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codex alimentarius Learning Outcomes

Understand the global standard requirements and related regulation in order to implement a Food Safety Management Systems witch takes into account the principles of the Codex Alimentarius.

Interpretation - within the company framework and its specificity within the food industry, food supply chain or services sector - the requirements that must be undertaken to comply with a unique framework instead a worldwide proliferation of third party standards.

Determine the method that should be



adopted to build up an harmonized and integrated system between Codex plan and ISO 22000.


ISO 22000 Prerequisites

Participants should have some understanding and/or experience in Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Planning and Development (see correspondant courses).

FSMS Participants

Individuals from the food sector who are involved with developing or implementing a Food and diet Safety Management System, and want to understand what's going behind these new requirements.

Topics Covered


FSMS Major stake in food safety

  • Rules development in relation with normative requirements.
  • Panorama frames of references in accordance of food industry sector.

food safety management Key steps of ISO 22000 and safety


  • Objectives.
  • Food safety management system.

           - Scope and boundaries of apllication,
           - Global planning steps and its related

              implementation programmes

HACCP Management responsibility and its

  extended obligations

            - Safety food policy in accordance of

              the firm activity, and regulatory

              requirements applicable to

              customers/suppliers relationship

              along the food chain,
            - Internal and external initiatives

              and chanel communications

              choices, planification in relation to

              risk issues,

            - Management review, its content,

              handling and planning cyle.

OPRP Ressources management

             - Processes planification, technical

               and methodological resources                 



OPRPs : Operational Prerequisite Programs          



             organisation, aiming of managing   


  • Programming and implementating new way of safety products work.
  • Validation, verification and process improvement.

PRP ISO framework structure and

   alignment/addition to Codex plan

  • The Cross references recall between Codex Alimentarius Plan and new ISO framework.
  • Interpretation and practical PRPs*/ OPRPs*/CCP* applications within the framework of its activity, in links with HACCP plan.

  • How to update at a standard level the existing HACCP?

CCP Food  Safety  Management  System

   control, monitoring and improvement

  • Tools and methods recall in implementing monitoring measure in connection with the assessment indicators and control.

  • Management review and Food Safety Management System evaluation.
  • Some outlining figures of improvements, according to sectoral requirements.


PRPs : Prerequisite Programs
: Critical Control Point


Workshop Organisation


codex alimentarius Organisation of Sessions

This Training program is currently provided inhouse or in our training centre, upon request.

The duration of the training is 2 days. Training is organised in four sessions (3,30 h each). Session schedule can be tailored according to organisational needs.

ISO 22000 Teaching Method

Alternating reported framework model requirements and practical application closely related to the business field of the audience. Each member of the audience participates by outlining their expectations and issues.

Training material and exercises are delivered to each participant.




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