentally slipped into the public domain. The document became available as a result of an April Freedom of Information Act request by MuckRock, a service-provider for journalists and researchers.

You can search like a spy (nsa)


  Classification of medical devices

Correctly classifying a medical device is a key part of the device’s regulatory strategy around the world. In the US, classifying devices is straightforward – the FDA regulations state the class of each device in a separate subsection for the device. In the EU, manufacturers cannot simply look up the current regulation for the device, so determining the class of a medical device is not as straightforward as in the US.

US vs EU regulation (lne-america)             EU regulation  (ec.europa)


  Sensor tech. on Flexible substrates

At the moment the nanotech ink for the sensors is screen printed, producing touch sensors in fabric that dramatically reduce the weight of a switch in automotive and aerospace applications. The new work, backed by government funding as a R&D Technology Strategy Board (TSB) project, can be used to print a new generation of printable electronics, including QTC sensors. This could bring down the costs of the sensors dramatically.

Flexible printable low cost sensors (engineerlive)


  Corruption strangling U.S. Innovation

Tesla. Uber. Netflix. Most economies would kill to have a set of innovators such as these. And yet at every turn, these companies are running headlong into regulation (or lack thereof) that seems designed to benefit incumbents. The reason? The devastating impact of money in politics and how it discourages disruptive innovation among new businesses. Learn more about legal bribery and U.S. competitiveness.

Sneak peek at some cases  (blogs.hbr)


  Is antibacterial soap safe?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is planning to deliver a review this year of whether triclosan is safe. The ruling, which will determine whether triclosan continues to be used in household cleaners, could have implications for a $1 billion industry that includes hundreds of antibacterial products from toothpaste to toys. Recent studies of triclosan in animals have led scientists to worry.

The concerns over triclosan (


  Economic Survey of Japan 2013

Reconstruction from the tragic 2011 disaster highlights some of the structural reform challenges facing by Japan . Reform of agriculture, an important sector in the Tohoku region, is a priority. The high level and distortionary nature of agriculture support imposes heavy burdens on consumers and taxpayers, undermines the dynamism of the farming sector.

Country surveillance  (oecd)


  Pacemakers' security

A few million people probably first thought about the security of pacemakers and other implantable medical devices last December when watching the TV show “Homeland.” The character of Nick Brody contributes to an electronic attack on the pacemaker of the U.S. vice president. The pacemaker is made to fail once the attackers get some key security information from Brody.

Security during the concept phase (


  What to do with radioactive waste ?

Nuclear power plants do have a waste management problem because radioactivity takes a long time to dissipate and turn the radioactive waste into just a non-hazardous waste. Radioactive wastes are wastes that contain radioactive material. Radioactive wastes are usually by-products of nuclear power generation and other applications of nuclear fission or nuclear technology, such as research and medicine.

There is still no repository (enn)


  Be prepared for your auditor


Have you ever been through an audit to an ISO standard? If you have, then you probably know about a set of questions that are frequently asked during audits against various ISO standards. No one can predict all of the questions that an auditor will ask, but you can bet that that following five will be among them. What is your quality (or environmental, safety, information security) policy ? What could be the answer?

ISO queries (qualitydigest)


  T-Platforms tech. trad-restriction

According to the Commerce Department, which regulates the licensing of sensitive technology, the U.S. “has reason to believe that T-Platforms is associated with military procurement activities, including the development of computer systems for military end-users and the production of computers for nuclear research.” The Russian company is going to have a tough time building high-performance computers for sale anywhere.

The first Russian supercomputer (businessweek)


  Who solves problems for Boeing?

The Boeing scholars program provides students with two-year scholarships as well as internship opportunities between their junior and senior years. During their senior year, students from engineering, science and business participate in an interdisciplinary course, collaborating with Boeing scientists and engineers on a real-life aerospace industry project.

Boeing scholars program (asq)


  European chemistry for growth

Cefic initiated a roadmap to explore the impact, opportunities and risks of various energy and techno logy development scenarios for the European chemical industry in the timeframe from 2020 to 2050. Cefic commissioned Ecofys to perform analyses and bring forward key conclusions and recommendations from their independent viewpoint, in close collaboration with the sector.

Low carbon and energy efficient future (cefic)


  The new SAS metrics

“SAS is the only technique that provides a complete snapshot of the thermodynamic state of macromolecules in a single image,” says Robert Rambo, a scientist with Berkeley Lab’s Physical Biosciences Division, who developed the new SAS metrics along with John Tainer of Berkeley Lab’s Life Sciences Division and the Scripps Research Institute.

Small angle scattering experiment (innovations-report)


  Adults’ media use and attitudes

There has been a significant increase in the self reported volume of internet use since 2011. Overall estimated weekly volume of use of the internet among users has increased to an average of just under 17 hours per week. On average, UK adult internet users claim to visit 19 websites in a typical week. There are considerable differences between demographic groups.

Ofcom' report (stakeholders.ofcom)


  GM salmon's global HQ

The US government this week enters the final stages of its deliberations on whether to allow commercial production of the GM fish, with a public consultation on the issue ending on Friday . Separately, a committee in Congress on Monday took up a bill that would outlaw GM salmon entirely – essentially destroying AquaBounty's commercial prospects in America.

A fast-growing salmon (guardian)


  She++: Women in technology

Two Stanford juniors who study Symbolic Systems and CS, respectively, founded she++ in January 2012 as a Stanford community for women in tech; Agarwal and Israni hope to spur girls in middle and high school to study CS, as well as their fellow Stanford students. Around 250 people attended the conference, half of which were Stanford students.

Growing the pool of talented engineers (techcrunch)


  Biotech Outpaces Big Pharma

As healthcare shifts to a new value-based focus, Big Biotech companies are demonstrating they are better positioned than their pharmaceutical industry counterparts to meet changing demands. Big Biotech has outpaced Big Pharma in terms of growth of sales, income, investment in R&D, and market cap during the past three years, according to an analysis by Burrill & Company. Big Biotech enjoyed a 57 percent increase in market cap for the three years.

Biotech' market successes (marketwire)


  The future according to Mr Google

Schmidt has generally been thought a technological optimist – and he still overwhelmingly celebrates the way connectivity will rapidly revolutionise medicine, education, agriculture and productivity for the rest of the world. But the book is also very alive to the downsides of what is to come – either through the behaviour of repressive states or the actions of a tiny minority, including terrorists. "The future for us is great.

The executive chairman's vision (guardian)


  Global Information Tech. Report

Finland has toppled Sweden from the top spot in a ranking of economies that are best placed to benefit from new information and communication technologies (ICTs). Singapore came in second and Sweden third in the 2013 Networked Readiness Index, compiled by the World Economic Forum for its Global Information Technology Report.

Can Digitization kick-start growth ? (weforum)


  Clean energy progress 2013

The 22 countries that participate in the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) share a strong interest in the development and deployment of clean energy technologies. As these same countries represent more than 75% of global energy consumption, 80% of global CO2 emissions and 75% of global GDP, they have the power to drive the transition to a cleaner energy system.

Comprehensive overview (iea)


  Inside China’s genome factory

BGI is anything more than biology’s version of Foxconn, the giant assembler of iPads and other gadgets designed elsewhere, whose largest factory, employing some 240,000 workers, is also in Shenzhen. While BGI has done important science—a recent paper on sequencing the bacteria in the human gut made the pages of Nature—it’s seen more as a mass producer of data than as an instigator of original research that can explain what the results mean.

Research in the national interest (technologyreview)


  The success of Germany's economy

Three long years. That is how long Carl Stahl GmbH München, one of the myriad lesser-known companies in Germany that keep the country's economy humming, has been trying to fill a trio of job openings. They need an expert in testing technologies. They need a specialized machinist. And they need a rope and cable expert. But they can't find them. "The market is completely empty," says company head Rupert Hetterer.

Dearth of experts (spiegel)


  Turkish 'power ship'

The ship, the Fatmagül Sultan, is the centrepiece of an innovative project to overcome chronic electricity shortages in developing countries struggling to meet expanding demand. Known as a "power ship", the Turkish-owned and operated vessel with 11 towering steel stacks or chimneys resembles a sort of floating Battersea power station.

Helping power generation (guardian)


  IBM Flash Tech.: $1B investment

With the move, Big Blue is the latest on the bandwagon to push Flash into the data centers. Developments like big data are pushing Flash storage mainstream in the enterprise because companies need to tap into so-called hot data — information that needs to be used real-time. Fusion-io, EMC, NetApp and other storage players have also formulated Flash storage strategies.

New opportunities in big data (znet)


  Enterprise 2.0

With downloadable apps taking over the enterprise, you’d think the days of six-figure enterprise software deals would be drawing to a close. In truth, enterprise deals are alive and well. But if users are doing the downloading, how do enterprise decision makers and purchasing managers get into the picture? The answer: Your inside sales force.

The science of inside sales (gigaom)


  EFSA' Food Safety Report

Zoonoses are infections and diseases that are naturally transmissible directly or indirectly, for example via contaminated foodstuffs, between animals and humans. The severity of these diseases in humans varies from mild symptoms to life - threatening conditions. In order to prevent zoonoses from occurring, it is important to identify which animals and foodstuffs are the main sources of infections.

Food-borne outbreaks (efsa.europa)


  China' market in bitcoin

China’s capital controls make it extremely hard for to buy stuff beyond China’s borders—most online stores don’t accept yuan or Chinese payment systems, and there are limits to what they can exchange into foreign currency. As bitcoin markets develop overseas, Chinese bitcoin owners could in theory change it into currencies that sites like PayPal, Amazon, etc., accept.

Exchange of “virtual currency” (qz)


  Analysis at the limit of detection

Hardly a month goes by without the media reporting the discovery of trace amounts of some unwanted chemical in the things we eat and drink. Some enter the food chains by accident, such as pesticides, others are deliberately added to deceive, while some arrive through natural processes. In this article I will be looking at the work of those who investigate them, the analytical chemists.

Desorption electrospray ionization method (sciencewatch)


  Sustainable procurement savings to all

WRAP launches a series of sustainable procurement e-learning modules developed as part of its work for EPOW (European Pathway to Zero Waste), supported by Defra. The innovative modules form part of Defra’s NSPP training programme and are designed to help practitioners realise the cost savings associated with implementing more sustainable practices.

The Marrakech Approach (wrap)


  Immigration & America’s high-tech

High-tech firms such as Google (whose co-founder Sergey Brin moved to America from Russia as a child) haven’t just created jobs for their own workers. They have also inspired the creation of entirely new categories of job. A few years ago no one earned a living as a mobile-app developer. Now they are everywhere. It is not just full-time workers who benefit: firms such as oDesk.

Creating jobs all over america (economist)


  The Sahara’s “green” era

known as the African Humid Period, likely lasted from 11,000 to 5,000 years ago, and is thought to have ended abruptly, with the region drying back into desert within a span of one to two centuries. Now researchers at MIT, Columbia University and elsewhere have found that this abrupt climate change occurred nearly simultaneously across North Africa.

Far less dusty than today (mit)


  Roche to Release Tamiflu Data

Tamiflu is an influenza vaccine that has been approved by regulators worldwide and stockpiled by governments in case of a global flu pandemic; sales of the drug reached nearly $3 billion in 2009 due to the H1N1 swine flu outbreak. However, scientists have questioned whether the drug works, and Roche had been the subject of an intensifying campaign over its refusal to release clinical trial data.

After a long battle (social.eyeforpharma)


  Japan to Overhaul Its Elect. Sector

The move is government's latest response to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster that destroyed four nuclear reactors, turned nearby municipalities into ghost towns, and terrorized the nation. Today, only two of the country's remaining 50 reactors are in service while the government tries to devise a new energy policy. TEPCO, is the largest of the Big 10, which were set up as regional monopolies in the 1950s.

Response to the nuclear disaster (


  Reducing number of lines code?

Ankit works in J2SE (core java). During code reviews, he's frequently asked to reduce his lines of code (LOC). "It's not about removing redundant code," he writes. To his colleagues, "it's about following a style." Style over substance. Ankit says the readability of his code is suffering due to the dogmatic demands of his code reviewers. So how to find the right balance of brevity and readability?

The effective code (arstechnica)


  Innovations in friction reduction

Mineral-oil derived liquid lubricants are presently the mainstay of mechanical systems - reducing friction where moving surfaces touch. By reducing friction, they reduce waste heat, noise, and vibrations. Any improvement in friction reduction results in greater efficiencies, requiring less power to operate the system; specifically for power generation, improved friction reduction means more power out per unit of energy in.

Tribological applications (engineerlive)


  Effective food safety training

Lack of time is the greatest barrier to prov iding effectiv e food safety training, according to more than sev en in 10 food and drink processors globally surv eyed by Campden BRI. A total of 649 firms across the world participated in the research, which was driven by the UKbased research, development, training and advisory body to grasp the needs, effectiveness and challenges of food industry training.

Room for improvement (campdenbri)


  Beekeepers sue EPA

“America’s beekeepers cannot survive for long with the toxic environment EPA has supported. Bee-toxic pesticides in dozens of widely used products, on top of many other stresses our industry faces, are killing our bees and threatening our livelihoods,” said plaintiff Steve Ellis, a Minnesota and California beekeeper. “Our country depends on bees for crop pollination and honey production.

Failure to protect pollinators (centerforfoodsafety)


  India as a great power

For the past five years India has been the world’s largest importer of weapons (see chart). A deal for $12 billion or more to buy 126 Rafale fighters from France is slowly drawing towards completion. India has more active military personnel than any Asian country other than China, and its defence budget has risen to $46.8 billion. Today it is the world’s seventh-largest military spender.

Know your own strength (economist)


  Well-Tailored IT

In the near future, IT leaders and employees in most large businesses and government agencies will work on activities such as predictive analytics—setting up systems that capture information in real time and using these systems to enable better decisions or to program automated customer-tailored responses. IT staffers who specialize in more familiar tasks will end up moving to dedicated outsourced organizations.

Six value drivers (strategy-business)


  Biological transistors

Bioengineers at Stanford University have created the first biological transistor made from genetic materials: DNA and RNA. Dubbed the “transcriptor,” this biological transistor is the final component required to build biological computers that operate inside living cells. We are now tantalizingly close to biological computers that can detect changes in a cell’s environment.

Computers inside living cells (extremetech)


  Free Online Courses

Depending on who you’re listening to, Massive Open Online Courses, aka MOOCs, are either the greatest boon to the spread of knowledge since Gutenberg cranked his first press or the biggest threat to learning on campus since the coming of cheap beer. A quick refresher: Though free online courses, notably through Khan Academy, were already starting to build an audience.

College Will Never Be the Same (smithsonianmag)


  Improving patient care

This study examines the sources of waste in health care that could be eliminated with medical device interoperability, as well as the waste resulting from a lack of commonly adopted interoperability standards. The report’s findings suggest that increased medical device interoperability would reduce waste, lead to improvements in quality and decrease the cost of care.

Medical device interoperability  (amazonaws)


  EPOW & EU Life+ funding

LIFE+ project which is part funded by the EU, began in 2011. A partnership between the UK’s Environment Agency and WRAP, this three - year programme covered a number of key activities. At WRAP we carry out leading edge research which shows us where the inefficiencies are and the size of the prize, and then come up with possible solutions. WE work with partners to develop those solutions and make them happen.

UK: to Zero Waste project (


  Efficient catalytic process

Researchers in the US have shown that the oxide coating on copper nanoparticles can be stripped away by light, exposing the metallic, catalytic copper core. The finding is potentially significant because the oxidation state of many metals dictates their catalytic characteristics, and the ability to tune the oxidation state could open the way to producing more versatile and efficient catalytic systems.

Copper catalysis sees the light (rsc)


  Birthplace of biotech

After three decades in Kendall Square, having tapped a steady stream of local talent, Biogen Idec is a global leader in synthesizing therapeutics to treat diseases including cancer and multiple sclerosis. As of 2012, the company has $5.5 billion in annual revenue and employs roughly 5,000 people worldwide. It has also opened several more facilities in Kendall Square, with yet another currently under construction.

Massachusetts biotech firms (mit)


  FDA & Genetically engineered animal

Some day soon, you might tuck into a plate of salmon without knowing that the fish you are eating was genetically engineered. The so-called AquAdvantage salmon, a salmon genetically engineered to grow faster than normal salmon, just moved one step closer to legalization. If so, it will be the first genetically engineered (GE) animal allowed for consumption in the United States.

Fishy science (prwatch)


  Endorsement of Internet sales taxes

The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly today to endorse levying Internet sales taxes on American shoppers, despite warnings from a handful of senators that the proposal is antibusiness, harmful to taxpayers, and will be a "bureaucratic nightmare." They argue that online retailers, which in some cases do not collect sales taxes at checkout, enjoy an unfair competitive advantage over big box stores that do.

Important political milestone (cnet)


  Contentious patent-buying business

The Korean and French firms, dubbed Intellectual Discovery and France Brevets, are similar to the handful of private patent-acquisition firms in the U.S. derisively called "patent trolls." U.S. patent aggregators such as closely-held Intellectual Ventures - which don't produce products - are often accused of unfairly targeting companies that actually build things by threatening to sue unless they are paid royalties.

Patent trolls (reuters)


  How is science evolving?

Is it possible to map the landscapes of science and its transformations? Can we automatically decipher the history of a research field, monitor emerging fields and detect research hybridization events? Numerous theories, and more or less conceptual models of science evolution have been contemplated in the philosophy of science, and in Science & Technology Studies.

Predictibility for science evolution (plosone)


  The implementation of open access

Learned societies fear they will lose a valuable income stream which they use to support their respective academic communities. Academics are concerned about the policy taking a “one size fits all” approach, and possible unintended consequen ces such as lessening the quality of peer review, restricting ability to collabora te and limiting freedo m to publish in the best journals.

Implementation vs compliance (publications.parliament)


  Laser space communication system

The space terminal for the Lunar Laser Communication Demonstration (LLCD), NASA's first high-data-rate laser communication system, was recently integrated onto the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft at NASA's Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. LLCD will demonstrate laser communications from lunar orbit to Earth at six times the rate of the best modern-day advanced radio communication systems.

LLCD's testing & Integration (innovations-report)


  9 Steps to SEO Utopia

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), most developers understand its importance to the success of a website, chalking it up as an after-thought ordinarily taken care of in the post-production phase. But as SEO transcends into elements of design, U/X, and wireframe planning, it's never been more important for a developer to grasp the most essential elements of SEO as it relates to the pre-production phase of website development.

Web Developer’s SEO edition (developer)


  German Renewables Reach 25%

Germans pay a fairly high price for what some might dismiss as a quixotic quest for political correctness in energy generation. German home rates, at 28 euro-cents per kilowatthour in 2012, were almost twice the residential rates in nuclear-rich France, for example. Arguably, however, Germans are positioning themselves to do just what President Obama says he'd like to accomplish in the United States--to be a major global player in the technologies of the near future.

Renewable energy (


  What Does 'Big Data' Mean

In this posting, I will finish this series with a discussion of the fourth use case. Big variety means attempting to cope with data arriving from too many data sources, which results in a daunting data integration challenge. I will focus on the integration of structured data, leaving the issue of text integration to others. Most large enterprises followed suit with sales and customer data.

Data for business insight (cacm.acm)


  UK's GP & Conflicts of interest

An examination of the registered interests of almost 2500 board members across 176 CCGs provides the clearest evidence to date of the conflicts that many doctors will have to manage from 1 April, when the GP led groups are handed statutory responsibility for commissioning around £60bn (€70bn; $90bn) of NHS healthcare services. In some cases most of the GPs on the CCG governing body have financial interests in the same private healthcare provider.

NHS' biggest upheavals (bmj)


  More innovation vs Less control

The Internet freaked out this week after Google announced the closure of its cloud-based RSS reader, Google Reader. RSS fans begged Google to change its mind, signed a petition and scrambled to come up with alternatives. Although Google Reader is just one reader among many (probably the best one), many expressed fear that the RSS format itself is threatened by Google's action.

Taking control away from users (computerworld)


  An Amazon problem

"The golden era of publishing, that is, of reading, contemplation and literary education, has somehow come to an end," says Michael Krüger, the outgoing head of the Munich-based Hanser publishing house, who has the reputation of being one of Germany's last great publishing figures. Many people no longer view book publishers "as a stronghold of culture, but merely as a transshipment point for cultural products.

The future of book publishing  (spiegel)


  Food security in developing countries

Agroforestry — the integration of trees and shrubs with crops and livestock systems — has strong potential in addressing problems of food insecurity in developing countries. Done well, it allows producers to make the best use of their land, can boost field crop yields, diversify income, and increase resilience to climate change.To date, thanks to a growing body of evidence of what it can achieve, and how to make it work.

Agroforestry schemes (ourworld.unu)


  7 programming languages in 7 days

Much of today's buzz is about alternative programming languages, and the pitch often emphasizes "increased developer productivity" (IMHO, a sham on multideveloper projects). As long as the language has garbage collection, strings, real types, and so on, it shouldn't matter. This means nearly anything at a higher level than C or its mangled Neanderthal cousin C++ should reap the same productivity out of your developers.

How easy to make the switch (infoworld)


  SME: Top10 legislative acts

The list of legislative acts (19 Regulations, 36 Directives and 2 Decisions) was compiled based on the information in the SME feed-back database (over 6500 cases flagged by SMEs through the Enterprise Europe Network 2006-2011), on the results of the TOP 10 SME panel (a targeted consultation ran through the Europe Enterprise Network to prepare the public consultation) and on the results of conferences with SME stakeholders.

Most burdensome policy (ec.europa)


  Extreme survival

The unicellular red micro-alga Galdieria sulphuraria (Cyanidiales) is a eukaryote that can represent up to 90% of the biomass in extreme habitats such as hot sulfur springs with pH values of 0 to 4 and temperatures of up to 56°C. This red alga thrives autotropically as well as heterotropically on more that 50 different carbon sources, including a number of rare sugars and sugar alcohols.

Genetic information in Galdieria (enn)


  Spatiogram vs Human recognition

Can't find a face in the crowd? not to worry, a human recognition system can spot people for you – even when their faces aren't visible. Designed for Google's forthcoming Glass headset, it recognises people by the clothes they are wearing. Wich creates a file - called a spatiogram. Peoples name is then overlaid on the headset's video. This fingerprint is constructed by a smartphone app.

Clothes fingerprint (newscientist)


  The next energy revolution

The potential availability and accessibility of significant resources of shale oil around the globe - and the potential effect of increased shale oil production in limiting growth in global oil prices - has implications that stretch far beyond the oil industry. The effects of a lower oil price resonate along the entire energy value chain, and investment choices based on long-term predictions of a steady increase in real oil prices may need to be reassessed.

The world’s energy markets (pwc)


  Reading & Maths skills

Machin and McNally used data from the British Cohort Study to investigate the relationship between reading skills at age 10 and weekly earnings at age 30. This short note builds on their research in three important ways. First, we extend the analysis to look at the association of maths as well as reading skills at age 10 with earnings in later life.

Earnings in later life (ifs)


  FAA Actions & Battery Incidents

The NTSB is examining the certification and testing of the 787 battery system as part of its investigation of this incident. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the 787 incorporated “novel or unusual design features,” including the use of lithium-ion batteries. Because the FAA determined that applicable airworthiness requirements did not address lithium-ion batteries, the agency issued nine special conditions regarding the use of these batteries on the 787.

JAL 787 battery fire investigation(ntsb)


  GDB : Health Metrics & Evaluation

The Global Burden of Disease (GBD) 2010 is the most comprehensive study of its kind, producing comparative metrics for 291 different causes of premature death and disability across 187 countries, 20 age groups, and both sexes for three time periods: 1990, 2005, and 2010. The study also estimated 67 potentially preventable causes of ill health.

Online tools to be launched (healthmetricsandevaluation)


  Hyundai’s Capabilities Play

Hyundai’s prowess in design, product launch, and consumer awareness is part of a distinctive model of product management that this $66 billion, family-owned and -run car company has only recently brought to fruition. The Korea-based enterprise, regarded in the 1990s as a purveyor of cheap, low-quality cars and in the 2000s as a “me-too” follower of Toyota and Honda, has since become the fastest-growing automotive brand in the United States.

Unconventional solutions & The Quality edge (strategy-business)


  ISO 14001 Improvement Survey

The objective of this survey is to develop an understanding of the needs of users and other interested parties in relation to environmental management systems standards, in order to inform the revisions of ISO 14001 and ISO 14004. The survey takes into account key topics from the ongoing discussions in the working groups that are revising these standards.

20 minutes to complete (surveymonkey)


  The birth of molecules

For decades, scientists have been studying the reagents and the products of chemical reactions. However, due to a lack of tools fast enough to catch the action, they’ve not been able to observe directly the movements and play of atoms during the making and breaking of bonds involved in the first moments of a chemical reaction.

First moments of a chemical reaction (esrf)


  Copyright vs Open source

Open source licenses are often described as the "constitutions" for the communities that form around the software they govern. That would seem to imply that in their absence, alongside other unwanted consequences, the communities would collapse. A provocative paper by Clark Asay, suggests that this isn't the case, and that software could be released into the public domain and yet still thrive as a collaborative project.

How to fix public domain ? (techdirt)


  MENA & Multipolar World

Not only are rising powers such as Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) playing an increasingly important role on the world stage, but — especially since the 2000s — they are also (re)entering the East and South Mediterranean region, as explored in this report. Russia, after an interruption caused by the disintegration of the Soviet Union, is returning as a stable and significant presence in the region.

Emerging power (iai)


  Primary prevention of cardiova. disease

The traditional Mediterranean diet is characterized by a high intake of olive oil, fruit, nuts, vegetables, and cereals; a moderate intake of fish and poultry; a low intake of dairy products, red meat, processed meats, and sweets; and wine in moderation, consumed with meals. In observational cohort studies, increasing adherence to the Mediterranean diet has been consistently beneficial with respect to cardiovascular risk.

Interventions and measurements (nejm)


  Interactive learning: Touch Surgery

this new mobile surgical simulator lets you tap and swipe your way through the steps of an operation in a radical new model of interactive training. The modules have been developed on the basis of cognitive task analysis, breaking down each operation into a series of steps and decision points, and using learning by interaction to make the process stick.

Decisionmaking (guardian)


  Fukushima: Health risk assessment


A major release of radioactivity to the environment is always of concern, owing to potential acute and long-term health effects.The primary purpose of this health risk assessment of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident is to estimate its potential public health impact so that future health needs can be anticipated and public health actions can be taken.

Great East Japan earthquake (who)


  ITIL certifications & Management practices

If you've done your research into current IT certifications, you'll see that Information Technology Infrastructure Library, or ITIL, is near the top of many lists. ITIL practices are designed to help companies identify areas where they need improvement, providing vendor-neutral guidelines on where to make specific changes to reduce costs and increase productivity.

The best practices methodology (cio)


  Future of mobile CPUs

We set the backdrop for looking at the architecture for future SoCs and the specific players within this market, both critical IP players as well as the actual SoC vendors. For the most part, this focuses on mid-range to high-end devices, rather than the lowest-end smartphones and tablets. This means that some SoC vendors have been omitted, for the sake of clarity and brevity.

What’s ahead for the major players? (arstechnica)


  Big-4 accountants & Accountability

Companies are overpaying for lower quality audits from the "Big Four" accountancy firms because of a lack of competition, according to the Competition Commission. The commission's review into how KPMG, PwC, Ernst & Young and Deloitte audit 90% of UK-listed blue-chip businesses said they are "insufficiently independent from executive management and insufficiently sceptical in carrying out audits".

Big-4 collusion (guardian)


  AngelList & Startup community

AngelList started as a website for investors looking to connect with fledgling startups and vice versa. Now, three years later, it increasingly looks like an indispensable part of the startup scene—and in recent months it has introduced new features that could give it an even more central role. The site—a hybrid with functions similar to those of Craigslist,, and LinkedIn—has become a daily destination for wealthy “angel”.

Expanding beyond connecting investors (technologyreview)


  Super Space Germs

In space, researchers encounter greatly reduced levels of gravity, often erroneously referred to as zero gravity. This near-weightlessness can have a number of abnormal effects on astronauts, such as causing muscle and bone loss. Although microgravity can distort normal biology, conventional procedures for studying microbes on Earth can cause their own distortions.

Shuttle & ground experiments (


  Pharma: shifting industry landscape

As companies begin to focus on adopting new accounting pronouncements, reducing their reporting timeline and complying with changing regulations, attention must also be paid to cost reduction and simplification efforts. As always, the implementation of new policies and rules typically brings with it expanded disclosures and cost pressures associated with tracking more information.

Key developments & Trends (ey)


  New tech & FDA delays

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration had given the Maple Grove, Minn., medical technology startup approval to use its device to redirect blood flow from the lower body to the torso and to treat people suffering from blood vessel spasms in the brain. Then, CoAxia asked for permission to use its device on stroke patients, a critical market for CoAxia to have long-term success.

FDA MD approvals (spokesman)


  Microsoft initiative for Africa’s competitiveness

Redmond, US. Microsoft Corporation last week introduced the Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative, a new effort through which the company will actively engage in Africa’s economic development to improve its global competitiveness. “The Microsoft 4Afrika Initiative is built on the dual beliefs that technology can accelerate growth for Africa, and Africa can also accelerate technology for the world.”

Mawingu' deployment (engineeringnews)


  UK' economic surveys

Recovering from the recession, improving longer-term growth potential and reducing inequality are key challenges for the UK economy. Lingering effects from the global financial crisis, the restrictive impact from necessary fiscal consolidation and headwinds from the euro area sovereign debt crisis risk prolonging and worsening the economic downturn and hurting the long-term growth potential.

Key policy recommendations (oecd)


  Seed giants vs US farmers

In 2003, CFS launched an investigation to determine the extent to which American farmers are impacted by litigation arising from the use of patented, genetically engineered (“GE” or “transgenic”) crops. This investigation culminated in a 2005 report, a comprehensive assessment of Monsanto Company’s use of U.S. patent law to control the use of staple crop seeds by farmers.

Beyond legal limits (centerforfoodsafety)


  The Sustainability Yearbook 2013

Ten years ago, when the first edition of The Sustainability Yearbook was published, corporate sustainability was a somewhat vague concept that few companies and investors considered. However, companies have made tremendous progress in recognizing the financial benefits of their corporate strategies, and The Sustainability Yearbook has grown to become one of the leading reference guides to the world’s sustainability leaders.

Improved practices (robecosam)


  Pollution related to LBR

Low birth weight (LBR) (a weight below 2500 grams or 5.5 pounds) is associated with serious health consequences, including increased risk of postnatal morbidity and mortality and chronic health problems in later life, noted lead author Payam Dadvand, MD, PhD, of the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL) in Barcelona, Spain.

Maternal exposure to air pollution (ucsf)


  Aero India 2013

Building an antiaircraft and missile defense system, without which it is impossible to talk about the reliable security of any state, is very promising for the development of a military-technical dialogue with the countries in the region, particularly with India. With its vast experience in this sphere, Russia will showcase a wide range of reliable systems.

Russia vs India partnership (defencetalk)


  Nuclear issue: French Debate

French factory operators say the coming months are crucial to convince policy-makers they need competitive energy. A report on French competitiveness warns that the country “must not raise the cost of energy for industry.” French nuclear output is a “veritable advantage” that needs to be preserved, according to the study published in November by its ceo, Louis Gallois.

Energy costs for industry (bloomberg)


  Electricity from coal & no pollution

Coal is abundant and cheap, but burning it is a dirty business. This week researchers at Ohio State University announced a milestone in the development of a far cleaner way to use the energy in coal—a process called chemical looping that has the potential to reduce or eliminate a wide range of pollutants, including carbon dioxide and smog-forming nitrogen oxides.

Generating electricity from coal (technologyreview)


  Stringed Perfection

Roger Federer wins by dropping the ball over the net like a magnetically controlled ping-pong ball. Wilson, in an effort to cash in on this trend, went to work on a new design intended to increase ball spin as much as possible. But the Steam 99S uses five fewer cross-strings (or 16×15 total) for a faster “snapback” — one of the key behavior variables of a racket that affects ball spin.

New tennis racket (wired)


  Desert soil microbes

Scientists from the United Arab Emirates [UAE] have isolated local salt- and drought-tolerant strains of Rhizobia, soil bacteria that fix nitrogen when they become established inside the root nodules of legumes. The discoveries could pave the way to improving the production of leguminous plants cultivated in arid environments, says the study published in the February issue of the Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture.

How to boost crop yields ? (scidev)


  Cybersecu.: The great career path

The stakes are high at Collegiate Cyber Defense Competitions (CCDC), where top-notch security professionals pose as computer hackers and try to break into simulated business computer networks--the kinds you'd find on Wall Street, in banks, hospitals, or even your home. As the "bad guys" try to compromise computer systems, teams of students have to think like hackers and compete against each other to keep the attackers out.

The 21st Century Workforce (nsf)


  Genetic landscape

Brain tumors called meningiomas tend to be benign. A Yale study shows that tumors associated with mutations in NF2 genes have a greater chance of becoming cancerous and form on the hemispheres of the brain, while those with non-NF2 mutations such as TRAF7 form near the base of the skull, a maybe good candidates for targeted chemotherapy rather than surgery.

Key to personalized treatment (news.yale)


  Resolving Co-Founder Disputes

One in four Y Combinator companies loses a founder. It’s not hard to conclude that startup co-founder disputes are universal. They range from the big decisions (What should our product do? Should we hire? Should we raise capital?) to the small (What should you work on today? What should the blog design look like? Should we allow non-profit discounts?). You may find some trends useful to relieve tension and frustration.

Some good chemistry (techcrunch)


  Yandex’s Wonder app

Wonder is an iPhone app that collects your friends’ activity from Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, and Twitter and makes it easily accessible to you. Now you can ask questions about what places your friends visit, what music they listen to, and what news they read.” Apparently this treads too closely to what Graph Search does… because you can integrate Facebook, thus rendering the app without important social information.

Search in more semantic way (digitaltrends)


  UK' commercialization of Graphene

The UK government has been determined to not let history repeat itself with its handling of graphene research and commercialization. The British feel a kind of ownership of graphene ever since two Russian émigrés, Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov, created single-atom-thick sheets of carbon back in 2004 while at the University of Manchester.

UK'beneficial role (


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