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audit management systems Learning Outcomes

- Describe the various stages to all organisa-tions needing to conduct internal or external audits of quality and/or environmental management systems or to manage an audit program.

- The analysis covers the entire audit systems and process ISO 19011, from expressing the needs until the following audit result and corrective action.


- Provide a know-how approach for managing the audit process, including initiating meetings, auditing, concluding meetings, and reporting.

- Provide to interested parties a professional and deontological approach regarding the tools.

- The audit courses are implemented in



compliance with the following reference standards: ISO 19011:2002, ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004

audit process iso 19011 Prerequisites

A basic understanding of management systems and requirements of ISO 9001 and/or IS0 14001. These tools can be extended to others standards : ISO 22000: 2005, ISO/TS 16949: 2002, etc…

audit management systems Participants

Professionals involved in implementing, maintaining and auditing Quality and/or Environmental Management Systems in a service and/or manufacturing.

The course is addressed to supervisors and au-ditors in charge of a team, or by members of an audit team.


Topics covered


audit process iso 19011 Goals Consistency

Main developments review and relations between standards: ISO 19011, IS0 9001 and ISO 14001.

Understand the integration objectives of management systems.

audit management systems The audit systems and process ISO

   19011 Organisation:

   IAF guidance Principles and content,

   skill The audit objectives identification, its crite-

      ria and its extention,

   management systems Audit program organisation,

   IAF guidance Contributors Identification & selection. Task

     sharing according to (skill/involvement)

     couple related to the examinated field,

   Systems/process audit program planning in

     collaboration with the audit team,

   management systems Audit notification,

   IAF guidance Documentary review management,

   audit report Working sheets & audit guide design,

     (Check-list : documents registration,

     matrix-guide for interviews, recordings ..),

   assessment How to set-up the audit guide to handle

     audit systems and process ISO 19011:

     distinguishing the main objective from the


audit systems iso 19011 The auditor involvement, parts of its

   own audit success

   management systems Conduct and relationship (auditor/auditee)

   audit report Auditor role and responsibilities in accor

     -dance with its assignment,

   OrgaNaqsis Rules efficiency in conducting audits,

   assessment Background choice in the way of implemen-

     ting dialogue,

   audit report How to embrace best interpersonal com-

     muniation standards support in each

     processes ?

   iso 19011 tools How to manage and erect communication

     channels between auditor/auditee ?

   OrgaNaqsis How to sample from a wide range of

     communication method the correct couple

     between (question & answer) ?

   Auditor code of conduct and ethics.


* Maintaining know-how and improving skill.



internal audit iso 19011 Assessment grid introduction

   iso 19011 tools Presentation, interpretation and analysis of

     assessment grid,

   OrgaNaqsis Selecting an operational assessment grid

      for the audit.


audit systems iso 19011 Performing the Audit


Orga-Naqsis tools on-site auditing are implemented in different situation as auditor or auditee from groups and subgroups for:

   Orga-Naqsis Managing the opening meeting and its


   iso 19011 tools Conducting an Audit, interviewing staff

     and/or management team according to

     their Business duties and/or process invol-


   know-how Targeting relevant information, and ana-

     lysing the valuable data can be sampled

     and/or in depth investigated ?

   Observations, conformity assessment to the

     standard or requirement (Compliance/Non

     -Compliance/recommendations ..., )

   Orga-Naqsis Time-management techniques of main-

      taining the schedule outlined in the audit


   know-how Organising if needed additional or comp-

      lementary audit trails,

   assessment Observations synthesis meeting of auditors

      (excluding auditee member).

   Orga-Naqsis Learning how to record and document any

      relevent gap or observation,

   know-how Auditor/Auditee closing meeting.

internal audit iso 19011 Audit reporting

   skill Audit report content présentation and

     explanation in accordance with IAF and ISO

     19011 guidance,

   compliance Audit report writing,

   skill Communication and presentation of audit


audit systems iso 19011 Post-audit activities

   compliance Corrective action,

   compliance Follow-up Audit,

   skill What does the mangement review cover

      into connection with the audit findings ?


Workshop Organisation


internal audit iso 19011 Organisation of Sessions

This Training program is currently provided inhouse or in our training centre, upon request.

The duration of the training is 4 days. Training is organised in eight sessions (3,30 h each). Session schedule can be tailored according to organisational needs.

audit process iso 19011 Teaching method


Training programme adjustment from theory to practical situations, following individual and group assessment. Each participant performs individually, than within a team framework, experimental exercises in all covered items.
The process includes extensive coaching by the trainer with audit simulation and report recording.


Training material and exercises are delivered to each participant.



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