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ISO 9001 Learning Outcomes

  - Organise  information  in order to easily edit factual documents.

  - Identify  critical   processes   and   their relation to determining who is in charge of what.

  - Generate the traceability of the work  flow and information circulation among several members.

  - Eliminate the risk of redundancy and the absence of process looping.

  - Draw a global  vision of  organisational and/or operational business processes.

  - Stratify  data processing and restoration through workflow mapping and procedure writing.



 - All  theses  steps provide  a real and nonvirtual description of how business process is/will be (if reengineered) running inside the firm

quality manual Prerequisite

Preliminary knowledge of the work processes of organisation, write up with great ease and close translation to business know-how.

quality management Participants

Any person in charge of analysing business process reengineering and / or staff interviewing in order to collect information related to business data processing and procedures writing.



Topics Covered

environmental management Object and objective of the approach

    haccp Organisation levelling

    iso-osi management Process reengineering

    BPM Knowledge capitalisation and traceability

ISO 22000 Methods and tools

    open system information Identification of critical processes for

      analysing and gathering the information

      to capitalise.

    ISO 14001 Structured steps for collecting data and

      redesigning the workflow diagram with

      procedure standardisation.

    Business process analysis Process chart stratification

      in accordance with restored information

      to be communicated:

                  - Diagram-Analysis

                  - Diagram-Synthesis

1/ Examples of processes with linear


2/ Example of processes with mixed or

    non-linear workflows




process reengineering Studied processes:

  (Services and/or Industrie)


    process analysis Purchasing process analysis

    ISO 9001 Customer Contractual relationship


    quality manual Documents conception and writing

      process analysis

    quality management Nonconformities identification and

      corrective actions process analysis

environmental management Quality Manual Architecture content

  and procedure drafting

1/ This   section    includes    all  examples  of diagram process analysis treated above in relation with procedure writing.

2/ Practical transitional application tools from bottom-up business process description and vice-versa.

3/ Practical    transitional     application   tools switching from scanned data to synthesized data and vice-versa.

    haccp Business Process mapping

    iso-osi management Procedure writing method

    BPM Manual quality content


 Workshop Organisation


ISO 22000 Organisation of Sessions

This Training program is currently provided inhouse or in our training centre, upon request.

The duration of the training is 3 days. Training is organised in six sessions (3,30 h each). Session schedule can be tailored according to organisational needs.

open system information Teaching Method

Training programme adjustment from theory to practical situations, following individual and group assessment. Each participant performs individually and than in a team, experimental exercises in all covered items.

The process includes extensive coaching by the trainer with individual and collective correction and recording.

Training material and exercises are delivered to each participant.




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