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Training Schedule


Each day’s training is scheduled to commence at 8:30 am to 12:15 and from 13:30 at 17:15 pm, unless otherwise specified. A 1:15 hour lunch break is scheduled between noon:15 mn and 1:30 pm.



Courses prices are provided upon request . They include the costs of course animation and documentation given to attendees (Fare excludes and does not support : ISO standards documentation, travel, accomodation and restoration expenses).


Registration request-Offer-Order & Agreement

Documentation related to "Request/Order/Offer" for a pre-inscripion, Terms and/or Conditions are expressed to our admistrative staff by phone or email contact.

Prior to any offer, customer' agreement is required on dates of service delivery, location and number of participant.

Orga-Naqsis take into consideration the customer' order, if a signed copy of the training agreement acceptance is communicated to our services in a timely manner prior to any scheduled action.                                                                                        

Notification & Programming

Animated external actions are subject to a notice sent by email to the attendee, three to four weeks before the scheduled training.

For logistical reasons and contractual agreements, our training centers are located in the downtown of Toulouse and Paris.

Postponement & cancellation


According to the contractual provisions or, if not specified until a date precedent 10 business days’ (if extrnal training action), or three weeks (if inhouse training) of the starting date fixed for the training module(s), the Customer/Company as Orga-Naqsis reserves the right by giving written notice, to require the postponement or to cancel, according to the part, the ordering or the training programme.

Passed this time Orga-Naqsis invoices a minimum of 15% of the amount of the order corresponding to the engaged expenses sum.



Participants who fail to appear for a course, or who only attend it part time, are still obligated to pay the full course fees.



The training certificate become available upon courses completion. Our administrative staff will be in charge to communicate them at short delay to each participant by poste office.

In the event of certificate loss , and during three years after the training completion date, only one duplicate certificate is provided on written request.

Payment Information


Invoices are raised immediately following a course completion and will be sent to the agreed contact.

Payment shall be due upon receipt by Customer/Company of the Orga-Naqsis invoice.

The payment is carried out by cheque, transfer without discount and must point out the code reference of the corresponding invoice.


If the invoice payement is under a third party liability instead indicated Customer/Company, the invoice is addressed to this party which begins to ensure the payment of it, according to same provisions' as those above-mentioned for the Customer/Company.


In the event of delay of payment, on setting formal notice, a penalty of delay could be calculated and due, monthly, with an annual interest equal to once and half the legal rate of interest at expiry date, minimum allowed by legal process.

Orga-Naqsis reserves the right to refer customer' account to an outside collection agency for collection of the outstanding Orga-Naqsis fees.


Note that the collector will also charge to the customer' overdraft account a proportionate fee for the collection of the unpaid Orga-Naqsis fees, according to the amount owed and which will be payable in addition to the outstanding Orga-Naqsis fees.


In-House Courses & Fee Structure


Orga-Naqsis charges a flat fee, plus travel and restoration expenses for the trainer(s). This fee covers course materials, documents.. Your organisation is responsible for obtaining a training room, and covering on-site expenses (i.e., audio-visual equipment, etc.)


Intellectual Property Rights


The Orga-Naqsis training modules summerised through our Web site and presented to our attendee, are Orga-Naqsis intellectual property.


The copyright in and all other intellectual property rights relating to the course(s), data and documentation employed by Orga-Naqsis and any related materials provided to Customer/Company hereunpper by Orga-Naqsis are owned exclusively by and hereby reserved to Orga-Naqsis and/or its party licensors.


Orga-Naqsis hereby grants to Customer/Company a nonexclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable licence to use such course materials solely for the purpose of receiving the Course(s) or Internal Orga-Naqsis’s Customer/Company use, except training duplication. Under no circumstances may the whole or any part which contravenes the preceding paragraph, does not authorize the holder of the known as documents and materials to carry out copies in any form, or any other means, to even translate into other languages, without the prior written permission of Orga-Naqsis.


The Customer/Company may not authorized to remove, neither to amend, nor to even modify or to deteriorate the contents and/or medium of the courses or their confidentiality in order to meet personal aims others that those assigned and formulated by Orga-Naqsis.


Trainer proficiency


The training sessions are carried out by Orga-Naqsis’s Director and the logistic staff.

Any subcontracting is founded only on teaching proficiency and of experiment.


The selected trainer team is done on the basis of their experience in the industrie and/or services and trainer credentials. They also have in addition a cross professional competences as consultant and/or auditor in one or more of the given training fields.


For practical and teaching reasons, the training modules carried out in-House firms or in our training paltform are identical and not subject to any modification in contents as in duration, except tailored session according to organisational needs.



Note : Orga-Naqsis reserves the right to refer on any media its Industrial firms and/or Local Authorities Clients calling upon its services, unless otherwise specified by written notice to Orga-Naqsis.






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