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Learning Outcomes

- Build a consistent strategy in relation to the industry sector.

- Define   a      target   policy   and    the organisational and operational objectives of environmental management.

- Analyse the processes involved, evaluate the potential risks, and define means, methods, and tools to reduce them, or even to eliminate their effect.

- Implement a structured documentation and tools for control and evaluation in order to reduce the expected variation related to



the environmental system and improve it.



For beginners: preliminary knowledge of the work processes of an organisation, obtained from one or more practical training courses.

Environmental Physical Chemistry knowledge is a good asset for those in charge of this task.


The training is tailored for environmental personnel, supervisors, and technicians in charge of quality, hygiene, and security.


Topics Covered

Cohesion of Objectives

Review of normative, regulatory, and convergence requirements between ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Environmental Policy Evaluation Tools

    Priorities assessment with regard to

      regulatory constraints.

    Risk analysis and levelling long-term


    Inventory and planning of means and

      methods for the implementation of the


Action Plan Implementation

 - Staff training, communication, and increase of awareness for managing the project.

 - Qualification of means including human and techniques resources identification.




(internal and/or external) to put under control all potential risks.

  - Continuous monitoring of product/process risks on environment and identification of methods to reduce and/or eliminate their impact.

  - Input/output materials flow management (solid or fluid) from processes of realisation for recycling and/or upgrading.

Documentation and Monitoring Tools establishement

  - Use of stamps and of the contents of documentation that are necessary for levelling the system and for controlling it.

  - Methodology of designing relevant control indicators for assessment and continuous improvement.

  - Source   identification   for   updating environmental regulations and for normalisation related to means of technical control and/or production.


Workshop Organisation


Organisation of Sessions

This Training program is currently provided inhouse or in our training centre, upon request.

The duration of the training is 3 days. Training is organised in six sessions (3,30 h each). Session schedule can be tailored according to organisational needs.

Teaching Method

Alternating reported standard model requirements and practical application closely related to the business field of the audience. Each member of the audience participates by outlining their expectations and issues.

Training material and exercises are delivered to each participant.





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